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Time for Success - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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September 17, 2022 12:00 am

Time for Success - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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September 17, 2022 12:00 am

Honor the time God gave you so you can attain true success in Him.

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Welcome to the weekend in touchpad catheter outstanding value scheduled to be dictated by what seems to be urgent. Can you be tempted to neglect the things that are truly important.

Here's a lesson and making time for success. There is a direct relationship being successful and the way you and I use our time. It's impossible to separate success promote wise use of our time. The many people who think what you will be able to be successful, but I will do what I please know you won't if you succeed in life and anything worthwhile you going to have to respect and honor time in your life and that's what I want to talk about in this message entitled time for success, and when you turn if you will, in Ephesians chapter 5. If you recall, in this 15th verse of Ephesians chapter 5, Paul says therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but is wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is when he says, for example, be careful how you walk what he's saying is what uses the term walk. He simply means. Be careful how you live.

Be careful of the lifestyle you've chosen. He says there are two kinds of people in the world.

Those that are foolish. Those that are why he says now wise man or woman makes the most of their time.

That is, they use their time wisely, they utilize it they don't skip the minutes and hours, and think the only thing that's important. Maybe days and years, but they realize that moments are important so I like to do in this message and thinking about how one error definition of success isn't that his success is the continuing achievement of becoming the person's God wants us to be at achieving those goals. The goddess helped us that prayer life. That is, God has a plan for life.

I he has a purpose for our life, and he has goals that he would have a separate life that would help us to accomplish the becoming of what he wants us to be.

So with that in mind, let's think about several things. First of all, if you not going to succeed in life, of whatever God is because the do.

We must learn to respect time. I not know of anyone that I would consider a real genuine success in life, who is not conscious of time, who is not sensitive about that time sensitive about the schedule centered about how they fill their days of the things they remove, or eliminate or refuse to have in their time schedule and so we must recognize and respect time that your time, treasure time because time is what life is all about. If you have no time left. You have no life left and so therefore we need to respect time because time is life itself, and so he says here that all of us were given a particular town. That is, God has ordained the link the time that we have that many people who are not here with us any longer and they thought they had many many years left but their spending time was short at times that when that God will take maybe a small child in a person's life, and we think book that was so ahead of time, not ahead of God's time. Sometimes he lets people live a very long time hundred and 1015 20 there's some people that are there and so God has an ordained time for us. The question is this what you living for and what are you trying to accomplish in life and what are your goals in life and where are you going in your life and if you keep going the same way you going, what would you accomplish when you achieve all you become, no matter what you are today the way you think today's going to determine who you are tomorrow and what you and I do their time today will determine where we are tomorrow. Therefore, I must not be disrespectful of time must not ignore time. But remember that God created it is a gift of God and that you are not responsible for not only do I see it is a gift from God, but also very clear that time is fleeting. That is time does not stand still as we say it's moving along. For example, Job said life is like a weaver's shuttle, the Bureau been in a textile mill in and watch those shows they go back so fast you can hardly see them or back and those are days when they were leaving them because they go that fast, but they certainly I went fast compared to their timing and so the psalmist says my life is like a hands rip it's real short goes by fast and then James said life is like a vapor is sorta here and then it's gone it short so none of us know how long we had to live it is not our business to decide how long we live. That's God's business. Our business and our responsibility is to decide how we go live this life it is and how long we live with the quality of life that we live we can't do anything about the link that we can do a whole lot about the quality of our life. That is the way we treat our bodies the way we treat our thinking the way we dress the baby relax the way we are have a recreation area, exercise the food, replacing about all those things have to do the quality of life we going to have and so one very clear characteristic of time is that it's passing by rapidly and the longer we live, and I think that's the way we are taught not how old you get, because some people older 35. Some of us, not over 66 but it just depends on your attitude about life and so what we have to ask is this not to how old am I going to let how old and I going to be.

But how long has God ordained our lifespan and whatever it is, how much can I accomplish, how much can Archie. I want to find out what God's will is I want to live in his will. So when I stand before one of these days he will be able to say well done good and faithful servant faithful over a few things rule over many and so it's not how long. But it's it's a matter of how we live our life and so when I think about the that I think about also the fact that the time really is not only fleeting, but I think about the fact that how uncertain time is now. We say uncertain. One thing about time is that it is erratic and I don't mean but the fact that is 30 seconds in this minute and 45 seconds and that many but the fact that you not. We can't control. Time out there and their incidences in situations and circumstances and become a part of the events of their life. We can always control those and so cannot only goes by fast but we fill our life with things and events. Sometimes there are things in our choice.

