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And I Will Give Him a White Stone...

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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February 20, 2021 12:00 pm

And I Will Give Him a White Stone...

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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February 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Nikita is with Mike Shortt, President at Whitestone Financial, to discuss being salt and light in the marketplace.

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian car Diane King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network. Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the Russian nightmare. Now the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner cheetah call time it's time to man up story from just a regular marketplace guy I meet a guy was out there day by day just grinding it in the marketplace. The man is the sky full of Jesus. Stay tuned today. Coming up Mike short man in the marketplace.

What a pleasure. What approves you have in studio with me today.

Mike short borne it with tutees.

By the way, we'll talk about that board and raised in South Western.

The southwestern part of Virginia where he began a business, a career in finance. In the late 1980s, 2004, he and his partner opened up a privately held vehicle finance company Whitestone financial 17 years in operation, headquartered in Winston-Salem business at four different states and and I welcome the show pleasure.

My pleasure to be here. Well, it's just great to have you herein and I love having guys on, you know who are out there in the marketplace. Mike is in my view, you know, and I'm out evangelist.

I was interim pastor for a few months at a church in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

I've done plenty of missionary work in you and in all of that but I love having guys like yourself in because in my view, even though I do what I do and I feel it is 100% of my calling. At this juncture of life, a great ministry field or or if you want to say where were real harvest can happen is is out in the marketplace for me not to me is his ultimate missionary field, absolutely because I mean and I my pastor has set up before you know he will get 3040 minutes on a Sunday morning. As far as a captured audience.

Whereas some like yourself, you might spend 4050 60 hours so with with coworkers and employees, customers and so that there is the real chance to be salt and light right absolutely, absolutely not. And I think that's that's become more evident to me as a believer in thieving amount my latter years and I'm down 52 years old, my family, we get to host a small life group at her home during these weird times and then I was picking out a moan that I said I feel like I was, born a Christian because of raised in the end, the church rights but as I've gotten older. It's it's so cool how how looking in the marketplace in the workplace have has sharpened our focus on the ability to to witness and to be missionaries to not just our our customers and the people that we service to the people that we employ right and it makes such a difference in you. You remind me of a friend of mine who is who. Joseph says he was Baptist before he was born and grew up in it and that at some point he had to make a decision of his own. He could live off the laurels of his of his family. His mom and dad that came up a point time when when he had to make his own personal decision and what was that when I have for you. Yeah I what I was really young I was, I was 10 years old. Okay. And again, because I was brought up in the church open to that point I just thought well okay I'm I'm Christian right, but I had never made that that public going forward that heart conversation with with God, and I was at a revival service and you mentioned. I grew up in Southwest Virginia. This is backwater brought a man at the town plaza.

We grew up in thousand people in the most of 10 that would go up and down depending on multiple things and said we were out in the country will come to church little river running beside it and there was there was a revival service that was was going on there and the this the speaker that night was just delivering this this very fervent convicting message but I walked outside to go to use the restroom or something and I'm willing have restrooms and top quality not getting out of that mapping of the moon was on the door while the sex… I went out there, and I walked back toward the entrance of that church and stood there for minutes as as a speaker continued to preach and something just came over me. I mean I was chill bumps popped up, animal at the time of NY and I just kinda started shaking and I just felt this overwhelming conviction can come over me and that I need to I need to go to to that altar and and kneel down and and actually give my heart and life together again. I'm young and tender, so in and that's what I did it.

It forever changed my outlook on life as a kid and has an adult I can relate, and I wasn't tense and it was 34 age 34 but when I made the decision to go to the altar get on my knees surrender my life to the Lord like like you just mentioned it. It's life's never been the same on my perspective, my vision, unless it is been a journey as I'm sure with you and and with any of us to make that decision. It was still a journey involved in the process of growing and maturing in our faith is and and the building of our faith, but you Nam and I remind it's funny because you wanted altar.

