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Steering Clear of Murder, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll
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March 8, 2021 7:05 am

Steering Clear of Murder, Part 3

Insight for Living / Chuck Swindoll

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March 8, 2021 7:05 am

The King's Arrival: A Study of Matthew 1‑7: A Signature Series

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Today a convicting message from Chuck Swindoll about controlling our speech with you under the condition of your heart. Listen to you talk to him is like a bucket in your heart is like a well goes down into the well brings up what's there.

That's what is of concern to RC if you know the Lord you live like this without concern for that you grieve the Holy Spirit. The human tongue and the spiritual heart are inseparably linked. Tragically, the unsavory words that occasionally spill from our mouth, reveal the ugly condition of our soul today on Insight for living. Chuck Swindoll completes a three-day study sober topic at the outset, be warned that the message ahead very convicting. None of us likes to revisit the deceitful things we've said. Yet Jesus taught us that when we lie is equivalent to manslaughter.

Chuck titled today's message steering clear of murder. All of these you were listening to Jesus teaching his sermon on the Mount have been reared under rabbis who learned their lessons from the Pharisees and scribes. They read them. They listen to them. They were tutored and mentored by them so they parroted what they had been taught and seen before. There are everything was about the sword may address any of when they address murder. They address the act of murder, not the motive behind the thoughts that lead to the anger that stands from the heart and leads to assaulting others were taught about that. They were taught. The act of murder because that's what the West with the law teaches. You shall not kill meaning you shall not murder and along comes Jesus and says but I say to you, you are to be different from that it is simply the act on address behind the scene.

The hidden motive of the heart. You see the Pharisees dealt with the letter of the law. Jesus came and talked about the spirit of the law. In this sermon. Jesus tells them what they been hearing and then he corrects that teaching with his words that are introduced by what I call the literary clue. There are six of these clues that go together. Look at your Bible. Chapter 5 verses 21 and 22 would be the first relearn how to steer clear of murder. The outward act is in verse 21 all your growing up years. All those times in the synagogue all those days in church we would say you have heard the ancients were told that you shall not commit murder. Murder is obviously the taking of the life of another. Don't do that. Whoever commits murder shall be liable to the court when you go further. Now it gets very convicting everyone who is angry with his brother, so let's keep this among the family. Your brother would be your fellow Christian, your sister would be your fellow Christian everyone who is angry with his brother or sister in the family of God shall be guilty before the court even goes into detail. Whoever says you good for nothing. That's an insulting statement we would call it airhead. It means an empty headed individual.

That's an insulting statement shall be guilty. Whoever says you fool fool is someone that just does something mischievous of pool, says in his heart there is no God. You got so-and-so so it's a it's a pronouncement of condemnation of another person is what we do in a burst of temper. You see, it is an inner attitude has to do with an anger which broods to go further and anger that won't forget you could name. Book chapter and verse of an event that happened of where it made you angry and you have carried that anger. To this day even know the words that were said anger that we forget orts and anger that refuses to forgive and be pacified or is in anger. Worst of all, that seeks revenge talking about those times that fire could have been coming out of your mouth like a dragon. We talk about those moments when you see deep within, and you cultivated a hatred for another person is talking about were dealing with murder in the heart see when you're a Christian, you learn not to shrug sins you don't do that mature Christians don't shrug off sends it even though your strong believer in grace and there's no one right now on this planet stronger in grace than I am.

But I will tell you is a grace loving believer, you don't dare shrug off sin that cheapens grace. That's why Jesus says what he does and uses words like this that strike the heart. Let it say what it says now imperfect Jesus Christ fashion. He flips the story around when he gets to verse 23 and he no longer looks at you in your anger. He now looks at the person you've offended the person you said those things to get 23 it's a conditional sentence if an urine church in those days you had a gift that you brought an offering to the altar. That's what it's saying if you are presenting your offering at the altar and there remember that squadron gazing worship amazing about the mind suddenly stone with memory, you blink your eyes and you see another face on your eyelids, you begin to be pierced in your heart when you're in the middle of a song or tie a time of silence or in a sermon you want to present your offering at the altar and what happens.

