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Q&A with Koloff - #9

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 23, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #9

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 23, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita is talking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as he responds to an email from fan, Trench TV, who reached out for advice on his weight loss journey. He asked: Is there a specific formula you can recommend to figure out my calorie intake and macro nutrients?

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network cuticle all fear questions and answers Q&A would fall off the devil's nightmare. Hey, thanks for joining us today and got another great question here from trench TV and community so we can reference you as trench TV and a great question here I'm I'm currently on a weight loss journey that saw significant setbacks and have gained back the weight I lost. I feel the first time was reckless with severe under eating.

That's never good. Just for the record, is there a specific formula. You could recommend to figure out my calorie intake my match macro nutrients and you know it it's it's interesting as I do get this question frequently. In fact look so good I cofacilitator Campo man camp to look that up man you get more information on that and at the focus is not just physical health. Although that's important. We also focus on on mental health, emotional health, spiritual health. In it, because we want to see a well-rounded man right and we usually do these in the spring and the fall, inexorably, and in April's check out the website on man is will address some of this, this, whether it's weight loss or weight gain, or which is getting healthy physically we we we want to help you were here to help and so we ask questions that you know is a recommended goes far as calorie intake and macro nutrient needs and now you know you talk to 10 people you get to get 10 different answers and and Mike my take on it as I have focused on being healthy for gosh come up on half a century year.

I think close to 50 years now that I first got intrigued by about being healthy and you know so there's different. There's lots of information out there when I go you know you should know new macronutrients right me know your macros right the cart.

What you will carbs to have been ill considered know they provide the energy right you realize that right. Carbs like the gas to the engine you know of your body. They provide the energy that is high carbs that that that provide longer sustaining energy that is low carbs that are more quicker burning more more quick energy and cushy knowing we know some of those carbs to be breads and pastas and cereals and rice and fruits and whole grains whole wheat's vegetables, oats, potatoes, beans, skim milk, granola, lowfat yogurt, peas amine, so you know those kinda fall into the carb category. Some of those kinda you know you get some carbs and proteins in different in different different amounts from those print proteins write repair the muscle so the carbs in the energy the protein is like like the oil for the engine right without without take one of the other out gas or oil out of the out of your automobile and in newer ones can serve you well. I may keep you gas but no oil you I don't know how far you get on the road before the engine blows up, or if you have all but you have any gas you like. Again, I can get too far down the road either right, but the proteins like like the oil to the engine repairs the muscle and and I seen in it and that sort of thing course you know there's different types of proteins X case and protein.

Whey protein chicken lean lean beef jerky turkey bacon tunafish egg whites or are you know some of the ones that that I might recommend whole eggs, cheese, salmon, what, what a great source of protein. Ground beef steak you know it and I think the key is as I talk to people about their health and their wellness to physical health and wellness is is really focusing in on and I know use you said in your comments that that you are reckless with severe under eating. The first time yeah that's that is, I think use right where there reckless. My experiences began when it comes to healthy and I called a lifestyle but I don't typically use the word diet, and I don't like the word diamine see all kinds of diets out there knows the yo-yo effect on this diet latest fad that died that you might lose, you might lose some weight MSA.

They don't get worked out think that you can sustain a long-term they don't they don't you just docketed drink shakes every day all day for the rest your life. You simply wanted some solid foods. Real food right. She gotta find a meal plan a and I like to call a lifestyle that works consistently for you day in and day out. I know for Lex and I we we had found for ourselves that you we try to live a very balanced meal plan balance between these carbs and proteins and some healthy fats and in case you're wondering your own nuts nut butters, olives, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado, egg yolk, flaxseed Chia seed know will be some examples of healthy fats. I'm not a big calorie counter guy. I just never have been. I don't I'm I don't weigh things on the scale I don't count macros. I just don't. I just know it's kind of been a trial and error if you will. I just learned over the years. What's worked well for me and in eating lean cleaning green and then once a week given myself some treat treat meals or treat day. Why can reward myself for eating lean, clean and green and so election.

