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Who Has the Most Toys?, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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August 26, 2021 7:05 am

Who Has the Most Toys?, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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Sometimes we mistakenly assume that materialism is unique to our culture. But in reality, people have struggled with green since the beginning of time craving well is woven into our sin nature.

All of us are prone to see money is key to our happiness today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll approves the timeless nature of this malady, taking us back to the first century were looking at a passage in Matthew chapter 19 when Jesus encountered a rich young ruler before we start the message Chuck leads us in prayer.

Thank you Lord for your grace just so constant when we realize that we regained to have our education in all of life.

We realize what it means were suddenly delivered from shame and the constancy of having to prove ourselves and the insecurity of wondering what were going to face when we wake up tomorrow morning or how were going to make it through death when we stand before you truly is amazing Lord today. There are a thousand stories sitting under this roof even more and were not your grace, they would all have sad endings. There would be a lot more shame. It would be a lot more discouragement a lot more selfishness a lot more one-upsmanship, but your grace puts the cities because Jesus paid it all, all to him. Leo so we thank you father for doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. Teachers truth through the lives of these little children in this setting, and this man who came to your son with all the wrong motives, and thank you for the way Jesus addressed the things that he really needed to hear, which we need to hear medicine to us during this time of offering.

We often think of it is our time to get to you. I pray that you would give to us during this time of quietness. Give us a reminder of of your pleasure in in our lives lived in Christ remind us as we sit in this room. It's one of the few places on earth that we as believers are in the majority remind us that in this journey were not alone remind us what a pleasure it is to have a church like this, surrounded by people like these, worshiping your son. There is no one else like for that reason, we give rightfully Lord I pray for those who wear the uniform today. Thank you for each one equally important for those family members just as involved as they give us all hearts of compassion and mercy deliver us from ourselves.

Lord, in a selfish hero so that we can represent your son, who was touched with the feelings for us. These offerings are yours and we give them great because of your amazing grapes in the name of Jesus. Everyone's a man to study the book of Matthew with Chuck Swindoll.

Be sure to download his searching the Scripture study by going to Insight another message from Chuck that he titled who has the most toys. It was a man who saw this is not name here are in Mount Mark Allred Luke. The other two accounts to cover the story.

He's an unnamed man.

All three of them reveal them as being young don't know how young but he walked right up, eyeball to eyeball Jesus and he shot him a question stop what we know about him, we know nothing of his background is unusual, that he's young and also Luke's words very rich and Lou calls him a leader or a ruler he sees in Jesus, something he does not have in himself. He identifies it as eternal life. He just knows that he's listening to Jesus teach how long were not told her where have no idea what he walks up to Jesus any addresses in with a respectful title teacher, what good thing must I do to get what you've got. How can I get what you're talking about called eternal life. Jesus responds. Why ask me about what's good is only one who is good, but to answer your question.

If you want to receive eternal life, keep the commandments. So most likely he's Jewish because he asked which one he was not Jewish he may not even know about the commandments. Watch what Jesus said you must not murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal.

You must not lie on your father, your mother and love your neighbor as yourself. Stop the list the 10 Commandments lately read Exodus 1920. You see the list. These are all from the last part of the list. These are all the horizontal commandments.

The first ones are all about a relationship with God. These are all about relationship with others. Verse 20 is the most significant verse of the whole biography he had the audacity to say that Jesus obeyed all of those I've obeyed all these commandments. The young man replied what now is to get them all and how I want to see you Friday. I've never seen anybody in my life, including me, who's done all of those things the nurses have crazy the way Jesus describes them in in the sermon on the Mount where he talks about the heart.

I mean who hasn't despised someone enough the woman pick him all buildings around well, how about committing adultery who has an address somebody else in their mind or entertain the thought of of sex with them or going further than we should.

With someone outside our marriage. It's a shameful thought, but it's true for the depravity in this. Who hasn't stolen anything, even piece of paper from the office or paperclip you never taken anything but lying is no person on earth. I went through childhood without lying lies a very present help in time of need. You do it so you live regularly to your married partner you just live you you you you you act like if you don't say that you claim the acting like is a lie.

