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When Troubles Come and Stay, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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September 30, 2022 7:05 am

When Troubles Come and Stay, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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September 30, 2022 7:05 am

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Facing a tough season in your life for you know when you're considerate with a positive spirit, knowing that this is deepening your faith and it is increasing your endurance and it is enhancing your character building your maturity. You can't beat that combination but all of it comes to us from the platform try. We handle the inevitable times in life when suffering comes. For instance, when our joints are sore and were walking with a limp. How do we maintain a smile when someone we love passes away. How do we cope with loneliness today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll presents message number one is new series called clinging to help in this first study will open our Bibles and find time-tested help for building spiritual stamina. Chuck titled this message when troubles come and stay in. We begin with prayer to you Lord become and no other Peter was right, to whom else could we go. You alone have the words of eternal life. You alone are our God, you alone are faithful like no other one we could rely on your consistent, you are immutable you are good merciful kind of full of grace and always love your love us with an infinite amount of love and therefore you set your affection upon us, and even in trials. You have a plan that is beyond what we are often able to see and we rarely pause to realize some reminders today are father of the dimensions of trials that they come in.

Inevitably, because we are simply a part of this human race, but they are purposeful and you you hold the key to those reason and therefore we call upon you to reveal to us what we need to know so that we might destabilize and mature as we endure these things that occur.

I pray for those who find themselves under the gun at a loss to know what to do. Their legs had been cut out from under them by circumstances. Many of them beyond their control.

They didn't cause them. But they happened to them and they go on and they go on and they go on and you have a way Lord in the midst of these enduring trials of giving us the strength stay headed into trust. So I pray for those who are preoccupied by life's contingencies these things that happen that we we cannot escape from home was close to yourself.

Our father in reminders that your mercies are new every sunrise and will remain true, meaningful, even beyond every sunset. Use our gifts.

We pray in a special way as we release them to you.

Make this church to be marked by integrity as we handle these funds for your purposes. Gardeners and guidance. We pray as we walk close to you. May we honor you, how we are with many are when no one else is around. May we serve you faithfully and with integrity.

These gifts are yours and we give them as we offer this prayer in the name of Jesus. Our master who provides our every need, and everyone said amen to study the Bible with Chuck Swindoll.

Be sure to download the searching the Scriptures.

Studies for this series by going to and now the message from Chuck titled when troubles come and stay. David writes of the Psalms are the afflictions of the righteous.

The Bible speaks often of the bruises of the University of life. As I looked from road to rollover the seats of this great house of worship. II look into the faces of you who who are worshipers and I know that in many heart there is a brokenness that there is sadness there is a trial that is lingering. That isn't yet resolved your living with it and some of you are are plagued by most of us who read the letter of James, I do not pause to realize that people in the first century were also such individuals they they were in a no man's land. These converted Jews their own people had nothing to do with them because they did they believe the Messiah and they were greatly outnumbered by those who did not. The rover never despise them in standard as a somatic's attitude and and therefore persecution arose against them and their businesses were boycotted and the children of these converted Jews were thrown out of their schools and their homes were confiscated. They were as James writes, they were scattered abroad like you would throw sand across the field.

They were away from the city they loved Jerusalem and out of a homeland for they had been reared and they were in the Roman world, with hearts that long for relief from the trials of life when James writes to us and to them all who work suffering. He he he answers three questions as he talks about trials. He deals first with what's true about troubles. What do we say about troubles when they come. And secondly, he writes about how can we rise above them rather than live under the weight of them and then thirdly, when when we have handled them as we should. What can we anticipate what then, so let's take these questions in that order, and will work our way through these verses two through 12 of James chapter.

Chapter 1 verse what's true about all trials.

Now let me pause in and remind you who have your Bibles pay attention to words. Don't just listen to me as I give you thoughts to think on look at the words become a on E if you will a word vulture pay attention to terms that in a hurried moment you look past.

