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Man Up with Nikiat Koholoff

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff
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September 16, 2020 10:22 am

Man Up with Nikiat Koholoff

It's Time to Man Up! / Nikita Koloff

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September 16, 2020 10:22 am

Strap on your seat belts and get ready to drink from a fire-hose as Nikita takes you on Journey to taste what God has for the listeners of MAN UP!

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Once a world champion wrestler, now a champion for Christ.

Once the washing nightmare know the devil's worst night in your tagteam partner not keyed a call time you all the devil's worst nightmare to cuticle off. I want to welcome you to our brand-new show what you're going to hear each and every week are stories that will help to spread the gospel and build God's kingdom.

Real stories with real men who realize it is time to man up today you'll hear excerpts from some of our upcoming shows, starting with my own personal testimony.

As I was sharing it with the million dollar man. Ted DiBiase makes little something that you seem to be missing for many years and the rest will perception but almost all people like what was I talking about the reality through most Soviet Union just got from Minneapolis real quick story that I know you relate to the 1993. Everything will be doing something was missing three real world. Recently I had Jeff Terrell, founder of faith force ministry in the studio with me. He made a trip to Russia now as many of you know are some of you don't. I'm known as the Russian nightmare. Having never been to Russia myself.

However, Jeff did make a trip to Russia and and even though I'm the Russian nightmare. Here's the reality for some it is a real nightmare over in Russia and I asked Jeff I said hey is there like a wow moment like while God you showed up and did this and here's what Jeff had to say and say we were sharing and on the back of the room and I can see this going to vary back and see the saddest look on her face.

The C member thinking I'm going to talka gig.

Get your translator get good actors. I grant when the translators we will back there after the program is over and I said this myself and share this yourself. Natasha asked him to touch you look so sad was once was wrong. She said I have nothing to be happy about.

She had, she was an orphan. While she had been sucked up into sex slave trade chip when your little boy with her she was pregnant at the time while she managed to escape from her captors, she managed to get out scape getaway get to this ministry center. Inside we just we just talk to her. Mr. Turin said Lord what what will I do now need to help you assess or pray for us and Lord Lisa Tosh is clear some talking right now Nikita. He said to me, that's why sent you here Jackson Riker WWE superstar with the tagteam forgotten sons you'll find him on Friday night on smack down talks about his start in wrestling. Here's what he had to say now give us little tobaccos even wrestling for how long it's 2020 was actually August 28 will be 20 years I had my first match in 2000. Yes, right independent show and Lenore North Carolina the armory and Lenore North Carolina etc. torn down now but there's probably 400 people there. The guy who trained me took me under his wings and whip you have your first match and this was like two months after training look at is doing yeah and I got a call and quicker something I thought only quick. I watched as a kid since I was five is what I wanted to do and not chase my dreams and had my dad said you got a graduate high school. First, you can do it before then. But which graduate school year free game and never want to go to college. Never in the military but once 9/11 happened. I did you know it's okay honey to serve my country and give back while so but yeah I been missing almost 20 years. 38 now it's it's been a blessing for me is been a great platform as well.

It's amazing to be progressively yourself one day and it ended and the dream was fulfilled in an 20 years yeah and I would trade for anything man like me and it's given me a chance to see the world just experiencing no crazy characters. I got a chance to work with the Hulk Hogan and Ric flair, and staying in like all these guys I grew up watching and I got a chance to rest listing in 2012 so here I am standing in the rain I remember my dad just would love sting love standing and ringing in his music. It's like this look around like this is real like almost all the serve and he was so awesome and so giving and no man of God, a course like we talked about this stuff.

Dr. wrestling everything but there's just Been a blessing.

Just a great career yet so unity taught about Sting being a man of God. Some people may not know the story, but not course I left wrestling tail in the 1992 beginning 1993, 11 months later found myself in an altar surrender my life to Jesus. I did see any of the guys fast-forward to 1995, December 1995 wrestling in the Charlotte Coliseum. I heard they're going to be in town I grew up my hair and I had a mullet do the same. I must get my food makes you often. I just went out, have some fun ethic and want to recognize me. Most of his Lex Luger you like to use your eyes bro you can't catch Angel's eyes right like cornered staying about 1/2 hour. Let this be to listeners out there. Let this be a note to you I ported for a half-hour, just like I'll say this.

