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What is a "Professional" Pastor?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 20, 2021 12:00 pm

What is a "Professional" Pastor?

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is talking with Pastor Jeremy Rose of The Axis Church in downtown Nashville, TN about church planting and building the Kingdom of God!

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This is Sam from Alaska journey podcast of our goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just seconds. Enjoy it. Sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network wants old world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the washing night.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call time.

Welcome back to time to man up with Belarusian nightmare. What you should learn by now the devil's nightmare because that is my goal to create havoc in the devil's camp and so what.

What a privilege to have with me today. Pastor Jeremy Rose access church in downtown Nashville a very worth talk about that a very unique setting of his church, and in a very unique way. Very innovative way that he is utilizing the church space therein in downtown Nashville within the city limits. Talk about that as well and Jeremy walk the show. Yeah, it's good agreement with you. We went to lunch. A while back, and while you invited me to lunch but prior to that I actually my youngest daughter Colby, her engagement party hernia and engagement you and your lovely bride Jill and we just said just the short time we're together. There was just so intrigued by your story and you shared some fascinating personal stories that really for me just illustrate that God still does the miraculous and and and sometimes even when it seems to me impossible, but so that's where we met and then you invited me to lunch so I enjoyed that conversation that night, a man I mean two hours went by like really quick at one yeah yeah we had a blast merely with my story story about what Gary got it and how much he cares for now and and so you know just a little bit more back story on you and then you know will see what you want to share with our listers, but your your your fourth-generation ministry of church planters that's that's kind of your background right yeah my great-grandfather planted churches in South Carolina area linked in area of North Carolina.

Grandpa was a deacon pastor Indian travel Carolina and my dad was a minister in Greensboro Carolina Carolina and Charlotte. 40 planted in Virginia and then I planted six months after Montana planted which is just over 11 years ago we planted in Nashville and so yes it's it's in our DNA and family DNA. My brother had the privilege of preaching his church yesterday pastor as well. My sister is a professor at Liberty University so women study were all know we love Jesus and everyone about those in our family. 11 and serving the local church and that's a still special real special wow what a legacy. I'm just as I'm even just picturing that in my mind so great-grandfather church planter in different places. Grandfather your dad you, your brother, your sisters up at liberty what what a legacy that is amazing. Lots of answered prayers from my Mike laptop all tucked away in January of this year so and and he would tell us all a time when we get together as a family.

The prayers that he heard his daddy for his grandchildren Greg which he never knew he never had to check knowing me that my great. We would hear those prayers that you might grandpa talk about of the previous father and grandfather that he prayed over the lineage heritage to the 10th generation. While when I know I remember thinking was at lunch that that speak of your grandfather that who seem to have so many what I call pearls of wisdom and and this is what what he tell you regarding likely to be lonesome or borrowing things.

The people I meet over 30% of income letter and work years and he is never ever let someone borrow something you're not willing to let them have and never tell somebody something and sell finance it to them unless you're willing to let them have always be surprised if they actually pay you back, bottom, and he gave away, giggling home and he could he would never just insist on follow-up. He was always more about the relationship, then the financial outcome and so they get back to them. It's wonderful that he get the loan based on them.

Basically his heart he would know that wow don't I still expect to see what that's about. That's a bonus right is just about right yeah yeah you know you sent it out to where they they have an opportunity and easiest.

You know you you generally he does have such a generous disposition. I mean, he gave away all out any restaurant you like candy.

And when Jesus says if you meet me and forget me gloss nothing but if you meet Jesus and forget him while everybody there is a nugget right there, just say that one more time for Alyssa yeah yeah you meet me and forget me gloss nothing unique Jesus and forget while that he had those that he gave the thousand. We had several of them for people to come get the clothing that he was known for his candy as Jesus cards.