For example, when you got to burst to the board when stands out it. It's the answer to the first part of the question what is true about trials, but they are inevitable. Notice term is not if, dear brothers and sisters. If troubles come here with no no no no no, not if, because your brothers and sisters because you are in the family of God.

Trials are inevitable, their inescapable their unavoidable. Interestingly, one of the characteristics of human nature.

As we trotted we would try to go around them are on our get away from them or are drink ourselves into a place of being able to ignore them.

RRR maybe travel will get us away from them and there they are.

When we come back home waiting for you can't get away from trials. That's why he says, dear brothers and sisters when they come your way and let me let me mention here a word that that the new living translation. For some reason doesn't include and it should because the original Greek text has the word. It's the word various maybe your version that you are using includes it various trials, interesting little Greek quite Greek term for Telos PO RTI LOS point Telos all kinds of trials, summer irksome in irritable and that they sort of come and go, and more common in their place summer deep and life-threatening summer outward trials that are happen to us, and summer inward that happen within us made a quick list of those outward trials in my list is short.

I could fill five pages with hardship, grief, disappointments, financial difficulties, loss of job, the inward trials sometime hit was much harder than those, because they happen with in uneasy feeling feelings of rejection being misunderstood. Feeling insecure battles of the flesh, greed, lust, anger to the point of rage, imaginations, and dozens of other various kinds of point Telos trials that come their inevitable but the second I want you to observe is that they have a purpose. All trials come with a purpose in mind when I just accidentally thrown onto a stage of life and left to fend for ourselves is God goes about his business of running the things of heaven know know those things that occur to us are all part of his plan. Please observe as you read through these verses when troubles come your way. It is an opportunity for you to view them with a positive spirit called here considering it a great joy for you know that your faith is tested at trial is a faith test and your endurance is given a chance to grow and James has the audacity to sit let it grow, let it grow, don't. Don't look for an escape hatch. Let it linger, learn from it and as a result, our maturity is developed. I I've learned in life is I is a look back over the years, the value of the pain of yesterday did this for lessons were learned sometimes three failures of my own contractor situations. I calls often to situations where I was a victim of something or someone else and it happened to me, not because of me, but I learned from that and I have matured through that and they are all purposeful and that's that. That gives a new dimension to trial rather than seeing them as is the things you could have avoided if you pay better attention away. I'm not sure of that.

Maybe O'Connor few occasions, but more often than not, the plan planned by a loving heavenly father whose plan is brawl and stretches way beyond your present moment. I love the way the living Bible renders these first two verses put all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your life. My brothers and sisters don't resent them as intruders but welcome them as friend realize that they come to test your faith and to producing you the quality of endure. Let the process go on until that endurance is fully developed and you will find that you have become men and women of mature character with the right sort of independent how much better than asking why has this happened in an why did this happen to me to ask what is there in this I have to learn what is there that that the gods teaching me in this journey called the Christian life which includes the inevitability of trial that are purposeful melding to move ahead.

How can we live above the other. We understand their inevitable and they are purposeful. How can I climb above them and stay on top of them, so that I I am able to go through them without their dragging me down, but literally have you noticed four words that that are woven into the fabric of of the Scriptures. First is the word consider I have that circled in my mind as I look at verse two.

Consider it all joy. Interestingly, the Greek sentence verse two begins. All joy in that interesting.

The very first words out of the chute in that second verse is all joy. That's not a laughing joy that would be silly.

That would be an appropriate it's a deep-seated positive spirit if the depth of understanding that says there's a reason for this and if I can if I could know my God better. I could understand better why this is that it would help me know myself so much better than what is purposes and this so consider is the first word look at the verse three. Look at the word no. K and OW it reads for you know that when your faith is tested, but knowing that you are better able to consider it with a positive spirit, knowing that this is deepening your faith and that it is increasing your endurance and it is enhancing your character is building your maturity by you can't beat that combination but let me add all of it comes to us on the platform of the trial, but we would not a chosen and often what we would never have expected. Plus it's painful but valuable.

