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When Jesus Lowered the Boom, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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September 17, 2021 7:05 am

When Jesus Lowered the Boom, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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September 17, 2021 7:05 am

The King’s Commission: A Study of Matthew 21–28

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Today on Insight for living from Chuck Swindoll. Don't be afraid of feeling angry people say that you should never be angry because your Christian role.

There are times when if you don't feel angry, something is wrong will be afraid of anger. Just make sure it's for the right reason and expressed in the right way the right, but don't send the Bible has a lot to say about self-control.

Paul called it a fruit of the spirit.

James talked about taming are taught Peter one of the merits of self-control, but that doesn't mean expressing anger is never justified. In fact, the Bible teaches us to be angry today on Insight for living Chuck Swindoll will show a demonstration of righteous indignation story is told in Matthew chapter 21 Jesus in the temple and the market we make unrestrained title today's message when Jesus lowered Jesus was among fletch in one body, two natures exist in humanity.

When you study the life of Jesus. You see birds sometime we see them come close together as the good calm the waters.

He could give sight to the blind. He could give help to the cripple of the disabled walk on water.

Though God he was also man he became weary so he needed sleep when life was funny. He left when he was in grief. He wept when he was hit he hurt when he was cut he bled when he died, his heart stopped beating human he got mad when he witnessed the desecration of sacred things and he should have everything right about it. Tables are turned over doves or flying animals are rushing here and there, and while Jesus is doing all of this, verse 13. He's quoting verses and he doesn't remember he quotes from Isaiah 56 in Jeremiah chapter 7, he says Scriptures declare my temple will be called a house of prayer you have started to do it down please yells not at the worshipers would come, but at the leaders who were behind all of this corrupt activity interesting as soon as see if you will please the place out. Of all of this corrupt activity. But what happens verse 14 the blind, and they receive sight, the lien come and they are you and children, and they are shouting praise to God for the son of David, a messianic statement and the leaders watch all of this, and though the miracles were true and real and life-changing. And though the children songs were innocent songs sung in praise. The reaction of the leaders in the verse 15 look for yourself.

They were in fact he has enough presence of mind to say to these leaders who were staring him down.

Do you do you hear what the children are saying you heard their words. They asked him that and then he says yes. Haven't you read the Scriptures for they say, you have taught children and infants to give you praise right out of Psalm 80 verse two that he returned to Bethany, where he stayed overnight in no way will we get to the little village and and this is the part that you have to really think to understand it. I wrestle with it for hours. He gets up in the morning and is hungry see that in verse 18. Another characteristic of humanity. God's never hungry, but as a man is hungry so is hunger kicks in and and as they are making their way to Joe Jerusalem, the disciples around him on their way. He comes to a fig tree beside the road. He went over to see if there were any fits obviously was going to eat some of them for nourishment and he saw that there were only leads a pause here because what we just dealt with has nothing to do with figs are leaves unless you see this figuratively. Often Jesus's response in words and explanations have figurative things in mind and you have to realize that to understand them. He doesn't explain all of he saw only leaves you see this and then he said to the tree talks to the tree but you never bear fruit again immediately. The fig tree withered up.

What's that about when you do that, frankly, I think there is a symbol here that we shouldn't miss you just been dealing yesterday with those who are only leaves result fruit in their lives was all the roles of religion. They love the leaves of hypocrisy cover their lives, they weren't interested in spiritual things they were interested in making a profit and lining their own pockets remaining in power carrying out their corrupt activities. All leads.

Jesus uses the tree as an example of that.

Having seen hypocrisy on parade the day before.

He uses the fig tree as an example so they might teach the disciples not sure they got.

In fact, they said to him, as they were amazed how to the fig tree with her so quickly. Doesn't really answer the question I kept looking for that answer, but it's not here because that's the wrong question. The question is why would you cause it to whether what was it about this that cause you to respond like that, not how could it with her the obvious answer the how is it is God we can do anything. But Jesus then answers there curiosity with words that could get you into a lot of trouble if you didn't think clearly a look at what Jesus said, I tell you the truth if you have faith and don't doubt you could do things like like this and much more. You could even say to this mountain, may you be lifted up and thrown into the sea, and it will happen. You can pray for anything and if you have faith you will receive stop right there. Be very careful about going to an isolated verse or couple of verses and building your whole theology on that verse. The whole name it and claim it style of teaching is based on the singularity of isolated verses like this, but I want to ask you a question you ever known anyone move a mountain I've never met anyone who moved amount and I've known prayer warriors since my earliest years of walking with Christ.

I've never seen one.

As a result of prayer, move a mountain into the sea. But he says you can he says you will when you come to a passage like this, please hear me understand it is extreme language stated in an exaggerated manner to get a point across. Let me do that with a warning. You and I have situations that are mountain like some of you facing right now.

Perhaps the largest in your life it's impossible for you to fix it to change it if you will to move it to a better place. Christ can.

He tells us by relying on him having faith in him since he's the mountain mover.

What about say that because he's a mountain maker, you must make a mountain in order to be able to move a mountain and no human being is a mountain maker. Only God and since Christ is the one who created all he's telling them.

