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Pray Together, Stay Together

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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November 7, 2020 1:00 am

Pray Together, Stay Together

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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November 7, 2020 1:00 am

Nikita talks with Brian & Jamie Johnson of Crescent Automotive in Aiken, SC about entrepreneurship, faith over fear, and what it means to be a real man, particularly within a family.

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Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ. Once the Russian nightmare.

Now the devil's worst nightmare in your tagteam partner cheetah call time backed it's time to man up.

Real talk with real men the cuticle off the bowls worst nightmare to say we have a very special treat as entrepreneur Brian Johnson joins me along with his lovely wife Jamie, a female voice on it's time to man up today. She gives us a woman's perspective on a real man. Just a quick background on Brian born and raised down and in Aiken South Carolina that now they live on 110 acre farm in Johnston South Carolina and boy him and Jamie.

I had the privilege of meeting them just to just a while ago just fell in love with this couple and their family or children together. They own a business down and in Aiken Co., Crescent automotive, an independent auto dealership down there in Aiken they been there for almost 25 years and in the families involved their daughter Chelsea like to say she's our top salesperson and it so just great. O'Brien Jamie great to have you on the show with me today that you were great to be here. Well, thank you so much of this a special treat for me and you know I just love it will have a variety of different guests on the show and in this particular case the people out there in that what I call the marketplace of the with the business world and in a special to me as well because you are big time supporters of its time to man up and and one of our sponsors.

One of our advertisers and so those you listening out there just note to self.

If you don't have to be in Aiken, South Carolina. You can you can buy a car from these guys anywhere in that right Brian.

Absolutely. We landed right we literally cold colors all over the United States. The coronavirus came out it really opened up our market route and Callicott is off guard and quite a blessing and we at so-called Oklahoma and Virginia Florida West Virginia New York Indiana we did all of the United States transaction and very blessed with this. Absolutely amazing. I am just out just sitting here thinking okay guys get to see that this dealership and in Aiken South Carolina for 25 years and course. Obviously, I notice from us talking you Lord is really prospered that business for you guys and then your cut in the sense of you wants almost forced into taking advantage of technology in the next thing you know your shipping cars. Although all of these over the United States and how they find you. What Brownlee do this worldwide Internet web on the phone than everybody Google search.

It is no way of telling how we came to be about. He would see something to drop by your lot look at it a test drive it you get to know you tell McCartt go from there.

And now a lot of these transaction in a couple of phone to Gordon Texas. We never even met the people know they wired the money and then I'll take it when you're able to do that you have to represent things right. You have a good name that a good reputation.

You have to have good reviews and we worked real hard is a family business to do that. We been really blessed with some great customers that have provided us with hundreds of good reviews on our website and it worked real well if you think there's something I don't like about it because you don't necessarily get on the next carpeted hallway light retention and repeat business and whatnot but it has been a blessing to get us through this tough last six months using their faith overseer here in our business and you and I discussed number of time were excited about what the future holds. With that technology.

That's right well and I know for me as a car owner that yeah I any Coptic to date. Anyway, any car I've ever purchased.

I can call you take it out as you said taken out for test drive and and see if I like the way it handled and in the feel of it how I felt sitting in edited and all those sorts of things and then like you said I would imagine build a relationship with some of those folks in the repeat business of over 25 years… You still have customers like from 25 years ago. Like other like kids are some of the grandkids, now how about that word we do we we have third-generation bit.

I bought call from right before we can interview deliver the card from a local farmer. Bonnie called the father about a call from years ago.

Again we see that all the way down three generation it does it helps us repeat business is fantastic. You know, because you've already established relationship is already there. We are pleased to be able to provide that tax service anybody that deals with that's pretty amazing and I know from talking with with both you and your lovely bride.

There, I know you say Chelsea to top salesperson, but I got I got a feeling that mom on a limb here that that Jamie is the one that is the glue that holds all this together.

Is that right Jamie would just is that accurate statement well at counting person on the bean counter that my job well. The bean counters pretty important. Is it obviously got make sure there's there's money in the account right in and money coming in the money going out in the support know those numbers correct well that like I said, it sounds like you the glue that holds the sole company together. No offense Brian, don't let her fool you.

Keep the faith of the bid we did a billboard campaign year or so ago, but a picture on the Billboard theme and everybody dropped Crescent you should website dropped we put her face on a billboard and we literally pick up phone call every day are connected to the pretty lady on the bill they go local radio interviews with some folks here in our market. In Aiken Agusta Georgia area market and now she's got quite the only radio in the faith that's complete to be her partner behind the Oliver lead and it didn't. And I can't thank you both an offer again for being one of the, you know, one of the founding supporters is sponsors and advertisers for it's time to man up and and for listeners it may not be often that we get blessed with a female voice but we got a female voice online with us today so awesome that's awesome what we we met a while back and you know I had just an amazing time in the course down on your I mentioned your hundred and 10 acre farm in just a bit.

