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The Call to Commitment - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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September 20, 2022 12:00 am

The Call to Commitment - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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September 20, 2022 12:00 am

Your name may be in the Lamb’s Book of Life, but are you still living your own way?

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Welcome to the intensified Catholic child family for Tuesday, September 20 when God calls you to serve. It's not always convenient.

Let's be reminded of why believers are obligated to respond quickly to the Lord's instruction are serious unfailing commitment continues. Knowledge of this exhibit very carefully because there are four basic questions that are essential for all of us who intend to live obediently before God to honor his Lordship to live a life committed to Jesus Christ, the bottomlands of these I will understand the foundation of what commitment is all about and all of these are found in this passage. The third chapter in the fourth chapter of Exodus as God deals and is he calls Moses members if I'm going to be committed to Jesus Christ.

I mean truly committed blame ourselves down before him acknowledge his headship, his Lordship, his governorship, his control, his rightful place as the authoritative supreme final authority in my life. On the to answer these four questions and the first question is this. Who is this God, who is this God who is challenging you and me to live in submission to his divine authority in my friend.

It was very important to God that Moses explained to them who their God was. Whom shall I say sit to me when you became a child of God you are born into a new family.

You became a part of the living God, Christ Jesus became your life. It was no longer your right to make choices about your life, except on the final authority of the person of Jesus Christ. It is the fact that we have forgotten who God is, he is in a grandfather sitting up in heaven just watching us do our thing and turning a deaf air to air language closing and we keep his eyes through our sinfulness. God all mighty is the final authority in our life. How could you ever reserve any portion of yourself, your possessions, your time. If this is the God of this universe and he is the God of your life, my friend. What right do you have, to exercise authority in your life that is in opposition to rebellion to the God of this world. The truth is we have no right. The second question you not need to ask who am I God centered. First of all, he is who you are. You are in relationship you have a relationship with me because I have chosen you as a servant, I have chosen you to go to Egypt and to release my people, who you are. You are in relationship to me.

I'm your God on the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Moses are am your God and listen to me carefully. If the God of this book is your God. He's the final authority. If you are who you say you are in Christ Jesus.

It was this Bible says you are in my print. You and I all the servants of the living God. While we are friends of Jesus, where his servants, you and I are those sons and daughters of God who are living in submission to in subjection to and honor toward Jesus Christ who is our very life.

That's who we are and it Jesus Christ is my life hello I have the right to tell him what I will do and what I will not do what pleases me and what does not please me know. God I can do that. I draw the circle abolition. I don't mind serving God to point but inside this little circle of mine. I put up a sign that says to God, no trespassing, and on the other side private. I will tell you my friend. That's my commitment. If I know who God is and I know who I am than I know that my only rights in life have been subjugated to the person of God in Christ Creon's. He is Lord of our life. That is, he is the final authority in my life and whatever he calls me dude. I have no right to argue with God about all the tell them what I will or will I will not do when somebody says we will I believe your gear. But here's what I believe that's not the issue. The issue is, what did God say the truth is not one thing to you in our own if understand who I am on this and I am the purchased listen if and the purchased possession of God. All that has my name on it belongs to that same God third question we want to be gutted. To whom do I belong and let me show you how God got this message to Moses.

Moses naturally began to tell the Lord the Lord wait a minute.

Hold this hold it right there must be somebody else better than me.

You could call on and so he begins to do what all of us were natural do that is to give excuses why we couldn't obey God.

All of us do that at times in our life Lord I went a minute you got the wrong person sick we don't stop going to hold he's omniscient.

That means he knows everything that we turn on until it got you got the wrong file. What we sing is Lord you know almost everything, but not you blow it this time. You don't know at this time because I'm not the right fella. If he's omniscient, he makes no mistakes.

Listen with God centered, Bible says he call Moses and Moses had he had to face up to what was going on. To turn this Moses blog.

First of all, let's go back who brought Moses into this world. God who preserved him they were killing all those who Hebrew children God preserved there in that little Ark that his mother will out of the weeds by the Nile. Put them in that basket, God sent Pharaoh's daughter servant to find it in the bulrushes, God sent Pharaoh's daughter, a love in her heart for the Moses, it was God who sought to that Moses grew up in the household of Pharaoh. It was God who equipped him who gifted him who blessed him, and who made him ready for the call that God had issued him to whom the sea below. He says the God first of all, Lord, who am I secondly they won't listen to me. Whom shall I tell them sent me then he says Lord I'm not eloquent, and interesting how he says there's little if you will, and not verse 10 of chapter 4 Moses said, Lord, please Lord, give us a veteran. Please Lord, I have never been eloquent, he says neither recently and on time. As he says in fact know the truth is, he says I wasn't. I used to be eloquent and are not eloquent, now you got the wrong fellow. He goes on pieces that are spoken by servant, for I am slow of speech and sloped tongue. The Lord said to him who made man's mouth who makes him the death seeing a blind is it not the Lord now then go, even I will be with your mouth and teach you what to say.

The master question to whom do you belong if you have been saved by the grace of God, you are the past tense purchased possession of none other than Almighty God, you don't belong to you.

You have a choice to obey or disobey. But it is God who has the final authority I got your life birthrate in chapter 6, you know the Scripture by heart you not your own. You bought with a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.

When people say I'll tell you one thing I'm going to do my own thing they're talking apart from Scripture that's not Scripture does not one verse in the Bible that even I alludes to a child of the living God, doing his own thing.

