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For These Reasons, Lord, We Thank You! (Part One), Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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November 24, 2021 7:05 am

For These Reasons, Lord, We Thank You! (Part One), Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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November 24, 2021 7:05 am

Thanking Our God

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What's the best way to do God with thanksgiving around the corner. Show your real quickly going to the things for which you were grateful to have an solemnly and reverently and gratefully knowledge that he is God in America inside for living originate Thanksgiving falls on the final Thursday in November tomorrow matter what country you call home any season is worthy of giving thanks effect a thorough study of the Bible reveals that cultivating the heart of gratitude to become a major discipline for every follower of Christ today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll resumes his brand-new miniseries on this topic.

Today he is reminding us that our gratitude should transcend the material things that God provides include his attributes as well. God is God is only present, God is God's righteous always at work forever loving us, you could not love us more. Even though he could not know us better look at these first six verses, let's dig right in here, I told you what started as a sermon on theology. So, without apology. Let's think theologically or Lord you have examined my heart word means to see the sift as you would sift flour as you would sift sand to see if it even carries the idea digging through the sand on the dirt as an archaeologist would define something precious.

Some vital discovery looking for. You dig deeply and be you sift through me is describing the greatness of God's omniscience and is not just insist about things. It's about me. You examine the plea so show me what you see as you examine me. You know everything about me. There is omniscience. He knows everything. You know my thoughts even from afar. You know the thoughts before I have you know where they come from, or even if I'm at a distance, it may be that you know those thoughts. You know my thoughts even before I see them you will before me and follow me placer and a blessing on my grace and that you don't follow me to slap me in the face you follow me to put your hand a blessing on my head you love me, the one who notices the best, could not love us more, but a marvelous thing that's not true of everybody. Some people who know us really well you know what those people say much. They know everything about you. God knows it all. The beautiful thing he keeps it to himself is called grace is called grace. Shameful things you should never have done and I should never done the dreadful things we should never thought or participated in, he do those thoughts he was right there pack you will before me and you follow me blessed me, he adds verse six.

I can't wrap my head around it. This is the way the psalmist says it fits knowledges to wonderful for me to understand God understands this. He sees through us. We never pull the wool over his eyes doesn't have a bias, he is God. This is nature to know he doesn't discover he knows now.

The beautiful thing about this wonderful God of ours is he not only knows as fully and completely understanding us. We can never break free from what we can escape we can tried to get away with what he says in verse seven.

I could never escape from your spirit. I can look at hi, I can never get away from your presence will place and no, God's not here because he is there no matter where no matter how evil the setting may be. God knows exactly where you work.

God is all about you, no matter how frightening the situation may be, God is right there is not frightened. He knows what will happen is in charge someone 15 three. Our God is in the heavens.

He does whatever is pleased to do so. Reason she's engaged.

David begins the with several tips.

If I go all the way up to heaven, you love the way that appears in the original go all the prisons and there is one great you he's all about heaven. If you travel incognito to the remote of the remotest island, leaving everyone who knows you in your past, leaving no forwarding address. Saying nothing to no one you found yourself in the most remote places in the middle of the vast oceans, even there you could speak with and know for sure that your heavenly father is right there in fact, he is there a love this. Even there, firsthand, your hand will guide me and your strength will support me even there your hand will guide me.

No one knows where I am you do you know it all in your never absent so your hand will guide me in your strength will support me talk about giving reason to say thank you. On the day of Thanksgiving, Lord God, we reverently and gratefully and solemnly acknowledge your presence, power, thank you. Oh, God, for caring enough to be right there in all of my needs you there to meet him. Our ship left San Diego when I was going up sir, but time in the military over the whole canal we we left San Diego in 17 days later we dock at your, Japan, 17 days at sea we cross the international date line II been at CE before but not like this I'd ever seen, 40, 50 foot swells in the storm that made the ship that was enormous 3500 other military people on the ship and felt like a toothpick in that. See Everest turning for four days of the storm at sea skipper came on later and told all of us. Aside from storms hit it in the North Atlantic. He had never seen such a storm and he was grateful.

We made it through everyone. The ship was sick. Everybody seasick the sea was edited for God was right there right there they made him one of the prophets is the clouds above the dust of his feet. That's our God is a God like him. That's our quick count.

Someone in charge of our world of us are times, yes, even when there is a pandemic easier knows all about his coming centuries before it arrived, knows exactly how long it will last is exactly what the vaccine will be discovered when it will be issued how effective it will be all lived through it all die and it knows all the grace of our heavenly father we are here today cared for strengthened, supported David goes a step further and says in verse 11. I could ask the darkness to hide in the light around me to become night but even in darkness. I cannot hide from you to you the night shines as bright as day darkness and light. All the same to you. There's no night with God. There's no time to sleep. There's just nothing like that don't make God into an old man with a long beard that blows from the north when think of that is God, nothing at all like us knows all is present through all is powerful in the midst of all even in the darkness. Even though men and women think they can carry out their wicked deeds. It's like broad daylight. God every deceitful chamber is and is in the midst of God's presence is right there every lie.

