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Q&A with Koloff - #12

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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April 13, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #12

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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April 13, 2021 5:00 am

Why did you retire at the peak of your career? What effect did the War Games have on your body? Nikita is answering these questions in a conversation with Virginia-based fan, Dusty!

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Role here wouldn't train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 334435467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers they would call off the devil hello Dusty. Yeah Nikita Cole all good day to you sir. How are you today how are you doing wonderful, wonderful, thank you for joining us on questions and answers with cholos been great to have you with us come up later yeah now you're just your you're up in Virginia right just a small town called Galax on you and I know you we had submitted some questions.

I know you said there been a few occasions.

I guess you were able to attend were you, I was preaching at Camp Zion church and you are able to attend some of the services know what I would put hereby hard to correct our God's yeah okay okay and what will that's that's that's awesome. I appreciate appreciate you being about how long you been a fan of wrestling early 80s, back, back to the window when my career launched micro water 1984 she been a long time fan. I well let me just think you upfront thank you for being such a loyal, long-standing fan, you're very welcome. So I want to just touch base.

I know you were saying you you and I've never met in person list to say yet okay right we we never met in person yet, but there's always an opportunity that I may come back back to Galax or church maybe somewhere up in that area so you live in Galax or another to link here my entire life. Okay I homegrown Orion. All right. Well, in and out, but you did say you met uncle live on right management Walmart. I was, you know, my guess would have been you met him at a Walmart. He was famous for furlough working with the children's miracle network and I'll bet I'll bet he went to a thousand different Walmarts in and I was working in partnership with with with the children's miracle network and so he would. I know cell and sign is his eight by Townsend and I give a portion of that to the children's miracle network so I'm not surprised that that's where you met him, but when I met him very retired from the ring yes and are a direct comparison out of Mount Airy yes yes but yesterday that's true and and what the same time, like a saying you was she was working with the children's miracle network, working in conjunction with that as well. And yes, very kind words you said he was absolutely the warmest, nicest, most pleasant individuals that you had ever met. They were warm yeah well I tell you what, approximately just a ballpark when when might that have been that that you are able to meet moving 10 years ago 15 years ago, probably, probably 20 from hundreds of their okay all right yeah what you say he did that for long time. So why I'm glad you got the opportunity to meet him. And certainly he uncle live and not only impacted my life, but many others along the way, both inside and outside the squared circle and some I'm thrilled that you got that opportunity meet him yeah you are here. How often well that that is great and I know in the the email that you sent me you you you talked about. You had mentioned that you would given your life to Jesus you gotten saved residency story from jumping your questions here just like to cover this moment because you said you got saved this as a youngster and then, like many people you were influenced by the world and all of its addictions and those sorts of things, but then you eventually you you found your way, you got back in church and found your way back to Jesus and and you said you been going strong ever since red-hot how long ago was that that you, you know… I recommitted your life to Jesus probably delivered their okay I going strong with what is going strong. Look like an obviously are present in your relationship are you involved in your church. Are you involved do you help out with other ministries. What you do, helping my friend when I land a couple of my good friend to the Lord had been able to do that but will us pause right there okay for our listeners because you are in a a a are in rare air. Here is what I be by that those who profess to be believers. Statistically, it's a small, very small percentage that that those who profess to be believers ever lead somebody to Jesus of the fact that you been able to lead to your very good friends to Christ puts you in rare air dusty her while you know that. Thank you for having the you know just the courage to do that in and I'm hoping that that your story is an encouragement to other people you know who, like I just don't feel comfortable doing matter what. What gave you the courage to delete those two friends to Jesus. Well, what are you were really paying Hazel Jernigan did at marijuana staff and I knew that that was something he really needed to get away from and I just can't just kept telling about target, about about Christ, and he eventually gave it all or okay see you or see you were so you were sowing seeds just to beetle being a witness, to whom you know I prop probably shared some euro story how Jesus change your life. I'm guessing you and and and a good Scripture says were known by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and in the book of Revelation in and so you know, for those out there listening and listening to dusty story.

I just want to encourage you today to to say you don't I know can be intimidating to to try to, you know, to lead somebody to Jesus, but if you just model it through how you live your life through your actions and then when you see an opportunity to just share your story you know if your Christ follower. If you're a believer you have a story and it's a simple essay. Here's how my life was before your little dusty's I was you I golf on a wayward path. I was I was battling different addictions and but then I got back on that street a neuropathic getting on re-surrendering my life to Jesus, but just tell your story. Here's how my life was before. You know I was I what I was enlightened to the story of salvation, how Jesus lived, died, crucified rose again living at the right hand of the father and now he lives in me.

So your story before… Call it BC when you encounter Jesus and then how your life is changed since then and so I just command you keep keep up the good work man. Keep telling your story, dusty yeah I mean you don't don't don't stop at two friends there's more people that need to hear your story that that I believe you know, potentially, you can so cedar you know, plant, plant the word of God in their heart and like your friends eventually make that decision and and come to Jesus themselves. Well, it will would just keep praying and believing for that right after all right well hey let's let's a transition in and jump into some your questions here yet you asked some good ones and just to start with your your first question, which said you know why you did you retire at the peak of your career and it's a great question. The answer to that would be when I was when I was a youngster and and how to desire to be a professional athlete not I didn't know would be professional wrestling, my for those you know my story or if you don't know my story or more of my story. Then you encourage it, you know, email OR Jean.

