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Breaking Barriers for Christ!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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January 16, 2021 1:00 pm

Breaking Barriers for Christ!

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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January 16, 2021 1:00 pm

Jeff Terrell was redeemed by Christ, and now he works to share the Good News with people around the world through his ministry Faith Force... a team of athletes reaching lost souls by performing EPIC feats of strength. Nikita and Jeff talk about the redemptive work Jesus is doing through this ministry!

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This is Robbie doing more from a Christian card I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network.

This is the Truth Network one single world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call.

It's time. Welcome back to it's time to man up. Real talk with real men go law. The bowls worst nightmare.

Ask your question. Are you using your God-given talent for his glory. Each of us has been given unique gifts and talents, skills and abilities on our show today. We have a special story how one man gathered together a group of athletes to perform unique feats of strength, and share the gospel message Christian athletes from the NFL, WWE MMA Olympians ballplayers wrestlers weightlifters boxers and many more in studio with me today. Jeff Terrell, founder of faith. Horse. This ministry launched in 1998 so they been around for 22 years based in Burlington, North Carolina. Jeff is married to Rhonda and Jeff just great to have you in the studio today. Man, thanks for coming to be her brother look important all week, all week awesome well you know what was going to have a conversation. How's that sound that work for you is great, sounds bad words to talk about really. But you know what you been up to what you been doing what faith forces doing in… "You'll give a little background on on faith Foresman what to do last 22 years.

Give us a snapshot of what you be doing right will you know you mentioned that the backgrounds in sports or athletes have our guys come from all different kinds of backgrounds in sports among professional athletes. Some collegiate athletes. Some are amateur athletes. But the thing we all have in common is we all love Jesus Christ and God is given us talents and abilities and we will use those strengths as talents and abilities for his glory. So we come together in will do outreach events with the school assemblies will use the feats of strength as a abate, a way to get attention and catch a potential owner to go after their hearts and was we got there there to suite we share the gospel we share in churches and in outreach events.

We do this schools is more a character-based message on the way. But the kids back to another event we can share the gospel share testimonies, but it's powerful but just to say hi touch these kids lives but okay so things you talked about their soul… This talk about the sum of the school assemblies so to go to schools and you're not initially preaching the gospel in the school exactly doing more feats of strength like you show up. Give an example like what what are some of she cuts would do that captures the attention of these kids will will break baseball bats will take Louisville slugger baseball bats and Jay Brickman are back so her out of your head. At times we do by ideally there was a wrestler named Sting. I think Justi is a baseball bat to Eric Elliott. You will blow apart water bottles will be robust so to cancel her hands and I will break been horseshoes been steel bars all kinds of fun stuff role a prime panel of frying pans us right to license plates in her teeth tear licensed volunteer license plates with your teeth with your teeth you okay that will that might semi-garner some attention from the student. Though you deathly okay so so you're going to these the school assemblies and doing all these feats of strength and then is there a message to go along with the feats of strength you will get really schism when we talk about the things they're doing with social media bullying drugs. The things these kids are doing with on a daily basis. The messages are geared towards the age group were in different elementary schools were talking about more character-based messages in it, but it's always about respecting others and being the best we can be no just going there studying hard working hard but yet it's interesting how even when we were sharing these messages. The Holy Spirit is still working in the schools. I mean, you were not even talk about Jesus and the school which at the Holy Spirit is working and we had an event as fact – describe in a couple years ago where the where and how school assembly attending the assembly with three young girls come down there just in tears. I said we need to say that at the school assembly school assembly yeah you do in a situation like that. He knows I mean afterward a bit Bible Belt going on.

Some schools get group maybe weird about that landing in a way will one-on-one you can share Christ.

When one take up may I ask you about your faith okay and we can share Christ one on one in which happens a lot times at the end of assemblies gives a compelling want to talk to us and we shake her hand in autograph is a perfect opportunity to share Christ. And so these three girls can only support what we needed to get saved well. We were even talk about you and say we're talk about bullying is social media and other stuff. So we said here but here's what you did and so we introduce them to Christ right there. And as that school assembly at the end and always a kiss started gathering around listening to what you're saying at the end of that message. Eight of those kids in the last Christ.

It's amazing I you know I can relate to that Jeff is… School assemblies as well. No, I'm not roll up frying pans and I'm not put anybody in Havelock might is more just a message I a positive message yeah and what's interesting though is the way and I'm sure I know you can relate to this. The way the Lord gave it to me to deliver the message you much of the Scripture in there without Scripture being and that you only upset about referencing John 316, or some other Scripture invariably every single time. Whether students like that or even teachers are some in some cases even the principal book about the goal you hear the kind of whisper. If you're Christian arch and I go, yeah, now you all by coming to hi Derek yes method. I knew it, I know you would like the Scriptures you were selected. So it's almost like God has a way of just working in the hearts of people eat as you said by the Holy Spirit right people saying they may not appreciate you doing this schools you don't don't don't stop doing that, you know, we just will appreciate which is which utilities kids about now so you know will you were not going to disable Weasley got back in our schools.