While that that's that's a nugget of truth don't hold onto and perhaps somebody can duplicate that in and carry on his his legacy in and get those printed and in hand those out in it and you said it was just enough to know our listeners caught it. II did you study the ties 30% so didn't give the traditional 10% or as we know, statistically by Barna and others met many of all those who profess to be Christ followers don't even give the 10%. Technically speaking, let alone 30%. I would say yeah what a generous man give away so much that he sponsored missionary orphans around the world church. I want to say it was 500 a month for four years. I believe it was my right when we were fundraising is removing can actually probably do that for three years maybe, but he did that so many other people. Anybody ever asking for support. He would find a way of giving her money while he was not he wasn't a wealthy person in the financial right. He was gay but he had no was remarkable never named by a special is wealthy and in and in another sense lessening of wealth and then anyone could even contain wow that's pretty pretty powerful stories and and certainly of course you set a precedent. I'm sure for your dad and and anyone who came into contact with them, including yourself or your lawyer and he would have story to tell people he would meet him back in the day it would be even. He played semipro baseball found Billy turned down multiple offers for Dr. Washington Senators. The Korean War converted a lot of potential players back when he was signed by an he actually had a 595 and the longest to 601 and it hit SportsCenter for my writing, and he had a 595 but he's just people you collected stories of all his generosity and the life that he live. I mean he he never saw color.

He never saw Gracie PT yet. We can go on and on about how much he has made an impact on me, but it's not because of him is because the impact right is just reflecting yeah the light that was inside of him that was then elected upon everybody else. He came in contact with at Weatherby family or friends or a stranger right absolutely, absolutely. Well that's that's that's a note for all of us.

Note to self on that right in the week we all I sense we could all probably just speak for myself. I will say we all can all be better if I could be better at it and be insulting lifer for everywhere I go, even though that's my objective each and every day arrived, and come into the debut of broken bread important wine right having given your best each and every day right absolutely well. So for generations and just kind of stuck on affable guy that's that's just pretty amazing. I know that you shared something with me very very interesting and I want to get to him in a minute your transition from North Carolina over to Tennessee because there were some pretty miraculous stories so that you that you shared there as well but I want to hit on this for a moment, because you you much and I know where at lunch or just asking you been in you yourself now been in ministry for 25 years you got this legacy behind you, grandpa, great-grandfather, grandfather, dad, brothers, pastors sisters at liberty University 25 years and what you said something to me at lunch. That really cost you just instruct such a cord and add use the term correct me if I'm wrong, you said something the fact I was a quote professional pastor for 13 years and then you resaved 12 years ago. So your your your pastoring your in ministry passing for 25 years, but you got saved 12 years ago.

I want this to sink in for a moment as people are listening and even consider that that the cortical phrase a professional pastor but let Lester this little thing for Melissa will work in a pickup right there were we to come back in just a moment and pick up right there. Hang tight. Stay tuned will be right back. But it's time to man up we show appreciate our listeners if you will support this program with a financial gift of any amount.

I will send you a personalized copy of my latest book Kita tail of the ring go to call off.that's cool off.and the ET and make your contribution the cuticle all fear if you're needing to buy a car and have marginal credit and considering using buy here pay here that's worse than taking the Russian sickle Winston-Salem motorcars will put you behind the wheel of a car you can rely on while helping rebuild, repair or establish your credit score conveniently located on Silas Creek Pkwy. in Winston-Salem. Be sure to check them out today at W. S. M. C. The number because you are number one walkabout. It's time to man up the cuticle up there with pastor Jeremy Rose asked this church in Nashville, Tennessee Jerry we left off all but mentioning talking about how you've been a pastor been in ministry for 25 years, but it was only 12 years ago that you experience that genuine encounter with Jesus. Can you share little a little bit of the story with our listeners and what professional professional pastor what that looks like you. You can be around certain Christian pastors.

