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Freedom From Enslavement to Sin - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 7, 2022 12:00 am

Freedom From Enslavement to Sin - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 7, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley shares how bondage to sin has grown to epidemic proportions.


MTD intensified Catholic child, family life, and if you have a recurring pattern and it might be time to do some digging until you deal with the root of the problem will never be entirely free. Freedom is the privilege and the power to do what is right and what is good is the absence of coercion in confinement and restriction and it speaks of the liberty of the mind and of the feelings on the actions of a person's life.

On the other hand, the enslavement speaks of bondage and confinement and restriction.

It is a depressing attitude is a depressing feeling to feel that you restrained confined that you were enslaved by anything and it's interesting that men will fight and die for freedom and turn right around and submit themselves to a power greater than themselves and become enslaved to some form of sin that dictates and governs and guides and dominates and controls their life. Absolutely and completely. How in the world is a person find freedom and liberty from enslavement to sin. And I want you to turn if you will to John chapter 8 in the eighth chapter of John, Jesus is talking about freedom and is talking about what it is that sets us free and in this chapter in several chapters of John. He's letting the Pharisees and Sadducees explained to them who he is and how God is working in his life and so he says in the 31st verse of the eighth chapter. Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews who had believed him. If you abide in my word that you truly disciples of mine and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. They answered him, we are Abraham's offspring and have never yet been enslaved to anyone how is it that you say you shall become free. Jesus answered them, truly, truly, I say to you everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin. That is a person who continually commit sin become enslaved and the slave does not remain in the house forever.

The son does remain forever.

If, therefore, the sun shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. Now oftentimes people want to deny the very possibility of being enslaved by anything and so they either deny or ignore the fact that they can be enslaved by sin. Sin by its very nature, is an in slaver. That is the goal of sin to so enslave us all dominate so control is that you and I can either believe nor trust, nor serve the Lord his God would have us to do so and as a result a person's life can be absolutely destroyed by many many different forms of sin, you say well what kind of enslavement you talking about.

Sometimes they can be some very, very strong, very very enslaving attitudes and emotions. Erections it can be. Alcoholism can be drugs and can be sexual addiction or it can be. This driven this to succeed. This driven this to prosper in life that oftentimes drives people to sickness and almost on the death. Sometimes it can be an attitude of cynicism of a critical attitude a critical spirit. Oftentimes, it can be a sense of a lack of identity and so process driven by that sometimes a person is driven by desires or relationships or desires composition and prestige and prominence and power in life is amazing what can enslave a person and so as a result a person soon finds themselves as the victim of something that began seemingly innocently on the inside of them. It happens every day. There are millions of people enslave do not even realize what they're enslaved about souls reversing the message I'm going to come to one point to talk about what the root of oftentimes these things are, but we do know this, that there is some consequence a major consequence to being enslaved to sin, one of which is, it divides the mind. It always does that. It fragments the emotions it causes fear and guilt and insecurity. Oftentimes a person ends up hating the very thing that they have become addicted or enslaved to and so they found themselves hopeless and helpless lit at the mercy of a power that is within them. And so the question comes how does a person once they discover that once they realize is something going on the life. How do they escape, how they walk away. How are they delivered redeemed and freed from the enslaving power of sin. So what I want to talk about in the rest of this message are things that I think are helpful in bringing a person out of that now you say well I don't think I have it enslavement to since I don't think I need this well before you make a conclusion.

Why don't you listen to at least about three more points of this because oftentimes a person can be enslaving it so subtle it is so subtle they don't even see it is enslavement of bondage. They just think that's the way I feel this is a way I've always felt this must be natural, normal for me because I've always felt this way when it can be a form of bondage with some of the first step in freedom from any kind of enslavement is the place the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. That is, if a person is never been saved and my friend there is no power within use strong enough to free yourself from the enslaving power of sin no matter what the object of enslavement may be what the cause of it may be, and so we have to ask is what is the first of the first step is to come to the realization that sin is separated from God. We place our trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin he saves as he forgives his income to live on the inside of us and the Holy Spirit of God is now dwelling in us, and from that moment on. Now, we have positioned ourselves as a child of God indwelling us as a supernatural power of the Holy Spirit who is able to enable us to walk away from any addiction or any enslavement to sin no matter what it that indeed is always the first step.