We got back in schools and a look and a second-tier secret know like yeah I'll say he never lived there.

He's in a study schools is to love these kids things omnipotent right out isn't the only presently he's right he's everywhere at all times. Leah, whether we realize it or not he's there us right so that's pretty amazing so okay see you doing the school assemblies and so from there. Then you invite those kids in and say you want to hear more. The Paul Harvey rest of the story. Hey come on out to like to a church sure what word you invited to become a church or Québec should be at the same school okay and it night time we may do a nighttime event there at the school use their auditory mother, Jim. Sometimes in the church will invite them and their families to come back and this would show the gospel testimonies and we all these guys. They got such powerful testimonies are from different backgrounds, but the cool thing is with most these guys don't talk about their sports very much. When we get together each of these guys have belts and rings and titles and trophies in India, but when we get together and talk about the stuff in the talk about Jesus and is so cool because their hardest to see these kids and their families come to Christ and said they share the very same things that they dealt with in life, thoughts and fears the same problems that gone through like to share these things with kids and families. People like well this guy is Olympic athlete or he's a professional football player. He's dealt the same things I have.

He can make it through this I can make it through this. Yeah, a lot of times people in general.

Right will look up to someone like yourself are like you said a professional athlete or something, and without realizing you know it look good put their pants on one leg at a time.

I mean it right there just to get some the same issues. Some of the same struggles some of the same challenges right that anybody else has this right this right and so I imagine 22 years of ministry with with faith force that you seen we've seen a lot of things happen. Over the years I would let Bessette what would you say might be the to say the biggest wild moment like your God showed up and it was obvious, but like for you guys you like wow just to see that. Did you just see what God did his or anything like immediately maybe comes to mind a memory, an event so you know there's there. Send me but that really sticks in my mind is wheat we were offered give an opportunity go to Russia which an entity. You mean the Russian nightmare for the Russian nightmare that I've never been to Russia just for the record. One day I hope to go Red Square Moscow but is is beautiful if the plastisol Thomas. I will people like in Russia or Cuba.

These are the countries you go to now is to lament the bridges people where you gonna get jobs they got families. They got problems with the government. They had issues right where you get people people, but we had an incredible time they are.

You know, we spent a lot of time going into ministry centers were kids who had a set of orphanage systems by Savannah were get in so they let him to get sucked up in human trafficking.

Yeah a real target for that art that all you and say we we were doing ministry centers will not directly traveling to a backboard to different sinners and went to one particular and during the event. I noticed that I will share a message. We had we done a few speaks of strength.

We have good time. The folks really enjoying them programmed and never seen anything like this before and I look to the back of the room and I can see this going to vary back and see the saddest look on her face. Anybody ever seen and I member thinking not going to talk to this girla gig get you a translator good good actors.

I grant one the translators we will back to her after the program is over and I said this myself and share this yourself. Natosha asked him to touch you look so sad was what's what's wrong she said I have nothing to be happy about that she had. She was an orphan. While she had been sucked up into the sex slave trade. She had a one-year-old little boy with her she was pregnant at the time while she managed to escape from her captors, she managed to get out scape getaway and get to this ministry center and so we just we just talk to a minister tour in Hudson Lord what what will I do now need to help her in the ass. Also pray for us and Lord Lisa Natosha is clear some talking right now Nikita.

He said to me, that's why sent you while while inside that was the most powerful moments we had we had actually funny thing is, before that even happened. We came there with a team of medical missionaries and they had they had diplomatic missions in Russia and so they asked us to come if they wanted to do some evangelistic outreach while we were there, and so they told us he said this will cost about $12,000 for up to four. You guys to come in. So at the time we had about maybe $2000 in her bank account project for this now inside of I was praying about it and I said well we don't have the money. What have we pray about it.

You know, got up, got them equating Moses come.

I was watching the James Robson TV and I love the other ministry life outreach and so Lord, hard to give them $1250 and so I said Lord we need $12,000 right right. He said give them $1250 so I wrote a check out Cindy and and next week I get a call from the medical missions team that we are going with a satirical believe this. He said I just got a call from a businessman from North Korea who wants to give us $10,000 to help with an evangelistic outreach and rush now. Once the odds of North Korean businessman where howling to give $10,000 due evangelistic outreach in Russia grew. I imagine that right and so he said memorable gift you guys empower God, oh my goodness it was just incredible. And so God had a planning new and happening while we're there we saw so many kids come to Christ. We went into some detention facilities willing to ministry centers in orphanages and guy just moved in such a powerful way the whole week you feel your receiving value from this show.

