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The Integrity of a Bold Vision, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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January 27, 2022 7:05 am

The Integrity of a Bold Vision, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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January 27, 2022 7:05 am

Walking with Integrity in Times of Adversity

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Pursuing success at any cost is dangerous today from Chuck Swindoll success is safe without God's present will walk with you each step one is to be in lockstep with you over the door and I go through it you lead the way through and manipulate safety will come in your presence all the way and so I asked him a restless spirit and negative trait. After all, this contentedness can stem from a lack of gratitude is true, but sometimes our restlessness might be prompted by God Ellis in the new territory maybe just maybe enter churning. We feel is a sign that God wants to broaden our world today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll teaches from first Chronicles chapter 4 about a man named Jabez along the way become equipped with three practical lessons for expanding your territory to title this message, the integrity of a bowl pursuing the very first thing we read about is that is moreover holding his brothers was a man named Jabez who was more honorable than any of his brother could meet his family, brothers, could mean is Jewish peers who are often seen as brothers more honorable, low is the Hebrew word means heavy use the word weighty as in weighty matters for something significant important. In fact, this particular word is used in Numbers 2215 translated distinguished and interesting, more distinguished now or get somewhere more than this peers we admire people like that. So, for some reason I'm drawn with admiration to boarding pain prove the, the writer says outstripped his brothers by distinguishing himself unlike any of them more honorable than the could that be that it happened, what was it that caused Jabez to reach such admirable heights will secrets in verse 10. Look for yourself. He was the one who called out literally the Hebrew reads cried out to God. There's a desperation event, God to come to his rescue to be for what no one else is ever bit so he cries out he asks.

First of all, for divine engagement must be within overwhelming blessing perhaps is surrounded by mediocrity or mockery any rise above it. It is prayer life and he says oh you would come to my rescue. Engage yourself in my life. I long for you to break through the cloud, but it's covered me and the pain and the shame that has surrounded me since birth.

You could do that God these things are going on. One year after year, but now Lord attorney over to you. I asked for divine engagement in my life and I don't simply. I cry out for having done so. He then called for divine enlargement look look for, what does he ask expand my territory is now looking for a landmass is not the time territory broaden my world why my vision enlarge my direction is so easy to be satisfied with small there's a there's a little couplet that says content to fill a little space. If God be glorified. But then that's a worthy sentiment is best for God places us most all places, be little but is it only the little place where God is glorified about a large space expand my world, the Lord, it is a little space I'm satisfied there but could you possibly broaden it a bit and little all my life I surrounded my life with little experience in this territory of my world. It is an ahead trip. This is Jabez for pride. He said Lord my world surprises me with what you can do place me wherever you wish, but I asked that if it's possible and be a larger place and I been able to fill thus far in my life. I need that divine enlargement. Please be with me in all that I do finally ask for divine enablement notice when he asks that you would be with me and keep me from all trouble and look at that and paid look at the it's a play on words with his name. I've been paying all my life but I pray that what you do in my life will be such a guiding presence in such a protective power in such an obvious work of from your and that clearly Lord, I will outlive my name, I will get beyond the shadow that is hovered over me as long as I can remember, don't let me live up to this name that has brought shame and heartache to me and God granted him his request no guilt not not not not Jabez on the watch out.

None of that God heard his prayer like that coast guardsmen the team down and rescued God came to his rescue and said I'm here. I'll grant you that is your quick how we did it whenever told where Houston is not in the record but you can be sure when it says God granted him his request. It means exactly that. This leaves me with several lessons to learn of the store. True story wanted to. The first lesson is a struggling start doesn't necessitate a limited life. I don't know your story. Most of you. I do not know but quite likely you have lived a limited life you been told by many. What you can't do what you should do what you ought not do what you should not be involved in its struggling start, but it limits your life if you let it. Jabez wouldn't let it doesn't necessitate a limited life, unless you allow it to the second. No amount of success is safe without God's presence twice is that you would be with me will walk with you each step one is to be in lockstep Lord said when you open the door and I go through it.