I went to North NSF to say of our listeners out the you have to go to an altar, but I will say it and I've really been diving into a lot of the Billy Graham classics the Rev. Billy Graham area and I every yeah every time I watch one of those, I just, I marvel honestly at the response and that in fact is much more recently, he was the was in England and he was talking about that 60,000 people a night show up and in driving rainstorms for for however look in on the very last night the temperature dripped dropped and 90,000 people showed up in the very final evening, if any go so we just haven't we basement have the greatest time and in the freezing cold and rainy here in England you know what the moves of people and he always made a point you'd always quote the Scripture if you can't acknowledge me before men, I will. I'm not technology before my father which is why he always pointed them or encourage them and invited them to come publicly before you know man and God in and give your heart to Jesus and again it's not that that's the only way you can give your life to Christ. But at some point and then you would agree with wheat we can't hide our light under a bushel. We can't let some of the gotta make make others know that decision that we made yet I yes absolutely.

It is interesting you say that grout I was thinking about our town together today. One of the things that the count popped into my head and it does every time this year.

You will were the church of course church is different now than it's that it's been a while home group, whatever that might be in and this time it always reminds me you mentioned the light and and hide in under the bushel and each year you know for years when my favorite scripture verses for the Christmas season coming up back in Isaiah 92 is repeated again over Matthew 418. I think where and I'll paraphrase the verse you got to do a terrible job of repeating it.

But you know into the land of darkness, people walking in the valley of the shadow death there came a great light right in that white cryostat that came in.

Isaiah prophesied this again is repeated over Matthew when Jesus was first seeking out Andrew and Peter that that verse is repeated there and and so it it is so much about that that light in darkness and and and what that does change the component where the light rightfully.

We have to select that we can't hide it under that bushel well and in cheesy ME bring up the but Jesus I mean, Matthew in no follow me, James, John, follow me.

I mean publicly rewrite he gets to call them out publicly in and said come follow me right and so justice and encouragement to our listeners out there in of you Vera a Christ follower of your believer. If you've made that decision, when he went to an altar or not but you had that life check changing transformation and an experienced, that you be determined to be salt and light to our world. If you're listening today and you're not a follower Jesus. I would encourage you to to make a decision to to surrender your life. The Lord is there's nothing there's nothing like serving Jesus. I'm just telling right now but I'll put that my wrestling career and everything I I achieve there from world championship belts and an worldwide travel and all the accolades it came with pale in comparison to 17 October 1993 when I went to the altar and gave my life to Jesus you feel your receiving value from this show. It's time to man up and you like to support the show along with cola Christ ministries go to and make a donation of any amount no want my latest book and you receive a personalized copy of Nikita my tale of the ring redemption. At what point my show so continue with your journey past age town, but at what point did you realize okay I'm on the marketplace guy on the new Q remember back to that day. Yeah it was it was. It's interesting, I again grown up in the mountains, in the back woods there.

There was there was that as I went through my teenage years and on and high school, trying to figure out what is that that that I want to do in an at the mall with my wife and I I was 19 years old. We got married and so we got married very young but at aunt after my high school days there trying to figure out what is it that that that I want to do, but was looking at some colleges and then at career and it was interesting I ever went to a little town, but our way over the Bristol Virginia area and then I went to an employment agency to, see what was going on and long story short, they they cannot hook me up with this little finance company interview and tell me that exist anymore. But it was back then it was called Kentucky finance and we had about 36 offices in around the mid Atlantic and so an interview for that that that position, never thinking that that was anything that I would've ever wanted to do but I went because want to get married now so you in order to get marinated job and not well you know what will do that. Maybe going to the college thing later in life was in school to be a schoolteacher. My fiancé man into when interviewed and they offered me the job and the was in a lot of pain, but enough to scrape by the time but I think that job and and found that that there was something that appealed to me about it. There was there was a little Mac bear, if you will, so that wasn't that was in 1987 and so I have since that point them out. I've been involved in an finance or financial services.