Sometimes they're not things of our choice, but things that get placed upon us and so we can always say what you know life is so certain.

The Bible says it is upon the demand. Once the down after this the judgment, that much I know that span between now and then it doesn't always work out the way we would like for the workout and the Bible warns us against boasting of tomorrow. What we will do.

Not only is time fleeting and not only is it uncertain, but it is a revocable when I think about that I think about going to the barbershop, for example, get a haircut.

Suppose I get a haircut and now look in the mirror and I think I don't like that put it back on to Lake once you get a haircut it's done, you can good back pasted back to tape it back. It's gone, it's gone. You know what it says I can't pray yesterday.

I can't read the Bible yesterday.

I can go to church yesterday other words time this in every single second. And you cannot encounter 1001 1000 to 1003 1004 1005 five seconds of your life is gone right there and you can ever retrieve it is not a thing or you can do that. It's gone and so we think about longer save time. That does not mean we should not look for better ways to be more efficient and certain that in our thinking code that saves time. The truth is just being able to crowd for into the time of the more efficient and more effective. The time the rehab and so when I think about all these characteristics of time. I think the fact I do not know of anybody who's successful in any walk of life who does not have respect for their time wasting time is a sin in this market and it's a sin thing, but how uncertain is remember the man in the parable, the man who had all the barns and had so much in images planning for more barns and more wealth than all the rest.

God came to midnight said you flew, you forgotten something you know you don't control life control life and he says I'm calling for your record tonight. Now who's all the stuff that I belong to. So the truth is none of us know how long we can live. The issue is one of my going to do this like God's given second thingamajig notice here very important that this and that is not only must I respect time is a gift from God, but also if I'm going to succeed in whatever God is calling me to do, no matter what it is that I was not only respect this time, but also must be willing to review my time continuously. What am I doing with my life. Am I using my time wisely I think so many people just go through life and they never stop to ask the question, is this the wisest use of my time. Where will I get if I keep going this way will achieve in life if I keep spending using my time in this fashion. What is the purpose of God. That is, what are his goals. My life and am I making any progress whatsoever. Suppose, for example, can you say when you are set this goal and this is what I've done and I've made some progress not set this goal in making progress there. Or did you just decide to set goals. Let it go at that. You don't fulfill God's purpose in your life by just having good intentions. It takes time and takes effort and energy to fulfill God's purpose and plan and reach the goals he has for us for a life. So when we think in terms of this whole idea reviewing a listing this ask a question here that is what drives your time well one thing that drives people's time is there circumstances and we think about what we have to do what our responsibilities are so that some circumstances, you know, we can't just say will you know here my circumstances.

This is where live my life and that's it. But there are circumstances that open Tom's driver life.

If you are a continual reactor and you don't manage your time which we'll talk about a few moments, then what's going to happen is you gonna waste a lot of hours going from one thing to the other just responding and at the pins there what the circumstances are. And so the issue is are you just responding to life on the base of circumstance. I don't feel very good. Not going to work all this is what I'm going do.

You can't just respond to the circumstances because there are lots of demands out there.

So some people's time is driven by circumstances. On the other hand, some people's time is driven by their desire and I think a lot of people.

For example, maybe who had retired and that you hear them say would you know what I'm just so busy. I've never been so busy in my life. Some of things I have to do is that true or is it the fact that you have desired to do.

God has given every single one of his allotted time.

As we've said he has a will plan for life. He has allotted time enough for you and need to accomplish and achieve everything he has in mind or God's will not be just and requiring about something and shortcut our time so we could not do it and so therefore whatever God's plan. You got enough time to do it.

Whatever the goals that you set for your life that God is help you sit you have enough time to achieve those goals, and therefore we can't blame it on God we have to ask is what's driving my times and circumstances just responding and reacting is that the desires the real deep desires of my life are is my time then you drip what you mean about that will value is something that is precious of value, something that I treasure about here is something that I place a high price tag. Example we talk about that family values we talk about spiritual values.

