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A Really Embarassing Moment: Dave Yarnes - Part 1

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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February 27, 2021 12:00 pm

A Really Embarassing Moment: Dave Yarnes - Part 1

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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February 27, 2021 12:00 pm

Once you hear this story, you'll never delay to obey God's promptings again! Nikita is talking with Dave Yarnes, serial entrepreneur for the last 30 years, executive coach, consultant, and keynote speaker, about allowing God to guide you and making the marketplace your ministry!


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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network one small world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare know the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner, Noah keyed a call time walk. It's time to man up to have ever with obeying the voice of God, I mean the prompting of God like immediately obeying weight so you hear the story today you will never again I don't think you'll ever again walk in delayed obedience. After hearing this story today stayed to man what an interview. I have lined up today. They are a Christian business leader who oversees multiple businesses is a founding director of KBA kingdom business Association and KBA equips business leaders to impact their area of influence and work for positive change in their communities.

That sounds pretty good. They walk the show. It is so good to be here.

You're one of my favorite people in the world and that I'm just so so blessed to be here so thank you for having me. Well, I appreciate you made me the drive all the way up from Fort Mill, South Carolina to the studio here, which is always a not so just do not have any in our friendship goes back quite a number of years. Yes, very much so. And so we have we have built built. I feel a lasting friendship over these years, and will itself are our listeners out there. Let let's just jump this jump right into it. I know what I mean well actually know what I like just here in my background maybe feel better now. Maybe I'll send you things you can read and if you can forward them to my wife as well.

That is a great I can make that happen. I can make that happen, but you know you got an extensive actually set on the opening you got an extensive me when I read your bio like for real I mean I was like wow my goodness like Jack. Let me just mention a couple things here I'm looking at your bio here 30 years. A serial entrepreneur will have to talk about. I need to know what a serial entrepreneur is the last 30 years and but start like this is starting owning everything from hotels to restaurants to hedge funds to nationally chartered bank of forming arts Center yeah a pharmaceutical company in the year business acumen and prowess has a wide variety and range of successes.

Well thank you my my edification level is skyrocketing now, but I'll tell you the common thread was more you know, starting really from nothing and I grew up in Buffalo New York. You know collar town yeah blue-collar town. From there the total package, Lex Luther, that's right, he's a Muslim is a lawful load and you know were famous for chicken wings and cold weather famous chicken place. The anchor bar.

Yeah, I heard almost every crazy yes OME buffaloes like this blue-collar town and you know everybody just kind of survives but watching the Lord open opportunities because when you look at the list of things like banks and you know hedge funds and pharmaceutical companies.

A lot of stuff I did oversees they will euros or some college course or how to do it literally was opportunities opening up and having you know Jesus there to help with faith to go through and learning as you go so you know other people have this kind of career path that stays in a very narrow tranche, but for me it was just one thing open up into another room. No and I would love to say that it was success after success, but you have setbacks and things but that's the common theme just kind of following the Lord's leading you know, so to speak. So on that note, so, so you dating way back the enemy. You feel it was either the prompting of the Lord or the leading of the Lord that even out there in the business world. Yeah that that really ticked me was that something that you be working very prayerful about that. And in those decisions to get involved or what logic you that you think for all of us in you know back in the day you know whatever that was. If you really want to serve the Lord.

It was either missionary or pastor.

Okay, we really, I would say it throughout the body of Christ was in this kind of like you can serve the Lord as a politician you can serve the Lord as a businessman, a Hollywood mainstream.

There were a couple of books on the shelf, the talk about marketplace ministry really back in the day. There were people like me that wanted to give everything to God but I didn't want to be's your traditional pastor missionary had other gifting's so I think what I do now is a result of facing that struggling trying to help other people say Haman, whatever you do, do it under the Lord, you could be in Washington, Hollywood mainstream. You know you use your gifting that God is given you to advance the kingdom you know it's interesting insight. I think in your part, because I believe I've had these discussions even even recently about still kind of this mindset of separation between marketplace and minister yeah and where will as you just said all I'm called to the ministry. Well okay I'm to be an evangelist like myself are a pastor or missionary or whatever and and but you don't still hear people say all call to the ministry number to be an insurance agent nine are you exactly that sort of thing so yeah and wanted to say that all ministry. I think this casino we call the secular sacred divide okay okay other secular things really are.

