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Wherever, Whatever, Whenever, However . . . Christ!, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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April 5, 2022 7:05 am

Wherever, Whatever, Whenever, However . . . Christ!, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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April 5, 2022 7:05 am

Jesus Christ, Our All in All: A Study of Colossians

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Today from Chuck Swindoll but the word of Christ in all its richness, fill your life was not me going reading. Listen to it when it's taught respecting for overrated make a study of memorized portions of it. Let it become a part of your vocabulary part in your way of thinking.

Fill your life start with the question when you're making an important decision that will shape the future of your life. How can you truly know when you've arrived at the right choice will sometimes we wish a booming voice would sound from the heavens and tell us exactly what to do, but instead God has chosen another way, and it always begins with. As Paul said to the Colossians, allowing the peace that comes from Christ to rule in our hearts today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll helps us understand the powerful implications of this unparalleled piece made the mind of Christ, my Savior living me from day to day by his love and power controlling all I do say the word of God will richly in my heart from hour to hour so that all may see our triumph only through your power and may the peace of God, my father ruled my life and everything that I am that we may be strong, to comfort the sick and the sorrow. This is our way of saying father that we want your son Christ to be our all in all, whatever, whenever, however forever. Maybe Christ lifted on magnify and as he is lifted up, maybe find joy in the shadow of the cross for the price was paid for our sins past, present and future, we come today our father not to grow near were you near were still never near we cannot be for in the person of your son, we are is near as he but we come to worship in our gifts today reflect our gratitude for your abundance, hour after hour, day after day accept these gifts as we give them for your greater glory in the name of the one who is are all all Jesus we pray everyone's download his searching the Scriptures. Studies by going to inside and now the message from Chuck called wherever, whatever, whenever, however, Christ. This word of these words are written to people who know the Lord Jesus Christ.

The entire letter of the Colossians was written to people who love Jesus and walk with him there in the midst of the. The influx of particular teaching that was taking over in some parts of the church called the Gnostics, Paul writes to the people and reminds them that your life is not some philosophy. It is not some religion. Your life is Christ. It can be boiled down into the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. 15 but the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts explained that the moment but the peace of Christ. Here we are. The outline is to rule in my heart. He said, let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your heart. So the peace of Christ is to rule in my heart. Verse 60 let the word of Christ or the message about Christ. Fill your life. So the second point of the outline and the Paul's writing is the message of Christ is to fill my life.

The word of Christ is to fill me to the full know when you get the verse 18, without announcing it. He goes from the inner person in the life of the individual to the first circle that surrounds us.

That's our homes and families. The presence of Christ is to be seen in my home and with my family.

The presence of Christ is to pervade to permeate my home, my family, verse 22 in the first century. The issue with slaves and masters.

I'm not here today to solve that conflict and that problem. Paul doesn't set out to change it so I don't intend to. I'm going to apply it to employees and employers so you get to verse 22 we now have the life of Christ is to be on display in my work or at my workplace words to the employee.

22 through 25 words to the employer. Verse one. Chapter 4 the good time for me to say you love the Bible and are studying it seriously. Look for clues as you're reading through it. Put your brain in gear and for the flow of thought. Notice the progress verse 15 the heart.

Verse 16 the life and 70 verses 18 through 21. The home 22 through 41 the work occupation. Now let's move ahead and let's see what he has to say. First of all about peace in our heart's verse 50 because it is an automatic. He begins with the word let this happen.

You have a hand in this letter occur.

Let what occurred. Let the peace that comes from Christ. What is this piece will think about when you read your Bible and you come across a word that is deserving of some time and attention spent time on here's a good one.

When I think of peace I think of inner quietness, tranquility, feeling of calm secure serenity when I peace Emmett E's I'm at rest here. He says let that peace be in your heart not talk about the organ that pumps blood not the literal organ of the body, but the inner person get this where you make decisions were motives or hidden secrets are kept is the deepest part of our being frequently referred to in the Bible as our heart now begins to make sense. Let the sense of calm and serenity flow through your inner being, so that you are at peace and what does that do it is there for what purpose to rule in our heart. Paul had a choice of words, and he chooses rule, the Greek term means to arbitrate, arbitrate and arbitrator is one who takes it upon himself or herself to decide what is right in a given conflict or contents. In James we call them umpires or referees.

