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No Morning Was Ever Brighter, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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April 1, 2021 7:05 am

No Morning Was Ever Brighter, Part 2

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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Sometimes it takes a contrast in value see something more clearly certainly true of Easter. No day was darker or sadder than Good Friday when our Lord was crucified. In contrast, no morning was brighter or happier than Easter today on Insight for living the resume a message.

Chuck Swindoll started last time he's teaching for Mark chapter 16 about the historical events that revolutionized the world are hopeless, sinful condition was dramatically transformed into a bright, hopeful future job title this message. No morning was ever brighter and we begin because Christ the Lord is risen on this day we acknowledge it and we say hello. You praise be to your name, sons of men and angels say you were to raise our voice and try on high. We are to sing as they do in heaven and on earth. Reply hallelujah praise be to your name.

We pause on this glorious resurrection morning to thank you for giving us hope beyond this life. Remind us our father that we are really living in the land of the dying headed for the world of the living reprioritize our lives, our father and take us to that place where we see and understand that we are to seek first the kingdom of your heaven and your plans and all the other things of this life will be added to us as they are needed, rightful our father that we find in Christ, the risen Lord.

Hope in this life and hope for the life to come, and because of that we give with great gratitude and generosity as your people in the name of Jesus, who has been raised.

We pray and for his sake alone. We give everyone sent to study. Mark chapter 16 with Chuck Swindoll. Be sure to download his searching the Scriptures. Studies by going to Insight another message from Chuck titled no morning was ever brighter, Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia. You know, we have been singing that for 275. What will we haven't, but the church is been singing that 275 years.

Charles Wesley wrote it way back then. I'm sure he had no idea that it would be song, decades and decades beyond his own life and there it is. So why not moms and dad saying it in their Iraq and our grandchildren will sing it when they are adults someday gather for worship, but you come to church only once a year, and Easter is your Sunday, you probably are wondering about now is not the only song they know what's the big deal will last a guy named Paul not not first century.

Paul but one of our own contemporaries golfer who by this time it reached the zenith of his career.

He is in fact had become by then the, the, the number two money winning golfer on the tour Paul easing I heard Paul tell the story and the gathering number of years ago and he was by then a man of enormous celebrity incredibly gifted and able to carry his own and whatever may have been the particular course, but he began to feel pain in his shoulder.

He told us about it as he gave us a story in the he couldn't get past infected affected his swing any finally realized that you need to see a physician when it did, his life would never be the same. He heard the words bone lymphoma big words for cancer. He said to us in our smaller gathering, much smaller than this.

After I heard the physicians say that my first reaction after I left his office was to go directly to the men's room and throw my whole world He Was on a Roll.

He Was Moving Ahead. Family Was Doing Well. He Was Known All through That Sport and Other People Who Were Fans Knew the Name Paul Azinger. In Fact, Paul Knew the Song Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Out Of William Sons of Men and Angels Say Raise Your Voice with Triumph High See Heavens and Earth. Reply Hallelujah and He Sang That Song As He Had Never Sung before Now Be Realized Because Christ Was Raised.

Having Trusted in Christ, He to Regardless of What Happens with His Cancer. He Too Would Be Raised and Made like Christ Is What Paul Azinger Would Say, You May Not Have Heard the Word Lymphoma Connected to Your Name or Your Body yet but Imagine What It Will Be like If in Fact It Happens That You and Eyes Standing before Our Physician Hear the Word Lymphoma. Your Bone Cancer. Paul Says When All of That Began the Landowning He Really Could Think about Life in a Whole New Set of Priorities and He Realized What the Chaplain Had Said in the Previous Tour Now Makes Sense.

He Had Said We Think We Are in the Land of the Living, Going to the Land of the Dying We Are in Fact in the Land of the Dying Headed for the Land of the Living. If You Don't Know the Song and If You Don't Know the One about the Song Speaks. You Haven't Looked at It like That Lives Again Our Glorious King Hallelujah Where Odette Is Now by Staying Hallelujah Dying.

Once You All Save.

Hallelujah. Where Where Is Thy Victory. It's Time to Give Him Praise. It Is What We Would've Planned or Expected or Have Wanted, but When God Has His Way, You Turn to What Has Anchored Your Soul Life. That's Why We Gather That's Why We Celebrate This One.

