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A Man of Faith in the Marketplace

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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December 12, 2020 1:00 am

A Man of Faith in the Marketplace

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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December 12, 2020 1:00 am

Nikita chats with Joey Osborne, Founder & President of Mosquito Authority, based in Hickory, NC, about his testimony, starting your own business, and how a man of faith can make the marketplace his ministry.

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Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner Nikita call it's time to go back to it's time to man up the devil's worst nightmare. He's not happy. I got up today. Have a question for you.

Have you ever had a desire to work for yourself or own your own business. Perhaps your content working for someone else and that's okay too. But my guest today has been an entrepreneur for 40+ years and has built from the ground up a successful $50 million business. Joey Osborne from the Hickory North Carolina areas here with me. His lovely wife Tonya that I have met over the years. Two lovely daughters. I have had welcome to the to the show today. Joey will thank you and I Nikita I appreciate that kente asked Siam about what you're doing with this with taking your ministry. I believe to another another level in this whole concept of manning up. I believe probably lies at the root of solving and fixing up many new problems were faced with. So congratulations to you with this new show I appreciated. I really do. And in yeah music for me the calling you know to come out of. I never would've guessed it a million in a minute, million years that would've left the world of professional wrestling and only 11 months later to find myself at all to surrender my life to the Lord and then hearing that there's all I have a call to ministry on on on your life and fast-forward all these years later from 1993 to present day and and to have been fortunate now to travel the globe and and and and God give me a vision for for one for these man up conferences that we do a one-day conference parlay that into a full five day Was that Lex Lugar and I co-facilitate called man can now you've invited me. I'm still try to get there. I hope I can make it to that one, Netflix. Well, here's what I tell guys all the time like I really like to do that. I never told my pastor this one time is that God really like to do one of those Windows cancel Michael J, here's the I look to them yesterday readily J here's the deal I go. I know you I know how busy you are and and tell you. Make it a priority. Just put it on your calendar like anything else you schedule and then not let anything get in the way of that jail never do what he goes yeah you're right so that's my cellist. Every guy make a priority put on your calendar and they don't let anything get in the way and maybe recruit somebody come along so that's my thing.

Maybe Mike cannot escape is to recruit help that we all have a partner.

Well, that's okay too, is actually the very first camp that I went to actually quit one of my best friends to fly out to Texas with me and and and to do that job appreciate that and I feel there is a real mandate there and in today's climate. In today's world. Really the call men don't like yourself, you're out in the marketplace but it's not necessarily a call to ministry. Although I view yourself even as an entrepreneur, a very successful man in the marketplace but that itself is a ministry really hasn't. Thank you.

Appreciate the the intro you being an entrepreneur as a set of there's upsides and downsides as upsides and downsides owning a business, but one of the things and I most appreciate about you most thankful for having been a lifelong entrepreneur and had some success. Is that what that enables me to do one of the other things that I can do. How can I start now to get back to to society and get back to the world and and this time were living in now. There's a lot to be fixed. What can I do with my voice and kind with my resources to effect some change in you that takes all sorts of forms and most important one right now for me is the fact that I do have two daughters. I have a 12-year-old and 17-year-old and they need all the encouragement all the manning up that I can muster to be the right role model brought father figure for them and steer them in the right direction because we all know how many negative influences. There are out there well and in will circle back around that will some some great points. You just made that list as backup for just a moment.

Chris you live in Hickory, North Carolina.

But you're not a native of Hickory well might as well be. So, just north of there in Caldwell County little or so, I kinda am and there's not that much difference between agreement or so. The Local Local Guy, Which Is That It Cannot, Moving in toward Towards the Mountainous Region at the Right Towards Towards Western Carolina's Which I Know You Have a Real Hard for the Western Western Karen Yeah I Know I Certainly Do. That's Really Where My My My Folks Are from My Grandparents Moved down from the Mountains of North Carolina Back in the 30s and 40s, When When the Business Climate in the Mountains Wasn't That Good. There Weren't That Many Job so They Came down but Yeah I Do Have an Affinity for You.