I want you to lead the way through it. I want you to open the door. I'm not going to manipulate this safety will come in your presence all the way and so I asked for that. Stay with me stop me from going out of the go too far in the third lesson when God blesses a life there is no reason for guilt speak to a group of you. I seldom address a few of you may have quite a bit of this world's goods on who you are.

Your wealth is easy between you and the Lord.

Let's say you are very well healed, may be better off than your parents ever dreamed of being.

Most of us living homes nicer than our folks could imagine. Let's say you're unusually blessed there's no reason for guilt.

Your your wealth is an evil that it's given by God. He he he has prospered you. You've earned it the hard way you've been honest and faithful and look at what God is done, you have more than you need. Obviously one of the things you can do is give it away be of help to others are just showing the Cynthia story I was told just this past week from a friend of mine who was having lunch with a apparently very wealthy individual and never talk about a particular need, and the man smiled and said yeah that be wonderful.

I love to give them 50 million is over. Soon after 15 how many zeros is that what you know what, for those who are really, really wealthy that that that's not a shock. Shock is in the giving. How unusual it is to find someone that wealthy that generous. How wonderful every ministry I'm aware of is able to be sustained by those who faithfully give their gifts, and on occasion, God brings in a large gift from someone who just has a hard what they're doing is just out of the blue. It's marvelous so there's no reason for guilt.

God is full of surprises and he does great things and mighty things went in and he's to be glorified in all, story why my close friends and ministry is a man.

Some of you know his name is Mark Young Dr. Mark Young Mark was born and raised in Putnam County, West Virginia, in the town of American. He taught me to say it right because I said hurricane. He said no, let's sue a Yankees pronounce is called American hurricane say it right okay hurt is very problem being raised in American West Virginia and nothing. His dad was a banker and a moderate community and faithfully serve their all barks life right there in her said to him one day.

He said Mark don't think about going to college.

You be the first one at seven generations of Young's that whatever graduate from college turned the light on Mark's mind and eat. As a young man thought well I could do that and sure enough he went to Marshall University and graduated the first seven generations coming out of nothing. Mark was a graduate of over Marshall University forgot to tell you that is a his family just hilarious story after hilarious story of when he would go.

I think it was his grandmother would go to visit her. She lives in a log cabin just beyond the holler holler and he said you got it you can drive only so far they got get on your car then you walk go down to reveal her backup and he said you get near the log cabin you hear it's a shotgun and and is Mark thesis always shoots twice before anybody comes to visit her and she would like you yup that's me so that Mark comes on the holler. He makes his way up to this spot was located where she lives her life envelope has a garden and one of the brothers brings the food and on occasion, but mainly she raises her own food.

He comes from that kind of background and and here he is a graduate University.

You might think.know.Mark Sweeney realizes the Lord wants him and ministry in the new school in Dallas where he could not get his training so we can get a place called Dallas theological seminary, where he earned his Master of theology degree. I'm in another four years but that was unusual but the best part of coming to Dallas as he would tell you is that he was Dr. Howie Hendrix office one day and he noticed the secretary they called them secretaries back then.

Now it's executive assistant, but that's what she was, and Priscilla was there and Priscilla caught his eye and well long story short, they got married. So luckily I got would tell the story doesn't matter. And then afterwards married and he and Priscilla were not going through life together. She is from missionary prayer will they decided that the Lord wanted them on the mission field. That was before the Iron Curtain was lifted so they wouldn't Europe of all places in the Poland and every ministry research faithfully. There, he helped found the seminary. This is the little boy raised in the holler in West Virginia and her and so he found the seminarian and in doing so, he realizes you know, after a number of years are serving the here he really needs more education really needs to update another level. So it comes back to the states. He and Priscilla the family and in the tents Trinity Evangelical Divinity school in Deerfield, Illinois recharges, PhD but the time I'm in Dallas seminary, a part of the leadership and someone says to me you know we need to interview a man named Dr. Mark Young. He's a finish his work at Trinity and we need someone cross-cultural intercultural studies in the world missions and and so we interviewed Mark Priscilla Priscilla really want to go back.