That's why people will sometime paraphrase this.

Let the word or let the peace that comes from Christ. Act as umpire deep within your life and what is that important when you're wanting to do the will of God.

He's called us to live in peace to see how the verse ends and by that would be thankful you are when the peace of Christ acts as umpire in your life you're always thankful you can't help but say thank you for giving me this sense of serenity when I was in such unrest and she may be the woman you should marry and this is in the ceremony going on right here okay so you got to think it through. He maybe the man you want to give you the rest of your life to.

He may not. You need the peace that only Christ can give. And when you allow him to serve as umpire he will call that shop and you will until you know it don't decide what now that's the peace of Christ in the heart not go to the next hearing.

He says let the message about Christ or the word of Christ like us is the word for word. Let the word of Christ in all its richness, fill your life was at me meets think on reading. Listen to it when it's taught respect. Pour over make a study of memorized portions of it. Let it fill your life.

Let it become a part of your vocabulary part in your way of thinking.

What Moses says affects the way you think what Jeremiah Wright affects the way you think and respond. What David puts together in the Psalms or Paul or Peter or Judy or James or John. All of it fits together and before long the biggest fill your life. I love the way Eugene Peterson renders this in his paraphrase of the message. Let the word of Christ. The message have the run of the house given plenty of room in your lives, instruct and direct one another using good common sense see with the verses let the word of Christ dwell in you richly let the message in all its richness, fill your life. Even so that when you are asked about advice, let your teaching and counsel with others be filled with the wisdom that God gives you know in my life. The Council that I've sought from people that I respect. It's always been the best counsel, but it's been woven into the word of God. People who are able to do that become convincing in their counsel because they're not trying to get you to do what they want you to do or what human nature would say is that you know this thing you're struggling with is the very thing that that that the Peter went through in the days of his trial and his struggle limiting what he says about in the note.

Quote Peter on the reentry and the word of Christ begins to fill our lives as we teach them as we counsel with each other by the way, the byproduct of that look at the verse we sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God and imagines again thankful heart. The role of music comes again and gives you that that delight in the in the will of God. In fact he says in verse 17.

What ever you do or say the word whatever teenagers use it one way, whatever. But Paul doesn't mean it like that he means literally whatever may occur whenever it may happen. However, wherever you may be. Whatever you do or say do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the father you when you do that when he's your all and all we sing that he is my strength when I am weak member singles words. He is the treasurer that I see he is my all and all freely is that it flows naturally and there is a lot of common sense wrapped around it and before you know it you're guided and guarded from extremes as you think about it, okay following peace of Christ in the heart. The word of Christ in the life now we come to the presence of Christ, that is to permeate our homes and families.

Now it gets a little bit convicted correction Inc. is very convicted. Okay hang on wives, I'm going to say something very non-politically correct okay, better stated, politically incorrect as well. Believing wives submit to your husbands, as is fitting for those who belong to the Lord all boy, I can feel some of you right now if you knew my husband like I know all I'm doing is reading to you from the Scriptures.

Okay, I didn't write it but I stand behind it. Let me finish before most of the walk out.

Listen to this submit means submit adapt your life to his you know it's amazing when Christ is your all in all it isn't nearly as irksome as you might think when you're selfish. It is when you're headstrong and when he does things you don't like it'll let you know it will aggravate you if he's your all in all but if Christ is your all in all you don't see the adapting is that is that sacrificial it's fitting for those who belong to the Lord, you know what else you're missing. If that happens to be your reaction.

What I just described your thinking it means your inferior credit.

I read here that says your inferior you hear that from the world system may give you an illustration, the Godhead God the father, God the son of the Holy Spirit.

There is hierarchy there. There's order God the father was the planner God the son is the one who implements the plan God the Spirit empowers stay with Jesus comes to earth and he says to the father.

I do all those things that please you. It's called submission. He's the son of God, he still equal with the father. The father son and Holy Spirit, coeternal coexistent coequal. There's no inferiority in the Godhead, but there is a harmonious submission of willingness there's a hierarchy get this with the quality you see when you're in a homework.

Christ is all and all nobody polls rank in a husband walks around Dylan's wife.