There's no what ever you do, you do it under the Lord and his blessing is there anyone we've seen people with tiny little shops that influence their city massively they pray they see their you know countertop as their pulpit and the other part of the community. And you know I could go on and on about it but I want to say this like one funny story about obeying that taught me something early on the way home I was thinking about it so humiliating, but yet what a good Galileo cumulative yeah Howard. I just got married we were married 28 years of going back and my father yeah Gina, my wife Tina 28 years, a great great time so my father-in-law was kind of intimidating's like the first year of our marriage we go to this promise keepers event member. Those events will have 40,080 will bill VIN Stadium and here I am with my father along one side and my brother who really did know the Lord, on the other side. And this is lit lazy, this is about being quick to obey. So the guy gets up and he starts talking about.

If you're having trouble with your marriage and I just had this fight with Gina before I left him and I don't know what it was about, you know, kind of fights that happen will route all man was I convicted, but I'm not getting up to answer the altar call because my father-in-law is right next to me right yeah I dig my fingers in the chair like I am and I'm like Lord. I don't mean to be disrespectful of not moving in the prompting to get this disease like get it right you'll call me want to get your marriage right. And finally, in my mind I'm like I'm in a just pop up like a Jack-in-the-Box care what it takes a minute go to hell and to get this thing right.

I didn't realize that his altar call for that was over, and when I popped up. He had just said if you're a struggling homosexual, not like a jack rabbit in front of Brooke and you could tell by the look in their eyes that you like that they were the people are struggling with that. I'm not trying to make light of that, I'm just trying for my situation right right that was you know it was his sense of like son. I want you to obey quickly because the cost was often delayed.

Obedience can be for you and listen we didn't say anything to each other for the next few days. I think that this day still looks at me sideways. The more I tried to explain it. It didn't work well and the message that the variegated unit delayed delayed obedience is instilled disobedience ghetto, but all I got a backup to try to get I conveyed almost visualize the look of days that at that-year-old brother.

He said all you and him walking through the I get a filter way out. People slap me on the back you can get free and then they pulled they kind of pushed me in a little area you know the little guy well that what I think it is, you know, I think because I think what you feel sometimes like going on over three but like I: Clarion's were like everybody else. Here's exactly from the Lord exactly what they're supposed to do for every area of their life and they have this thing yeah the rest of us are what I call wanderers you and you see it in the book of act were Paul is like trying to find the will of Lord Wright and is the Lord opened the door he goes through right right well I think the moral of that story is after The immediate again as you said this is not necessary. Whatever you're struggling with right you can be struck with all kinds of things the letters, homosexuality, pornography yeah hogs alcohol I-beam relapses. Lots of struggles out there, but the important thing when there's the prompting of the Lord, don't don't think you nailed it actually don't have the respondent yeah and and and pursue freedom yeah I think so and I admit we need to normalize us in the body of Christ. Only a McDaniel because there is this shame and fear like I'm I'm ashamed of something I thought. Or did and I'm fearful that if I tell Nikita that he's not like me anymore. Guys, he's gonna just look down on the yen and I think you know in your going back to the business thing this that the issues of the kingdom are as strong with the pastor as a missionary as they are with the marketplace minister was a politician or whether he is a shop owner. It's not like he gets a pass from the devil in some demilitarized zone.

It is not right.

We deal with temptation or greed or loss to me.

Those things are prevalent. There, we tend to say will you is in a secular environment home and there's that's got to be one of the biggest myths to break you feel your receiving value from this show.

It's time to man up and you like to support the show along with Holland for Christ ministries go to and make a donation of any amount no want my latest book and you receive a personalized, Nikita tale of the ring will take it to your point.

My pastors always said, look out.

I get a captured audience. You 30 minutes 40 minutes on a Sunday morning right those you guys like yourself out there in the marketplace and for all those listening today. You know you're out in the marketplace work and you're not necessary, pastor or or missionary or ornament, but he said you have what it what an opportunity you have. What a mission field. Yet an opportunity you have those you men and women and young young men young with out in the marketplace you are spending 4050 60 hours, sometimes with your coworkers and customers of people you're coming into contact. Yes. And so I agree that somehow we gotta get away from the separation like what you said earlier that the secular in the sacred right yes and and merge those two together yeah exactly because you know if you think about it it's is when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. So whether it's government.

We want righteous men and women you know what I mean they don't maybe go to the same church I go to move their Catholic or Baptist or prismatic, but there acting righteously in the righteous car dealer in the righteous insurance guy in the righteous nurse in the righteous movies coming out of Hollywood when the righteous rule, the people rejoice, but if were not telling people that that can be there area of their platform their platform and were not preparing them the same way we do seminarians and stuff like dancing a menu.