I've learned to live up to what we call Bill balance eating lifestyle you know between proteins and carbs write the gas in the oil and put in some inserting some healthy fats into that throughout the day and and then eating more frequently. So now you know most Americans are a lot America's ashes. Or maybe skipper I'm not a breakfast versus I skipped breakfast and they grab a quick lunch or something or if anything real and then they sit down at night needs is big huge gigantic meal and then wonder I called the compound effect that you know it that's talking affected today or tomorrow or maybe next week but if you compound a that over 20, 30 years also to find out your 50, 60, 70 pounds overweight and you try to figure out why was a simple error in judgment of versus a simple discipline practiced every day where where you eat, frequent small meals small balanced meals balance between carbs and proteins balanced throughout the day. Frequently throughout the day. I like to say about every 23 hour window a little something just something we have in Apple's go all that's healthy right yeah but what did you insulate that with. In other words, what did you balance that with protein wise to grab a handful of almonds grip 1012 moments and eat with that Apple and it just helps to keep your metabolism, what I call fat burning mode versus safe fat storing mode. So if you can consistently eat small balanced meals frequently through frequently throughout the day at controlling your portions right portion control. I believe compounding that over time, and he is just very consistent with that you get to see results not overnight, but you're going to see results over time and and hopefully get to that that point of of where you find yourself healthier or reaching your your health goals and you.I typically will asked to really could have even opened with this, but what why do you want to be healthy. Why, what, what your reason will what's the desire that what's driving you with this desire to be healthy. It can that really at the foundation you need to figure that out first and foremost I could teach all how to use income to ban X and I can show you how to do it what to do an exercise right at write up a regimen for you and in all of that, but you really need to let it sink in deep.

Write it down right down make it plain that almost kind of biblical write it down, make it plain and and then and then have it in front of in plain view every day where you can remind yourself why you want to be healthy and then as you make that decision. Then as your learning the how to's, the how to's become much easier to implement and you're more likely to stick with it and not be bouncing like a yo-yo up and down with your weight, but you're able to reach a weight that you're happy with, and I'm a big goal setter and so you'd even want to want to write write those goals so trench TBD sent in these questions about about weight loss and getting healthy hope that was helpful and I get I would encourage go to man camped out in full and and check out our website. Maybe I'll come to your community. I do a one-day conference call man up where I talk about this as well, so maybe I'll come to your your church, your community reach out to your pastor.

Encourage them to consider having me in for this one-day conference and and I'm I appreciate to you know the other part of that question will work while another part of your email it where it was always a man of faith, or did I find my way to Christ. After wrestling and in the answer that question is it was after wrestling I was, not always a man of faith, but I was led to the the foot of the cross to grab the old rugged Cross 17, October 1993 about 11 months after I left wrestling and I had a genuine real encounter at the altar with Jesus.

I met I met the man Jesus in life has never been the same sense and it has been a roller coaster of a ride, but one I would not change for all the money in the world. As far as you know, whether it was received among you know among my peers mother wrestling buddies after the fact.

Since it happened after the fact. I did hear stories of guys you know didn't really believe it or thought it was just a guerilla gimmick to some some I was just trying to tutor you noted to make a payday or something but but many of them some of them of come to learn that that.I really do love Jesus. The cuticle of really does love Jesus. They made some may not accept that but they did acknowledge that was to say and then I've had the privilege of of really discipling and/or mentoring a number of the guys uncle Ivan. I was instrumental invite them to a revival where he gave his life to Lord and had the privilege of of of discipling uncle Ivan Lex Luther April 23 gave his life. The Lord 2006. I've had the privilege of discipling a mentoring him of these last number of years now many years in a week.

Now we co-facilitate this this camp call man camp and we done a lot of other ministry together. I've had the privilege of discipling sting. The restless thing used to flight his house about once every quarter about four times a year and just spent time with him and his sons and just pointing to the almond and speaking to them as well and so I just encourage you you know is you're looking to be more physically healthy.

Don't discount or don't neglect being mentally healthy, emotionally healthy and most of all, and really honestly most importantly, spiritually healthy and then no why why do you want to be healthy. Trench TV. Thank you so much for sending in these questions. I hope that was helpful. Thank you for tuning into Q&A with co-op and look forward to talking to you next time. God bless you. This is the Truth Network

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