You remember your brother has something against you, you are the offender you remember that love had that happen, and I know you have what you do, do you sort of shrug and pray and ask the Lord to help them understand that it was just a bad moment. No say that the responsibility is not the other persons. Please observe the verse and let the verse say what it says.

Look at the verbs leave your offering and go first be reconciled get that order of importance. First be reconciled and then come in now present your offering full circle you're in the middle worship, and you realize all your convicted is come from the Spirit of God. You said or done something. It was cutting you know you were wrong. You know the other person was hurt was offended. Your mind has the ability to picture all of that you go what he was his face as you go first and be reconciled. You turn enmity into amity you turn the offense into a resolution you reconcile with this brother or sister you have hurt me. I had you don't try to justify what you did and let me say this.

You don't blame him or her for something they had done that cause you to do that.

What caused you to do it is your own anger unrestrained. That's what you're dealing with. I want you to know that I've come to realize that what I did was absolutely wrong.

I have no excuse, and I want you to know that I care very much that we rebuild a relationship that I have destroyed I don't want that.

I don't want that to happen and I like you to forgive me please I like to seek your forgiveness.

I like to make that right and then what you do you come and present your offering back a portion of menopause here and let you think that through my words are say one thing the one person something altogether different to someone else may be something between you and one of your children now grown maybe with an in law maybe with your parents maybe with a former friend who's no longer a friend and roommate in college or classmate school. Maybe a fellow soldier when you were serving military possibilities are endless. But you don't leave it there, you make it right. Please observe.

This is one of the few times in all the Scriptures you stop your worship to take care of a higher priority see is the tendency of the hypocrite to stay in church and just to go to more church services rather than in a lot more important than my attending a church service is attending to this offense that I've caused. I may be so bold as to say it. Some of you have left a trail of offenses, you're the serial killer you justified. For whatever reason, the other grow up or well in Greenwald is using what they did stop all that you come to terms with this, you will not fulfill what Jesus is, is up commanding goes further to the next two verses now you're no longer a church. Now you're going to court and now is not another brother. This is an opponent, I take this individual to be person who is without Christ, may not be but I'm suggesting that make friends quickly with your point look at the quickly there's urgency written all over this instruction urgency urgency urgency makeup make friends quickly with your opponent at law while you're with him on the way so that your opponent may not hand you over to the judge.

These are all picturesque words to describe what happens and the judge turned you over to the officer and then you be thrown into prison. Truly I say to you will come out of there until you paid the last cent. What is that mean what's the prison what's the prison look at Matthew 1800 please hear right quick now turn to Matthew 18. This is the section where Peter says to Jesus how many times do I forgive my brother seven times. Jesus is 707, meaning an infinite number of time and what if I don't.

What if I don't forget this is the other side of the coin look at it, but what he says. Chapter 18 verse 34 toward the end of the passage is Lord, moved with anger, handed him over to the torturers until he should repay that which was owed him. Story of a debt.

Now he adds my heavenly father will do. Also, do you if you do not forgive your brother from your heart's about forgiveness. You see the words in verse 34 handed over to the torturers. That's the person as the prison were some of you live your eaten up with an acid may be an acid of resentment or bitterness or grudge holding her blame and it's all you could do to smile through day because this is this is just your lifestyle. You become that kind of individual you been turned over the torture the horrible way to live.

I know I've been there and have come to realize that that is not the way I want to live my life.

That is certainly not the way I want to die as a pastor you're with people when they dying often and you hear things you wish you could share with everyone.

Words of regret is remarkable how death will bring all of that to the surface. Listen to me today. This is for you right now to prepare for the rest of your life. I encourage your cultivating reconciliation with others is a humiliating yes it can be. It certainly humbling to begin with.