You can get your India seminary training Bible college whatnot. You can you can know it. I came in to package it might be Timothy or Peter talks about how there there always, always growing in knowledge, but never arriving at the truth, and the like. Looking back at 20 how I was, I knew the right things to say. I had the deathbed manner manner so those moments. I knew the words to say. I knew how to marry people how to welcome people and children. I knew how to pray over them. Miscarriages had all this working knowledge of using the Bible to comfort anything to guide but I wasn't allowing it. I didn't know that what I was out I wasn't allowing myself to be transformed by the truth. I was sharing so I was trained to be a pastor but I was not letting Jesus be my pastor while I was I was learning the things that I was never allowing it to drop my head like the old how I think of it is like the old machine right put the coins in right but you knew the way down to current account you have to like it. Like almost rapidly. Yeah the calling drop and you can hit the coat button. The big oxidized punch camp. Let me at 800 out of the and calculate my heart was and I was storing a quality according but the Holy Spirit 12 years ago jarred my heart and all that truth that I had stored up in my mind dropped into my heart and how amazing the difference that that Jesus makes between not being a Christian. But being a pastor and being a Christian and a pastor while everything we when you believe what it is that you want all that now sees is everything when when you actually begin to believe what it is you're professing right yeah allow them but you don't. I don't think a lot of people like myself work. They were to start is not aware that there's a disconnect right they they're okay with the knowledge right without the experience of the Holy Spirit indwelling them and changing their they get beat up all time samples you know of who I wanted think that's why Jesus is such alarming languages. Not because he hated right now I think it's because he deeply cared for them and because they were leading his people that he was using language to evoke them to consider that they might try to get their attention right right exactly indifferent hatred. Like I mentioned to you we had lunch I loved right you know I cried because I was but I felt I saw him ignore other players and I knew that he just didn't care even competing. But even even that is because he wants to be better and he wants to help the team.

That's how Jesus was handling the Pharisees he was using strong language to evoke something so my hope would be for people that share my similar story that they would allow the statements of of the gospel and of Christ teaching the New Testament to be heard by them and not just to be quoted by them for other people that he would hear them and let it show their hearts attention and consider just consider what it I am only accrue a professional Christian what if I'm not experientially spiritually Christian. Now that I stretch into that line, not what is right right right hello yeah because you duped by the by the by the master schemer himself. Satan is a group in a Christian home you want to Christian school you went to seminary got a diploma and it's up on the wall and and and and you say you believe, but hasn't really has that has that knowledge.

As you said really dropped the 18 inches from your head down into your heart and if it has. If it has been there should be evidence of that change right there should be some roots that I like sit this way. Jeremy like hey I don't need to see the whole a whole trio for just only one orange or one Apple or sub. Let me see what evidence that you really are living your life being a Jesus follower units.

It's no wonder I wonder how many more. It is just this just a curiosity question through our conversation anymore quote professional pastors are as you just alluded to professional Christians there are out there, and Jerry just reminds me of the Scriptures you be quote Scriptures remind me of Matthew where where Jesus and not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven right I mean what what no hang on Lord we prophesied in your name we we raise the dead in your name what the Bible school. We want to we want to men's Bible study. We went on that mission trip writing in and man lots of good works see kinds of things right by drip yourself into thinking that your Christian right right what you do in a darker, quote that I bring myself. It's like a pastor, you know, even if even even though the plant churches in my department me. I never knew you, but I planted churches, but you know how to podcast you go on and on and on rye all these good things are given only 30% of my income. I've done fill in the blank whatever it but none of that. None of that get you right through the grace of God in the person of Jesus may I hold this conversation between you, not really provokes some some of our listeners to really search their own hearts search me oh God rights as zombies search me oh God. In fact, one translates to put me on trust title is see if there be any wicked way in me, and boy, but you do pray that prayer be ready for an answer and revelations about the letter to the seven churches wanted to make your listeners and look at what that letter is in detail. He says that you need done this, you contended for the truth you don't like heresy you're getting so many think the one thing I have against you.

Will we know it, lost her first love right what it means in the Greek it break down this way it lost the love had it first and if you look deeper in that word. Speaking of them noted lost.the reason for doing these things. To begin with, that you want had many tell them return to that first level returned to that original mode and then continue doing all the things you doing you don't think so.