We talked about national values and so if you have family values that just some things about things that are precious to you and we of these ideas that are precious does the whole philosophy of life that some things that you and I wouldn't compromise under any condition that's about. These are things we prize and treasure. So when you ask yourself the question is not time field and driven by just circumstances reacting. What I desire. Or is it driven by my value now the way I spend my time is going to reveal what my values are now for example, let's say that I value my relationship to God that I'm going to spend time with. If I value the word of God under the spent time in it. If I value what God is called video going to spend time doing my best. If I value you as a person is what I'm going to do because I do because I play such high value on you and because our play such high value on many of you that I will never see in this life. I place high value on your why because you're watching and you're listening and you searching and you seeking, and you want God to speak to you. You want to hear something that will help you strengthen you, give you hope and courage you bring you to a place of forgiveness of your sin help you to have a fresh new understanding of who God is, that him and his love in your life. So I value the privilege of speaking to you.

So how do I value that the value of that is because I spent hours and hours and hours and hours studying, praying, listening to God, desiring to hear what he has to say working it somehow being able to put in a form that is simple and easily understood.

Orderly, so that you can follow it.

I value you enough to give my life there what God is called to do so that you will be able to be stronger in your walk.

Find the will of God for your life. Walk in it reach your goals and become the godly many women that God wants you to be and to prosper in your life and to enjoy the goals and God help you reach now if I had no value in the reservoir values were such ides are wobbling here on Sunday morning and I read something or read psoriasis sermon or something and get a Pinsky level about 20 minutes.

30 minutes and then I be then you know what I could live like that and you have no business living network in a while because missing you can't stand any better time than listening to the message of the living God from his word. That is, that applies to your life that help you become a better man, better woman very young person that a student then whatever you doing you can spend time in a better net anywhere, no matter where it is has not knew the person it has to do with the message and the truth and the principal help you and enable you to live a godly life and accomplish your goal, you can spend a better hour than that matter who you are so so the important in our life is bad. You driven what we produce is going to show where values are and if your life is circumstance driven.

Then we going to be hopping from this and help in the event happen to deal if it is driven by my desires.

Then I'm going to indulge myself with time in situations of yet, this just pleasing me for the moment the issues is what's the will of God was the purpose of God knew several of our mission.

A person worked 24 hours a day. No six-day sugar labor. The seven days a day of rest while you think God said we do work six days. God knew you and I do not need to much leisure time because God wants us to progress in our life. How do you progress in life you progress in life by studying you progress in life, but learning you progress in life are learning how to apply the principles of life and those principles of life come from the word of God. Six-day sugar labor.

Next is a day of rest. That doesn't mean that you should work on all of a given day, six days for somebody else that wants all types of work. This size is working for your employer, but he says we listen our life is the countdown life is to be given the things that are good and profitable in life and therefore if my life is value driven instead of circumstantial driven.

Then I'm going to use my life and in a way that is going to be profitable now. God rules over all time. He has this world going in a particular direction and we save this world just in the mess what's our viewpoint and what were the rose going.

God knows exactly where it's going is going in a very different direction. God has a purpose and a plan for this world and that is that out of this world. He is going to redeem. He is going to save Allison out of this world. People placing them into his eternal kingdom and forever and ever and ever. You and I will be the traces of God. The focus of God that will bring him glory and forever and ever and ever. You and I will be his sons and daughters listen living in the also provision the goddess provided present heaven. God is peopling his kingdom through the salvation experience it comes to the cross of Jesus Christ. God knows exactly what he's doing. He's right on time and he says these is that I'm coming back. Not even the angels in heaven know I'm coming back but he said the father knows I'm coming back is part of the big plan and you know what time is running out on this world. Jesus is coming back. One of these days and Godzilla wrap it all up. So God is behind on rent on time. We didn't do anything to slip in some others as well. We got her new dress and so so we can speed up the return of Jesus, my friends, you can speed up the return of Jesus Christ, which was ordained before the foundation is worth. Listen, if he had given me in mind knew all about those before he created us the you think he left the coming of Jesus Christ to something that's a happenstance and watching how we respond and react this because he's omniscient, knows all things, past, present, future. He knows what's going to happen when to happen. How it's going to happen. He knows exactly when Jesus Christ is coming back here and I can't tamper with that. What we will do is to so live our lives that when he calls will be able to stand before him, and give a good account of the light. Thank you for listening to time for things that you'd like to know more about child family for intense ministry, intense data lighting is not casted the presentation of intense ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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