The second step is this and that is to admit it, and oftentimes that is the most difficult step for most people to admit the fact that there is some form of bondage some form of control.

Something that is dominating that thinking and dominating the life very, very difficult to admit it now. One thing is for certain that denial is absolutely deadly to deny that there is some form of enslavement to deny the some form of bondage, when there is in a person's life is deadly because it sets up a roadblock to any kind of healing process that needs to go on any kind of freedom that need. They need to experience is absolutely dead now when I say admitted I don't mean to say.

Well, generally I must be in bondage to something or generally I must. I have some problem but no able to identify what it is, what is it that drives us. What is it that not just motivates is what drives us. What is this driven this all about. What is this control this domination. What is it that absolutely enslaves us and keeps us from becoming a being the person that God wants us to be enslavement to sin demands a relationship with God demands a relationship with Jesus Christ and so on.

The things we have to do is to admit the fact that something is wrong.

It's not right and not deny 1/3 thing that is so important is to realize that it is a spiritual problem. It's a relationship between God and us. For example, a person who is addicted to alcohol says will I have a social ill lead may have caused many, many social ills, but my friend, the truth is, it is sin against God. When a person takes anything to their body that destroys their liberal their heart, or any other parts of their body and soul affects them as alcohol does.

It is a sin against God. Usually when the biggest problems a person has to deal with and coming out of that particular sin is the fact denying the fact that they do have a problem and so you can ever get them to admit that that yes I do have a problem is not just a social ill, it is a spiritual problem. Anything that separates us from doing the will of God is a spiritual problem. Anything that so controls the human body and the mind the emotion and the will to so dominate as the keepers and be what God wants us to be isn't just some social ill, it is dealing with a relationship with God is a problem is a spiritual problem that has to be admitted and has to be dealt with now part of the solution is acknowledging the fact that God is involved and that this is a part of my relationship to him.

So what ever keeps us from becoming what he wants us to be. We need to look to him the look at least part of the solution. Now let's deal with that therefore thing on what you notice you and that's tracing it to its root. What is it that causes people to become addicted to things what is it that causes people to be driven. What is it that causes people to become enslaved to attitudes are habits in their life our actions in their life that when they first started because it was just one action one thought a one idea and now they have become enslaved and what is it that causes that sometimes that root cause is insecurity a person feels very insecure and so what I do well they think it will drink that may convey little metal stronger little more bold or more courageous so if you want to get more courageous have another drink. If you want to get more courageous and morally courageous tomorrow or the next day of the next week and next month the next year.

Before long, they have no coverage, no sense of self-worth. No sense of self-esteem. They found themselves what captivated by liquid in the bottle dominated by liquid in the bottle. It could be that form of enslavement or could be many other things. For example, is a person who works seven days a week, driven, driven, driven, driven, if you asked him why there was a lot like what I'm doing.

All they'll say well it's for financial reasons because we have needs in our family or they will say on all in my position. This is what I have to do and go give you all kinds of reasons for what they have to ask is what is it that drives them and so oftentimes people who driven financially driven because of a feeling of insecurity may they grow up in a home where they had almost nothing and is one person said my mother said to me watch Because the Poorhouses Always Right around the Corner or My Friend. If Somebody Plans That in the Child's Mind. It Is Negatives Who That Child Is Unless They Face That in Deal with It Is What's Going to Happen All of Their Life They Going to Be Feeling Insecure and so the Deal with That. They've Got to Have a Little Bit More and Little Bit More and so There Driven to Have a Little Bit More Because You See, There Is Never Enough for a Person Whose Internal Machinery Has Started in the Direction of Being Able to Accomplish Enough to Build Security in Their Life.

And so What Happens Is There's Never Enough at the Because You See, Even after They Get A Lot They Say What You Gotta Keep Going Because You Know Something It Happened. You Can Lose All This.