Since that point, and again, I remember going back to my church, my local church is a Wednesday night after accepting the job and in the Boudin testimonial or what and I stood up message you know you have been praying and the Lord lead me into the position that that he would want me to have an and I got that today I sent I would've never guessed that this would be the direction and again that was over 30 years ago and so yeah that's, how that whole thing happen the door of opportunity opened up and in the end it all again. As mentioned earlier the marketplace to me is is is the biggest mission field is in my view, so how would you say is you're in this line of work of of of your financial help him in a financial assistance financing specifically for you at this point, vehicles) and how do you merge your walk of faith. How do you merge that into the marketplace and 1/2 hp you like salt in that world to those companies that are want to the purchaser by car, and I appreciate the question I'm always happy to answer that one. So it if this were the name of our company came from, which is Whitestone okay and the is as a quick background here when I was growing up as a teenager, my family and and I we we played music and saying things in church and so in the 80s mid to late 80s in a contemporary Christian music was list just kinda catching on there and it was green and aerials mullah Ridge, Montserrat, and as those old trailblazers for real for real. And so it's like were playing music and this discount is new genre comes up and so were centigram essence guys one day and it would play in the garage or play church and in a discounted jam sessions in and we presently know we we really to form this band and was testing a nearby want to be in a band right shift week leaves it will. How can we name the band and I had remembered reading something and in the Bible that that said, the point of Whitestone and some think we know there's there's Whitesnake is white lie and there's quite hard not Whitestone will make a great name for a brain well.

The band never got off the tail.

I never got off the ground.

But whatever however it in 2003 okay when we got ready to open up this this company it it it came rushing back to me that's okay.

It probably not near the band and happen. This would make a great name for a for company and forever. The type of company that we were open and that if you go to Revelation 217, it talks about those who overcome and that there may be in written new name and in written down a flight of stone right absolutely and in our purpose of Whitestone and were not the same as a that were for-profit company, but more than that it's it's a service to a genre of customer that otherwise might really have struggled and in obtaining financing and transportation got you and say it is based on what she was real and that you have a submission you yeah – niche market that's amazing that in and so sort. Now, in addition to that the of a sister company Winston-Salem motors right just read it formed an end in 2014 and I think I read were you average about about 100 seat hundred 87 year line is somewhere and in that area and so is that just something that you saw way of helping people get financing that might not otherwise be able to attain that he felt well what are we at everybody that lets it's also potentially provide a vehicle formers that have come up that came about that is that is how that came about and in the truth of the matter and in the in the auto finance world when you're financing vehicles.

There are those times for various and sundry reasons that the vehicle comes back right.

The person gets to the point where they are not able to afford it. They lost a job, think your wife happen sometimes. And so it can initially start out okay. We can instead of taking those cars and and cannot dispose number dump them at the auctions and things like that is is will will, bring him back in here refurbishing and make them available to the type of customer that were servicing that's just trying to get transportation affordably and aunt but be able to get the financing to so we we can just became another outlet of others of the same business model that of the dealers we serve is now equitably became another dealer and so it it it has worked out really well for us. I think our customer because it's kind of turned into one stop shop, thanks again, shop for the car is is not by here pay here necessarily and I'm I'm a fan of buy here pay here and those guys do that out there. This is kind of a reverse buy here pay here so they become back and look at the car, they can apply for the financing and then that Whitestone we can we can provide the credit for them on-site as their buying the car okay and will report to the credit bureaus and things that help them get their credit restarted reestablished awesome it would you have a say, a short got God story in terms of while God you really showed up and I met you may have more than one, but is there one that quickly comes to mind relation to to a customer that is coming and that it becomes one, yet you and visit there have been lots of those years where poor folks will come back to us and and would get those cool letters those cool stories that he noticed appreciate you guys helping us you were at a point when nobody else would help her. She took a chance on this account guys going back in the right direction. Again, I was talking to the cat. It's funny you asked me that I was talking to the customer a previous customer. Just the other day and pet we had had along with him. Probably for six or seven years and something came up where our paths crossed again. He came over to him and he said you know he said you set me down and talk to me about the condition of of of my credit and about the condition of my life and you help me when nobody else was able to to help me took a chance and again is nothing special that that idea to read the we just sat down and had an honest conversation about where he was at. At the time and you know that I truly believe as as a believer in the marketplace spirit bears witness right and so there's something about that that gentleman is that this the gas lease in Syria. He's a meeting help. He was a he was a tree service person and that you don't cut down the trees and home. Often a needed truck to get back and forth working and start a business in Ms. are always in a tricky you don't know if his businesses will make it or right know and I thought it said we did it. And so anyway what became of the other day we we cross paths again and he be pulling over to the side. He said he said you look out here at these trucks that I have that that I use in my business. He said all of that came from you been able to do that one thing for me six or seven years ago. He said you all made the difference in my life and in my business and set it against just one of many store and hear about and we give God glory for that. Not not sure sure that well, but it's rewarding to know that your efforts led to no help in this guy get one truck to slide now to a fleet of trucks in and of sounds like a thriving, successful business and has the best customer we we have is the one that then come back to this right at the thing that we do we get them.

