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When an Angel Spoke to Shepherds, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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December 24, 2021 7:05 am

When an Angel Spoke to Shepherds, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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December 24, 2021 7:05 am

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Over the last several days we set aside all others appear for tomorrow. Celebration of Christmas on Mondays program Chuck Swindoll describing earth shattering moment when an angel addressed Mary and her attention turned to the reassurance. The angel gave her fiancé Joseph today on Insight for living represents the final message in the special minis by describing the epic moment when an angel spoke to shepherd as we begin, we have the privilege of hearing this Christmas class performed by the Strohmeyer community church choir and orchestra world renowned soloist David – will will most will will will will will will and will break the Lord for your gift of music along with that the gift of musicians who give hours and hours of time when no one else is around the discipline. The rehearsal going over and over and over until they got that down to the last detail.

Thank you father for such commitment for those who plenty beautiful instruments with their lips and fingers, and thank you for those who sing: it's like were caught up in the third heaven. When we hear great music that's where it all started so it's only right that we pause to give you thanks the giver of every good and perfect gift today. We look forward to the time will spend as we anticipate this great holiday before us. Thank you for sending Jesus to each one of us were so grateful now what may we be lost in wonder and love and praise.

As we enter into this concert. Personally, in May, this time on are you are God and master in the name of your son, we pray, everybody said a man you're listening to the Christmas Eve edition of Insight for living music is provided by the stone briar community church choir and orchestra in Frisco Texas where Chuck serves as senior pastor and now we conclude the message Chuck started yesterday titled when an angel spoke to shepherds step into the imaginary time talking with me.

Let's leave the familiar 21st-century and go back to the dawning of the first were walking along the rolling sloping hills of southern Judea, you could drive there today on highways and when you do you see little brown tents. Every once in a while. Those who live in the tents are not called shepherds and noticed Bedouins as a cluster of them squatting together around a flyer out in the field. We don't know what field you know how far it was from the little town of Bethlehem, but there they were all of a sudden the sky is lit with the alien laserlike lights, there stands a creature they've never seen before. Let's say he was 12, 15 feet tall. Let's see his wingspan went out 25 feet if he had wings and his voice was like a dozen Niagara's as he said things but first she said I love this.

Don't be afraid dinner on the film road but giant shows up in the sky and says don't worry all is well. Will they were scared they know what to think until he began hunting you is born this way before we rush ahead when you're read it as Luke wrote it mean for you is plural unto y'all is born this day in the city of David a Savior, Christ the Lord. You will find the baby just just behind the Conemaugh we know it is and in so little more like a bed-and-breakfast stable behind. There were the animals were kept you go there you will notice in the feeding trough Manuel but fabulous. There appear to some royalty in Rome some totally dressed priest in Jerusalem, but even some rabbi in prayer in the synagogue appeared to the Bedouins folks like us just like us to us is born city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

At that moment.

That angel was surrounded by this your original citizen of heaven. Millions which I And someone said every star represents an angel and that even is too limited hosts of these my preachers who said God in the highest on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased born to you is Christoph's corporate office and a great story Christoph Curtis surrounded… Glory Borealis and then remember remember the routine angel show up.

Step up, speak up in the scoot, and this was gone, they are all gone, leaving the Bedouins to say it's going to Bethlehem and see this thing they told us about this is amazing. The first ones with the announcement of the son of God is a group of no names and we read after they saw the Christ child. They told others, and all were amazed at what they were saying they were the first evangelists I love you don't even know one of their names nor do I God has them all over.

You're never alone. You have one around you are with you at all times. I've been invited to speak back in the late 90s at a church in Fort Worth. So Cynthia and I decided we would go fairly early.

We would take the seminary vehicle. I was part of the leadership team at the school and and we left to drive there. I was told it's full of gas and is in good shape through the car was a little show receipt vintage and I drove this station wagon hundreds tires pretty slick and desolate to be careful when you know what halfway there late in that cold evening blowout mumble mumble so pullover earned a look at my rearview mirror there to bright headlights on thinking open good I like it when cops follow me, and I'm behaving myself so that pullover and then walked back in a lady stuck her head out said Chuck you okay I go yeah yeah that Cynthia I said yeah it is. She said that I saw you had the blood tell you what I know right where we can get this fixed. Follow me. So she pulled the car around and I followed phone around and got to the slow service station nicest guy he had the tires I needed these and I'll put them on. I said what about GoToMeeting he said just pay for now, it will will hide the Keegan. It will call it even. So we did that made those arrangements. I hopped in the car and I said were going to. She said I know I'll get you there right now, so she drove a simple right up and stop doesn't want to commit seasonal will always adhere to it a great evening, I spoke with Wendell Q&A afterwards with some potential students about 4 to 10 we finished walked out there she was waiting for us got the card she was driving a Spectra loop place we had left our vehicle and I said would use. Please take a little bit of money for you judges, absolutely not.

