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Real Freedom - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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July 4, 2022 12:00 am

Real Freedom - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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July 4, 2022 12:00 am

When you think of the word freedom, what comes to mind?

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MTD sarcastic child in my name July 4. What passes for freedom these days is really disguised pundits today don't even have to the only experience of real freedom. Freedom. That word is very motivating, very reassuring and so precious were it's a word that everyone wants to feel the event of the heart about who they are is a word that causes revolution. It's a word that brings people together in marriage that really realize what true genuine love is all about the free to give themselves to one another. What is freedom for your life. Do you want to be financially free. You want to be politically free. What is freedom mean to you personally.

Although many people who are very wealthy, but that free who hold high positions, but the not free to freedom isn't wrapped up in things that you and are able to pursue in life and achieve. It says something about who we are what we believe and how far we had to go to make that freedom available to somebody else. When you think about in Jesus day one out of every three persons, was living in poverty. Extreme poverty. All they were slaves, one out of every three so when Jesus began to talk about free. He had their attention because all they knew in their society was poverty, slavery, fear, and oftentimes hopelessness. When you hear that word. What do you think you feel something or do you find yourself say, but I'm not free. I wish I were free. I wish I could be free. I wish I could feel that freedom but I do not maybe because you are in the job. For example, you can't get out of it. You can't walk away and it's very difficult for you to go every single day do the same thing.

I don't know what it is in your life that's causing you to feel that you not free but maybe in this message.

If you listen carefully you will discover what that is because my prayer for you is that you will be free that God will set you free to be the person he created you to be achieve though things in life that he wants you to achieve. So when Jesus began to talk about freedom. Believe me that heroes were open their eyes were opened. The hopes were open because that's what freedom is all about. It's all about hope. Also want you to turn to the eighth chapter of John and in his conversation with his listeners. He wasn't saying this is how to be saved but once you are saved with the grace of God is what you do and that is missing what he said in the eighth chapter beginning in verse 28 Jesus said when you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he, and I do nothing on my own initiative, but I speak these things as the father taught me, and he who sent me is with me is not left me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to him.

Don't you wish you could say that I always do the things that are pleasing to him and as he spoke these things. Many came to believe in. So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed him.

If you continue in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.

Notice what he said.

He said if you continue in my word, that's the word of God.

If you continue in my word, then you truly disciples not if you continue in my word you say there are to say but that you truly my disciples. So when somebody says you disciple of Jesus as his have the question you continue in the word of God written God's word so can your mind and heart and he says if you continue in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. What truth what is the truth that makes us free.

That's what I want talk about this message. So what you listen carefully, because you may be suffering an area of your life and you do not even realize what it is what the cause is why you don't feel free why you don't have his pieces joying all the things that we talk about in the Christian life. So as I think about what Jesus said him how he said I think about what is it take to be really free and while some people, not for what what is it about him that makes them not free, but the question I will answer is, are you free and if not, how are you free and someone came falling and said I am captive for certain, and I need to be free. Would you pray that yellow set me free. And that's right, I would.

So one of the things that captivate out for the things that cause us to live in captivity. All of their life.

One of those things.

For example, is error that we've been taught that many people.

For example, who do not believe that Jesus is the only way of salvation, and so they're always looking for this and look into that. Looking than the other and trying to figure out what is the best way to go. You know what they are captive to the confusion of Arra that they've heard somebody teach or imply listen living with uncertainty is living in captivity. It is a spiritual jail. When you do not know because of what you been taught what I'm going to heaven or hell someone do the best they can, and I hope we get there or forget it on the lid like I want to. Who knows who's going where it's all the frustration that comes with not knowing the truth and Jesus said the truth sets you free.

And of course I think about people who are captive evil habits, the people, for example, in some of these may hit you that you so I don't think it's important, but yes, it is the people who are captive to lying and deception is something in them. They just can't be honest and the reason they can be honest is there fear of rejection.

They just can't be honest and so they go through life being very deceptive. Listen, it's a form of captivity because many people grow up doing it and all of their life. You can ever really tell whether telling the truth or not. Then of course the sexual immorality everywhere you turn today. It looks like sexual immorality is coming to the forefront and so people say will I want to be free.

I want to be sexually free. Listen to me carefully what most people mean is I want to be free to exercise my sexuality. In whatever way whatever means I choose to, and many many people if they were honest, would say you know I don't really have freedom I'm driven, driven, driven, captivated by ideas by lumps that absolutely would destroy me if I let into that's not freedom that's captivity and of course there's drunkenness and naturally people who drink going to say will you know I'm free to do.

I'm free to do what I choose want to stop blocking stop if I want to go. Why don't you just want to. The reason they don't want to because they feel like they can't. You know what to think about this for moment, people will take something that is a liquid and this liquid can cause them all kinds of heartache in trouble and pain-and-suffering for themselves, their families and others, and you going to allow that to capture you enslave you make your life miserable and those around you and then you go to say well I can quit anytime I want to will isn't it strange you don't ever want to. Even when you're crying even when you've spent God's money, even when you cause all, confusion, heartache and pain and suffering in your family and you still don't want to that's not freedom that is a form of ghoulish captivity and many people who drink will tell you that they are free to do it. They may have been free with every no longer why you keep doing it what it what you keep doing something that destroys the human body. Then of course there's the whole drug area will want to do that because they say I'm free. This is freedom.

This is real freedom that I can drink I can throw it I can sag second.

All these things when I please where I please, with whom I please, what you really have is total captivity in your mind something is controlling you your thinking is controlling you.

You not free. You enslave your enslaved attitudes and things that labs will destroy your life sooner or later and so I think about smoking, for example somebody says that's my business. I'm sure it is simply say.