We want to get them in a place where that they establish that credit they pay to get reported and then I don't have to come back to us again. They can go onto the next level. Would it be a banker or credit union and and for you. it works. Dawson, have you have you and Anderson and I've met with one of the guys you just working yeah just have you guys had opportunities there been opportunities to to lead others to to to the Lord like literally like all on the spot Like some. He said that he had opportunities to do that thing is witnesses and I'm trying to think that I certainly have had many witnessing opportunities which we have so I see that of their lives there. I think it has been more but of the other so we know that about talks about seven modern and reeked and and and I think we we have a great opportunity to silent and do some watering. I do think that I can think of a couple of occasions that where there have been folks, I think because of the of the seating in the watering that it has planted something we have heard stories come back about hearing about this person having made a decision made is that and Scripture says that right is a Scripture says you know some some water, some so you know that God gets the increase right it's all the credit all the glory gets increased well you know it's managers again. I really enjoy having guys like yourself you in you know in the studio on the show who are out there.

You know on the grind every day that you know some might call it out there in the marketplace and making a difference helping other people, and as if if our listeners haven't already picked up on you know you very active memory got the Bible study at the house.

An active member in your church and ending your community and you know Susan, your wife, and I know your for your father of three.

Right of rep Randy Logan and Riley ass right now and she got got the three children. How can my cocky people find you if they wanted to stop when the stop buyer you have a line or they find that they can come by our location where they're from 9 to 530 every day at 1796. I Was Creek Pkwy. in Winston, okay, just up the road from Bob King that Massimo spoke know when it isn't just down the road from Forsyth to college. Ross on the on the web. Of course, Whitestone Fenian, short for financial Whitestone you can be little bit about us as a place for folks to actually fill out an application online. If they are looking for credit okay and in our car lot is Winston-Salem motorcars with web address is Winston-Salem, and then MC for motorcar working on trying to get that little easier. Winston-Salem We keep her inventory on their you can also apply to purchase and finance a car from that side as well and the and nothing else.

We just we like the community come in and in and sometimes just saying hey and second hands and you don't do the deal. The first time it might be the third time that the second they're telling well and is in that I kinda liken it to you, even as were talking telling story shared stories and inherent more of your story you as an evangelist and I going to a church one time. You know preach the gospel.

I mean never go back to the church again. Although they might invite you and I may be invited back to guess what I did good enough job maybe but but I'll let that said, the majority the time I I never hear any of any of the follow-up stories that occasionally here when I get an email out I'll get you know a message somehow someway you know on how this this certain person's life is changed has transformed by my being there and then the same of the wrestling world as I go out to autograph signing sin and and travel around and meet the fans there as well. That's my marketplace. If you will you know when I go to the autograph signings. That's my marketplace to be able to be salt and light in that world. Yes and now get more more stories and believing you will to get more stories and email it come in and utilize your services and and or bought a car from you and it made a difference in their life really what you do, you know, I grew up watching you.

You and uncle Ivan and and not that far apart in age, but appreciate what you did and what you stand for and standards your brain as well. Well, I appreciate you and for those you listening out there today were just grateful to have Mike short in studio and by and check them out if if you need some financing or need a car and if you don't know Jesus as your Lord and Savior today would be to make that decision next to the dentist on the men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex Luther and I and pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your men home with God. Godly husbands and godly give them your blessing and them sign up today at band camp.full pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community. Go to and email. Remember this.

It's time to man up. This is the Truth Network.

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