The Day Is Significant. Paul Rights of All of This in First Corinthians Chapter 15.

If You Mark Your Bible There. Please Open to That 15 Chapter.

It Is the Greatest Chapter in All the Bible Strictly Addressing the Resurrection.

Many Other Chapters Mention It, but This One Develops the Thought and Follows It through. Paul Sums up the Gospel, the Good News at the Beginning of the Chapter in Texas All the Way through to the Point of Resurrection and Victory over the Grade by the End of the Chapter Look at How We Begin Let Me Remind You, Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Good News. The Good News I Preached to You, You Welcomed It, Then I Need to Stand Firm in It Now Verse Three I Passed on to You. What Was Most Important and What Had Also Been Passed on to Me and Here It Is. Christ Died for Our Sins, Just As the Scriptures Said in My Bible. I've Highlighted the Words Christ Died for There Is No Resurrection. If You Have the Death If You Can Prove He Never Died, Which Some Skeptics Would Love to Do. You Have No Miracle of the Resurrection, He Must Die.

He Was Be a Corpse Important. I Mean, What Good Is a Fully Resurrection If There Was a Pony Death.

Some Believe He Just Sort of Sloughed and Became Unconscious and Dead inside the Tomb Meet Came Back to Consciousness It and He Moved This Massive More Than a Ton Weight of Stone Away from the inside and Slipped out into the Night and Faked a Resurrection.

I Think It Takes More Faith to Believe That and He Just Was Raised from the Dead, but There Are Some Who Say That, but If You Don't Have a Dead Christ, You Don't Have a Miracle Resurrection to Prove That He Died. He Was Buried. He Wasn't Buried Alive. He Was Buried Dead Wrapped Him As You Would Wrap up Money They Put the Splices in to Cover the Stench of a Decaying Body in the Days to Come and Hurriedly Placing the Gray Because the Sabbath Was upon Them. They Got Him in the Tomb. They Laid Him There with All the Wrappings, Even a Little Wrapping around His Head, Called by One of the Disciples. The Handkerchief That Held the Jaw Closed. There Really Had There Been Any Sign of Life. They Certainly Would Not Have Gone through the Process, but He Died. Paul Writes of It. Christ Died and in Proof of His Death. He Was Buried, but That's Only Half the Story of the Gospel. Next We Read He Was Raised Raised from the Dead on the Third Day Just to Scriptures and How We Know He Was Raised.

Among Other Evidences, Please Observe. He Was Seen Was Adjusted Gossip and Spread among the Early Believers Know He Was Seen by Peter. He Was Seen by the 12 Headman.

After That, He Was Seen by More Than 500 of His Followers.

Some Would Say It Was Just an Aberration. Just a Figment of Their Magic 500 Figments of Imagination Hardly 500 Followers at One Time Saw Him Alive in Number Seven. He Was Seen by Dreams and Later by the Apostles and Last of All the Apostle Rights. I Saw Him, Knowing You Might Think What What What What If There Were No Resurrection Was Just Just Just Assume for a Moment That All of This Is a Hoax and All the Christians down through the Centuries That Had Gathered on Easter Sunday to Sing the Song Song That Really Has a Hollow Ring to It Because There There Really Is No Resident Lidless's Contract That for a Moment. Paul Doesn't Beginning at Verse 13. If There Is No Resurrection of the Dead.

Let's Go There and Then He Put the List Together. Sort of Takes Your Breath Away. Then Christ Is Not Been Right. If There's No Such Thing As Resurrection Number One We Don't Have a Resurrected Christ Number Two. Verse 14 Then All Our Preaching Is Is Useless, Just A Lot Of Hot Air. Some of You Believe That a Long Time Anyway, and It Proves Now That All the Preachers down through the Centuries.

It Just Poured out A Lot Of Useless As a Garage Is Not True Information Is Useless. Let's Go Further, Your Faith Is Useless and We Apostles Would All Be Lying about God All the Apostles a Pack of Liars.

