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Real Freedom - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 5, 2022 12:00 am

Real Freedom - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 5, 2022 12:00 am

Freedom is achieved by the knowledge of the truth found in God's Word.

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Non-Indian pets podcast maternal family life salvation through Jesus anyone liberty (now and for all eternity. Yourself and God's truth and find the power to live in real freedom is very clear in Scripture. Jesus came utilities there are three reasons from Rob YK number one. He says he came seeking to save that which is lost came into the world giving his life on the cross and paying our sin debt in full in all that you and I might be saved. Be the children of God. A second reason he came. Scripture says that you and but have life and have it abundantly.

That is not just enough force to be saved not meet people all in time to say what I'm saying is if that's the end of the Christian life is not, but he came that we might have life more abundantly. And that is life that's full fulfilling where we discover the will of God. We discover the ways of God. We discover God in the very personal, intimate way and realize that he is intimately involved in every single aspect of our life and so when they said to him, for example, one occasion. Help us to understand Jesus was never into big hurry to give them understanding. He candidly might be saved. He came to reveal himself as the Savior, but he also came as he said to give his abundant life, and he says I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly. The very best life. Then he said he came another reason to set the captives free.

So the Parthenon wants to deal with in this message is that whole idea of setting the captives free and if I should ask you today. How many of you feel like that you are Probably mostly was so I'm not Capt. I have financial freedom and freedom of my job with my family and support you can name all the things that you feel free about, but are you spiritually for your seat you not really free until you are spiritually free. Are you really and truly free. Are you really are in captivity this something that you never even thought about captivating you and controlling you Jesus that I came to set the captives free, and the truth is, all of us. Every single one of us has been The some area of our life, which will talk about a few moments. So what you listen carefully, because you may be suffering an area of your life. You do not even realize what it is what the cause is why you don't feel free why you don't have his peace is joy all the things we talk about in the Christian life. So as I think about what Jesus said to him how he said I think about what is it take to be really free and while some people not for you what what is it about him that makes them not free, but the question I will answer is, are you free and if not, how are you free and someone came forward and said I am captive for certain, and I need to be free when you pray that you set me free. And naturally I would. So one of the things that captivate for the things that cause us to live in captivity elevator life.

One of those things.

For example, is error that we've been taught that many people. For example, who do not believe in Jesus is the only way of salvation, and so they're always looking for this and look into that. Looking though the other and trying to figure out what is the best way to go. You know what they are captive to the confusion of era that they heard somebody teach or imply and then the feeling that that you never can please God and the people who say you know what I just can't please God repented and I have done this not been baptized twice. I John three different denominations and I've tried to tie the knot. I don't how to please God.

That's because you don't know who is he is a witchy runner and trying to please and he won't you let him be in you. What he desires to be in you, not making some big deal out of all I gotta please God, you live in captivity to view of the lay that down, and God sent you for you then one of the worst is unforgiveness that is total, captivity. When you cannot forgive someone else what they've done to you.

That is a form of captivity that will drive listen it'll drive you and impact you in every single area of your life you can have an unforgiving spirit and harbor that because you see you say will I have this unforgiving spirit know this unforgiving spirit has you and you must be willing to deal with and you can deal with it and you can be set free, no matter who you are. You seat these are the things that we don't see often times people each one of these emotions are we talking about and the whole idea of feeling insecure if I should ask you how many of you feel very secure today. I wonder how many people can say yes I was the basis of your security, your money, no your relationship no where you came from your family know what's the basis of your security. The truth is none of us has any security apart from Jesus Christ. None of us because we can't control life and everything is in the state of change in listen Jesus is the stabilizer in our life that no matter what's going on around us. He doesn't change, and if I can lock in the him which you can buffet. We lock in the him and we begin to see things as he sees them.