He Got Have Some More and so It's Absolutely a Trap. It Is a Trap of the Devil.

It Is Part of the Enslaving Power and the Direction of Sin That a Person Goes on and on and on Nice about Us As Well but They Just Motivated to Do Their Best. There's a Difference between Motivation and Driven Us and I Want to Give You a Personal Example of That Because I Certainly Experience That and That Is I Thought I Was Being Motivated to Do My Best. I Thought I Was Highly Motivated Because I Want to Do All That I Could in the Name of Jesus for the Sake of the Lord and for His Church and so What I Did. I Assumed More Responsibility Than I Should've Assumed at 230 Minute Television Programs Every Week, Plus the 11 O'clock Service on Sunday Which Was Live Part of That Time. Plus Everything Else That Goes on the Life of a Pastor and so with a Much Smaller Staff Than We Have Today and so I Found Myself Being Driven at First I Thought I Was Motivated. I Would've Sworn If I Was Ministering Man. I Was Not Am Not That Surely This Is Because I Love God. If You Asked Me How to Settle God Not Can Do Anything.

Just Whatever God Wants to Do. Just Tell Us Will Get It Done. Now My Thinking. I Was Giving Him All the Credit, but At Least Was Involving Myself. Gotta Not to Do Most Anything and so I Worked at It Day and Night Seven Days a Week for A While and I Remember Getting Tired. Nonmembers Began to Work on Me in This Fashion That Is Usually on Monday a Natural Bit Tired after Preaching Three Times on Sunday and so I Found Myself Equally As Tired on Tuesday and Then I Found Myself Just As Tired on Wednesday and I Found Myself Just to Start on Thursday and He Got on the Front and I Knew I Was in Trouble and Then It Was Saturday and Already Sunday Comes Every Three Days a Week and so What Was Happening Was That I Was Just As Tired.

The Latter Part of the Week As I Was the First Part a Week, and I Knew Something Was.

I Can Remember Coming to This Place of Thinking I'm on This Will, and I Can't Get All I Want to Get All That I Can Get All I'd Love to Get All but I Can't Get up Hello I Get All What Will People Think about Stop Doing This That the Other and so I Found Myself in Bondage to What People Thought I Found Myself in Bondage to a System That Did Not Work and I Found Myself in Bondage to an Attitude That Ultimately Destroyed Me and I Was Doing All This for Jesus Sake Loving God, Though I Was Being Driven by Something on the inside until Finally I Came to the Place in My Life That I Was so Tired I Just Couldn't Go Anymore. I Wasn't Sick by the Grace of God and Have a Heart Attack or Something Else Happened. I Was Just Tired. Absolutely Worn out Doing What Doing the Work of God. It Is so Deceptive. It Is so Enslaving It Is so Camouflage You Just Think I'm Doing This for Jesus Sake, Though I Wasn't You Know What I Was Doing It for Because I'm Sure I Was Trying to Prove to Myself Something That I Thought I Had to Prove I'm Sure I Must've Felt Inadequate in Some Areas and so I Was Trying to Prove That I Was at a I'm Sure Must've Felt Insecure Us Must've Been Trying to Prove That I Will Secure What Ever It Was Motivating Me Deep down inside, It Was Not the Motivation of the Holy Spirit. It Was Being Driven to Accomplish and to Achieve until Finally All in One Saturday Evening When I Was so Tired and so Worn out and Pastor Friend of Mine Dr. over Nine Wives Went to Eat Dinner and He Said to Me How You Doing and I Said Fine. My Wife Said Telling the Truth and so Not Telling the Truth. Of Course, That Was the Beginning I Was Gone for Three Months out Just Resting for Three Months Driven, Driven, Driven, Driven, Was It a Sin. Yes When You Get so Out Of Balance That You Driven by Anything in Life Is a Sin against God, and by His Grace, He Didn't Just Lay Me Out Of the Minister Forever, but by His Grace, He Just Let Me Get so Tired I Just Couldn't Do It Anymore and the Graciousness of This Church Three Months They Let Me Be Gone.

