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God's Supernatural Healing

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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December 26, 2020 1:00 am

God's Supernatural Healing

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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December 26, 2020 1:00 am

Do you believe God still heals? Well... Pastor Chad Nelson has experienced it! Nikita talks with the Lead Pastor at Journey Church in Mount Clemens, MI, about how God miraculously healed him of multiple sclerosis (MS).

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I want to tell you as a listener, you're going to hear a story of the miraculous.

Do you believe God still heals. Have you ever heard of anyone healed of multiple sclerosis, MS state to his God still does the miraculous. I got it incredible interview lined up today with a dear friend of mine, Pastor Chad Nelson up in Mount Clemens, Mr. Gannon, our paths crossed just a few years ago on an event called quest and life for Chad would forever change because of something that happened there on the event in that it at night of worship and just a little quick background. Chad married to Jennifer's got three wonderful children and a senior 1/8 grader fourth-grader Queen Mary and read in and jabbed up lost planning to church up in in Mount Clemens call journey church and I've been blessed to fly up there and be a part of a part of that church for for weekend and will talk to chat yet. Welcome to the show to be here buddy was great to have you and United scan it teased our listeners there which is just a little bit on on the opening and you say we just have a conversation today and just to share with our listeners just how God still does miracles looking forward to it. Well I live a little more background there and perhaps you can elaborate on this. Some I know what you spent about five years out in Missouri to get your listeners just a quick backdrop.

I was introduced you and your family. But give us a little more back to you from Michigan. I know you're not Missouri but gives low back yeah so I was brought up on the west side of the state, which is Grand Rapids went to a Christian school there within my church control is a kinda interesting dynamic never felt like you could ever leave that building right with your church being in your school as well but had a calling on my life at about 10th grade, I knew I needed to be in ministry in what way I had no idea and got married at a very young age of 21 and somewhere along the lines about six years into her marriage. Friend came over my house and said Chad will answer this call ministry I you been putting it off if you don't answer this call tonight. I believe you never do it and it was a wake-up call.

I needed, and from there, decided to dive into ministry started off by just serving for 23 years in my church just learn how to be a servant.

From there, just died in first youth pastor position in Flint, Michigan, then from there went to new Baltimore and a great great church there and then started feeling the call to plant a church in the city called Mount Clemens, Michigan where there was just a lot of need a lot of homelessness, a lot of poverty in the end we just really felt like that's where God had called us.

But you know God had other plans for us and we walked to the doors and decided not at that time but we went down to Missouri, spent five wonderful years down there with just great, great people, and then decided that God had opened doors for us to finally accept that call to come to Mount Clemens to plant a church and we did that about three years ago so we've been three years into this church plant loving every bit of it. Appellation trials, but we know God is faithful, so we've been up here for three years and just seen God do some miraculous things. That's pretty amazing. Let let let let's back up just for minute for our list, just as you know, there may be some that no use that expression not you know call to ministry are calling on our lives and you made reference to you, Nevada in early I think is 1/10 grade that right after that you felt the call of God on your life. Is that right yes. So what what cell is. So when you say that is just just for that help our listeners out there. When you say that a call to get how did you know how did you know is God calling in a little more detail on yeah so I was editing, youth service and we had a pastor who is an evangelist you meaning going all out throughout the world and sharing the gospel and at that time he had a altar call asking for people that maybe felt that they wanted to give their lives to God outside of just living a relationship with him.

But maybe be willing to see what it would look like to say God use me your IM use me. Whatever way you you would like and if it's in full-time ministry if it's of ministry. While we continue to work in a secular field, whatever it may be and so I went down front and I was prayed for and I just I just could not get this feeling I could not get the feeling of God thing to me.

I I want you, will you have me, will you serve me for the rest of your life, and at that moment I was confused as though like be a follower of Christ rest of my life or will I go into ministry and as I was talking to that evangelist. He said II want you to hear this clearly.

