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Crowning Christ as Lord of All, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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March 21, 2022 7:05 am

Crowning Christ as Lord of All, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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March 21, 2022 7:05 am

Jesus Christ, Our All in All: A Study of Colossians

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We often hear Bible thinkers tell us that God is everything we need and that's a comforting statement to be sure, but what are the tangible outcome for those who have a relationship with God in his letter to the Colossians. The apostle Paul unleashed a powerful sequence of benefits. He began by saying Christ is supreme over all he is first in everything today on Insight for living Chuck's window will help us celebrate these amazing attributes as we continue our study in Colossians chapter 1, Chuck titled his message crowning Christ as Lord of all to you, our father, we owe our life and breath and all we have for your son is the one who conquered death and through him socially.

We do not fear the grave nor the sting of death because of Christ we do not fear what tomorrow may bring. Because of Christ we are not concerned. Today Lord over the events that surround us, because Christ is sovereign. He is at work.

He is living and moving among us.

He is making known the truth of your book in a million different ways this very day in Christ alone. We have assurance and hope and forgiveness and grace and clear direction and the hope of eternal life. Thank you father for the joy of worship in this land in which we are living still free able to worship and we are grateful father for your hand over us as a nation that we do not deserve it.

Watch over those who keep us free, who carry heavy weapons of war and are in dangerous places this day places we will never be protect them comfort their families.

Bring them safely home for those who have been injured and maimed in the war. We pray that you would minister to them deeply through the love of family and through caring physicians and nursing staff's who care for them.

Thank your father for this church and grateful we are for this place of ministry for those who represent us on the staff and those who serve you and faithful places around the world as our missionaries use them, protect them, make their service effective as they represent you in the places where they serve. We give our offerings today. Lord, that you may use these gifts in a special way. Watch over the use of these funds may they be handled with integrity and wisdom may are giving the mark by joy and generosity in the name of Christ, of course, Christ the Lord.

Pray for his sake alone, and all God's people said sure to download his searching the Scriptures. Studies by going to Insight another message from Chuck called crowning Christ as Lord of all the colors are very subtle. They come with great charisma and little by little, they have to weigh at your trust in Christ and your faith in the son of God as deity. Paul rose up her sleeves and verse 15 and takes all the calls without once calling them by name, declares Christ is the visible image of the invisible God, to prove that he is deity.

He adds, he existed before anything was created. He is supreme over all creation because through him. That's Christ, God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth he existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together.

Now, having said that about his role in creation is being supreme.

He goes to the church and he says Christ is the head of the church. What Scripture says here and elsewhere is the exalted one. He is the one who is to be worshiped. The apostle Paul was the things that made him so great was a man who was consuming with adoration.

Christ over to me like what it says here that he is first in everything. Along with being supreme over all rise from the dead. As we read the end of verse 18 first, and resurrection read first Corinthians 15 for verification of that takes the sting out of death. Why, because even ways to supreme over did you have to fear dying during Christ. You have him he's led the way you just follow him into victory beyond this life. And then he says he's first in everything as pretty good last time everything maybe in a little help track with me in every decision we make.

Christ is to be sent to Rob in everything we do and every word we say in everything we each and whatever we may drink Christ. Christ is to be exalted in every place we live in every home we buy in every apartment we rent in every car we may lease or by may Christ be honored in the way we manage our money in who we marry. And when and how we live as married partners and in our singleness may Christ be magnified in the way we wear our children in the hidden motives. We never speak or reveal in our academic pursuits as we achieve 1 or another. May Christ be magnified in our occupation are calling our profession, Christ be exalted. The way we spend our time. What we do in our leisure. How we treat our own bodies. How we relate to one another. May Christ be supreme. What we watch and what we read in the way we carry out our goals and the priorities we choose in the art. We enjoy music and worship architecture in response to people in times of testing and trial and illness and help in prosperity and adversity in promotions and emotions give everything he is to have first place. Think of. Think of how that would revolutionize your whole frame of reference. You would never begin the day with the words I'm worried about if Christ is supreme is he's got the world. He's got the day he's got the very moment you're sitting on the side of your bed in his hand. He's leaving you. You his child. If you come to Christ, you belong to him. He is protecting you. If nothing to fear when I travel, I tend to get a little bit of blue around, evening time the sun goes down and Cynthia may not be with me and I'm I'm I'm missing your horticulture four times one day. That ought to be enough, but is not the same without her in the room with me and my thought sometime go to you who live alone without Christ, what do your civil but with Christ you have an eternal partner, you have a friend or Czar never leaves your shoulder. You have a Savior who will be right there with you when you get the chest pain and your buckle to your knees and you fear death is coming. Nothing to fear.