Its plan sees it being planned. Witness is carried out. There is no hiding from. He is remember Omni present. Charles Spurgeon writes this sentence that I just read about darkness. This sentence seems to sum up all that went before, and most emphatically puts the negative upon the faintest idea of hiding under the cover of night men and women cling to this notion because it's easier and less expensive than hiding under darkness then to journey to remote places and therefore the foolish thought is here beaten to pieces by this statement, the ungodly are still do bother groveling notions of God and inquire. How does God know they must fancy that he is is limited in the his powers of observation as they are yet if they would consider, but for a moment, they would conclude that he could not see in the dark could not be God, and he who is not present everywhere could not be the Almighty Creator with Thanksgiving around the corner. We urge you and your meal, whether it's you alone or with another, or if you rather than quickly going to the things for which you were grateful to have look and solemnly and reverently and gratefully acknowledge that he is God, and by his grace, he found you came to your rescue at the cross, he knows you completely loves you unconditionally and then as you thank him for his missions. Forget his omnipresence.

Thank you. Oh God you were here you have never been elsewhere in my life than here forever. Here is that you were there and that you will be there. Thank you that you are the answers to our every question in the solution to our every struggle and quiet our hearts with the realization that what me trouble is called a pandemic doesn't trouble you. You know what you're doing all things work together for our good and your glory. Remember to do that when you sit at your table to eat her meal long ago.

It was the 17th century in a place that you probably have not known about Eisenberg Saxony in ancient Germany. I see ancient 17th-century Germany there is a war going on.

The enemy is outside the walls of Eisenberg and within the walls there is a plague. There was a famine.

There is fear and insecurity, and death. Lots of deaths. Even the pastors who ministered to their flocks became ill and died away, except for one one lived on Martin ring cart's name Pastor Rick cart on some occasions would bury as many as 50 in one day.

One day that is a plague.

They were at a loss.

The good no one knew what to do or who would die next every call led to suspicion every sleaze frighten those around Martin watched his children shiver and fear and realize if there's ever going to be peace.

Someone will have to negotiate with the enemy. He decided before they broke through the gate he would go out of the gate and courageously stand before them and simply plead their case. He did that. It's so impressed the enemy troops that they lay down their arms. They swore not to invade the fight was over and out of honor.

They said to him, go back there with your family. We believe he would sit down at the little table children fearful not knowing what to expect. He told him and you realize there could be no healing without Thanksgiving. Think of that statement. So he decided in all things, to give thanks and he wrote a piece that became a him 1636. Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices who wondrous things done, in whom this world rejoices, who from our mother's arms have blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love and still is ours today, all praise and thanks to God the father now be given the son and him Marines with them and highest heaven, the one eternal God, who earth and heaven adore for thus it was is now, and shall be ever more for all Martin Rinker knew that would be a little polling he would give his children to take with to remember God's intervening. Little did he know that one day it would be linked to a melody composed by Mendelson and turned into a him, the church would sing from then till now. Now thank we all our God.

He remembered that Thanksgiving is about the one who dwells above us and cares for us and ministers to us and meets us at the cross where he saves us and provides for us eternal life now with me. Would you for a few moments. Just close your eyes. We may never see another Thanksgiving Christ may come, and all earthly holidays will be forgotten. There may not be in America in the centuries to come. Should Christ Terry direction were going.

Who knows what our God remains the same yesterday today and forever. May we solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledge you never trusted in the Savior. What on earth are you waiting for trusted now trust your father, thank you, but you know us close to us. You've made us your forever righteous in our world of panic and confusion lies and deceit. You see it all clearly and you lead us, have your way. This Thanksgiving sees beginning with each one of us in the name of Jesus every once is possible you're among those who made the decision to follow Christ today to trust him with your life. We celebrate your decision and want to welcome you into the family of God. But if you're vacillating and want to learn more about what it means to follow God. We invite you to check out a webpage we've created for this purpose. Just go to to know God.

Again that's Insight to know God. If you're brand-new to this daily Bible teaching program you would know that Insight for living is made possible not through the sponsorship of a large church or religious institution, but through the voluntary donations of those who wanted you to have access to Chuck's teaching at the stations who partner with us in that respect those who give to Insight for living have a ministry all their own. You see when you give to this nonprofit ministry. You're the one who's touching a life with God's grace not only here at home all around the world and your loyalty and faithful giving sometimes over the course of many years has allowed us to reach more people than we ever dreamed possible check in July 2019, we celebrated a significant milestone for decades on AM and FM radio times of change since 1979 and today the program is offered through a variety of channels.

That's right Dave Insight for living started more than 40 years ago as a radio ministry long before the Internet and mobile phones came along today were using every digital platform imaginable and most of them are pretty unfamiliar to this preacher. I could tell you that a lot has changed in 40 years, but gratefully God's message of grace never changes. No matter what technology we use God accomplishes his purposes. When we simply expose people to the sweet aroma his grace but he put some scandal that statement because of the financial gifts that listeners like you gave this year we heard from lonely commuters who rely on us to give them companionship and biblical insight as they travel to and from work.

We heard from devoted pastors who trust us as a mentor to teach them how to search the Scriptures and feed their own flocks, grace filled messages. We also heard from stressed-out students who live on campuses for their Christian faith and their moral boundaries are regularly tested. We heard from single moms who manage their households and work full-time jobs without any help, and we heard from wives and husbands who have lost their partners through death or divorce. They all tell their own personal stories of heartbreak and brokenness and or discovery of God's grace and their reliance upon his word as taught on Insight for living and by the way, that's where you come in. If you have given to our ministry.

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Thank you for generously supporting the ministry of insight for the join us again when Chuck Swindoll continues scribed the many reasons to give God thanks that's our topic tomorrow on Insight for living. The preceding message for these reasons, Lord, we thank part one was copyrighted in 2020 and 2021 and the sound recording was copyrighted in 2021 by Charles are swindling.

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