What threw up on Jesus right like out of the corner and I got to go get ready for a bad thing go right on like this, but little did I know you know I feel like I planted some seeds consent. Fast-forward to August 1998 that I heard that he had surrendered his life gives life to Jesus Frank Shelton Frank Shelton global ministries, a man that is making a real difference for God's kingdom had him recently on the show. He talks about his experience up on Capitol Hill. I was born Capitol Hill weekend February 1972 and we are five generation BC washing a lot of people come to Washington to work or vacation or toward, but I joke I was born to work care of my mom electrically when in labor with in the US capital.

She was employed with the US capital historical and my dad was like the US, Quickly working at my favorite building of the world outside US capital and Arkestra) had put me right there and then I was going to go on the politics prints or protect the president not in that order. I think it. The Bible says one of God's glory.

Really, I haven't been on the back.

You know some people are mechanic Lawyer I was going to go into politics and for 18 years I worked I worked for the U.S. Congress I worked for the U.S. Senate. I was a fundraiser for Bush. If the public committee. I was an aide to the governor of Maryland and then I volunteered and that long and generation BC, and you keep it up for you has protected the last 26 of 28 United States president to go only back Abraham Lincoln while it was my ancestor Joseph Goebbels thinking that escorted Lincoln report equals two.

And when John Wilkes Booth article person on the planet. The back of her head. Shelton was one of the first and was one of four men with actuaries he's recorded in two different newspapers that may come readily at hand.

Abraham Lincoln across the street leading and then help gingerly lay him down across the street to Peterson where he died about five hours late. My dad was the assistant chief of the US about 3000 police officers in Washington My damper card number to see and down so I was chilling and I was going to be six generation BC police going all the way back to the 1860s and I have to interview with the Secret Service of the Special Agent in charge check.

Thank you thank want be, especially, even college, I had the cleanly split in the line of fire Secret Service poster. My dorm room. I mean, you know a lot of people trying to make a living goal was to take a bullet recently I interviewed one of my best friends on the entire planet well next to Jesus. Of course wrestling luncheon superstar lacks Luger. We talk about his amazing 15 year career in wrestling, but even more amazing. His story of redemption.

And here's an excerpt from that conversation I would step away from wrestling at the tail end of of 1992 and officially in my mind retire from wrestling in in the beginning part of 1993. Note no fanfare of sorts. It was just a decision I made. Walking away under my own terms.

Some have coined to me that the Barry Sanders of of pro wrestling.

The football fan made me appreciate or understand that but that decision separated you and I from from essentially thinking 1993 I think I saw you get in the Charlotte Coliseum in 1995.

But then I would see you again this near as I can recall until June 2006 back in Phoenix, Arizona.

But not this this time not not not to hit you upside the head with a belt, but we were at a conference hosted by Larry and Wendy Cara Chuck called aim international athletes international ministries and you and I would be come back together meet once again, basically about 11 years later, at this Christian athletes conference because something happened in your life. In April 2006. You want to take a couple minutes and just share for our listeners. So what happened now you can make an a road map elevation career will make money at a very what people look at a very full life, I felt like I was helping but I did not have a grip on church never had any kind of relationship are really knowledge or religious people and I in the course of worldly standard have everything. I am pursuing what you call. Everything I can capture with a lot of I'm sure a lot of people are all wrong successful, sometimes famous people, alcohol I went down the path of the structure was really a life-and-death stroke 0106 jail on felony drug charges taken to complete downward spiral. No, I welcome a lot of people really gone down really. At that point point of cell 32 chimeric or spiritual dad. Dr. Brady. I heard that the end of the sermon amount which was 724 2027.

Like the sand on the rock. Basically, Jesus being the raw great quote by Edward Moats on Christ the solid rock I stand all else is sinking sand. I really like Dr. Brady speak on thinking and that's why I don't recall was a Baptist church, and I ran out the back door. My heart was pounding.

I do know what happened that the Holy Spirit got a hold of me.