We begin to view ourselves as he views as we begin to recognize that he is the giver of life. There was we see things from God's point of view then we start getting free and until we do will not free and there were the tragedies is, for example, you got a godly woman here who loves the Lord wants the teacher. John was right and that she does what's right and she's faithful, loyal and devoted you got a husband who was the limit up in the he wants to be gone here and then do this and his friends and so forth and so you have this conflict. This conflict is always going on and they gonna just cause one heart ache in one burden and I see this in families and see children growing up and I think sometimes God those kids don't have a chance if you don't get them early God. They don't have a chance because the examples of their parents and get those parents would say I'm free to do what I choose something nobody is ultimately free to do what they choose. We are influenced and affected by either that which is righteous and good and godly of that which is sinful and wicked and unholy, then let's think about this for moment. Anyone of these emotions of these attitudes has its effect on us. First of all, some of them would certainly affect your personal testimony is preventing smoke, drink, runaround is going to affect your personal testimony.

For one thing, secondly, it's going to hinder your spiritual growth. As long as you allow something that you know is not right and ungodly in your life you know it's there and you say one of these days I'm not there with it. It's hindering you already. You become a slave to God this in more habits in our life that hinder us in their testimony and hinder his use of as, for example, as long as you have any of those attitudes in your life and you not when the deal with them.

They come to hinder you in somewhere there is going to hinder God's use of the you can have an unforgiving spirit and be very effective for the Lord, you can't be selfish and greedy and holding on and be used of God in a profitable way whatsoever. You see, none of these things, for who we are when you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

I want to show you in a few moments. What he did for you, so they don't fit if they don't fit that I'm responsible for dealing with some us think about that for a moment these things, being true, what is the truth that sets us free. If you don't answer this question we wasted no time. What's the truth that sets us free will. What's the skiff my first of all, the truth about our salvation that you are not trusted Jesus Christ as our Savior for the forgiveness of our sins based on one thing his death in Calvary, which atone for all of our sins past, present, future. Therefore, not going to be lost after I'm saved.

That is all of my freedom is based on the personal relationship with him. Listen, he is the freedom maker.

He is the one who sets the slaves free. Not only does he provide salvation, but he says the Holy Spirit came into your life in my life to do what the seal is forever as a child of God, to live within us to give his direction for our life to convict us of our sins and for God's latest issue is his will for our life sucks. Look what we have we have this wonderful relationship of the Lord in the presence of how the Holy Spirit to guide us and directors in Whatever Way, God wants the users. That's the beginning the truth that sets me free begins with a cross and it also is built upon. Listen by the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit within me. That is the beginning of all true freedom and the second is this that is the truth about our position because you hear the projects that all the time. What is your position now that you trusted Christ as your Savior, deposition, Scripture beforehand. You are enemies of God and the Scripture says you children of God before you aliens not only separated but you were distant from God out there now, the Scripture says you are joint heirs with Christ, of all that God has before you rejected him.

Listen now he accept you, you no longer rejected that you accepted.

Once you are guilty you are guilty.

But now you are forgiven forgiven child of God. Once you walked in darkness, not knowing what was going on.

Now you walk in the living line of the son of God.

Once you were dead in trespasses and sins, and now you are spiritually alive. All of those things God has done in your life, and does them in our life when we come to him as our Savior, and he begins to work in LA setting us free of everything and anything. Listen, it's the will of God to set you free of anything and everything that hinders his will and purpose and plan for your life. He's willing to dig as deep in your life and there were things back there that have been there since you were a kid.

He wants everything out of your life that hinders his awesome will and purpose and plan for life in payment.

This is our position. We are children of God, for whom God has a will and a purpose and a plan that's who he is and if I'm going to be set free. I've got to understand that not only must save but this is my genuine spiritual, godly, divine position.

The things we just mention so likewise one of my possessions that I'm a child of God. I do possess some things and so you. For example, and I want turn this passage. This is one. You may not know, but in second Peter listen to what he says and often times people will read read over this verse we says, for example, in verse three. Chapter 1 seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him, that's Jesus who called us by his own glory and excellence.

