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Q&A with Koloff - #8

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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March 16, 2021 5:00 am

Q&A with Koloff - #8

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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March 16, 2021 5:00 am

Nikita answers an email from fan W. McCracken, Jr. about getting through hard times, as we all will one day face them. Specifically, he addresses questions about his late wife Mandy's death, such as: What was the grieving process like? Did you seek therapy or rely strictly on God's word? How do people navigate through that with help?

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Hi this Voyager man talk radio podcast are missing is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network call for questions and answers Q&A with coal off the devil's nightmare.

Welcome back. Questions and answers with the cuticle law fear.

The devil's worst nightmare, should tell her to pay today's question comes from W McCracken Junior email this in CEM hope it is that he may not be but you know who you are, buddy. He was mentioning the podcast when I when I shared the story of my late wife Mandy and her passing and on and she had couple several questions here wanting you referring to the grieving process. After her death and Billy asked the question. The question was asked in ode that I still I seek therapy. Did I rely strictly on God's word. How how does someone navigate through that with with help did I keep in touch with her family to great questions and and they're in there is a reference here to remembering reading about the story of progressing illustrated a bill after was the one of the main guys who was part of progressing illustrated when when they were a teenager. The member in this and they did agree story by the way they really did on Mandy struggle with cancer and her eventual eventual death at a very young age.

Age 26 and W. McCracken Junior says since we are all going to face bad times in our lives always wondered or been interested in how people get through them. What worked in, and what didn't work. What do I speak from personal experience right with with the loss of of Mandy is is what now I have since then to lost my mom lost my dad and and so the process to start with Mandy good you want I will reference my mom and dad that she did a show about my relationship with my dad to be. Haven't listened to the outer downloaded or subscribed, go, go, make sure and listen to the show I did on about my dad and this the situation with Mandy was, it was much different than my mom and dad as I want to kind of kind of give you a picture of the two with Mandy I was I was, not a Christ follower. I was, not a believer or Christ follower. I do remember back in those days. I do remember liking with those last six weeks we were in the she was in the ICU intensive care unit there in Huntsville, Alabama going to go into their little prayer chapel and and prayed to God you know and like. Like many of us you know asking that you know that why you know why does this have to happen to her. You know, in such a young age and in all of that and so part of my journey in and eventually coming to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. 17. October 1993.

That was a part of my journey. Looking back was was how I dealt with or related to her death I would open my eyes to the brevity of life.

Just how short life truly can be and really we think about it, even if he lived to be in Scripture's is 70 annoyed you know, maybe 80, and some my parents lived in their 90s. Some people live to be 100, but not much longer than that right so if you consider eternity you like what's eternity look like well we see like an old through the through the airwaves and receive I can paint a mental picture for you. How I see eternity as I was it if if you were and I were watching viewing a bird and that bird was going to take one grain of sand off the off the Easter West Coast tube one grain of sand and fly that grain of sand to the moon and deposited upon the moon and fly back and get another grain of sand flight back back and forth until he got all the grains of sand on all of planet Earth deposit on the moon. No telling how long that that would take right key picture, then your mind's eye bluebird green sand fly to the moon, deposited flyback agreements and as long as that would take that doesn't even touch eternity.

Think about eternity is forever and and so you know when I think about the brevity of life, whether it's Mandy passing at age 26 or my my mom and not age 93. My dad at age 92.

However long I live. I don't know. But however long I might live it. Still, the blink of an eye, and in relation to eternity. And yet, we focus so much time and effort. Don't we on on the short time we have here on earth, when in reality we can spend eternity wanted to places heaven or hell. According to the Bible and and my goodness, how wow how much more important fact it says in second Timothy talks about your bodily exercise B and B and you note important but even more important is growing and developing our spirit man our inner man, that personal relationship with Jesus because if we know him and have a relationship with him that we get to spend eternity with it forever with him. And so what we want to grow and learn as much as we can now before we step into eternity right that's called discipleship or something like that.

But all that to say, going back to Mandy and how I handled the situation personally know I did not seek therapy.

I did not do that.

I just can't. I just really grieved on on my own and I certainly didn't really does rely on God's word because again I wasn't a Christ follower.

At the time so II didn't believe on it or rely on God's word is far as those first two questions in any you asked how to someone navigate through that with help. Well, I mean it's different. I think it's kinda different for everybody right there are some who I know therapy does help some not not a post that I just didn't seek that. But there are some who who that does help therapy does help counseling your grieving counseling. Many churches offer that right a grieving counseling to help someone through that with with their loved one, especially in so that's certainly an option, a way of getting help. Certainly, for those who are our Christ followers who are believers. I don't know how people honest generally do without Jesus. At this point I don't have a cobra well I should take that back. I think I do know how some of them cope. It's it's called escapism. By that meaning.

Some will escape into into into alcohol and and in some cases even become an alcoholic just to drown there.

There agree that their pain and and and in not because they just don't want to deal with it some drugs I miso is different ways some food.

I mean there's there's different ways people do grieve and summer are you might see healthier ways than others, but the number one way I would I would say the number wanted two things would be certainly having a personal relationship with Jesus is going to be a good starting point and if you have that nothing wrong was seeking out a professional counselor, professional help, especially if you're really really struggling with it and can't seem to navigate that without help right and there maybe some close friends at rally rounded to others, family members, or maybe a part of a Bible study and and they're gonna rally around you and and love on you and help you as well is horse keep in touch with her family.

I have's I have. I've not kept in touch with her family, but I have it did at different times.

Get connected with them.

Just from time to time or or some live.

I've been out preaching or ministering.

Have they ever attended some of the services and and came up and you and said hello.

It is far as that goes, and NSA mention I mean you know the that the Russ magazine you know doing a great story on that. And you're right, we are all world. Let's face it, were all going to face some sort of trial and tribulation.

You said in your email bad times you know I think the Scripture were or God said it was good rain on the just and the unjust. This is the reality right mean you believe your Jesus lover and a Christ follower doesn't mean that you you talk in his struggle something, were you not gonna have something unfortunate happen to you in your lifetime, and so is their great questions they really are. And as you said, you know you just been interested in and just knowing how people get through them and what's worked and what what has to work, so that me that's my personal experience today. I am as far as you know what's worked and what hasn't worked. The mean, obviously you're going to want to talk to to to more people come to navigate that by talking to more people and just hearing their stories say what did you do degree through your loss and in your what worked and what didn't work for me.

I think the way I grieved myself through. It worked for me and as I said led me up to that point in time of of eventually surrender my life to Jesus and them being able to look back on that and and and have an appreciation for further brevity of life and and just how important it is to have a relation with Jesus and be surrounded with other people who were there to support me. You in the past to my mom the past to my dad and there is, it was kinda forthcoming in week I could kinda see the writing on the wall shows already preparing my heart for their passing. So usually there was a grieving. But there was a rejoicing and enjoying knowing they both surrender their hearts to Jesus. And I was good be reunited with them one day in heaven. And so that was very helpful as well.

So W McCracken Junior thank you for all of your questions mad appreciate you help keep spread the word on the podcast.

It's time to man up up. I hope that was helpful for you and look forward who knows maybe one day I'll come to your community and and maybe even preaching your church so you take Ella stay connected through social media and all the platforms. God bless you. This is the Truth Network

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