Seems to me you're called to the marketplace. I wish somebody had a couple people bid couple people try to help me because I wanted to serve the Lord and they they needed to say Dave, it seems like your skill set is set in the marketplace go and do that. Yeah well and let a list let's talk a little more about that because as I he did mention some of your pre-I can send you your acumen.

Your promise in business which is extensive and I know II mentioned that the kingdom builders Association. But there's there's a broader covering yes that that your mission before we came on air yes yes so just to give you some kind of a background kingdom business Association. I have the privilege of being the president of the group of businessmen around the world re-lease largely entrepreneurs you know what mats are are things who's not a lot of like artists or politicians but were really trying to eat you know, encourage form relationships, training and equipping around the sense of goal and build the kingdom of God in your marketplace. What I found out was there are other organizations like KBA around the country that are you Catholics.

They meet together couple Catholic brothers praying about their business and then I found a number of really great patriotic guys and they put together with myself and some other people called the national Federation of Christian business. It hadn't been done before contact Catholic to Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, people that are concerned about the rights of Christian small business in America and are pushing for. Who would've thought I meant who are thought back in the day that we would be struggling with laws and an anti-business environment like socialism like we are now. Who would've thought right right and so there has to be a proactive group out there kind of challenging laws educating people uniting people and I'm proud of you, throw my you know kind of efforts and with the national Federation for your hat yeah exactly and and and and be a voice and yeah which I think I Davis is really needed and in today's marketplace putting in our world today is is for Christ followers for believers asked not to be what II think I've come to learn the quote silent majority anymore gas is to have a voice and and utilize your platform business or otherwise and and and stand up for you.

The Christian values that you say you believe in. Yeah, we don't Amish.

There's a very vocal minority of you know is whatever term you want, you'll create like socialism is is counter intuitive to the kingdom of God. It also.

That voice is loud and if we don't show up like you're saying we don't have a voice.

You know I've got a bunch of friends are Christian filmmakers and they need to have a voice of reason right for morality for for movies that make money that are entertaining their high quality that you don't just kind of like shrug and it always the Christian movies were expecting it to be right class rather making movies and in you know I've got a number of friends that are politicians on Capitol Hill to get together and pray, but taking round being vocal now is not the time to be hidden. Now is not the time to say well you're gonna practice my faith in the closet right and and and and stick my head in the sand, but will it let me ask you this about this organization because I know it KBA.

I know you do an annual conference said down in Fort Mill. I know you I know you your your right hand man Henty has as weekly prayer call, as has weekly coaching call the right and you again thank you for being a part of those coaching call yeah because you normally we bring up topics that are really common to people and you think a lot of the devil strategy really is isolation Nikita. You're the only one that has is probably the only one the things this way you only one that is in this predicament.

And then when you start to build relationships, whether through organizations like KBA, which has a very prophetic flavor or more of a national organization like the national Federation of Christian business and FCB .us where you're saying you listen it's important for me to lose a realtor in Virginia that got her website shut down because she had John 316. On the website so she was a lot trying to be barred from doing certain types of business I want to get into the legalities or paternal people to don't want to perform services for customers that they feel are antagonistic to their faith or just the threat of undue government burden in their business. Someone has to stand up and say wait a minute. America is the only country in the world, found it under the premise that God is sovereign over man and man is sovereign over government. Not only do I have an ability of responsibility and the only country in the world. This is really cool. You can wake up tomorrow and you can start a business and you don't have to ask anybody for anything. Nobody permission you could start selling Nikita Cole of action figures, which I tried to get and I got out of bed. I wanted to bring with me today. I got out bid on eBay. I just have to wait a minute, I just glad he didn't say I did today the loft all I did is a doll per girls play with all this. For the record, this thing is men have been cool and handle your little chain on and I was gonna bring that guy in, but I got out. But he got out of work at five you out of there out there there there where their rare redbud both the single and the duel buckle live and die, but they but there out there, let me ask you this what you see is one of the biggest challenges for business leaders today yeah and this one is really just from the top of my head I I've come across a couple large organization recently and they said this, we don't want to use the name Christian anymore because it's inviting people that are again set out thanks to yeah yeah and the other being attacked so they want to do this thing kind of under the cover and on the reader. I have great respect for him, but that is not the gospel right you can't put light under a bushel. You have to be settled and that is a mooring. I mean the freedoms that you and I have to start a business and to use that business and whether it's a crucifix if you're Catholic or no rosary or you know whatever you you your ability to integrate your faith shouldn't be something that were ashamed of, and some that really this is what made America the belief that were sovereign, under God, I'm in this stuff resonates through the history of the founding father and in fact the ability of the Rev. Billy Graham comes my watch a lot of his classical sermon which are timeless right I am less and has led Davis altar calls just globally every time like hundreds and encases thousands response, but he said every single time you might want to know why I am calling you forward publicly. Jesus called everyone out publicly, although I have said Scripture says that if you deny me before man, I'll be I'll deny you before the father and that was his mantra. If you will, for calling everyone to the altar to stand before God and stand before their fellowman and make this declaration. I am giving my life to Jesus today that he was every single time adamant about you coming forward publicly making that declaration, you know, I've I've been writing a book about marketplace miracles, but I'm shifting it a little bit to talk about people that are light and salt in the community and that change their society.