Yet planning, giving, like income, why you drifting it is performing the things without them from the heart of thankfulness and gratitude in response to the gospel return back to that heart notice and keep doing work.

I never forget I giving offering digging wells talking children matter what it might be.

Make sure the motive back anchor that we have hope the gospel of Jesus Christ, that all in response to God response to Christ and his working dwelling Holy Spirit and nothing else. Not thinking or adding righteousness on you just look into some time and I think it is so good it's so good in and a week we got the toggle so good. We got just a few minutes left, but it and again now hope… Go back to listen to this moment.

More than once, but I want I want to get to this before time is up, you know, God leads you from from the Concorde. My my own backyard really get our North Carolina to plant a church. Believing in 2009 axis church we mentioned it in Nashville Tennessee and in you admit you want to do churches actually in the downtown city kind of the city limits and and but give our listeners just a quick snapshot of of how God does the miraculous lead you from from Concorde or Carolina over the national to plant the church and it ended so you really choose your demographic you know what what your goal is a church over there and in Nashville what your vision yeah yeah you get to help Nashville right now so we want to plant a church like it will call for people to to go to hell Nashville will make it impossible to get there. Nashville and there originally for a particular demographic of the hip artistic purple green card to pierce pump post-postmodern urbanites citydwellers of our culture. So that's about who we moved to Nashville for because it's kind of a larger hub and magnet for the and so we we sell our van we sell a ton of stuff and we go by faith, not really having anything at all, or any people lately go to Nashville and stay the night and driving and were probably about 30 minutes outside of Nashville and we got a big bowl of our staff time. 975 and sitting. I got a phone call to God like a with this chair actually hear that you guys are moving into plant job like a place to stay on the places they actually and got places open in two weeks ugly. It was not like will you have anything tonight like we just having good, because Nashville we had to get here as quickly as possible so evidently got car with the reason we had to get and so in either call me back.

You can get in and we were able to stay at that place for close to two months we would have a place to sleep go to great little all Nashville but again writers were coming city that permission is there and then we had to close our home and in Concorde and we in thousand dollars to show at the closing, which is about 10,000 more more than what we had raised a couple thousand more and more about 7000 short 7200 short and I was at the church one morning, I never met this gentleman for passion anything and he Asserts is what he knew Tri-City to plant a church.

I was like yeah yeah and I heard you need to closing your home this week and this was Sunday and we close on Tuesday and yeah yeah you need to close.

I said really not – feel that it's it's 7000 7000 covert something 7200 will cover it for sure, and he pulled out a check in his pocket already made out to me are found by him and and the memo was closing North Carolina home and he bowed in $7200 here comes down his cheek and he puts it in my shirt pocket and pat me on the chest and he said moved to Nashville and do a golf coach. They may, I was blown away alone. I guess what I know you have just… I know you have about 50 more. The stories I guess someday we could have have to have you back again sometime this year but just know far listeners. God still does the miraculous.

11 years later. I've attended axis church. I love Jeremy I love your heart and to Jeremy how can people find you where work and they dilated to connect with you personally can find me on Twitter or Facebook active Jeremy along liner website Debbie Debbie Debbie.the axis church works well with such a pleasure to have you on the show. Thank you so much Jeremy appreciated. Thank you for having and hay and as always if if you have yet to give your life to Jesus today would be a good tuning into it's time men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less liver and I am pursuing the heart of your listening will send your manhole with God godly husband and God you give them your blessing them. Sign up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email. Remember this. It's time to man up and drain tile from the carpet right now number one this is Nicole and I want to thank Blevins for supporting my new show manner Saturday afternoon at 1230 on the truth that were not for the Russian nightmare here for caressing automotive buying a car is a nightmare for you my friend writing Jimmy Johnson at Crescent automotive make it simple to find your real dream car, no hassle, she will place where You Can Dr., is always right there with} everybody should try present.

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