Are you free to stop. Anytime I want to launch is that I don't want to. For the reason they can't. They could if they went about in the right way.

But let me ask, is there anything in your life that has a grip on you and you talk about being free, but if somebody chose to take it away. You and feel free you are you captivated by something and so when I look at the attitudes of people have which they think they're free. Just because your a multi-multimillionaire you so I can buy what I want, I can have who I want I can go where I want I can do what I want my life 3,000,009 you captivated by the lie that you are free you captivated with the lie that you things in your abilities, your talents and skills and all the things you you can enjoy life that you doing that though you captivated by the you will not free until you are freed by personal relationship with Jesus Christ you not free until Jesus set you free to worship him and to praise him and to love him and to follow him and to walk in his ways. Every other single lifestyle is a lifestyle not of freedom but a bondage so do any of these things happen. The those issues that you have to deal with in life. Well, though most elusive want of all is not any of these, the most elusive of all of them.

Is this.

Those captivating feelings we have those emotions that we have that oftentimes destroy people. So think about it for moment. Your emotions have been with you for long time that deep down inside, they may have been there since you are a child. For example, they are difficult to identify and sometimes youth can identify without somebody helping you identify the but there there and they have captured you you been captured by them all of your life and you keep saying I know I'm free.

I know I'm free. Unknown free.

You said because of contestant and I repented of and ask a question has ever been a time in your life and you recognize that you had a major problem in and you confessed and repented of it before God. Yes, how many times did you confess and repent only wants no you confessed over and over and you repented again and again and again you told God told God you told God you told God, and years of gone by, and what happens, you still aren't free because you see, there are emotions so deeply hidden oftentimes in their lives until we identified, they will always hold was captured will never be able to be the full person God intends for us to be because of false ideas we have about ourselves and a lot of adequate somebody placed in their life either parents and friends are circumstances that someone something for just a moment. We ask is there for you free are you are you free emotionally. If you're not you living in captivity and this is one of the most dangerous kinds because oftentimes you can't see it. It's deep down inside, as this is been there so long you comfortable with it and so you are you say will that's who I am and this is how I've always been what could it be that you living in slavery and not even realizing it.

Emotional slavery is just as powerful as sexual slavery or slavery of drunkenness or whatever it might be just as powerful. Someone you ask you something? Could any of these things be true of you and could it be that they are holding you and binding you in ways that maybe you don't want to face and someone said to me this week. Simply this. I don't want to stop drinking because I don't want to face myself I'm running. I know I'm running but I'm not ready to stop running and so he would think that he can stop anytime he pleases know he can't he can't stop in the time he places till he turns the Almighty God. So let's think about it for a moment. What other kinds of emotional bondage to anyone of us can have in our life that can devastate is on the one hand, or keep us down that many people who have lots of abilities and talents and skills and the reason they don't move forward in life is because that captured they are imprisoned by spirit of fear. I'm afraid I'll fail. I'm afraid I won't do it the right way.

I'm afraid of what people say and so dear dominates their life.

They will tell you the absolutely free but they're not free then of course there's false guilt that people have. Once you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

You free.

You no longer guilt and some others as well. I repented of that sin and have a long time ago and yet when I get on the parade keeps coming up somehow just keeps popping up, and I know I repented. I know of. Ask God to forgive me, but somehow it keeps popping up in oftentimes that is a false sense of guilt. It has you incarcerated that no matter what you do. Those guilty feelings suppress you jointly appease your happiness and you say, what if I could just get rid of that, you know, probably if our population got free really free. The drug companies regarding business, but the simple reason there isn't anything in a bottle that can set you free. They kind of freedom that God wants you to have and so there people who live in false you and people who live in jealousy. Jealousy has captured. It's like binding them jealous that I wanted jealous.

Maybe something happened deep back yard in their life and maybe something that happened recently and it just has a link they can even think straight. I have to admit you know what I'm I'm just not thinking straight. These days, they won't admit what the problem is and sometimes they do, but you have to deal with it. There is a truth that can set you free of fear and jealousy, and all the rest. Then there people from heaven who live live continuously and worry and anxiety supposes happens to my children supposes happens to me. Suppose I lose my job.

Suppose suppose suppose about and they work themselves into a cellblock so to speak of what uneasiness uncertainty and fear, and wonder what's going to happen in their life until you are able to deal with that. It'll keep you bound and many people full of anxiety, full of fear.

Maybe because the way you grow up and how you were treated and so they say when you know what I felt this way all my life.

That doesn't mean it's the will of God, and I can think of some feeling in our heart. There was there for many, many, many years. I didn't see it nobody else either.

So what all had the courage to tell me you realize this and so in your life and then my friends love me enough to be honest with me and once I was out think God could have missed about my relationship with you and I could believe that you can love me just the way I that I don't have to perform don't have to please. I just be myself with all my faults and failures and what else it might be a very, very liberating moment in my life is not the only imperfect thing about me but I'm simply saying this one by one if you willing, God will set you free and there's nothing like an emotional freedom that comes when you have dealt with something in your life that you know and when I think about people who grew up that way we we hurt ourselves and we heard other people because we miss that wonderful spirit and the camaraderie we have with other people who come from different countries of the world. It doesn't make a difference. What color they are, what language there Almighty God looks and those he sees every single month you know what God is a C cup.

He listened God doesn't listen for this language he doesn't listen to one language over here and maybe another one over here. God created all of us and so anything in my life that causes me to be less than God wants me to be is a sense in captivity and it needs to be dealt with and will not free as long as anything has as listen walking down a path that Jan does not want to walk down. Thank you for listening to today's podcast real freedom if you like to know more about Child family ministries index data lighting back after the presentation and intense ministry. Atlanta, Georgia

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