Love the Outdoors I Love the Mountain Settings but Just the People There to Some There's A Lot Of Lot of Goodness There in the Mountain Mountain Folks and and I Know You Know You Mentioned We Talk about Being an Entrepreneur in in in. I Am Convinced Some People Are Destined for That Either. Just Destined to Be an Entrepreneur Destined to Work for Themselves While While Others Are Really Honestly More Comfortable in the in the Role of of Working for Someone Her Said Alice As an Employee. Half Have You Have You Known from a Very Young Age That You Had That Entrepreneurial Spirit in You or How That Transcend I Think Anyone Who Claims to Be an Entrepreneur and Doesn't Say That That Was the Case or Put Their Posers They're Not There Not That Authentic. So Yeah It My Wife Would Tell You It's an Affliction and Not so Much an Attribute Because the Problem with Us on Twitter Is We Can't Leave Anything Alone. I Mean If You Leave Me in the Studio Long Enough. I'm Going to Say This Posters in the Wrong Places.

Chair Should Be Here Already Thought This Microphone Is Is Not Comfortable so but That's the Problem with Us for Nurse but Every Now and Then We Fix Something That Actually Works and If Were Smart Enough to Hand It off to Someone Who Can Manage It. Then Becomes a Good Thing. But Yeah, I've Been Yeah I Don't Know Six Years Old I Can Remember Back Selling Door-To-Door Christmas Cards and Flower Seeds in the Summer and Always.

Not That I'm a Good Salesman Actually Don't like Selling Too Much but When You Have That Entrepreneurial Drive You As Part of What You Want Do Well You're Better Salesman Than You Realize. This Gives You Your Married and Tonya Body.

So You Must've a Pretty and Probably Seven Still Try to Live up to Those Big Promises That I Made Never-Ending Thing, but after All These Years. She's Figured Me out and Tolerates That You Are Reminded. You Know You I'm Reminded of a Book I Read a Number of Years Ago by Guiney Robert Kawasaki Call Cash Flow Quadrant.

Have You Read It Now. I Have Not Heard of It Ever Okay and and Justin Is Just a Quick Snapshot of Condense That down.

He Talks about One of the Four Quadrants Was the E Quadrant and S a B in and I and in the E Quadrant Courses an Employee Employee Someone Were Someone Else. The S Quadrant Is Self-Employed. The Be His Business in the Eyes Is an Investment Quadrant and What It Talks about Is Is You Need People in All Four Quadrants of Course and and and It's like the Employee Who Realizes One Day Wakes up and Has an Aha Moment Says Hey Electrician Making $20 an Hour While My Boss Is Making 40 I Couldn't Go Watch My Own Business and Make the Full 40. What He Doesn't Realize Is the Downside of That Is You Can Go from Working 40 Hours a Week Working 80 Office Suite Yeah Similarly Yeah and Then Your Writing Your Own Check so Many Others That You Mentioned Earlier Some People Are Just Cut out for You Anyway and I'm Sure Is like Your Sake, Saying That People Are Cut out for Each of Those Quadrants and It's Urgent Know Where You Are in Your Yeah I Know What You Where You Where You Fit in That Any That May Be That You Start out As an Employee, but You Have That Inkling One Day of Wanting to Own Your Own Business and You Make the Leap from Employee to to Self-Employed You Remind Me of Something When You That Book When You Said to That and Leave You in Here Long Enough and You Get to Make Some Changes. That's One of Things to Eat Cookies. I Can Talk about Making the Leap from from Self-Employed to to the Business Quadrant Is That Person. That Person Sometimes Struggles with Allowing Others to Make Mistakes and in a Sense Is Almost like a Perfectionist and No One Settle Saying You Can Do It As Well As I Can Do It. But in Order to Make That Leap to That Be Quadrant You Have To Be Willing to Let People Make Mistakes and and and Yeah You Might Have To Clean up the Master to Hear It Here There along the Way Young Nonanswers That Are Yeah Absolutely Spot on. It's a Matter of Becoming Familiar with Yourself and Knowing What You're What I Call Unique Abilities Are You What Are My Unique Abilities.

