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Let's Just Praise the Lord, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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September 28, 2022 7:05 am

Let's Just Praise the Lord, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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September 28, 2022 7:05 am

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Chuck Swindoll has been presenting us with an in-depth teaching series on the Holy Spirit called flying closer to the flame he's chosen to conclude this fascinating study with more information but with praise today on Insight for living will turn our attention to several Old Testament songs will be fine.

Just the right words to express our affection for God.

After all, our objective in this study about the Holy Spirit is to cultivate deeper intimacy with and worship helps us do that. Chuck titled today's message. Let's just praise the Lord. Psalm 146 talks about when to pray you were asked me to give a title for the Psalm. It would be simply those three words when to pray, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul also lift yourself. Praise to God. When do I do it while I live verse two. While I have my being. Verse two circumstances, I can't do that.

What you doing under there, God has designed a life that's about the circumstances look down in verse five how blessed the word means happy and every time it appears in the Hebrew it's in the plural. All happiness is many times over. Is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord that Psalm is directed to those that need help in the whole praise is the answer wasn't made to praise to praise the father means to express words of adoration to him for what he does for who he is self is out of the picture. Praise isn't Thanksgiving when you fight the Lord thank you for something he did for you are gave you in the picture when you praise the Lord. You say to him. Father, I praise you, you are faithful you are in you are praiseworthy.

I praise you for your word. I praise you for your plan. Psalm 147 talks about whom to praise, not where not now, but whom 146 talked about as long as you have your brick Psalm 147 tells us to pray that here is the answer right in verse one the Lord is good to sing praises to our God is pleasant praises becoming you know what we just did in the early part of the service brought pleasure to God. It did tells us in verse two that it's the inverse one that we do that in fact it is pleasant and it is becoming the Hebrew word means lovely God looks at the praise of a congregation such as this and he says that lovely that's beautiful because we are praising him.

He see he says it is the Lord who was to be given to pray. Verse two tells you he builds a man doesn't. He gathers the outcasts we don't.

We rejected he heals. We don't were only able to do a little surgery and patch it up, but we can deal as a matter of fact he is great verse five man isn't he is a constraint where not we can last maybe 18 hours with little rest. God never has to say.

That's enough for you folks right now. Don't ask me for a while. Gonna get caught up on my wrist is abundant in strength is understanding getting someone understanding not. That's why when you go to praising the father. You just need to open the Psalms and read them to. I prayed with a deer sleep connected for many years with what was once the overseas crusade and was doing an internship. Where I was learning so many things and I was being made aware one shotgun blast after another of those inadequacies and needs in my own life. I began to have as a prayer partner. This dear saint that had been in the Orient more than it ever been in America and as I would deal with him alongside that man.

I would watch as he would have his. Actually, his fingers rubbing across the Psalms as he would literally read back to the father." Back to the Lord, the saw, you know, there were portions of his Bible had no print on the page. Can you imagine he read over that so much that the friction from his finger just at the print run off the page subsections are good. There were holes born in but he didn't need he knew what was there is book of Psalms look like a series of tracks sever several different parts of just fitted together giving God praise for what he has said you say I'm new at this song started in chapter 1 and in your prayer time read the book of Psalms loves to hear his word. You like to be quoted is an exciting thing to be quoted by somebody else.

God is like that to me what I've said and when you quote until and it brings laser to his heart better than read and learned so that it just comes as part of your prayer life. Give it back to him by the bushels that's Paris's I'll tell you will no longer be enamored with man, you will no longer suffer from the ups and downs of people's acceptance or rejection. Your attention is on the Lord God and I've got some other news you will give like you've never given in all your life. The praising saint is the giving site. No reluctance. My brother is perhaps the best example of ever met a faith, but he was discharged from the Navy. He was coming back from the Great Lakes area and on his way down. It was in the middle of the winter.

He had a P jacket that was his only coat he picked up a fellow in Kansas to go across that state with him and he took him right across the state. By the time they got to the end of the line with a fella got off a brother and leading to Christ and the guy got out of the car and my brother said were you code he said thoughts are on.

I'll get one later, it's not all you need to come took his coat off to let that sink in just a minute because it's so unusual right there.

The guy put his coat on and looked at him and he stepped on the way in the car, drove all brother got home first conversation with my folks I son coat. I gave it give you what I gave it to a fellow who was it his name.