It is God is asking you not be confused. He's asking you to serve him in ministry full-time and I had a complete peace about it. I went home talk my parents that night and my dad said you know Chad at a young age. Someone had prophesied that over you, and I've never wanted to tell you that I didn't want you to feel pressured into doing something because of someone had prophesied that a right and that night I knew, in whatever way I didn't know how but here I am God use me send me that's pretty good and and and and you know what I think about it, especially the term of the work calling you know my my view and I think you might agree with Ms. every every single individual. Technically you might say has a calling on their life. Absolutely we might define that as a purpose for being here. The God is a purpose for every single one of us and and I and the plan for our lives or we might say a calling and and to your point, you know, some are some are called into ministry like like you just explained. As you had felt confirmed confirmation from your dad and from others. This evangelist so there's a confirmation there and a peace in your heart that this is something that I'm supposed to do it and so others like to be listening out there. You may not be called into ministry maybe are called into the marketplace and is because we need strong sold-out believers following of Jesus you know are in car sales or an insured insurance sales. I had lunch yesterday with your friend of mine who's been an insurance salesman's for 17 years and that's his calling but but it's also his ministry so so right, so understand that you know you you may not be called to a pulpit. The preacher go to seminary and get a diploma or travel the world like I do as an evangelist in over or all the things that that Chad is doing planting a church but that said, your life has a purpose. There is meaning to your life and there's a plan that the God of the universe has 40 which is why you're here. And so, so Chad so so then you as as you already cottage shared with us he do some some volunteer work in the church he does in youth ministry work and then he went down and what sounds like to me that the even though you felt Mount Clemens was where you're supposed to be a sinister party or story because as I'm listening to it and this is great to for our listeners as I'm listening.

Your story like I felt certain we are called or supposed to go to my Clemens but there's a little five year detour in there, down, down to Missouri and in a sense, you might say.

Or maybe you could it in lightness to this training ground. I make the experience you got in Missouri may have just been set up for training for when you eventually planted the church, absolutely, absolutely. And I went when we were down there so many lessons learned and being able to learn how to just simply love help people extremely well love people where they're at and we were able to start a ministry for an organization. Crisis center and they just needed someone to come in and have Bible study with people that were transient and were living in this center.

Maybe because of the tornado that happened in Joplin down there and I don't remember about, eight, nine years ago. Great big tornado into their wiped out good portion of Joplin and so a lot of people would during that time of rebuilding or finding a new place with live in a place called the crisis center so we were able to make that move with within the crisis center and just serve people and have a ministry for people to know what way to turn and what that did is that it help me prepared me for when I did moved to Mount Clemens to have a heart for homeless people to have a heart for the less fortunate that I don't know that I would've had before time there. Yeah there you go, so sounds like guy was just preparing you along the way and so you go to Mount Clemens and and as you said is it somewhat of an impoverished area or II know you mentioned homelessness and in the less fortunate it what will so God put you right in the middle of that right in the heart of that right. Yes, the county seat up my premises, the county seat and so we have every the local County courts County jail everything and what we find is a lot of times when people are released from the county jail. This is the nearest place because there in Mount Clemens and so not everyone has a place to go back to. Not everyone has a family member that says they were going to take you back. You know whatever and so we have a lot of people that are still even dealing through addictions that once they leave jail, they go to the quickest place where they can feed that addiction that they had been craving for however long and so we find that a lot in Mount Clemens is just people that don't have another person don't have a group and then when they find a group of people that are going to the same situation they are kind of like I belong on, they may not be sleeping under a roof or anything else. But there was a group of people that are going to the St. Herz and Charles that they are and that can be comforting to them.

Sometimes Jan and I see firsthand the work you're doing up there, which is amazing. Chad you know you brought me up there a few times to to do some ministry, but which gave me, then the opportunity to meet some of the people that you're working with reach out to the community and and and see firsthand the impact and the difference that you are making there in Mount Clemens and so and I did.