I fly somewhat frequently and I sometimes look over and I see people going through the beads and they're all worried and I want to go your own, I'm not attacking at that religion is that you don't need to do that. We have a Savior and what is our time. You can have a plane full beads.

It is not going to help you get to that that sudden landing so I don't worry I see some people, but you think the helpless thing in there. I got to get it up there. I'm reading about all please if he's first in everything he's first in your travels. He's first in your scheduling said that I will never fight with the schedule with a reschedule. You accepted Christ involved in all of those disappointments is changing the schedule for her recent serrano truck you get a little weird now really you like what you do better than what I'm describing. No, if he's first in everything. There is nothing he is a first in that sentence structure, but is true.

Verse 19 God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ. That is a slap in the face of the Gnostics God the supreme God please to live in Christ and through him. Look at this is great doctrinal word God reconciled everything will was that what is reconciliation. It means the bringing together of two or more parties that are in disharmony and removing what caused the disagreement and bringing back Harmon Christ reconciled the world to himself God did it through Christ and what's the what's the thing that separated us in sin. It's our sinfulness. God is holy and we are not in there is this great gap between us. How can I know that God will accept he has reconciled us to them. If this really clearing your mind when you start thinking theologically teach yourself correctly. God is not reconciled. A man we are the ones reconciled to God. God's done nothing wrong. He reconciles the world to himself everything to exempt look at it. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ's blood on the cross. Don't let anyone tell you that the blood is an important it is the divine detergent that washes away the sins of the world without the blood, you have no hope of having your sins washed away but because he gave his blood on our behalf.

God acknowledges the blood is that which will bring reconciliation and now we are right with God rather than living, fearful, following the first service I have a brother come by to talk to me and he was from another particular church allotting the church. That's not important, but he said, as I was growing up. All through my early years as a child I was taught. You can never ever know if you see because you know you you you may have done something that is really bad and then you will be lost again. I said every night I would just pray Lord that I asked Jesus to come into my life. Is it night after night every church service. I was coming down an aisle to to give my heart to Christ because I never knew if I was really I really had the assurance of salvation. He said you know every once in a while it did it. Please on me. I was reared in that context, I mean when your mom and dad teacher that they're sincere but there's sincerely wrong because we know from here, as we will see in a few moments and from other passages, we are secure in Christ I've heard of an old revivalist who said if I really believe you could lose your salvation. Everybody who came to Faye that shoots him on the spot so they would go to heaven. 14. He's got other issues to deal with it.

The plastic carry a gun with limited present the gospel, but how tragic it would be if I offered you from the Scriptures, the hope of eternal life ended to say but you know what you hear you got a really watching as if you if you do some really bad tonight he throwing you out. You know what is heresy there was any terminology connected with our security and since he we are born into the family of God. We can't be on born, my son, my daughter will always be my son's my daughter's regardless of what they do or the lives they live. They will always have my blood. There will always be in my family. I will always love them.

How much more our heavenly father will love us so when he gets to the cross. I love it that this particular translation.

Verse 21 says this includes you and encourage the surveyed up targeting a husband or to somebody sit near you. This is you.

This includes you, he's writing to the Colossians, these who were being drawn away by the Gnostics.

He says you who were once far away from God that many of them. They are mainly Gentile. They didn't know the Lord from the lizard. I'm a different delimiter life and in all the mythology and even world of their times and coming from all of that you were once far away from God you were his enemies attract this, you were separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions member the sin that came between us and the holy God is true. And yet now look at this because these Colossians are believers. Now he has reconciled you to him. You don't reconciled God to us. You reconciled us to God. He is been that he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body as a result, what's this this is positional truth. You rarely hear he has brought you into his own present, you are holy you are playing the lists as you stand before him without a single fault you hear that it it sounds so strange you think I ought not there.

I got lots of fault is not what he's talking about talking about theoretically in God's eyes in his plan would you trust his son. You are into his presence. And you are set apart. The word holy means set apart you are without blame as you stand before him you were without a single ball. That's why when you die you have heaven is your home now. In the meantime, we need to live like which is his whole point when he gets to verse 23 says you must continue to believe this true stand firm and it now has a cold and mine don't drift away from the assurance you received when you heard the good news. The good news is been priests all over the world.