What Are Your Unique Abilities and We Can Identify Those As a Team They Were Able to Start to Focus on Letting Me Letting You Do the Things That You're Best at. More Than Likely You Find the Energy Therein, and That Makes You Much More Efficient Frees Me up to Do the Things That Are in within My Unique Ability That I Find Energy so and I Think That's Definitely Definitely Important Thing.

But You Know so Many People Think That They Need to Be One of the in One Those Other Quadrants and They Really Don't You Know There's a There's a Role for Everybody out There so I Think It's It's It's but That's a Very Useful Tool Had Heard of the Quadrant Flow and in I Look at You and I Think about You.

You Know What You What You've Done out in the Business World and and Really from from an Employee to Answer Self-Employed to a Business Owner and Then the Investment Clot Is Kind of Interesting to Because It Someone and IV This Is What I How ICUs Is Okay so I Can Go from Self-Employed to Become a Business Owner Bring in Other Employees to Work for Me and and and Realize It's Okay If They Mess up and I Can Clean Things up There and Then the Make the Leap to the Next Is Is into the Event Is Okay.

I Don't Want to Just You Know Just Have a a Business, Someone I Went up to Be a Multiplier I and in Choice You Keep Your Business to Mosquito Authority and and You You Started out Just with Want. Once Yourself.

Yeah Yeah Yeah We Started out Now. It's Been 15 Years That Just Stays a Little Sideline Thing That Entrepreneurial Doctors Typically Do Looking for Something Else, a Plan B and That's a Now That's How the Business Started and Almost despite a Mere In Spite Of My Efforts.

It Kinda Kept Growing and Growing and It's What's Assaying a Blind Hog Stumbled on an Acre and or Whatever That Was, like School, Find an Acorn Every Know Exactly Whatever That Thing You Heard about Ways Guy That's Really I Mean I Have To Say That's What It Is Is I've Been Doing the Same Entrepreneurial Thing for 40 Years or so Prior to That and but Then One Day You Get the Thing That Clicks and You Realize While This Is People Want This and You're Going Continue to Want It so Yeah I Was As Great As Been a Great Ride.

You Talked about the Investment Piece of It after You Finally Get to That Point Where You Maslow I Think Describes Hierarchy of Needs Is What One the Most Accurate Things That Applies to Human Psychology Probably Ever Created, Where, until We Meet Certain Needs Were Not Really Capable of Doing the Next Thing. So One of the Things That Had the Good Fortune of Having Taken Care Of Myself Now in My Family. Now It's It's Investing in the Tech Can Take a Different Terms Are Now How Do I Invest in Others and How Do I Invest in Year the World Now, and If Nothing Else, Having Just the Free Time Rather Than Now Having to Work 60 or 80 Hours a Week like I Used To. I Can Spend Some Time with the Church. I Can Spend More Time Reading. I Can Spend More Time with with the Kids, so That's a Really Valuable Part of That Ascension, but We Talked about Earlier. I've Had Just Being the Best That You Can Be Every Single Day and I Was Thinking about Driving Him Here.

Your Studio Is How Close Am I to Being the Best I Can Be and I'm Nowhere Close. So the Good News about That Is, It Means That There Are A Lot Of Things I Can Do to Improve and I Think It's a Case with You and Everyone. So If We Could Just Incrementally Improve toward That Being the Best We Can Be Just One Little Thing Every Day, and Enough People Do That the Impact on the World Is Is Huge Can Be Huge, but We First Have To Be Okay with the Fundamentals, the Basics in Our Lives to Be Able to Even Think about That Sort of Thing Why I Think You Mean Your Your Your Successor in the Sense That Even As I'm Referring to These Different Quadrants How You Have in the Sense Kinda Graduate from One to the Next and the Next Election, and Even Take Mosquito Authority from from from Sole Ownership to 22 Franchises Now. I Mean All over the MS in Canada Right Now Renting 38 or 39 States Now about 400.