I just command your heart is, you gotta heart bigger than Texas is is one expression goes, and so I know it still surprised me how God is just continuing to bless what you're doing there and our paths would cross just just a few years ago and it on an event called Quast and we would be introduced in it a little did I know, and I counted teed things up today by talking about the miraculous that God still does miracles in it and so want to transition to do some of that story have how you how we met on this event and but then what happened. You were there on as we're having a night of worship and little did I know that you had MS that you had multiple sclerosis and and I just know on the night of worship the Lord said to me go go pray for Chad and so I come over and lay hands on you and pray for you and the next thing you know your your bolting out the door and on like where's he going with you coming back what you would have done, and then they come over to start explaining me go not always got people with MS can't do that get run like that. But I'll never forget yeah like like when you get back if you like to my hands and fingers about you who turn the music up and I'm like, did nobody turn the music out ideas like the same boy that was when you left the bill and right because you are supposed to be fitted. The next week with hearing aids and that was already sadden you went on to explain to me about 17 lesions on your brain is to talk a little bit about really just give us a quick backdrop on I guess it at the 20 2013 that the symptoms were MS started up happening and then and then the miraculous happened in 2017 on our event yeah so 2013 I started having migraines which was something that my doctor said is not just normal to all of a sudden start having migraines and so he sent me to a neurologist into a battery of tests, the decided at the end. Once they were able to pull a fluid out of my spinal cord and and see that it was not clear and sent out a way that you do have multiple sclerosis and the different forms of multiple sclerosis versus us a slow form where you know you got people can run people can run marathons in their 50s and 60s that have had multiple sclerosis for 20, 30 years, you would never know what my form was more about quicker developing and release having a hard time coming up with clear thoughts which is hard when your pastor on a Sunday in delivering a message to say on those today going to be the day where I can't clearly communicate.

You know right and but every Sunday. God is faithful to give me the clearness that I needed to communicate, but that just even stumbling when I was walking they were talking about taking my drivers license away just because I had some blackout episodes but my hearing like you said I could open my hands fully anymore and it was hard for me to grip things and that it just became something that was a daily battle and to see the way I went downhill on a faster than normal way, which was was hard for my wife was hard for my kids. I'm obviously hard for me and yet we still had this about that time about a year or two later. God continue start working this idea of going to Mount Clemens and I'm like wow God I'm willing to do whatever you ask, what a hard thing to do because I can hardly communicate. I can hardly move around and planting a church is not the easiest thing you ever going to do right and I was not sure that that made sense to me but yet nonetheless God. Here he argues us and and yeah and would you even have the strength or would even have the right Denali. The cognitive thought. But even this physical strength and the endurance to to to be able to do that. I know because my pastor you 16 years ago planted that the refuge church and conquer Kannapolis and and so I know what the laborers that both the labor intense intensive that he went through to get that thing one off the ground and then for it to continue. So yeah so so you are so were together that night you come you come running back yeah and and you you also you have mobility in your hands and and yeah your ears up and pray for me, which yells little intimidating is itself for upon your head and say lay hands on you and I said sure and you know, as I had put my hands up. It's like God took a filter and ran it through my body. So the best way I can explain it, and started my head and I felt the goalie down the my toes and I think one of the first things I said to you is Nick someone turned up the music in your like no known turn up the music. I shall all sound so loud me, but I wasn't used to, you know, my ears basically popped and I wasn't didn't realize how bad your hearing was until you were set free of your sickness. You know plot and in the hearing loss and all of a sudden you go while I didn't realize about it was.

I'm looking at my hands and I moving element, and I'm fully stretching them out thing. I have not been able to do three years and it felt like the best way I can explain MS for me is someone took a bungee cord and wrapped it around me.

Mike body just fell hunched up and I felt like that that cord was instantly cut and I could stretch out. It felt so good and the first thing I said is I got a run because I've not been able to run or anything like that in years. So I took out that door and I ran all the way down a big hill always down to this big place, praise Bart ran all the way back up that hill you knowledge mile and 1/2, but it felt so good because something I had not been able to do in years while you and and this instant freedom yeah and I'm happy going towards leather like laws and the so we got we got just a few minutes left for our listeners but but I want to finish the story so will have to have you back another time but which may would do anyway.

You have so many sores, but soon so you go home and I remember correctly Lebron you go home and testify before your church and and and shared the testimony, but then then you find out you. You didn't you didn't need hearing aid so you found that out and then your doctor to test did another spinal tap and goes, I don't get too excited. You know it's clear than okay.