Listen to that. This is an awesome promise you don't let this get by seeing that his divine power. He did, it has granted to you, not going to granted to you everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and excellence. Allison from these he has granted to us his precious and magnificent promises, so that bound them. You may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that's in the world by lust. Look at this is a reason you and I can be free. We trust Jesus Christ as their personal savior of a different position. Different possessions in life and he says one of the things he's given us. He's given us his nature.

We listen we have the privilege and the power to live godly in Christ Jesus because we have the nature of God within us and if you notice he also says he's provided everything we need to live a godly life. If I want to be free. It starts with Jesus. If I want to be a free person that I must begin to claim what is mine claim who we are in Christ and claim what we have in Christ and walk in the ways that he would walk because he says I provided all of that for you.

His divine nature, his eternal life his access to the throne and and you know this passage in Hebrews chapter 4 but I will read it again here. Listen to what he says we don't have a high priest who can sympathize with us, which means we have one who does. That's Jesus who's been tempted and tried in all things as we are yet without sin. Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Listen you see what you have. You have not only God in heaven this year master and sovereign ruler, but you have Jesus on the inside of you in the presence of the Holy Spirit, with all the possessions that we talking about and that's who you are, you have access to freedom in every single solitary area of your life. If you choose to claimant and so I look at that think okay God, how my going to be free for several of us choose, I must choose to be free of whatever is in my life. It should be the second I become free.

When I face any and every circumstance of life. Listen based on what who I am. Accordingly Jesus.

What I have, according to Jesus what my position is, according to Jesus in other words, what happens I will be free God. This doesn't fit who I am is what you said you said your divine power is within me the spirit of God would set me free and I'm claiming that my faith in the name of Jesus Christ, God will set us free, but the tragedies if you don't know that you have captivity in your life if you don't know that there are things in your life or you have not been willing to acknowledge it, you gonna live in captivity. Listen on a level on the level that's weighing down here when he wants you to live where there is resilience a choice you make.

It's a choice we make based on the truth so all that I've said, you simply the truth it's about who he is what he's done in your life and what is done in my life. What he will do what he promised to do and he said trust me. He says the truth will set you free Jell-O know you need to be free. You want to be free. You will and to believe that you can be free and you trust. You say you mean to tell me that all the sermons all about trusting and obeying God. Do you think God would make it complex.

Since God plays no favorites, no favorites in the person who can read this passage of Scripture you can be free. The question is do you want to be free. Is there something in your life that you have to consider what you know what the truth is in this point my life and I've heard this let this time in my life that I gimme that stuff in this time in my life know this is the time to be free. Listen to me carefully, because I love you and I will and related if I can just cut a hole appeared not in your head and seal it up and then they work in the whole life.

I would because I know what freedom is like, and I know what captivity is like, and I know that whoever you are, where you are whatever's going on.

Some of you would say that's what I want I want freedom you can have it. It starts with Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in your life you desiring freedom accepting his promise of freedom, claiming that freedom trusting him to be in you everything you need to be and to do for you everything you needed to do for you let me to say this when you're free is a feeling that you cannot describe. You cannot describe it adequately because what happens. The weights gone big yields gone all that junk is stuff that you thought was important in your life. That's all gone now. What's important is this displeasing him and loving him not pleasing him because I was going to happen but pleasing him because I want to because you want. It's of freedom that only comes in the person of Jesus Christ. So think about all the people who've never trusted Christ as their Savior living in captivity.

It is not my responsibility euros to walk at somebody and say you are a slave you know why you don't have to do that many of them are already aware of it but not why in my message the simpler this you not keep living the way you're living it's a choice you make in God's made some simple, you stumble all over it, receiving him as your personal savior, trusting him to be everything you need because he promised, trusting him to work this out in your life because only in watching trust the Lord? Thank you for listening to part 211 wheeled freedom if you'd like to know more about child family for intense ministries that OIG is not. After the presentation of intense ministry

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