You can order my life story.

Nikita, a tale of the ring redemption and you can get the whole story and in book form, but for those who already know some of that story. It was just a goal of mine that what I made it into the professional ranks, and in those young days. I thought it would be football but it turns out it was professional wrestling, but my goal was to walk away as a champion or walk away, okay, you know, to walk away in my prime, and as a champion, so to speak, and I been coined.

Kind of. Some people might relate or understand is the Barry Sanders a professional wrestling, Barry Sanders was a very successful NFL running back retired at the age of 29 when he clearly could've ran three for five more years and in that had an even more stellar career than he had, or padded the numbers so my decision to walk away in the peak of my career had to do with goals that I established and set as a youngster. Then once I got into professional wrestling. I told uncle Ivan and I told Dr. Noto that I would be retired out of active wrestling. By the age of 35 and I was only 33 so I was ahead of my goal.

So that's why I walked with the peak of my career under my own terms that your second question was you worked with people like good nature boy Ric flair. The American dream to the problem of power to Thuy to be held. If you we usually get everybody likes to imitate dusty regulate that all you and you mentioned Magnum TA for those who are familiar Magnum had an unfortunate serious car wreck in 1986 at left them originally paralyzed from the neck down to where Annie was yeah where he was posted you'll be be a quadriplegic. The rest of his life.

Now, God touched his life in and gave him a lot of restoration to his body and were still friends today and then you much of the road warriors, Legion of doom right there knowing silicosis about some pretty stellar names of any so what what was like to work. Work with is that those guys and so many more.

So many others in.

You know I look back, dusty with just a just incredible memories of of what that was like I me some of the best of the best of the best in professional wrestling right there. I mean going to talk your ravishing Rick rude you can. I mean you Lex Luger's staying. I mean, there's a stone cold Steve Austin are so many names Ricky the Dragon steamboat guys that I was fortunate to be in the ring with an end. The and I had the privilege of really learning from to some of them guys were much more schooled in wrestling that I was in. So, really, really had was a real blessing to be a widow to work with those guys in it and it was a lot of fun around already with you in Magnum over the US Titleist or an error in that time. That was one of the greatest robberies in professional wrestling with what you say and and it's it's interesting you you bring that up and mention that because it's wet it's well-known that that word, I think it's well known that the majority people just like you mentioned today probably bring that up more than anything else. Now some the other interviews. It's like all your match gets flair and in the Great American Bashore*cater wargames or you know some of those symbols matches but the best-of-seven for US title is by far that so that was one of your favorites yet. Parent will show in in regards to two, and I appreciate that in in regards to my career would be.

Is there any other match that stands out for you.

Besides the best-of-seven with Megan TA, probably the required match and Great American backpedaling. Okay, yeah that was my very first shot at the world heavyweight title and it and only 13 months I had been in the business that was quite an honor to be in the ring with the nature boy in it and certainly work with one of the best of the best of the best in wrestling with clarifying that complement wrestling. I guess you could say taking a room from him after only 13 months in the ring that had to be exhilarating for you. It was said that while you said you are using another work surreal. Oh yeah so in a sense it was at me. I was only 24 years old. Maybe I yeah or maybe I just turned 25.

But Jerry was actually surreal. Would even exhilarating would certainly apply surreal would fit right in there as well and one final question you talk, you actually already met you but the Great American Bash, 1987. The wargames premiered in your question was what affected those matches have on your body night after night in every city while I would say I would answer that question with a certainly that was a very intense match to say the least but I'll just say this dusty.

It wasn't just the wargames on the ice all these years later still feel the effects of probably every match I had it, including home wargames between my Mac and my lower back. It just part all parts in between and is much as wrestling is entertainment. There is a real side to it at me when you get slammed on the concrete floor. You will feel the effects of that when a 500 pound behemoth like Van Vader jumps all the rope on top of you.

You will feel the effects of those 500 pounds. Even if you know what's coming.

Doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter right contrary right yeah so my body feels the effects embedded for certain.

All the all these years later it and bought I look back one last thought I'll give you put in perspective for for our listeners out there is, in 1986 is put in perspective. I had 454 matches. Wow. So, as do the math on that was see there's only 365 days of the year so obviously I had more than one batch today, and so on some occasions right exactly so and it was a lot different than that. It is now that there was no off-season and night software. Very rare mean we got there we got some nights off, but they're very rare so Mycroft apologist Morris for travel yeah and in some cases and in and in some cases, we were like really want tonight off. It's like our bodies already in the grind and in and in and you know, kinda calloused to it. So yeah let's just keep going but it was nice to get a break every now so well hey listen I appreciate you submitting your dusty and and again I thank you for writing such a long time fan not only the rest of a nightmare but professional wrestling so and hopefully hey hopefully I'll get the opportunity to meet you face in person sometime early maybe I will. Maybe a comic con for signing a replica of you making a title that would love to well what we can perhaps work that out sometime or I say what else don't go to go to man man camped out in full and perhaps dusty when I Lex Luger will spend a few days together at at our man camp.

That's an option for you as well. I okay I will all right will dusty listen.

Have a great day and thanks again for being on questions and answers were: thank you for the opportunity all right take care God bless, this is the Truth Network

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