I I come today to acknowledge I said this and I had no right to say you weren't even there. But you heard about it and I'd heard it you'd heard about it. I never made that right or it may be. I remember that day when we had that terrible argument, and I made some statements that were condemning how wrong I was. I want to make it right. Please forgive me. I want to spend the rest of my days churning as he would put it in the prison of torture. Now, as I close this message serious note, I have on offer three principles that I think will help us respond correctly to Jesus command is the first the principles of kingdom living go deeper than the external.

The principles of kingdom living go deeper than the externals you can always count on this. Jesus does not deal with externals man looks on the outward appearance, the Lord, what looks on the heart. You can be sure of this. Your acts a CTS or not. The first focus of our Savior. It's the hidden person of the heart the things you think the attitude you cultivate is the deep resentment is the revenge is the grudge it's the blame. The principles of kingdom living go deeper than the external. Here's the second the potential of anger is far greater than mere words.

The potential of anger is far greater than word you try to justify yourself because I just did just a step throwaway comment no. My weight does not. But Jesus calls if you wonder the condition of your heart. Listen to your Tom your tongue is like a bucket in your heart is like a well and he goes down into the well brings up what's there. That's what is of concern to our Savior. If you know the Lord and you live like this without concern for that you grieve the Holy Spirit is not legalism. That's biblical truth grieve the Lord who wants to give you take full control of your whole life.

Believe me, it's a great way to live is nothing like the potential of anger is far greater than mere words.

Here's 1/3 the power of reconciliation is stronger than revision.

The power of reconciliation is stronger than revision. Saint Patrick was 1/5 century British Christian missionary and the Bishop of Ireland.

He came to be known as the apostle of Ireland. We only know him at the holiday or the day we acknowledge and were green, we call it St. Patrick's day go to yourself to study the life of Patrick tradition has it that he had this prayer inscribed on his breastplate. Listen to this magnificent prayer.

Each line begins with God. God be in my head and in my understanding God me in my eyes and in my looking godly in my mouth and in my speaking God be in my heart and in my thinking God be at mine and and at my departing fast forward to your day of departing. I know it's difficult for you who are strong and healthy, and younger, but Russia had there will be a day you depart. How great to know that there were no skeletons left. How great to know that your sleep by the grace of God was marked by forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. What are we to die that with me, will you please sit very still for a few moments. I understand that I have spoken strong words today and I have done so only for your good.

Had I not you probably would not have given me the attention that you have given not to me but to God's word. It's time for you to rein in your tongue, it's time for you to come to terms with your anger, your envy, your bitterness, your blame. It's time as we read in Romans three we discovered that we can't do this on our own. James even says you can't tame your own tone so you need help from within. The presence of Jesus Christ can fill your life and give you the power you need to address the things that you know deserve your attention, I speak on behalf of those that you have offended, please do what is right. Please deal with this your first you must come to Christ and come to Christ trust him. He will forgive you. He will set your feet on the rock, and will give you a confidence in refreshment you've never known before. As you clear your conscience if you know the Lord. Great moment for you to confess this to him and then begin the process urgently dealing with.

If we can help you with that. That's why we're here just colonists. Father, we end on this sober note because this has been a serious message can imagine how Jesus must've spoken these words and how they must've been heard by those who discovered what they had never been taught before and what they must've done about it.

Help us to know kingdom living in a world that's lost its way. Give us the ability to live in such a different way that the very works of our lives. Motives of our hearts words from our mouth strike curiosity in the lives of those who don't know you, who seek to find out how there can be such a difference in what they are witnessing in with.

I pray that good will come from these words of counsel that these who hear these words will be faithful to follow through for your greater glory is Christ instructed in his name. Pray everyone's a deeply convicting lesson coming directly from Jesus sermon on the Mount Chuck Swindoll titled today's message steering clear of murder. You're listening to Insight for living our series is called the King's arrival, and it's founded on Matthew's Gospel chapters 1 through seven, and if you'd like to learn more about this ministry or these messages, please visit us and then if you're looking for a practical way to take your next steps.

Let me point you to a book checks written called simple faith in this classic Chuck focuses entirely on the sermon.

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I'm 40 months clean from all drugs. This is the outcome of your financial partnership with Insight for living. So thank you for your generous financial support. Day by day.

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