I didn't realize it, but my money was no good for she lives. And of course I'm talking to one who was sent to us. She knew all about us.

She knew all about the ministry we were having even want to know about Insight for living know all about her children and will turn around find the key, she was gone and I never have heard from her again and never will most likely come special.

I had a woman angel who drove a legal car. Who knew exactly where the church was were never alone.

You aren't I'm not what you don't see them. You don't necessarily hear them. Just when you need them through their sent by God to watch over you wherever you are. I was never more alone than the 16 months I was away in the Marine Corps station on Okinawa. I felt alone, but I was never alone again and again. I sense God's presence. I think about angels back then but I realize now even on that Christmas Eve when I happen to have been near Atsugi, Japan are outfit was stationed there. All the other guys going in the village. I went into a little restaurant and listen to music, drink a Coke thought about my bride at home and I thank the Lord for his presence in my life.

Are you sure you have the Lord in your life or or are you absolutely certain I mean certain if you're not this cross appear behind me is a symbol that we place in high profile in our church because that's where the battle was fought in one of the Savior. Even if you didn't know about it. Your sins were paid for. He came to our world came to his own, but his own did not receive him, but to those who do. He gives them the authority to become the children of God. Even those who believe in his name, believing him right now. Make this Christmas complete in Christ, bow your head with you if you know the Lord pray for those sitting near you pray for others now must speak to the others, all of you Bedouins out there those whose name I don't know, we've never met, and probably never will. I invite you to the Savior.

He cares very much about you enough to watch over you day and night and even to bring you to this moment where you and I would connect you would have a chance to hear how to move from darkness to light and from death to life by trusting in Christ, just accepting the gift like you do on Christmas morning just take the gift Christ will come in there for your sins to his time.

In fact, angels will thank you father for the privilege of knowing you follow this earth. Thank you for those unusual moments when we suddenly become aware were not ever alone for Jesus who loved us and gave himself for us will think bring those research today so that they like us might come in the door.

Christ in his name and all of us, including a brand-new five day teaching series you're listening to the Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll.

He titled his final message when an angel spoke to shepherds you're listening to Insight for living through devotional messages from Chuck and sacred music from the stone briar community church choir and orchestra.

It's got our focus on the baby Jesus and the celebration of Christmas and to learn more about this ministry. Please visit us now just before we hear a closing comment from Chuck. I'll remind you.

He recently sat down for a special interview in this 30 minute conversation you hear Chuck describe his passion for reaching the lost which was inspired by the great commission of Jesus. More importantly it will help you understand how to integrate this command from Jesus into your daily life is well defined easy instructions on how to view Chuck's conversation when you go to well even though the pandemic and its threat upon our lives has begun to subside. It's very clear that our biggest challenges may lie in the new year, Chuck. Along those lines.

In recent days you've shown us that our view of God's power will determine the course of our lives in the new year.

That's right Dave, I believe with all my heart that God is not only big but he's the God of limitless possibilities.

Think about that my convictions are founded on biblical truth, I'm thinking.

For example, of Luke 1827 where we read the things that are impossible with people or possible with God in the same thought using Jeremiah the weeping prophet wrote this. Nothing is too difficult for you.

Jeremiah 3217. In addition to these biblical affirmations I have also bear witness to the God of limitless possibilities of seeing his greatness at work in my own life again and again. For these reasons, and so many more. I'm compelled to pursue what many people deem impossible. That is to obey the great command of our Savior Jesus and make disciples of all the nations. That's right, all the nations, would you be willing to join us in this journey. In recent days and months. You've heard me talk about what we call vision 195. So this is not new to you. If the passion of our hearts to bring insight for living to all 195 countries of our world. I confess it's an audacious dream in my own strength. Admittedly, it's impossible, but I base my confidence on the God of limitless impossibilities in the last two years. God is accomplished the impossible. He's guided Insight for living ministries through a global pandemic as well as a combative national election and a season of isolation. We never experienced until now. During this time. We kept every single radio station and we have not missed a broadcast and my friend. I believe our best days still lie before us so let's trust this God of impossibilities shall let's pull together and let's offer our personal resources to tell of God's amazing grace and all the countries of the world. That's 195 of the please follow God's prompting and give generously whatever God is placed on your heart that do that today. Thanks so much for standing alongside getting in touch and responding to Chuck Swindoll is easy effective method is best for you first speak to one of our ministry represented scholars listening in the United States dial 1-800-772-8881 800-772-8888 or it might be quickest and most efficient to give it our secure website dryness when Chuck Swindoll kicks off a miniseries designed for the new year. That's Monday on Insight for living.

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