Can't remember his name met and can you have a coat now all but dead I just praising God all the way from Kansas to Houston for the joy of giving my coat not the same today. Not Minneapolis. Can you give with praise to God that he will provide the psalmist says it is to God that that praises becoming Psalm 148 says to praising where do we praise the father verses one through six and the heavens versus seven through 12 on the look at that verse one.

Praise the Lord from the heavens. Verse seven. Praise the Lord from the left doesn't leave too many of the places you cover those bases. That's pretty well and isn't it. And then it describes the heavens praising in the Heights we do that don't take a trip to the mountains were you prompted to do when you get all alone early in the morning Frost nipping at your walking out twigs or crunching under your feet and you look at the massive expanse of real estate. You don't say something shallow, as you stand there, look at that mountain you just stand in solitude, praise him in the high's, God designed that mountain to do that for us. He gave us the hills to just walk over or ride over, take photographs of the game is those expansive areas to prompt praising our breast the links he gave us the beauty of this earth to prompt praise to him matter-of-fact is a great section here.

Look at verse five. I love this space for those interest in physics verse five. Let them praise the name of the Lord commanded, and they were created, he established them forever. He made it clear he that will pass away. You wonder what's the process will when God came to the prompt to the project of making this earth, he commanded. He established it and he said a decree on it. There he gave it a purpose in establishing it and he said it in its motion, the seasons orbits movements and he did all of it so that man might praise him the heavens tell the glory of God and the firmament declares his handiwork.

You too busy to realize that AAA little time alone and exciting part of this is that when God came to that part of making it. It just says he commanded the magnificent section in Genesis a says he made the stars also fantastic to study the stars on your life and never get beyond the first Gaelic seer to its all the way through the stars and also that's sort of the feeling you get as you read it was happening to the hand of omnipotence to make a star's on this earth versus seven through 12 it says from the earth. Those sea monsters in the deeps fire inhalants, no clouds, storm they fulfill his word.

Give him praise for the seasons for the times of the year where we praise him everywhere.

Everywhere we go. Praise is universal. 149 how to praise.

I like this song because it has a little shocker in and I think is good for us but is not right away prepares you for the shot.

Verse one. Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song how to praising do it with a new song are you given to Melanie do you write music, write a song to his praise. So the exciting generation were living in in which many other young people are writing new songs of praise. Many of the hands would not of been known by the generation ago. Certainly, two generations ago. It's a new thing exciting era to live on the cutting edge of creativity. Refresh my new thoughts are given to new expressions and that's going on. Sorry.

At times, are people that don't house. I know some of you try so hard and that it's difficult for you to carry it out.

Space is difficult for those around you when you're trying to carry it out, but let me say you have a fabulous voice to sing praises to God, he honors those melodies of the heart that come forth to him. I think of those of our day that are so gifted in putting it together nothing while they must have a corner on praise that just is not experienced by many people song is a vessel used for praise.

Don't leave singing out of your prayer time.

Don't close the Bible and when get up and get on your way into given him a song not not look else.

Luke also let Israel be glad in his maker. Let the sons of Zion rejoice in their king verse three. Let them praise his name with dancing as the shock dancing was last time you danced for the praise of God.

That's a strange question for a preacher to ask the congregation is times that you're so overwhelmed with praise that got really sick you tried singing and it didn't get it all done.

You said it didn't so you do whatever you know this man at times not. Last Sunday night danced all over the living room and it was fantastic when I got home wow danced to get it out.

You know, now don't run scared when I was up in Boston.

The old South Church announced on one occasion a service of praise, which they called a dance in the spirit and it was videotaped and it was playing that week in the Boston area and believe me, what I heard and saw was not a dance in the spirit had nothing to do with the praise to God.

It was a fleshly carnal activity and nothing more, but to arouse the lust of man and woman, but my there are certain expressions that direct your attention to them or to describe it but you just got to get into that, you know, there's a there's a response that comes your really exhilarated that is. I guess best described by dance. David danced with the arcane member that are came over the hill have been there so long he thought was wrong. Danced all around.

It is sitting up in the windows that dignified way with the king of Israel dancing will be able danced before the king is that I'm dancing using get that she was a corner with or criticize Newman fussing about his expression now.

Be careful about doing in the congregation.