In Some Locations, so Okay and the Other Thing That Strikes Me, and in What You're Saying to You Is the and in Relation to the Things You've Learned As in the 40+ Years of Being an Entrepreneur. The Success You've Had Something That Really Translates Right Now or Resonates It Should Say with Me Is As You're Describing That the, the Improvements Day by Day Is yet. Let's Face It, I Think If It Were All Honest and in Every Listener Right Now Who's Listening and Dialing in for All Honest with Ourselves. There's Always Room for Improvement. There's Always Room for like Say for Myself Am a Lifetime Learner and and so I Don't Ever Want to Think That I've Ever Arrived to a Place Where I Where I Know What All You Were Right. But Here's What I'm Reminded of Joy Is Is I Call It the Slight Edge Principal. The Slight Edge Principal and and by That. What I Mean Is I Don't Have To Improve Hundred Percent Today. I Know It's Unattainable Right. I Don't Have but but If I Just Break It down the Silk a Bit of I Can Just Improve 1/10 of 1%, Not Even 1%, Just 1/10 of 1%, but That I Compound That As You're Referring to, Day by Day by Day Will Guess What, a Year Later I'd Made Vast Improvements over Trying to Just Transform Overnight in an Area of My Life Absolutely and You and You Spoke in Terms of Improvement so That Implies over Yourself so Many Times We Would Pick These Role Models a Week. We Are up on Some Pedestal and We Start to Judge Our Our Status in Our Place Based on Where They Are and That's Discouraging and We Just Really Never We Don't Make Nearly the Progress We Can Make Is That We Just If You Did, If We All Did Do Just What You Said and That's Look at That Incremental 1/10 of 1% Every Every Day yet Again Check Total Gain Change Slight Edge Just Just Just Set out to to Just Slightly Improving Some Area of Your Life Right Each and Every Day That Could Be in the Form of What You Food We Eat, You Know, If You're If You're Eating Three Bowls of Ice Cream Every Night Just Need to Go out Next If You If You Know That Your Term in Terms of This Man out Concept Was That We'd Love My Wife Loves It More Than Anything Because She Now Can Remind Me on the Key That Says This Is What You That You Talk but Not Think Those Are Those Are Great Things to Have Because It Didn't Then It Reminds Me Yeah I Need to Be This. Do I Need to to Level This up in My Relationship with with Tonya or I Need to Do This Is Being a Better Father with My Girls Was Well in That in That Is for Those Listening out There That Is One of the Goals of Part of the Vision God Gave Lex and I with These Camps and These Conferences, but Especially the Camp Is That's That's Were Men Who Really Want to Get Serious about This a Really Deep Dive Amine.

Let's Face a Five-Day Catalyst Is Not for the Faint of Heart and Not to Scare You Away.

That's to Welcome You in but Is Is to Send Men Home to Equipment and Send Them Home to Be to Be Better Husbands Better Fathers for the Ladies Listening out There Because I Know There's Some Ladies Dialing in One of These Guys Talk about on It's Time to Man up. It Is to Be Better Fathers Better Husbands Just Overawed in General Betterment of God, and in All Areas of Their Life, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually Know Me.

I Only Ask You See Your Man of Faith and and and What Sets Story Look like for Our Four Listeners Amine. It Was a Young Age That They God. Again, the Revelation I Need a Relationship with Jesus. What Would, Elegantly, I Thank You for Asking. For Me It Was 10 Years Old, Crystal-Clear. I Had Just Sat in the Pew Baptist Church All My Life Always Been Interesting, Very Thankful. My Parents, My Grandparents for Making That Happen. I Remember Specifically Struggling, Probably for a Year Just Feeling the Compulsion to Walk down That Aisle Because of Those Very Bashful Child and and Here's Another Thing to the Whole Concept of Baptism That You Have This Amazing Ability to Bring Things Out Of Me That I Have Never Told Anyone so I Was Terrified of Being Baptized Because I Cannot Hold My Breath. I Still Can't Settle Swim to This Day, so I Have A Lot in Common with out but Anyway out but Then One Sunday Someone Was Being Baptized and I Noticed That the Preacher up in the Baptismal Put a Handkerchief over There, Mouth and Nose and Thought That's a Ticket I Can Do It I Can Hold My Breath.