They Sent This They Wanted Us to Believe It, but the Blind Your Faith Is Useless. We Read on in Verse 17. Your Guilty Still Guilty of Your Sins. That Big Pack Is Still in Your Back That Still Heavy Heavy Weight That You Carry That Addiction You Can Get Rid of Those Habits That Haunt You Arrange the Bills within You the Lack of Forgiveness toward Others.

The Wrongs of Your Pastor.

There There There to Begin Your Year As You Lay on the Pillow at Night Pounding, Pounding Away like in Your Own Paul Writes in the Pit Pendulum. The Guilt Comes Back Comes Back.

The Nutcase Look at This One All Who Have Died Believing in Christ Are Lost, Paul Azinger As Believing in a Hoax. The Willis Couple That Had Set Their Hope on the Fact That They Would See Those Children One Day, That Those Children Are No Longer Dead Here but Living There. If It's There Almost Betty Horton, Billy Lawton and the Couple You Could Mean They're All Lost Vacuums with the Statement That so True. We Are All People in the World. Most to Be Pitied Were to Be Pitied with No Window Song to Sing Window Message to Declare It's All Got a Hollow Ring to It. No, in Fact, I Love the Way Verse 20 Begins. But in Fact Only Paul He Wrote It like It but in Fact so Much for the What Is so Much for the Condition If There Was No Resurrection but in Fact He States Christ Has Been Raised from the Dead. He's the First of a Great Harvest of All Who Have Died. So You See, Just His Death Came into the World through One Man, That's Adam. Now the Resurrection from the Dead Has Begun through Another Man and That's Jesus Just As Everyone Dies Because We Belong to Adam. Everyone Who Belongs to Christ Will Be Given New Life. Good. How Can You Say It's a Fact Can We Say That Will Be Evidence Is Overwhelming, Overwhelming. We Have Just Seen That He Was Seen by All of These People.

Furthermore, the Tomb Was Empty the Stone Was Rolled Away, Which Was a Physical Impossibility Seen by Others in Their Lives Have Been Transformed by the Way, No One Is Ever Found His Corpse or His Skeleton, Believe Me.

They Looked and No Part of the Holy Land Have the Remains of Jesus Been Recovered. I Was Reading Just a Little Late Last Evening the Words of the Donald Barnhouse Delete Dr. Barnhouse Passion, a Church in Philadelphia for Well over 20 Years. He Writes in His a Wonderful Volume on the Letter to the Romans. These Words, the Fact of the Resurrection Is Attested by a Host of Witnesses Begins to Name Some.

The Change of the Day of Worship from the Jewish Sabbath.

Saturday to the First Day of the Week, the Lord's Day Is One of the Mightiest Proofs of the Resurrection. The Astounding Psychological Change in the Disciples Think about That That Can Be Accounted for Only by the Resurrection of Jesus from the Dead from a Group of Hiding Cowards Overnight. They Were Transformed into a Company of of Indomitable Men Fearing Neither Life nor Death. All of That in the Matter of a Day. Think about the Night He Was Arrested.

They Scattered like Rats in a Sinking Ship. They All Fled into the Night into the Shadows, but after the Resurrection Why They Flood down the Steps of the Day of Pentecost and They Stand in the Street Even Though It Was Illegal and They Pronounce and Proclaim the Name of Jesus. Having Been Raised from That the Same Man He Had Spaced Totally Impossible to Explain These Things Apart from the Fact of the Historical Literal Resurrection of Christ from the Dead, and in Proclaiming the Fact of the Resurrection. Let It Be Well Understood Were Not Talking about a Resurrection Other Than a Literal One. Jesus Rose from the Dead in the Same Body in Which He Died, Only This One Was Glorified CS Lewis of Cambridge and One of His More Notable Books Answering the Argument That the Resurrection Might Be Considered a Spiritual Replied. Resurrection of Christ Was As Literal As Broiled Fish.

What Would You Name Broiled Fish. Well, the Lord Jesus Appeared to His Disciples Broiling Fish on the Far beside the Sea of Galilee and Ate That Fish with Them. It Was a Real Resurrection after a Real Death. The Death of a Man Whose Heart Had Been Pierced with the Spear Thrust into His Side.

He Rose from the Dead and He Still Listens. Think of It like This. Think of Two Worlds. We Live in One That Is around Us Were Born into It. We Exist and It We Die on It This World.