You can't just jump up and start doing the dance type that's not the day that's not what's necessary, but there are oryx responses that are the praiseworthy people are just as magnificent.

There is a freshness and a freedom that comes in praise times at the rigid fundamentalist never enters into what I tell you, when the spirit of God prompt you in your prayer time there. It is and I will say to you. Just enjoy it. In fact, if you want the highest praise. Look at verse six, you will be in your mouth.

The song is good. The dance that is an expression of yourself is good, but the highest praise is from the mouth. You will hear no more beautiful tones than tones that come extolling God. It's a whole dimension that I'm afraid Baker's description and I confess my ignorance in trying to communicate something that is infinitely beautiful winter praise and that some hundred 46 whom to praise that Psalm 147 where to praise that Psalm 148 how to praise. That's 149. Why praise him that Psalm 150. Praise the Lord in his sanctuary in his mighty expanse verse two because of his mighty deeds because of his excellent greatness circle that verse is mighty deeds. That's what he does is excellent greatness. That's who he is. Praise him for what he does praise him for who he is. You should sit down and make plans to purchase the knowledge of the holy by toes or are the pursuit of God by toes or are a good solid theology on the character of God so you will know clearly what it is that God is like, or simply a study of the book of Psalms which is the study of his praise. I give you a simple formula to W's to P's praise him for his work and his word. Praise him for his person and his plan and you covered the bases his work.

What he does his word when he said his person whom he is his plan what he has arranged and that springs verse six concludes the book of Psalms and concludes the message that everything that has breath praise the Lord when I was overseas I was working with a man who was under great stress, great, great pressure he was a maverick, sort of a missionary. He didn't fit the pattern or the mold of what you would often think of as a missionary's ministry was a great deal to the to the G.I. who happened to be on the island of Okinawa by the thousands fact, it might be safe to say, tens of thousands.

I went to his home one evening to visit with him. I had a little time free that evening and his wife said that he wasn't there. She said I'm not sure where he is but II have a feeling that he's out of the office which was downtown in a little alley area off of the streets of Naha.

It was a rainy night and I decided that I would get on the bus and traveled down to to be with Bob. She said he's under such pressure from the situation, so I expected to find the man folded up in just despondency and discouragement depression just ready to finish it off.

I got off that little bus. I walked down the alley about a block and 1/2 and turned right down a little smaller rally little little hut with a tatami mat inside and when I turned it was away from the street noise and I heard singing come, thou fount of every blessing, tune my heart to sing thy grace and in the next stanza prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love and I have never told him this, but I eavesdrop on a praise service and I stood in the rain and I look through the walls of that little she put and I saw a man on his knees with his hands toward heaven, giving God praise with his Bible on one side and inter-varsity Christian hymnal. On the other side little spiral notebook worn from use and I saw him turn from page to page you would read it to God, finding him sing it to God and the remarkable thing is that that pressure that he was under did not leave for perhaps another two weeks.

It seemed that praise service alone before God absolutely revolutionized his life. I have mimicked that plan in my time with the Lord. The most creative thoughts I ever get, such as the thought for this whole service that we've enjoyed today came from God. As I was with him. They came in the most wonderful way while we were in praise. If you listen to a service of praise and believe in it doesn't become a part of you and some facet you have missed the whole purpose of the service such as this, it is good that all (praise there's no better way to wrap up our teaching series than this praising God for his provision of a comforter and companion. The Holy Spirit you're listening to Insight for living and to learn more about this ministry, we invite you to visit us will today.

Chuck Swindoll presented his final message in a 14 part series called flying closer to the flame to mention the book the Chuck Road on this topic. It's called embraced by the spirit.

The untold blessings of intimacy with God.

If you had good intentions about requesting a copy. Well, now is the time to get in touch to purchase a copy of embraced by the spirit go to or you can call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888 a look at our next study here on Insight for living.

Chuck will begin a brand-new topical series called clinging to hope and along the way will speak on topics such as what to do when calamity crashes in and how to respond when doors slam shut. There's a lot to look forward to in this brand-new series called clinging to hope.

By the way, did you realize that insight for living produces a daily devotional sent by email. There's no cost and Chuck's inspirational writings are designed to help you navigate the challenging issues of your life to request this free devotional email from Chuck. Just follow the simple as you sense God prompting you to support Insight for living ministries.

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