Just Seconds. But Anyway, I Fought It for a Long Time but Just Because of the Bashfulness in Here One Day I Could Control My Night. My Feet Turned My Legs Moved in for New House down the Front.

10 so and That Was Obviously Very Transformational Time for Me. Have I Been the Best Christian All of 40+50 Years. Now That Know That Had That Core Christianity Godly Role in My Life. Somewhere along the Lines Being in Church or Being with My Family of Always Compelled Me to Live the Best I Could in Terms of Being a Christian Will Let Me Guess Where Listeners Take a Sigh of Relief to Know That There Are No Perfect People. So We We Can Certainly Relate to Any and Once Again, Even in Our Spiritual Journeys There's Always Room for Improvement.

As You Know Were All Flawed and All Have Our Faults and Shortcomings and All That so Appreciate You Sharing That That Part of Your Story, so Let Me Ask You This Is a Man of Faith Out Of the Marketplace, Means One Thing to Look Spiritual and at All That Church Every Sunday Morning I Would Get All up in the Sense Put on the Fašade but I'm Reminded of a Story My Dad Told Me a Number of Years Ago about His Brother My Uncle Who I Never Met Who Saw That the Elders and the Deacons How They Carried Himself in Church on Sunday and He Worked at a Golf Course. Through High School and They Saw a Different Person out on the Golf Course during the Week When They Saw What They Represented Themselves As on Sunday. So in Relation to Business and out in the Marketplace Is a Man of Faith.

Certain I'm Sure There's Been Some Times Where You've Maybe Been in a Position of Compromise and a Good Guide Pad. These Numbers Support to Look Better for the Shareholders, or Water. What I Do, That It Is, Is There a Story That Our Listeners Can Relate to and on How You Overcame That Temptation to Compromise and Held True to Your Faith yet Happy Say Yes Turn Think of One That the Statute of Limitations Has Run Out Of There Are There Are What They Are Definitely Planning and Rather Than a Specific One. What Comes to Mind Is Just the Day-To-Day Process of Realizing I've Learned This from Experience, I Think, Is That Things Tend to Come Back around so If I Misrepresent Something You Last Week or a Year Ago Some Point in Time It's Going to Come Back around in the Process Right Now Selling Part of My Company and the Auditors and Everyone Who Comes in. In a Case like This Are Forensic Experts and Finding Things and Just the Best Feeling about This Whole Thing Is Because I Know That I'm Done Anything Intentionally Wrong in Our Business for the past Every Five Years Have Deeper Going Back Actually Encourage Them to Find Things Because of Things That I Want to Correct but I Think If Nothing Else, This Experience of of Knowing Things Come Back around and I like to Be Able to Sleep at Night like to Be Able When I Lay My on the Pillow Rather Than Worry about What Did I Do Today That Might Catch up with Me Tomorrow. My Nighttime Routine Now Is I Just Go through This Series of Gratitude Things, I Just It's It's Almost like a Recitation Where to Start Talking and Thinking out Loud about All the Things That I'm Grateful for. And If You Can't Hold Conflicting Things Right so If I Am from Holding Worries in and Things like That from Things That I've Done and It's Hard to Be Grateful. And I Know That's a Better Place to Be but but Now It's All about Being Thinking in Terms of of Being As Godly As We Can Be. I Love What Was the Saying the Thinking That Years Ago. What Would Jesus Do WWJ DI Had Right at the T-Shirt Right so There's Really Nothing More and More a Better Guideline a Better Compass Than Than That Try to Apply That so Knowledgeable, What Would the Biblical Principle Comes to My Joy As You Talk. It Is the Principle of of Sowing and Reaping Sure Right That You Are. You See How You Said It Was Going to Come Back around How I Think of It Is Whatever I so Eventually I Will Read and As One of My Mentors General News to Say Noticed You Don't Just Reap You Reap More Than You so That Because You You Plant One Appleseed You Not Just to Get One Apple See the Return Check I Got a Pear Tree in My Front Yard with Hundreds of Pairs on That One Tree.