I mean absolute beautiful piece of property. Me driving and I can recall I stopped in to pictures of Buffalo their grazing by the by the fence and course you had a wonderful time. Brian sit and talk with you by the lake and and then are our our time there and in the barn and that got really kinder, though the ball rolling on this so that you you know my introduction to you. You reached out to me and wanted me to come in and speak to some of the family and sent some of the employees and because I just felt a real connection you guys. Love your heart and and I think our listeners out there already. Just listening to both of you share some of your story that know they can sense it is just that the genuineness of who you are, the heart that you have and you wanted to not just take care of your customers, but also know amazing family that you guys have backup just for a moment. I mean, I know you got the car business 25 years ago. Talk just briefly but maybe Jamie thought… Are you guys met.

How did you guys meet.

We actually one, got I have a small business now became to work with me and was in the office and and I actually did not write it off of me. I will ask you not to do the new girl, kind of went from there the relationship grew in today. Ginter know each other, rolling you know it's a special woman.

She's a woman of God's anointing her life and she's got a wonderful heart and wonderful prayer life and you know Nikita you and let you don't remember this but it was about two years ago you came in you spoke at a small church no little wrestling event you weren't wrestling anymore. You just retired, but your heart was for Jesus and a small church asked me to come help in sponsoring this thing. We had a business next door to what we did got to meet you big wrestling fan in the 80s that share that with you on Monday nights were spent over at Bella touring the Wikimedia beetle people in the Township and, watching young on TV late on Saturday night mid Atlantic wrestling and felt so I knew you weren't out wrestling fan, but no come back to your heart. What really made a switchback out you again. You share a powerful testimony that day and are our our walk with Christ grew you not to call me as an individual, like you, I believe the man should be the spiritual leader of the whole region file speak about that and I just raising our children bring them up in the church and and and did business begin to grow things change the world. A man just become so important in the home. Now I follow it interesting. I share this with you. Not only met a few months ago but all the divorce rate. Marriage is over 50% in second marriage is over 60% and failed at the that the divorce rate 138 out when this occurred and he just blew me away was a little boy scraping 138 out family with a man open read out loud daily for his wife and now I just really stuck in the Nikita you know when somebody can share that county and fight with you at the relationship between a man and a woman can make the odds turn in your favor for you know world, the odds are always in. Well that's that's for sure. And and you remind me of the saying and then certainly probably it always bears being a family that prays together stays together in question mentioned early on that you had a a praying wife and and soft and always challenging people, and in fact I do these conferences. The Saturday conference call man up and on one of my challenges Brian for the man is in each session I give them a call to action at the end of each session and one particular session that the call is over Megan to three choices okay do this do this do that whatever one of them is tipped to pray not just for your family and your wife. But to pray with your family and your wife and and is awkward as that might be at first because there is a real enemy wants to make it real, real, awkward, usually in kind of weird but all that said, you press through that. That's a great statistic, one in 38,000 that are divorced when when husband-wife parade together out loud that's that's ready yeah daily daily #'s and I think a good one. I was short and one weekend and and I heard that sermon. He shared that and it is just up with me over the years I shared with my children to about four married and you just it just so important to not be afraid to have an intimate relationship with Christ and share that intimacy with the one that your most intimate with you. Why, that's awesome Jamie, let me ask you so talk about husband-wife friend together prematurely. Now you're a praying woman I was going to tease you that you're the glue that holds his family together with the business together. Okay, so eat the use the spiritual leader the hall near the glue that holds the business together. But let let me ask you Jamie so so you hear these two men taught real real talk with real man and were talking about your men leading their families as servant leaders praying with their wife and children hot. How do you feel about that. How do you feel about having a praying husband will pray not just for you but also pray with you and pray with you daily allowed how do you feel about that.

You never whined literally that fork in the world a whole different worried tell you been praying for anything powerful for me Each and my daughter how well can popular right now work like that can work together and know how to learn how to lead continue to keep your family back in the crown and not without reason why our target applecart Mary (remember that usually outweigh prehearing.