And if it's cloudy then you know it comes out clear and and and he's like, let's set it offer test so as a doctor would do write a good dog and still not convinced that you're healed were talking about the miraculous God's healing power in so that happens in long of a hold, you have the more scans of your brain and when I mentioned this that the allusions for those who don't know is like dead spots right chat on on your Brandon something happened that I always remember that so your ears are healed. The fluid is clear he sends report back in and he asked this question, how to something. Dad come back to life right is not what your doctor asked exactly when you take the brain scan, and again he said had not seen over 10,000 people in my lifetime, multiple sclerosis, don't ever been set free of we can help maintain it and then when you come back and you look at the brain scan and see that every single lesion is gone, and even the ones that were black.

Not all lesions can make your brain die before that I had that was actually dead. He says how does something that had become alive again and to see that neurologist on the faith journey of discovering who God is, has been amazing this will himself was his back really like Indiana Sen. what was his background note know he's always just that I've never he went to church a couple times as a guided with grandma and that was his faith took him at that point but and he said I always believe in science and everything else.

But now he's on this journey of discovering who God is because he can't make sense right of this healing can explain it right. It's unexplainable it's it's in the realm of the unreasonable right right and add and so eventually eventually as we gonna wind this this the story up eventually you get notified by him there, and folks ears, so if the miraculous in Chad's healing is not exciting enough for you.

Here's here's the the cherry on top. What ends up happening with this doctrine is for in this journey of faith. Yeah. So he has been attending a church attend small groups and has said listen, I don't know where I'm going on this journey although I know is that there is a creator that healed Chad because this does not just happen and so I want to know this creator commodities on the faith journey. Come on, come on, cell can't deny he can't deny that even if the doctor can't deny the miraculous. So yeah what yeah our time said just about up.

I mean it. It goes by always way too fast. But what an amazing story and and I can't thank you enough for coming and ensuring that some of your story with our listeners. We will have to have you back sometime I love to do it and outflows you out there you know you're listening listen. Maybe you're out there. You need healing. Maybe you need a touch from God and Chad story inspired you today may be lifted your level of faith.

The just just another notch. To understand God is still in the healing business is the same yesterday today and forever is just a matter of you know what you don't need to call off the lay hands on. Yeah, you just have to have faith to believe in and bow your heart.

Did you know bow your head and and and just receive receive your healing from him today. Just receive your healing from him today and so let that be an encouragement to you. I was like that with just a maybe a short story or something that that your sum is emailed me if you if you want to email something to me.

Go to and and you can shoot me an email and and in this particular story since crying tears of joy and thankfulness to have have just had wrestling legend cuticle off to a call with myself and my dad in his nursing home rehab center to chat it up with us about wrestling but more importantly give him encouragement and lead us in a word of prayer. My father Bill grew up watching the old NWA at the Norfolk sculpin, Virginia, and this call just shot his spirits to the sky. Tim Louise I think is how you pronounce that name. I hope I I didn't mispronounce it but hey, if you have a story if you like to email me a prayer request if you like to send me a letter of encouragement or how I've encouraged you are how this show encourages you coal you can go to that website and shoot me a direct email. I want to tell you what working to have more miraculous stories. Real man you just heard a real story from a real man. This is real talk. Why is it's time to man up.

The reason God put this on my heart was to challenge men and for you ladies out there because I know it's not just man you are listening to this show finding out. There are more and more more women who are tuning in as well. And if you're listening out there dial in each and every week because were going to bring some amazing stories not just stories of the miraculous.

In God's healing, but also athletes and entertainers who love Jesus pastors and ministers and evangelists in businessmen and women from a variety of backgrounds. So thank you today for joining us on it's time to man up, doubles men, I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days with less liver and I and pursuing the heart of ladies you're listening. Will send your men home with God godly husband and God do you give them your blessing them. Sign up today at band camp.full pastors. If you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community order coal and email. Remember this. It's time to man up. This is the Truth Network

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