It's time to man up and you like to support the show along with cola for Christ ministries go to and make a donation of any amount.

I know you want my latest book and you receive a personalized copy of Nikita my tale of the ring part of that is part of that story. What resonates with me is is is your obedience that you were obedient to soul the $1250, and that in and in return that's is okay let me multiply sees your hearts. This is all okay let me multiply. Let me bless the giver. God loves a cheerful giver. So EE blesses you with with a Korean business manager strokes a $10,000 check to get you over to where you need to be so that you can proclaim the good news to the world and the other thing Jeff, I'm reminded of two even as you say about the one girl in God saying has sent you here for this is I'm reminded of God to leave the 99 the goal go find the strike. You know, he may have a big fold, but he'll he'll leave the 99 to go find the one any direction or path over there. Talk to this young lady in speak open to her life right this right and we would love to see thousands come to Christ. One event, but I tell people all the time if is just one person yeah and goggles/just one person. So everyday I wake up and let Lord who's the one today you listen to me today that is good inside when I find I find that's a great point is, even for myself and not never personally never really been a numbers guy. I've been predominant out of all the church you know 1200 ± churches I've administered in and preach Dannon.

I mean them not in mega churches and him and I'm okay with that.

I'm not.

I apparently God doesn't need me in the mega church.

Apparently there's enough Meg is already in the church. Oh yeah, they do need a Russian nightmare in the mega church and so you know I'm not. I've been up in the man I gallop in the other the foothills of of Kentucky and hurt some of the most miraculous stories writing it, and met some of the most wonderful people little tiny churches who just love Jesus and I and so you know that the doors of opportunity open. We just have to be have our eyes open and then be willing to her or heard to be obedient to win when he calls us with us to write a check or go to a country you know to to minister the gospel write this right is run like you and we been small churches.

The smallest of churches in West Virginia to the biggest of which any coliseum snowman like you believe in Coliseum in front of thousands people you are doing minister at the time but you do see that many people you think.

While no someday stand before the Lord theirs and of the billions right with the Lord in the right and so now I like numbers I like to see lots people to save his own everybody save sure, but the same time. I know that even the smallest of churches in there.

Maybe one person like you said you got that one person yeah I mean again the know I God's heart is you notice is forever. His heart is that everyone gets get saved right so that yes and that's a powerful and I don't just over 22 years you have.

You mentioned you love see thousands come to Christ, you probably never total that up again because you're not about numbers like me but I know for me whether it's been a wrestling outreach or service on preaching at or or or you know facilitating a man camper all the different things that I've done over the years.

I me I I feel as though why can confidently say that I've seen witnessed thousands of me.

I can think one time a quick story one time where Lex not no not Lex. Like Logan I do a lot of ministry together. But in this particular time was staying the million dollar man to DiBiase myself.

We were in the Indianapolis said at a youth event with over 43,000 teenagers and you know we did it dramatization and then from the dramatization we shared our stories and our testimonies and and we saw that night over 10,000 youth young people respond to the altar, which is an incredible incredible time and and then the one other real quick story is is in Jamaica now Lex was with me on that when he and I share a story there were over 73,000 standing all day long in pouring rain wanted to see this wrestling exhibition that that we put on and that we shared our stories and any dentist thousands that filled out you know a card saying indicating that they want to give their life to Jesus. I will write to you guys you do these school assemblies you do these feats of strength and you use that kind as a launching pad. If you will to get them sometimes to to your evening events. I mean if if there is the save as a church out there pastor out there or or even a school that would want to bring faith force in at some point in the future how they can hold it what what what would they do is get our website faith faculty can look us up on Facebook on Facebook they force. They can also contact me. Jeff Terrell it they now be glad to talk about what it takes to put together an event on it could even be a prison we going to do a lot of prison outreach you right now because of coded things are changed a lot, and no course this is more difficult but had a great call this morning with the warden from prison in this area and he's allow us to actually come in and do a radio zoom conference meeting with these inmates and their children in several going to a faith force program for their kids at a church and then have food and games and music. Have a great time and we pray the sum is to succumb to Christ near in the Guardian sure, but will present that video to the inmates because these inmates evidencing their kids in since March.

THE center for okay so okay yeah it could be anything anybody really anybody will's contact faith force get their webs okay. Schools, churches, prisons yeah his lot a lot of different ways that that you guys should do outreaches to to the community that we wait we just got just really few minutes left here.