My Daughter, Who Recently Was over, and Planted It She Was Doing for Her Social Media. She Said This Was a Stick When I Planted It and That Now It's Producing Multiple Fruit Right the Whole Intent Was for That Very Reason. Actually, Years Ago for Years Later Now for Her to See an Illustration of Our Our Lives Are Our to Bear Fruit, Bear Good Fruit. Yes, and I Want to Ask You This before before We Go in and Back to so Appreciate You Coming in and into Share with Us Today so You Know You Built This This This Is Mosquito Authority As You Mention, Use, Get Ready to to Sell off At Least a Part of the Company, but so That Put You in a Time of Transition. You Talked Earlier about Being Able to Give Back so Is There Something You Envision Your Course You Can to Be Able to to Do Now with with More Time Back. Yeah, Thank You for Asking. So I Really Want to.

I Think Maybe like Everyone Else I Want to Be a Mentor. I Definitely Want to Help Other People.

So Working on a Book, a Map Some Time Now to Fifth Finish up a Book and Is Going to Be Designed in and Targeting Young Entrepreneurs, Primarily Who I Hopefully Can Help to Avoid Going down Some the Wrong Avenues Wrong Paths That I Went down so Looking Forward to Doing That Well in It. I Commend You on That to Take in All of Your Years of Experience in Your Years of Success. And Certainly, That's a Critical Need in Our Area Again Is a Man of God like Yourself and Having That Foundation. Couple That with the Success You've Had out in the Marketplace. In Business, and I Think Just Those Two Components in Raising up Young Young Man I like to Say One Day I May Have a Man Camphor for Young Men 13 to 17-year-olds so That They May Not Have To Come to the Man Later in Life Because We Help Them Avoid Some of the Pitfalls Earlier Libraries Have Essentially so That's What That's What You Envision for Yourself As Able to Get Back That Way in and in Help Some of These Younger Entrepreneurs Avoid Some of Some of the Pitfalls and Mistakes It That You Learn from over the Years Absolutely Okay Well That's That's Pretty Amazing. Any Word of Encouragement for the Entrepreneur out There or for the Person Who Would like to Step out from the E Quadrant to the SL Absolutely Know This, That There's Never Been a Better Time Than Today to to Either Start a Business Be in Business in Any Sort of Platform Kind of Thing Because It's Just That There's so Much Now with the Internet That Makes Things That He's Way Easier Than It Was 20, 30 Years Ago Never Been a Better Time to Do It.

Money Available for Financing of Such Projects.

Else and There's Never Been a Better Time.

So Encourage People to Live in Austin and They Could Always Become a Franchisee of Mosquito Authority As Well Will Appreciate You in the Studio Today. Joey, As Always, I like to End with the Story and This Comes from Kenneth Dyke Offer Twitter and Again You Guys Reach out to Me a Social Media through Twitter through Instagram through Facebook. The Cuticle off of the Number One behind It and It Just Says That She Says Nikita You Are One of the Reasons I Wanted to Be a Wrestler but You Know Me Times over the Story.

My Dad Would Take Me to Wrestling at the Civic Center in Roanoke, Virginia. Every Time Y'all You Know the Schedule in the South Y'all Came. I Had the Pleasure of Meeting I Would Call off in 1989 He Was.

He Was One of the Nicest Guys to Me. Thank You for Helping Make My Childhood Fun. Hey, Send Me Your Story Now. Maybe I'll Get It up on Air. I Just Appreciate You Dialing in Today. Just Whatever That Just As You Heard Joey Story of Entrepreneurship.

Hey, What's Your Story, You Should Have a Story If You Don't Have a Story to Run Your Life to Jesus, and He'll Open It up for You Because It's Time to Men. I Would like to Challenge Each of You to Consider Spending Five Days with Lex Luther and I and Pursuing the Heart of Ladies You're Listening.

Will Send Your Manhole with God, Godly Husbands and God Give Them Your Blessing Them. Sign up Today at Band Camp.Full Pastors You Would like to Bring Holland for Christ Ministries and Man up Conference to Your Community. Go to and Email. Remember This.

It's Time to Man up

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