Trust me rely on me. Don't live your life full of leaves all the pretense of religion I'm looking for fruit fruit that will nourish so what are saying I want to underscore the importance of using this verse with other verses on prayer do that or you get yourself in a lot of trouble. You'll be very disillusioned by you will start praying for $1 million to show up in the mail and ended tomorrow morning out tomorrow afternoon when the mail comes your check is not their use of why I asked God for it and he said in Matthew 20 want to buy is for anything I could have it. As for me, know I was all for you. You can ask for his will, because you've not chosen the bursa talks about praying in his will. You must go there. That's in first John, and you may have seen in your life and that's in some 6618 if I regard sin in my life. The Lord will not hear me. So you may be asking for the wrong reason. So what I'm saying is you must correlate verses with verses because you see Jesus.

Jesus was never us clown in the center ring showing off his power.

He's not down there moving a mountain he's talking to people living with mountain, saying to them, I'm here for you to trust you can come to me and you can bring to me that impossible needed situation and I'm here to help you with it. All I want to caution you about clinging to an extreme example in making that your life's verse I read in my study of a couple who happen to be in ministry and and they were of this persuasion that if you claim that you name some human claimant and they when they made their way to their church. They passed a very wealthy part of the city and the lease.

All these what we would call mansions and they said to each other were going to claim a mansion for us to have you here the pronoun, not for God's glory. Not because that's what he wants but would would love to have a mansion and they live their lives anticipating getting a mansion.

Unfortunately, it never showed up on the block or they never moved into one CII deal with those who were disillusioned and they come from a toxic place where they have been worshiping and they went through all of this extreme kind of thinking and praying and wound up with not experiencing what was promised because they had no mountain move so don't make the extreme. Your standard guard against that God is an amazing thing. Remember it's an amazing thing at that moment he's not doing amazing things. Each day I have a friend who says if miracles happen every day they ought to be name regulars honestly in my life I maybe have known of five miracles. The rear I have a book may miracles and the man describes so many things everything except a parking space at Nordstrom at Christmas time. He doesn't mean that but that's almost close to what he would call a miracle or not miracles don't go there, stay balanced realize there's more on prayer than this verse right here I think about the point across to let me draw for lessons for all of us and I think are valuable enough for you to take note of number one, don't be afraid of feeling angry. I've heard people say that you should never be anger, angry because your Christian wrong. There are times when if you don't feel angry, something is wrong will be afraid of anger is make sure it's for the right reason and expressed in the right way the right time, be angry, but don't sin neutrality curses us in the our decision. When you reach a time of decision decide.

Don't just let it pass. God may want you to be the one on on the point of that which second lesson I learned to steer clear of all things hypocritical.

I don't know of anything.

Jesus came down harder on that hypocrisy. He dealt with the Pharisees as severely as he did, because they were walking hypocrites. They wanted you to think they were more righteous than there really were that they were people love great prayer and and commitment. They were neither there were showmen who serve the street corner and prayed so that you would watch them and you would be impressed by their words or brother.

Frequent prayers steer clear of all things hypocritical. Here's 1/3 lesson. Life is about producing fruit. Not growing leaves one of the fruit fruit of the spirit, love, we go love, joy, peace, long-suffering patients, gentleness, goodness, meekness, self-control go there. When I asked the Lord to do a major work in your life.

Let them move those mountains asked the Lord to give you the ability to find joy in life circumstances to love those that are difficult to light to be a person who is patient, gentle, gracious, here's the fourth and I measured it earlier guard against making the extreme. Your standard guard against making the extreme. Your standard in anything at this since were all older and that is I mean were rearing children or we have reared them and we have grandchildren let let's be sure we convey this to our younger generation so they realize the importance of let's not try to fake it. Let's keep it real.

When we got what was wrong. Let's admit it was wrong. When we have been impatient.

Let's call it impatience when our anger was mists of placed otoliths. Let's call it what it was inappropriate anger. If all of this sounds too good to be true, it may be because you've never come to the cross. None of this is is out of the realm of of reality. If you know Christ because Christ lives in the life he wants to produce the fruit of the spirit through your life belongs to do that for the right home or at work, whether in the familiar places her in the unfamiliar with her in private or in public with an hour in the future he wants you to represent him. When you do, I'll tell you it's remarkable how he can get get the glory. And you have a chance to speak for him in the most wonderful ways you get the picture bell with me. Would you please prayer you in this you find yourself on the edge of a situation were somebody needs to say something and you really realize now that you can say something and you begin to develop habits that are hypocritical words very important for you to look more holy than you really are.

This would be a great time to stop as God for the strength to be authentic and to give up the leaves to go for the fruit. How wonderful it would be if today would be the day for you to come to the cross, Christ might take over your life change you from yourself and an emphasis on yourself to him in his glory. How marvelous can happen today. Right now as you trust. Thank you father for the privilege of walking with Christ through the scenes can imagine what it would be like to stand beside him as he stood alone, or to hear his voice as he spoke in such unmistakable though at times, mysterious terms, thank you for the promise that we can lean on him and he will hear us and you will honor his name because what we are asking is your will.

May we forever be on guard against hypocrisy. May we be real real to the core that you might speak to us and through us and we might represent you correct to a watching world and for those who never come to the Savior. I pray that that will be a reality today, even today, May the mind of Christ our Savior, leaving us from day-to-day him exalting self. The basic this is Victor in his name we pray for his sake of everyone sitting maybe summarize the four points. Chuck Swindoll gave us first. Don't be afraid of feeling angry. Second, steer clear of all things hypocritical third life is about producing fruit and forth guard against making the extreme. Your standard listening to Insight for living. Chuck titled today study in Matthew 21 when Jesus lowered the boom and to learn more about Chuck in this ministry.

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