Gimme gimme gimme an elevator version of of your story to me just like for real like that you know just the short version of how you came to Christ. Let happen not like he is in. When I was young I was away in happily picked a lot in school, so I started playing sports can help you lose weight in I got involved in bodybuilding and as a teenager in my goal was to be like on Schwarzenegger.

He was my hero going to be just like Arnold and compete bodybuilding, and so start competing in waxing on the teenage Miss North Carolina nine other shows and inside my dream was to go on to be a pro bodybuilder and of course in order to to reach the heights that sporting and a lot of sports. There is a temptation to drugs and their steroids and so, for Sam made a bad choice and I got involved in drugs and in done in a us are getting bigger start getting stronger but the same time, I start having some health problems and inside I went to the doctor in that he rents a blood test only suggested your liver looks like it's in somebody is an alcoholic is if you coffee drugs Uganda and so I left there that day. I was so discouraged. I was so just depressed because I thought you know and my dream is being taken away from me and so I went home and appears to got to dinner that night and I member of Sigma bedroom and a and I thought it might as a pistol and it is bed so walk back to my parents bedroom to got the pistol back to my bedroom to put the gun in my head I was about to pull the trigger. When I heard a voice say Jeff call me I'll save you will set you free. Not heard that voice me times before, but always pushed aside a group in church grandfather was a pastor and in so I grew up in church and I knew how to talk the talk. I was walking will and so that night I member I scrapped. Laura said, Lord, please help me please set me free. I did talk to going to set the gun and I just couldn't start crying out Lord, I knew that he was in the room with me on the heights.

I felt his presence and elicited yes you heard God's people think you asked her got speak to you and I can say was an audible voice, and it was clear as were talking right now Nikita Sunday he he was there with me same, he set me free calls were you 18 years old 18 years old man that's been in the Lord let you on this path of taking athletes from all kinds of sports and backgrounds and take any around the world and it's been great to have you in the studio today like you enjoyed the mystery unit is.

It was 20 years ago that you and I met we did our first up ministry event together.

And now that I love you pray for you all the time.

Appreciate you man appreciate you and and just want to encourage our listeners out there man just just be encouraged by that that the God is God of hope and so no matter how what are your out how desperate you might be you might be in a place of desperation right now even listening to the show that if you just as Jeff to say cried out to God. God help. It was just something as simple as that. God help me, he will these dairy so he's always used as far as far away as is you reaching out to grab and hold him so.

As always I do want to end our show today with with the short story and a Jeff, you might actually relate to this story says to Nikita, you'll probably never know how grateful I am that God prompted you to challenge me to take a step towards him and join you at your camp. Your courage gave me courage. Your example gave me confidence in your heart gave me trust. I'm grateful for my new relationship with God, and I rejoice stealing the fact that I no longer walk in fear.

I'm saved by grace now have a heart that is being filled with unconditional love. I'm truly amazed at what I thought I knew in the baggage I carried with those thoughts giving up what was in my head and opening up my heart to God. Sounds like what you did opening up my heart to God is change the way for me to begin my true quest. My walk in obedience my walk towards freedom forever. I love you brother John D.

Phillips. That story was from a man again. He can reach anyone right he can reach anyone. I mean this particular man friend of mine was. It was a multimillionaire and and just challenged him and just understand it's it's not all about money.

Money doesn't solve money could solve some difficulties but but it doesn't bias our eternal life right only if only our salvation are surrendering a heart in her life to Jesus can give us that if you're out there today. I mean something you heard a little bit of Jeff story today. You know how desperate he was just shared a story with you John and and really it's what he didn't know. So what he did know it's what he didn't know he thought he had everything right, he thought he had everything successful in the big house in the fancy cars and traveled around the world but yet he came to camp and realized he had really had nothing without Jesus. And so you're out there today your listening in and maybe you've never surrendered your life to Jesus or given them a chance and just call up to right now.

Call out to him. I just remember this life is not measured by duration. Life is measured by donation and this appointed time of birth. This appointed time of death and what you can do with that time in between what you do with your life.

What impact are you making you may not roll up frying pans, you may not put somebody in a headlock you know you may not fly in private jets around the world but yet God has you here for a reason God has you here for a purpose search that out. Find the calling on your own life and just know today.

We'll talk with real man is what were all about because it's time to man a gentle man. I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with Lex's redeye and pursuing the heart of ladies your listening will send your manhole better with God, godly husbands and godly deals.

Do you give them your blessing and am signed up today at band camp.old pastors you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community order can email me remember this. It's time to man up. This is the Truth Network

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