I Came Back to Attendance Was out. The Money Was. Not Everything Was out. My Absence of the Best Thing and so That Was Just God's Way of Showing Me That He Was in Control and and and His Way of Also Showing Me That He Did Not Need Me and That Was When the Best Things I Ever Learned. He Didn't Need Me.

When I Came Back I Laid Aside All My List and All My Goals Not Put Them Aside and I Said Okay Get What You Want Me to Do and I'm Here to Tell You, Ever since Then, Though I've Been Busy, and Not Merely Been This Busy Is That I'm Not Motivated to Prove Anything. I'm Not Driven to Prove Anything. And yet, I Realize How Absolutely Easily Was Enslaved and Ensnared by Something Going on inside of Me.

Much Deeper That I Would Never Have Never Have Identified a Sin and Something All That to Say Oftentimes People Are Ensnared and Become Enslaved by Things They Don't Realize Here Is a Hunger and Thirst and Yearning in Somebody's Life Example to Be Loved and so What Happens They Find Themselves Entrapped in All Kind of Situations Because Deep down inside of Them. The Basic Thing Is Not What's on the Surface, the Surface May Be Some Kind of Immorality or Whatever, but Deep down inside, Is That Hungering Thirsting Yearning to Be Loved When a Person Feels Rejected, Isolated and Shut out All a Person Can Be Just so Critical of Everybody. Why, Because Somewhere Back Yonder Somebody Tore Them Apart to Shreds Verbally Destroy Them and so All of Their Life. What Are You Doing Pulling Other People down. Being Critical of Other People and Trying to Somehow Get Some Kind of Identity Data Themselves. If You Could Probably Sum It All up and into Three Words You Might Consummate up like This and That Is That Our Lack of Intimacy and Lack of Identity and Our Lack of the Sense of Self-Worth or a Lack of a Being Somebody Oftentimes These Things Are the Undergirding the D Deep Deep Emotions within Us That Somehow Begins to Work Its Way to the Surface and We Begin to Look for Ways to Satisfy or Escape These Feelings and so I Would Just Challenge You If You Say Will I Will I Do Have Some Bondage in My Life Will Lose It Because of Some Sense of Low Self-Esteem. Is It Because of Something That's Happened Back There. That's Because Your Great Sense of the Insecurity Big Is It Because of a Sense of Fear of Failure. Is It Because of Abuse. For Example Backyard. You've Been Greatly Abused and so I Weathered or Sexually, Verbally or Physically, of Whatever and so You Feel This Bondage, You Can't Quite Figure out What It Is You Just Never Feel Exactly Right Feel Somehow That You Just Can't Break out That Something Has You Bound All My Friends Are You Willing to Trace It to Its Root.

So Often People so I Just Don't Feel Good.

I'm Just Tired of This Worn out. That Can Be True with What You Have To Ask Is What's the Cause of What Is the Root What Is the Poison That Sneaking out All through Your System Continually That Causes That One Has Enslaved You Enslavement to Sin. What Is the Root Cause and You See It Is, and That God Is Angry and Upset. God Knows That When a Person Becomes Enslaved Because of Some Emotion Is That Mean Enslavement Does Not Have the Same Consequence, nor Does Because the Consequence of Enslavement Is the Consequence and Whatever the Root Cause May Be, It May Be Something That Happened Back of Your Parents Is Something That Happened Yesterday or Just the Fact That You Just Decided That You Just Cannot Let It All Dribble out and You Just Can't Do What You Want and Have Your Playing in Life Because You Just Want Us to Be Set Free and See Satan Always Says That You Want to Be Free Is What You Do and so What He Says If You Want to Be Free to Do What You Please. Doing What You Please, Never Send Anybody Free Doing What You Please Will Ultimately Imprison and Enslaving. Thank You for Listening to Freedom from an Claimant like to Invite You to Join in Celebrating 49 Years and That Antistatic Lagging Last 45 Years to Landline Managing Atlanta, Georgia

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