I Paul have been appointed as God's servant to proclaim and I'm declaring it to you today I is that I have the privilege to announce to all of us that if you come to Christ.

You will be in in God's eyes as perfect as his own dear son you are you are full of less Judy ends his letter with the wonderful doxology now to him who is able to guard us from stumbling, get this, and to present us all less before his presence with exceeding great joy to the only wise God our Savior be glory and majesty diminutive power fall less you you rascal Lee rascal. The one who does wrong rather regularly when I sever the Lord's presence is a come on home child.

Your mind. I member the day were your little boy in the Lord Jesus came into your life, and he has now given you the fulfillment of your faith, regardless of how you were raised. This is the hope and through Christ. Reminds me of a man. You probably have never heard of. He lived his life in England. His name was Edward moped, born 1797 and died 1874 in his home, his parents did not allow anybody in the family to have a Bible there was no place for the Scriptures and back home. Father and mother lost. He grew up in that world became a cabinetmaker before he entered that responsible calling that God had for him through some means never revealed in any source I can find Edward moped heard the gospel was a teenager and he turned to Christ. He changed his whole perspective. As a matter of fact around middle age. He was led to write a poem later.

Thanks to William Bradberry was given a human that is still with us in the church today. My hope is built on nothing less then Jesus blood and righteousness there not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand. He entered the ministry. Following that entering the ministry. He wrote over 100 more hands and song poems that would find their way many of them into the church. He came to the day of his death, he said to one standing close by the truths I have preached I am now living in Poland and they will do to die upon.

He wrote to conclude his song when he shall come with trumpet sound. May I dated him. He found dressed in his righteousness alone, faultless stand before the throne on Christ the solid rock I stay all other ground is sinking safe here that you might think up such pretty narrow truck now. Love, I love it. You're not given an option or try one of these seven things. Maybe one of the work for you. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me. Paul wrote, there is one God, one go-between, one advocate between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, there's one there's one. Don't let anyone ever tell you that there is a plurality here you can take your choice on whichever God you want. You choose anyone other than Christ. Your loss, your loss.

You will not know assurance of salvation. You will not fall asleep at Pete's, but forever restless and when you are in that last bid he will be on you will have peace in your heart knowing on Christ the solid rock. You stand all the other ground is sinking sand that great love it so that would be when you you know what I'm going to say to you, you who have been here before. What on earth is keeping you from Christ and he is to have first place in everything. Everything else are hanging onto his way down the line, you're missing the one main thing. Your sin has separated you from the holy God must acknowledge that not hide from it, not deny it and and acknowledging it saved to your father in heaven today. Lord God while I don't understand a lot of the things that are in the Bible.

I understand that I am loss and I understand that you save the lost and Jesus is the one who makes it possible I take him now. I trust you now don't dare go on through this day. He without Christ. It is in the supreme name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have met is for his glory alone.

We have sung the song of the faith. It is because of Christ we live and move and have our reason for existing, and therefore dear father, may you bring Christ to the heart of anyone who this day is without keep them restless until they find a piece with him to know is life everlasting in his magnificent name pray and all God's amen. Maybe Chuck Swindoll said something today that wanted you to take your next steps. Perhaps you're ready to acknowledge. As Paul said to the Colossians that Jesus Christ is first place in everything and would love for you to learn more about what those next steps are. When you visit us now the title of today's message is crowning Christ is Lord of all and its message number three in a 10 part study called Jesus Christ are all in all, when we started this teaching series sweep her Chuck reinforces deep convictions about the relevance of this ancient book for our times and Chuck added this.

He said it's not my job to make Colossians relevant for our audience. The Bible is relevant. My job is to present the truth and get out of the way of those convictions are evident in the helpful book checks written for you, and as a complement to this new study. I'm pleased to point you to his living insights commentary on Colossians. This book, which also includes his commentary on Philippians and Philemon can be purchased right now when you go to or call us if you're listening in the United States dial 1-800-772-8888 11 hear me say that insight for living is made possible not through the purchase of resources, but the voluntary contributions of our monthly companion and all those who give one time donations.

We are always pleased to add more monthly companion to our team because nothing will accelerate the mission of insight for living more effectively than the consistent support of our monthly companions to join the team colors listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 or sign up companion or to give a one time donation today go online to nine days. Swindoll continues his brand-new study in Paul's letter to the Colossians right here on insight for living. The preceding message. Crowning Christ is Lord of all, was copyrighted in 2014 and 2022 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2022 by Charles R.

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