I ran out the door and escape the Holy Spirit back to the hotel at time and a week later the same hotel room overdosed back in high risk lifestyle living came over me. The conflict wrong with me, came over, share the gospel to me that same hotel room parking on Jesus became a major that happiness was gone, man up, is about real talk with real bad but today I have a special treat as Brian Johnson's wife Jamie joins us on the show and were talking about husbands praying with their wives and here's what Jamie had to say. Jamie let me ask you talking about husband-wife praying together material. Now you're a praying woman I was going to tease you that you're the glue that holds his family together with the business together. Okay, so he's the spiritual leader the hall near the glue that holds the business together. But let me ask you Jamie so so you hear these two men taught real real talk with real man and were talking about you men leading their families as servant leaders praying with their wife and children. How do you feel about that. How do you feel about having a praying husband will pray not just for you but also pray with you and pray with you daily out loud how you feel about that wind literally walking the world, but I worry pray for Matt powerful for me to teach my daughter how well fed popular right now work on and learn how to lead and teach your family and my family got the reason why our capital member usually out late. He read were given free will and 20 Lee assuring so do you believe in divine appointments will coming up more school we talked about his divine appointment with Franklin Graham, which ultimately will lead to him becoming a personal aid in assistant to Rev. Billy Graham and his wife Ruth for 40+ years. So did you meet Franklin at some point there will how did that well. I slowly blown campus a lot. It was a smaller campus we had chapel every day so I solid probably going and I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be the child of such an international superstar, Waldo around the world and so I also said that he knew what it was like to be the child of a celebrity and and that he had to have some caution in just who the lab.

He had to be a fragment that sort of thing. So I really just started trust of the Lord that if it was God's will, we would meet and that I wasn't going to do anything to make it happen and I think through whatever our prayers are about things of aspects of our life. After the beta profit one, when we really describe it.

We want it to another level.

And they were going to pray that it is God's will is going to work out and then let the Lord align your past, so to speak, to make whatever your life is supposed to be his will for you and so wall at some point probably realized it wasn't happening. That was okay and I saw a we crossed paths a lot, but he always looked down and he was just so bashful that first year he was there and so they got all the way to the last day of school and I have a 6 PM engineering class and I was driving off campus and I realized it was a Friday. The end of the school year and I should probably get my golf campus mail so I will then put the post office to write up the stairs and I was down for the with my little combination lock on by little PO Box when somebody came in the door install looked over and said hey aren't you Maury Scobee and I looked at it was Franklin Graham.

So you know it's a wonderful illustration of praying and waiting and that if it is God's well it's good workout. Accordingly, as well as Franklin had been here about the on campus and was hoping to be in the last 15 minutes. His last 15 minutes on campus at my last 15 minutes on campus and the campus was mostly 90% gone. So here again when you make in the matter of prayer according to God's perfect will for your life. They have been home phase mysteriously happened that made that's amazing. I'm that's what we would call it a divine appointment. Do you believe in miracles. While here's Pastor Chad Nelson to share his story and how he was miraculously healed of multiple sclerosis were together that night you come you come running back and and and you you also you have mobility in your hands and and yeah your ears up and pray for me, which yells little intimidating is itself upon your head and lay hands on your you and I said sure and you know, as I had put my hands up.

It's like God took a filter and ran it through my body. So the best way I can explain it, and started my head and I felt the quality down to my toes and I think one of the first things I said to use Nick someone turned up the music you like.

No known turned up the music of all sound so loud me, but I wasn't used to, you know, my ears basically popped and I wasn't didn't realize how bad your hearing was until you were set free of your sickness. You know, and in the hearing loss and all of a sudden you go wow I didn't realize how bad it was. I'm looking at my hands and I moving element, and I'm fully stretching them out.

Something I have not been able to do three years and it felt like the best way I can explain MS for me is someone took a bungee cord and wrapped it around me might body just felt hunched up and I felt like that that cord was instantly caught and I could stretch out. It felt so good and the first thing I said is I got a run because I've not been able to run or anything like that in years. So I took out that door and I ran all the way down a big hill all way down to this place, praise Bart ran all the way back up that hill.

You know it's a mile and 1/2, but it felt so good because something I had not been able to do in years. Wow you and and just instant freedom. What you just heard was a sampling of Stewart's story of rescue from sex-linked fulfillment of dreams assumption is salvation divine appointments of how supernatural healing fees and many more stories you hear what each and every week we'll talk with real what your store, you don't have a story.

Today's the day to surrender your life to Jesus you know why because it is time to make

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