Each were given free will and we on the World map world on the leader and I am only assuring that's that's it's powerful if not, I for our listeners out there. I know you know the shows: it's time to man up and I know we get a lot of men who dial in listening to this this show and and and and I imagine some some ladies as well and so perhaps there's some ladies out there that day. What would Jamie Sharon is just really resonating with you, and right now you don't have a praying husband and and but you can be encouraging Jamie what would you say to that that woman out there that doesn't have a praying husband hop what would you say to encourage her half. How could she not necessarily you know beat him over the head with a this is what I want, but what would you suggest to that woman listing out there that would love to have a praying husband but doesn't pray for, pray for the quarter. Important and everything that the work on my near and down payment happy happy happy counsel and the people that didn't happen carefully on one of the main thing that I'm at top of the right track in our early outlet knowledgeable on elder usually out and read tenpenny family have written and foundation. Ali came back demanding spiritual leader. Certainly, if you surround yourself with what was married… It's a couple is been married 30 3540 years of me that certainly is a track record. There can certainly speak into those who are a brand-new married or recently married are newlyweds writing and sauce pretty good advice. Jamie, I thank you for that very very good with some very good insight. That's kind. Proverbs 31 inside of them thinking right there, one part one more question we got we got a few minutes. Left ear want one more question for you Jamie so so you come into this job into this office in an meet Brian in an began to toot today than what was that moment that you're like yeah okay I can. I could spend the rest my life with this guy and Mary need me to my car now here to be around and warmhearted person and can with a very loving person didn't end well at work, family, let me call out allowing your family and that he and Herrick confident that confident and I don't think I'm anyone at programming looker Michael R Danner every day like Back Bay track person in the heart of the person I really, corny that got me. No, not at all. In fact, it just remind me of a story in the Bible really think you think your first Samuel, I think 16 chapter some about Samuel is been he's been given the task to anoint the next king of Israel and one of the sons instead of performers like Shirley Shirley, this is the negative guys I got a paraphrase neighbors like none don't look at his outward appearance and what you are what you see what you know I'm in for those listing out there right we have attendance even as your hearing Jamie sure to look at man's outward appearance or an another's outward appearance, but man did she nail it on the head that just like God looks at the heart that's true in relationships. That's what we gotta get you out.

We got to get the understanding the heart of a person, not his goal based off off the looks of a person do they make you look like a boat like the is like you used to be called the total package, but the absolutely heartless or or or or or not have a deal. Something's missing inside right so that is awesome all at our last couple minutes here, Brian. Let me ask you, so I had a first ever experience when I was down in your farm.

There a while a while back and it had on their mother hang out with some your employees and your family had a wonderful dinner together a course I love to work out a joking I was going to tease and Jamie because he or she had all these plans laid out and then course you know things don't always work out the way you and intend for them to work out really good thunderstorm rolled in and kinda we headed we had to be flexible and change the like to say a missionary Tommy 1995 Blessed are the flexible for they shall not break, and we had we had to be flexible and in itself, but I'm in the midst of this, this presentation and and we were disrupted without we had an uninvited audience ride take take a minute we we are much time left her to come and talk about that with what happened will you know we had figured it out all you probably would've held over that United States heavyweight belt as long as you did all you is geared to death of Scott, and I believe we had for show up not making well. I lost count actually but you know we have found the kryptonite for you there for no power to get money for Scott came out of the barn so we were having dinner in a friend that wonderful presentation by you Nikita but yet that not one for stories for a long time. Scott that's right if nobody got that's right. So for the record, just for the record, as I was scared to death that I take it that far bride. It was more like I want to be's grade that was the deal so that he will go a lot that night you would allow. I love it will listen.

Gerard Gillis is out there. What one more time your your website. How can they find you guys, Rob We have a good selection of vehicles there testimonies about a bit about who we are.

I we got started. What nodded again, I would thank you Nikita for the opportunity to be a part of this ministry. We are so excited about what you doing with the man up.

The man can you know my bike to the lady to his house in the bright day man up man can't whatever it takes to go. Yeah, absolutely.

Thanks again for letting us be upon you do so, dear heart. We love you to death. We look forward to you so encouraging to me.

I love hearing from you and I look forward to just seeing you take this to absolutely not appreciated. Brian, thank you Jamie thank you and and that's right ladies to them. If you listen out there again. Don't beat your husband over the head but just just encourage them.

Hey, go check out and encourage them to consider if you give them your blessing is a much better chance they will actually come to the camp or come to the conferences that that I host. I was like that on a story let me just share this Nikita.

I don't know if I can keep this to one or two sentences about what man Is done for me here about that would do this since I've returned home to my family they can tell a difference in me.

I learned a man camp to listen more carefully to what God is telling me to do in my life I made incredible friendship sink and with great people. I learn life lessons I can use to teach and lead my own family. I learned how to worship the Lord how to pray more clearly. I feel more free than I've felt in years like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can finally believe man camp was an experience I will never forget and will tell everyone about. I think every man you abruptly just said you would think every man young and old can benefit from what you and Lex Luger teaching men about God and life. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

God bless you both you and Lex in ministry demand Shannon edge books. That's were wrapped today. Brian and Jimmy Johnson Aiken, South Carolina. Listen, if it is time to man up and just remember this. It's not about the duration of time how much how much time you get to live. It's about your donation and you just heard from a couple that is donating back to God and God's blessing until next time. It's time men I would like to challenge each of you to consider spending five days left to live or die, and pursuing the heart of ladies listening will send your manhole with God godly husband's involvement. You give them your blessing them. Sign up today at band camp.full pastors. If you would like to bring Holland for Christ ministries and man up conference to your community protocol and email. Remember this. It's time to man up. This is the Truth Network

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