You stay silent, which is a lie because if you spoke it up until the true so your silence will utilize we will line but you was interesting about this.

I don't want you to miss. He pulls one out of order. Jesus knew the order of the commandments, he wrote the commandments honoring your father and mother is out of order. When away. I think it has something to do with the young man of his father and mother taken really good care of your mom and dad now that you're loaded and there indeed in their older age really are you claiming that core bond nonsense words all giving to God, which is nothing more than a pharisaical rationalization and loving your neighbor as yourself. Anybody in this room a perfect neighbor never met one.

I've never met a perfect neighbor. We already tested to say I'll check them all giving one another not done in a gracious of Jesus not to look him in the I say to him you blind fool you are so important to you. You don't even know what you have failed to do in your life. So Jesus decides to put his finger on the one issue that would touch him at the deepest stories is that the young man you want to be perfect, go and sell your possessions and give the money to the poor you will have treasure in heaven and come, follow me. Now there are some people who go there and they put out a context of this eight.

Jesus taught that you have anything is wrong.

And until you sell everything and get rid of everything and live on food stamps are not really spiritual that's pulling it out of context, making something of this. It was never meant to say always integrate a passage with its context. This is a man who lives for his toy when you're young and rich that happens. Jesus knows that. So he says get everything in proper order get the stuff that you worship and worship me kind of the living God with your whole heart and soul. You will notice the young man when he heard this verse 22 went away sad because he had many position that's just implying something very important and he's not really willing to get rid of any of them member years ago traveling in Newport Beach.

Following a Ferrari.

I think it was a portion and have a little license border. He who dies with the most toys wins. I wish that license read stupid stupid statement. You could believe people believe it. You got all what is that mean well you drive a portion of this not good enough. So you gotta have a Ferrari so you get a Ferrari and that's not enough to need to Ferrari you get to Ferrari's got have a car garage part four part so you need a bigger house and as not enough you need another house and that's number on and on and on and on and on. Enough is never enough because you don't only things they own you.

That's where this man is so that's why he's walking away saying it is that he doesn't understand is that he doesn't want to put first things first. What a tragic addiction. That path is strewn with illiterate people who have nothing but their toys. He's got more toys and all those other children put together a don't want to be rid of anyone overseeing the children we've seen them. The man and we let our imagination run free enough to put ourselves in this sandals see them walking in the disk into a wave. By the way, Jesus doesn't quickly follow him, begging him to rethink it. You make your choices you live with it.

Your grown-up SOA life is wonderful when were small and an uncomplicated, we are think about it were not self-conscious basically were not that competitive.

We love people and we have things and we use things when they grow up against reverse we love things and we use people ever driven by our own agenda. Life gets in reverse in the Lord calls us into account. In moments like this other man say to me, following the first morning service was ever message I needed to hear. It was this one today.

Right now, and he walked away don't have any idea what he meant, but you may be in the oceans would be surprised that many of you are because we live in a very materialistic region of the country.

Oh I love it here.

I love living where we live. Being with the people I'm with. But I see it around me all the time and I I have to deliberately fight and I know you to my heart goes out to those who've given up the fight and enough is never enough. So I think about our agenda and I I ask will really have first things first, and I really made Jesus Christ and his life and his cross in his Will preeminent in my life because if I have not on never find happiness and when death comes near. I certainly won't feel comfortable speaking of that, got an email this week from a dear friend I've known for decades been married, not quite 50 years eroded from a room at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. Is he sitting alone his wife with brain cancer as the cancer has now invaded her lungs and he writes the most thoughtful email. You can read any sums life up into four statements beautiful part of the reason is beautiful is because it's so real it's so you can just see his wife lying there and he's writing this to a group of friends. Number one. Life is hard. By the way this man up is the love Jesus, Christ, and she does with their whole heart.

Life is hard.

Number two, we are not in control number three. It's not about us. Number four. We will all die as a message from a room at MD Anderson hospital written by husband who unless God intervenes, will soon probably soon bury his wife.