One of those fine writers of the last century was Malcolm Muggeridge that the rugged old Britt who made his living as a journalist is a veteran of the war and end-of-life and crusty old guy that finally came to Christ and he puts his story in a book titled the 20th century testimony.

I think one of the finest pieces on this subject I've ever read comes from the pend of Malcolm Muggeridge listen to these words. A quote contrary to what might be expected.

I look back on experiences that at the time seemed especially desolate in an painful, with particular satisfaction.

Indeed, I can say with complete truthfulness that everything I have learned in my 75 years, everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my existence has been through affliction and not through happiness need to hear that again has been through affliction and not through happiness he continues. In other words, if it ever were to be possible to eliminate affliction from our earthly existence by means of some drug or other medical mumbo-jumbo. The result would not be to make life delectable, but to make it too banal and trivial to be adorable." That is one profound statement as I look back it up.

If the pain were removed. Life would become for me to banal and trivial to even recall the days passed, but because of trials of the things I have learned.

I know that those have made me the man I have become sis, but now the third word is in verse five. Look at if you need wisdom, ask our generous God. The word is ask at but is preceded by the reason you're asking. It's something you and I were not born with. We don't inherit it. We cannot take a course in school, not even a graduate school that teaches us wisdom. We don't get it, necessarily about being next to someone who is wise though that may benefit us wisdom is housed in the mind of our God and he is willing to share it with us at those times when we needed the moves you're listening to the daily program known around the world as insight for living Chuck Swindoll has just started a brand-new series. In this first message she's talking about what to do when troubles come and stay. To learn more about this ministry, we invite you to visit us since 1979 we featured thousands of Chuck sermons on this daily program, but this is the very first time, our audience has heard this brand-new 12 part series called clinging to hope and were pleased to let you know that Chuck decided to write a book on this topic as well. The complete title is clinging to hope what Scripture says about weathering times of trouble, chaos and calamity. No one needs to be convinced that were living in chaotic times. It's hard to watch the news without getting discouraged or even angry, but life is already hard. Without these pressing current issues in his book, clinging to hope Chuck helps us understand how to grab hold of the timeless comfort of God's word.

A copy can be yours right now when you call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888 or it might be quicker and more efficient to go directly to and then let me close by sending a big thank you to all those who financially support insight for living. Your generosity is truly making a difference in our pursuit of an audacious God sized during that is to bring Chuck's Bible teaching to all 195 countries of the world. We refer to this mission as vision 195 to join the team and give a donation right now, it's if you're listening in the United States called 800-772-8888 or you can get and don't forget you're invited to join us online for the Sunday worship service at Stone Breyer Community Church.

In addition to hearing Chuck sermons will also participate in the congregational singing as well. You will find all the instructions for streaming the service March, 20, 23 insight for living ministries is hosting an unforgettable journey to Israel carefully planned to deepen your understanding of the Bible and draw you closer to God hears Chuck's window for thousands of years.

No place is been more meaningful to God's children in the land of Israel. The rugged landscape reminds us to find refuge in God alone. The fertile valleys invite us to follow our ship Jerusalem's position at the very center of the world announces the good news of Christ's to every nation, and now you can see Israel with Chuck Swindoll and insight for living ministries March 5 through the 16th 2023. Every time I visited the holy land of returned home with the refreshed part for God and a renewed vision for the world really. I mean it every time it's all want you to have the same life changing experience to learn more, go to call this number 1-888-447-0444 insight for living ministries toward Israel is paid for and made possible by only those who choose to attend.

I Bill Meyer join us. When Chuck Swindoll talks about what to do when troubles come and stay Monday on insight for living. The preceding message when troubles come and stay was copyrighted in 2019 and 2022 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2022 by Charles R.

Swindoll. All rights are reserved worldwide.

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