Simple little things like a guy had a little Scripture, something I can remember the exactitude of it, but someone came into his store and that little Scripture plaque open up a conversation and change the guys life was thinking about suicide that these never can enter a church One small thing, but who knows what that life saved and turned around is going to do and think of the ability first of all, just the size half of the gross domestic product is small business and we believe 10 million of them are Christian owned.

We just need to unite and were one of the most powerful economic forces on planet Earth.

What what is this what advice you have my or what encouragement might you give to the people of faith the people who are Christ followers in whatever their background might be, but there out in the marketplace denies they hear us talking today and maybe there already. Encouragement would you have any advice or encouragement for them to again. Maybe they've been apprehensive to be salt and light. Yes how they could do that out there in the marketplace. Only your first of all, being AF if you're listening to a show like this in your following Nikita Cole off through his experiences with man camp and what he is doing around the world stay in touch because it says be not deceived bad company doth corrupt good morals. We can't be deceived and not staying in touch.

Like somehow Nikita.

I am strong enough that I can just not associate with other Christians and keep my faith and then the second thing I really believe in the power relationship, find some you know men find some ladies find some other businesses. When you start confessing euro issues and talking about stuff the power of God. It says in there he commands his blessing life evermore.

When brethren dwell together well vacuum. I knew James Atlee 516 says and confess your sins one to another, that you might be healed. He has just update disability that will have some equally transparent, honest and open with you and what great advice for the marketplace that we just let me. I want to get here before we run out of time is our our dimension again. Our dimension sillier. Your entrepreneurial background and be in a serial entrepreneur yesterday with the I think asked not to see right now my Cap'n Crunch arrest that's currently wit which kind of just covers a variety of of businesses and investments but living here. You've also written books yeah and and you've offered offered offered three books, the prosperity matrix 20 in 2015, an introduction to the three Circle strategy for fulfilling life in 2017 which are read and loved by the way, and ignite your passion. Chart your course on your own life. 2018. Just to give us a snapshot of an are plan to write anymore books would just tell us what you will think Cecil, the essential thing to these three books are spirit, skill and self-development.

There's a mixture of three if I want to operate on somebody and I pray over if I've never done in operation. Before you let me do it. It was skill spirit self-development of the three, there's that little book in the middle.

The introduction it's a great one to give to unbelievers is a great one to use in businesses because it's it's not overly you know, layered with Christian he cast a basic book, but it's designed to help people in the marketplace work and if I get up anywhere.

I Amazon you know all the places like that that little book was a number one seller in Amazon he had picked the category II chose Norwegian folklore and nice wisdom on her part.

And last but not least, before we let you go today with everything we've already talked about a bed and I said, and in your spare time I like does this guy have spare time if spare time. Your executive coach or consultant at Aquino speaker. My. God gave has all my guys go there and and FCB.US L will more time. Dave yarns DAV EY AR and and and FCB .us. Those are great way to get a hold of me and who to be a part of the CEF use Christian businesses and locate we're calling you and left and right awesome wall that listed. I would have you back.

This is so much more to talk, without much fun by God's you you you wanted you wanted to tune in to the next, so that that that we do with him. It would Davis well.

Dave yarns amazing man of God. I really hope you are blessed by some of our discussion today and if you're out there you're in the marketplace.

Your you're out in the workforce. I hope there's a nugget of truth you're able to take away today for you that that spoke to your heart and if you don't know Jesus today be a great day to surrender your life to Jesus weathering the marketplace or your dad, it's time to man up men.

I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening.

Will send your manhole with God godly husband and God do you give them your blessing and am signed up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email.

Remember this. It's time to man up. This is the Truth Network

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