The mission field market to, but they were torn and he thought maybe the Lord wants me here so I was just thrilled. We got more to say yes and maybe I should put it spiritually. The Lord led him to say yes and and that he became a part of our faculty for several years and also joined our staff as part of our staff in strategic planning, and working with students to mentor them for ministry. And while he was here in Dallas as well as at our church, Denver seminary, of all things begin looking for a new president and guess who they thought of. And guess who they relate to your right Mark Young is my privilege to deliver his inaugural challenge when he was made president of Denver submitter.

Think about from the obscurity of American West Virginia near the holler coming out of that to Marshall. Beyond that, Dallas beyond their the mission field and pounding seminary from that back here to earn PhD, the faculty of his alma mater serve here now president seminary in Denver. God does great things the city is a great part of this whole story is not so much about Jabez or about a man named Mark it's you. The story is preserved for us for all of us here on this page. I don't know if you like a number. Just another unknown in this obscure place you call home, but you have no idea what the Lord's plan for you is so asking: Lord, bless me indeed enlarge my world broadened my vision give me the courage to act on faith to go beyond the expected that I might serve you and represent you in a way that not even own parents would've never believed they are handy with me that it might not harm me and that I might not bring pain to you or to anyone else. Currently my request. I pray is the integrity of a bold vision. I encourage you to develop it. Start today when you bow your head with me, please. My messages ended but the I think it really goes on for a while through lunch today.

Maybe through the afternoon to be overnight next week. Could it be that the Lord is prompting you to move from where you find yourself to where he wants to send you or if not sending you personally using your gifts, financial or otherwise, to reach a broader world you've ever reached don't limited will be afraid hesitate God is ready to grant you such a request. If you never met the Savior, of course, coming to the cross is the beginning point for you and he can get on speaking terms, shall we say and you can begin to walk with him and know our relationship with the living God. You never know before it all starts there come today to Christ. Thank you, dear father for speaking to us through a life we would otherwise have passed up and overlooked. Thank you for saying to us exactly what some of us needed to hear her lifting us from the shackles. Many, many years. Heartbreak and disappointment, discouragement, misery, realize that you want to use us in a broader greater way than we've ever thought about before. Give us the faith and trust even though large plaintiffs for your mask in the name of the Savior. Jesus are enthroned. Everyone's the congregation were Chuck Swindoll serves as senior pastor audibly agreed with the vision casting his message. The presentation is squarely founded on the biblical account of Jabez and his bold prayer. This is insight for living and to learn more about this ministry. Please visit us during the teaching Chuck shared over the past few messages is become quite evident that integrity is a virtue that must be forged out.

It doesn't come naturally along those lines were recommending a book checks written that will be helpful to you. It's called Joseph a man of integrity and forgiveness. Chuck believes that if we fail to protect ourselves.

At some point our integrity will be at risk.

This book will equip you with the tools to prepare for the inevitable pressures that come your way again. The title is Joseph a man of integrity and forgiveness is available for purchase by going to, if you listening in the United States dial 1-800-772-8888 is possible given following checks teaching for several decades the early days. Perhaps you had little financial margin commands are very young family.

During that season. It was the generous giving of others that made it possible for you to hear checks teaching today. You're likely in a stronger position.

Let me encourage you to step forward and become one of our monthly companions. January is the perfect time to start a new discipline by getting a monthly donation amount of your choice.

You can do for someone else what others did for you nearly sign up online insight.or/month companion or to give a one time gift colors listening in the US dial 1-800-772-8888 those who support insight for living with the monthly give truly have a ministry all their own God's amazing grace is our overarching everyday when insight from living in fact it's quite possible that God is used in our daily program to extend his grace to you and I know is your Bible teacher, I have been the greatest recipient as well. Our monthly companions are first recipients of God's grace. But when you begin to give monthly got us deploying you as a courier of his grace.

Today we're inviting you to join the team. Please jot down the contact information follow the Lord. When you do that, okay, the sweet fragrance of God's grace here at home all around do for some unsuspecting person what someone wants it for you become a monthly companions listening in the United States. Call 1-800-772-8888 or go online companions join us. When Chuck Swindoll continues to describe the integrity of waiting, not worrying Friday on insight for living. The preceding message the integrity of a bold vision was copyrighted in 2021 and 2022 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2022 by Charles R. Swindoll.

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