And Then There Is Another World That Is beyond Us. I Put It in the Simple Statement Embracing the Reality of the World to Come, Radically Alters Everything the World in Which We Live Again Embracing the Reality of the World to Calm Radically Alters Everything in the World in Which We Live Is Living in the Black Tube of Everyday Life on This Planet for People Died in Automobiles Every Day for Heart Attacks Happen Every Few Seconds Every Day Where People Take Their Lives Every Day for Heartbreak and Disillusionment Gather around All of This Existence Every Day When You Know the Song. Your Life Isn't Limited to This World, but Focuses on the One to Come. Peggy Noonan Was for the Longest Time, a Correspondent for CBS.

She Later Became a Speechwriter for Pres. Ronald Reagan and Then Later Pres. Bush Senior She Still Writes the Wall Street Journal and Other Documents She Releases. She Writes Good Stuff in My Opinion This Particular Piece She Wrote for Forbes Magazine in It. She Almost Sounds like She's a Biblical Prophet Listen to Her Words. I Think We Have Lost the Old Knowledge That Happiness Is Overrated That in a Way Life on This Planet Is Overrated.

We Have Lost Somehow a Sense of Mystery about Us.

Our Purpose and Meaning Are Rule Our Ancestors Believed in Two Worlds. They Understood This One to Be the Solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish, Short One. We Are the First Generation. She Writes That I Actually Expected to Find Happiness in This World and Our Search for It Has Caused Such Unhappiness. The Reason She Continues. If You Do Not Believe in Another Higher World.

If You Believe Only in the Flat Material World around You. If You Believe That This Is Your Only Chance at Happiness. That Is What You Believe That You Were Not Only Disappointed When the World Does Not Give You a Good Measure of Its Riches. You Are Despairing You Are Despairing. Think about It She's Right Fact, I Think One of the Reasons for the Heartbreak of the Despair in the Disillusionment of This Life Is to Bring Us to Our Knees Were. We Acknowledge We Can't Make It on Her Own. We Have the Strength We Have the Power We Haven't the Ability Sometimes Our Expectations for Life Are Entirely Unrealistic and Wishing for Happiness or a Comfortable Lifestyle.

We Often Set Ourselves up for Disappointment. To Learn More about This Ministry. Please Visit Us Online Insight What Is Much More Teaching in Chuck's Message Ahead. He Titled the Sermon. No Morning Was Ever Brighter and You Can Purchase a Copy of the Complete Message by Calling Us If You're Listening in the United States Dial 1-800-772-8888 or Go to As We Conclude Today's Message We Thought You Be Encouraged to Hear This Firsthand Story from One of Your Fellow Listeners. It Reinforces the People around the World Are Using the Teaching They Hear on This Program to Point Them to the Hope of Easter. This Note Came from Nigeria on the Continent of Africa and Said Sir You Are My Radio Pastor. You Have Trained Me in the Art of Expository Preaching. It Started When As a Young Man I Would Listen Diligently to You on Radio EL WA Then I Rose to Be a Preacher of God's Word Serving As University Chaplain for 25 Years.

Thanks a Million for Your Mentorship and Then on a More Humorous Note, Listen to This Wise Comment, Chuck God Used Insight for Living to Bring My Husband to Christ until You Help to Save Him.

He Called You Check Swindler.

He Worked for a Very Large Car Company and after Coming to Christ. He Had Every Radio Program to Insight for Living God Bless You. You Are Dearly Loved by the Lord Will Appear among Those Who Financially Support Chuck's Teaching Ministry. Rest Assured, God Is Using Your Generosity to Touch Lives. We Couldn't Reach Men and Women around the World without Your Partnership, As God Leads You to Give a Donation.

We Invite You to Call Us Listening in the United States. Dial 1-800-772-8880 or Give a Donation Online When You Go to Insight.Friday Swindoll Guides Us in the Celebration of Easter Right Here on Insight for Living in the Preceding Message. No Morning Was Ever Brighter Was Copyrighted in 2014 and the Sound Recording Was Copyrighted in 2015 by Charles R.

Swindoll, Inc. All Rights Are Reserved Worldwide.

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