To whom do you belong. You belong to God. We need to instruct our children, son, I'm your father, but you are the purchased possession of Almighty God, I am sent into your life in order to bring you up to the point that you and God can develop your own relationship to each other but son you belong to God sweetheart you belong to God, your wife belongs to God, your husband wants to everything that you are in everything that you have your gifts your talents everything that you have belongs to God. Let me ask a question. Is it not true that all that you are and all that you have every single bit of it. You have to look back and see what is the source. The source of all that you are and all that you possess the source of that is God.

We are indebted to him for every single thing now tell you the height of pride is any man or woman as assuming the personal authority over their life as to how they will live where they will go what they will do, how much they will give that is an assumption of pride. If the God of this book is your God, and if you are who God says you are and you are and he is the final authority and you are his purchased possession than my friend, you and I have no right to tell God how much we will give how long we will give where we will go where we will not go.

It is not for us to set up the circumference around our life and tell God we are willing to do anything and everything he says do except brought if we are committed to Christ as Lord.

We are committed to blindly saying yes Lord Jesus.

Now one of the orders my friend when Jesus Christ is Lord you like. You don't come to him say more than what is that you had in mind so I can consider without.

That's not commitment that's decision-making this in a committed man or woman committed to Jesus Christ.

The answer to the call of Christ is always yes yes yes yes whether I like it or not, whether it's painful not whether it's hurtful not without be understood and not the answer. Lord Jesus, if that's your call on my life if that's your call to me, if that's what you requiring a meet there if that's what you think the answer Lord Jesus is yes only authority, not about strength but who you are who I am and to whom I belong all but there's one final question before but is so very important that question is this why am I here when I settle these four questions than my commitment issue should be settled forever why my here, why was Moses there, God had rescued him as a little baby out of the bulrushes of the Nile River God had rescued him and sent him to the backside of the desert to spend 40 years of his life in the most menial task of shepherding sheep, which would make him despicable in the eyes of the Egyptians, humiliating him until God had sanded down, sifted out and sculptured out and pruned out the pride and the arrogance that had been built up in Moses, the son of Pharaoh as found by his daughter for the year on the backside of this, my friend.

You know why sometimes we have those dry spells in our life. We thank God what's going on.

Could it be that you have been doing your own thing and that God is put you on the backside of the desert spiritually do not hearing anything you not feeling anything. You notice anything going on what's going on.

God what's going on is that God has you on the backside of the desert sending you sifting you printing you sculpturing you working on you removing that sense of pride that sense of personal authority. God wants you humble to the point that you can say to him, Lord Jesus, not my will but thy will, anywhere, anytime, anything you name it and the answer Lord Jesus is yes yes yes yes yes Lord Jesus, yes, that's why he is on the backside of the desert and the backside of the desert is a precious place to be my friend if you want to be used of God because you put you there sooner later for one reason or the other while we hear. Why was Moses there, Moses was on the backside of the desert in preparation for his whole ministry.

Listen 40 years of his life he lived in Egypt for years he lived in the desert 80 listen 80 years of his life and gone by only have about 40 left once in a while young people come to me the month take a shortcut on say something.

Jesus took 30 years for three year ministry 80 years God was in preparation for Moses to spend the next 40, making him a man that the world will never forget you can't rush God. The master question.

Why are you here once in a while somebody says, well, you know, here I am 73 years of age. I don't know why God's leaving me here watch, listen to me. My friends don't say that because a long time ago you should have discovered why you are here. If you're 16, you all know why you're here. If you 10 years of age. Your parents should have told you already, why you're here, why you here's a single why you here's a married person why are you here 16 6808.

Why are we here you see, if I don't have that right and who is he to tell me what to do if I don't understand who he is. Why should I submit to his authority. If I don't know who I am why Charlotte somebody whom I cannot say dictate to me if I don't know to whom I belong. Why should I have somebody else running my life if I don't know why I'm here. I'll tell you my friend Jesus Christ will never be Lord of my life until I understand while here you and I are living in this world primarily for one ultimate reason to glorify the living God.

That means that we would so live our lives that we would reflect the life of Jesus point me to the life of Jesus that our very light. He says our works. He says our voice. He says our conduct that every aspect of our life would do what would cause others to want to worship and praise and submit to and live in whole convenience to God Almighty. That's why we're here, let me ask a question.

If God is the God of this Bible if he is your God, and if you find your true identity in your relationship in which every believer does and you the purchased possession of none other than Almighty God, who will someday be our judge, through his son Jesus Christ. And if you and I were created gifted talented formed preserved brought to birth saved redeemed capped empowered given opportunity privilege. If that's who we are and if our ultimate purpose for being here is the glorify all mighty God, let me ask you this question. What right do you have, to live your life doing your thing. As you please. When that is totally foreign to the word of God. Some of you. God is calling the ministry you telling them you can't go you're forgetting to the authorities. Some of you. God is calling in all areas of service and you telling God you can do it.

Some of you. God is challenging you to give more than you've ever given before out of his resources and you telling God that you cannot do it as their event time in your life when you said to Jesus Christ Lord Jesus. All that I am all that I have I surrender in trust to I commit to you acknowledging you as my Savior, my Lord, my master the final pathology in my life where ever you lead. I'll go for how long, wherever whenever my life is your life. Let me remind you about real simple but profound thing when you trust in Jesus Christ as your personal savior in the moment you did that. The Bible says that Jesus became your life how you going to keep from him what is already thank you for listening to the call to commitment. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley for InTouch ministries that buy in text at OIG is typecast as the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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