He's the boss.

First of all, he isn't. Second is a fool, but I get to him in a moment must stay with the wives it's fitting for you who belong to the Lord that you adapt your watch your your your your life to your husband.

You choose not to do that don't get married, you marry that comes along with it.

Husbands quit poking your wives is not fair to get to you right now. Husbands, love your wives and never treat them harshly interesting, isn't it we are instructed by a command here and in Ephesians 5, to love her is agape love its allotment doesn't expect a reciprocal love in return.

It's a one-way love is a love that represents honor and respect. There is even a sense of adoration have a place in your life that is so filled with love bears the name and the life of your wife that it's obvious to her how much you care for her know something in my 50 years of ministry. I remember how to say this except for cases of mental illness and severe emotional illness. I've never known a wife who was loved and she should be loved, who struggled with submission never see it may not be the wife. It may be the husband husbands. The command is that you love her. I sometimes save us to sit there with tongue-in-cheek. I exist to serve she says oh you're so funny. Abets I mean it. She needs something I want to make it happen. Why crazy about her lover. I don't have a problem with her submitting to be another time she gives me counsel which I need and there.

Sometimes I give her counsel.

You do that when your equals wives there's no inferiority husbands. There's no law tromping around the house with the club hanging from your waist saying stupid things like how important you are. You're not Christ is important when he's your all in all the home isn't about you and it isn't about her words about Christ was the one who called you together see how it works. We found it because we got it all with such humanism we take in our cues from the world and in end the we we hear the feminists as they come on with his strong message to your safe is anything kind to him.

You know what relax limit limit. Let me tell you something. Limit limitations about life in the first century you think it's tough now listen to William Barclay under Jewish law. A woman was a thing. The possession of her husband just as much as his house or his flocks or his material goods. She had no legal rights whatever presents under Jewish law. Husband could divorce his wife for any cause, while the wife had no rights whatever in the initiation of divorce and the only grounds on which a divorce might be awarded her worry if her husband develop leprosy became an apostate or ravished a virgin in Greek society. A respectable woman lived a life of entire seclusion, she never appeared on the streets alone, not even to go to market. She lived in the women's apartments and did not join her menfolk even for meals for her. There was, demanded complete servitude and chest but her husband could go out as much as he chose and could enter into as many relationships outside marriage is he like without incurring any stigma under both Jewish and Greek laws and custom all the privileges belong to the husband and all the duties to the wife become revolutionary. Paul's words are husbands don't go there. Don't lover effect. Ephesians is lover as Christ loved the church and gave himself for she loves you enough to submit to you, you love her enough to die for her and you would do so willingly lover how magnificent his account of harmony. How great is that kind of merit have rarely occur because we are driven by an old nature walks away. We call our own shots. Thank you. But when Christ is your all in all whenever however, wherever and whatever you're listening to Insight for living, our Bible teacher, Chuck Swindoll was midway through message he's titled wherever, whatever, whenever, however, Christ.

To learn more about this ministry. Visit us this message is part of our brand-new study in Paul's letter to the Colossians, and of the adventure prepared to dig deeper on your own appointed to collateral resources.

First, Chuck wrote a biography on Paul, the man who wrote this masterful letter to the Colossians he wrote this spirit inspired book while behind bars chained to a prison guard. Chuck titled this biography on Paul a man of grace and grit and you can purchase a copy right now. When you go to In addition to this biography, Chuck wrote a living insights commentary on Colossians. This book, which also includes his commentary on Philippians and Philemon is laid out in a format that's clear and easy to understand. Chuck provides the cultural background so you can understand the context of Paul's letter to purchase a copy of the commentary on Colossians call us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888, when our study in the book of Colossians comes to a close will take a few days to celebrate Easter and right after resurrection Sunday will begin our next study we often receive letters and comments from our listeners were looking to find a healthy church to attend. Chuck will present a highly practical series called the church awakening in closing remind you that we rely on your support to make these daily Bible studies with Chuck possible and if it's been a while since you've responded to, or if you've never stepped forward with the contribution we invite you to give a donation today by calling us if you're listening in the United States, call 800-772-8888 or give a donation inviting you to join us. When Chuck Swindoll continues his brand-new study.

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