Not us. Not a hint of bitterness not to blame, not a regret. In fact, only gratitude for the almost 50 years, they shared life together and shared Christ with the people around them. But now it's all coming down to death. Trust me when he leaves he will not be sad he will be filled with joy, he and his wife whatever toys they got, or in the right place is amazing what death does to reshape values.

There was an event that occurred in 1912 that captured everybody's attention was able to 14 when the unsinkable hit an iceberg and early in the morning on the 15th that Titanic went to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

About 1500 perished about 700 survive that news made the news around the world that were still returning. Returning to it. But there's one story I've never read in any news column. The story of a woman who left her first class cabin and raced down the deck that was already tilting to a lifeboat and got in a boat was fortunate enough to get a place in lifeboat were about the Laurent into the North Atlantic. The darkness of night, she suddenly without saying a word, jumped out of the boat and ran back up the deck of that ship ran into across the gambling room into her sweet. Her room pushed aside the necklaces and the diamond rings and the things that she'd left on the shelf and grab three small oranges and raced back to the boat seems incredible that she would do such a thing. This wealthy lady, but you see dad now boarding the Titanic and one glass of his awful breath and transformed all values now priceless things seem worthless and worthless things seem priceless. She would rather have three small oranges than creative dime. You don't need any toys when death comes, you need only what will help you survive and that is Jesus Christ. Please bow your heads if I speak to you who were building your list of toys. I urge you to stop, take a long look at your short life and realize that it is an endless bottomless pit. You'll never have enough to satisfy, and you'll never find enough to get you through the throes of death, I heard you right now to turn your life over to the only one who has been there and come back to tell the story.

He alone can give you the kind of peace that you need to set your priorities straight to rearrange the affairs of your life so that you can own a few toys without turning getting your head turned, but they will never own.

You was a man so woman's life does not consist in the abundance of the things which we possess.

Right now, right now.

Trust in Jesus Christ's Lord in this quiet moment we are thinking perhaps more clearly than we have this entire week. Keep these thoughts in our minds make us restless. If I find ourselves in the shoes of this young man so full of ourselves that we don't even realize how blind we enable us to come to an end of ourselves, fresh before you and the crows turn our lives over to the Lord Jesus is begin today. Father, helping us to rebuild a life that's fireproof will last throughout time and eternity in the name of Christ, and everyone said amen. Spending a lifetime acquiring more possession will do nothing to advance our happiness nor will it improve our position with God, you're listening to Insight for living in the Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll to discover the resources we have available for today's topic, please visit us today, Chuck addressed a very serious issue and we know that our audience deeply appreciate hearing the truth in the way Insight for living refuses to dodge the pressing problems of life. One of your fellow listeners recently use the word authenticity and expressed his gratitude. He said Chuck you taught me that it's okay to be human and make mistakes. In fact, you taught me that humor is a Christian is quite okay and another who said thank you Dr. Swindoll for teaching God's word. I listen to Insight for living for three years now. I learned so much maturing my growth as a Christian never knew I could fall so in love with our Savior. Thanks all that insight for living site's comments saved by grace when those comments are encouraging to inspire anyone who supported and prayed for this nonprofit history see your gift makes these moments possible that uses your generosity to touch lives with his grace and mercy. Today we're inviting you to take your next steps with and join our family of monthly you choose the size of fusion. Whatever got punctured again become a monthly companion right now, listening in the US, 1-800-772-8888, 1-800-772-8888 four to give a one time donation today go to insight.for travelers who want to take a tour to Israel have lots of choices, but if you measure up to the thoughtful journey prepared by Insight for living ministries with the proper mix of historical information and biblical context. We provide ample opportunities to pause and let the wonder. Our goal is to create special moment when you deepen your love for the Bible and draw closer to your ward experience an unforgettable 12 day tour to Israel Chuck Swindoll Insight for living ministries March 6-17, 2022. To help you grasp the significance of each slight you will be accompanied by handpicked Israeli guidance and we choose the best, along with some of the retrained pastors and professors to enhance your spiritual journey.

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