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Liberty's Brands

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June 29, 2022 12:00 am

Liberty's Brands

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 29, 2022 12:00 am

Have you considered how trials can help you learn who God is and His will for your life?

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Welcome to the InTouch podcast withdrawal Wednesday, June 29. Christians are granted freedom through the cross of Christ that life of freedom with stars. Let's close out the study of deletions by learning more about liberties brand.

This is the last message nursery zoning regulations will be returned to the six chapter and will just read two verses together and the 17 versus the primary verse that I was to deal with here about the 17th and 18th versus Paul said wrong.

Henceforth, let no man, trouble me brought to bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus brethren the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Let me just go back for just a moment remind you in all these six chapters. What's happened that in this epistle, Paul was writing a declaration of freedom that is that we who are believers, we don't have to get ourselves in bondage, trying to please him, trying to keep from disappointing him because he says in this passage.

Several things I will remind you of three click as we just saw to go through here first of all, he said in this book that the purpose of the law. In chapter 3 was not to get us into heaven, but in verse 24, it says rather to bring us to the realization that we are totally in adequate within ourselves to do anything to merit salvation.

So he says the law is our schoolteacher and not a method of saving is the second thing he wonder Monticello. Here is the fact that our only hope is in the justifying process of Jesus Christ. He says in chapter 2 verse 16. Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by his faith in Jesus Christ, which interpreted our days saying this, there is not anything that you and I can do in any way in any form or fashion to merit any favor from God. That grace is God's gift to lies and justification means that God looking at your life the moment you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior. That means that the righteous judge, adequate queue of all-wheel and all sin in your life and therefore you become a free child of God. The third thing he says in chapter 2 verse 20 is that our only hope of living the Christian life is not wrapped up in Oz, either, but also in relationship with Jesus Christ when he says I have been crucified once and for all with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not of the Christ lives in me and the life which I now live. I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for.

First of all there's nothing on there to be say the Lord incomes it wouldn't wasn't given the same able to bring me to the end of myself. All the hope of salvation is in the justifying process of Jesus Christ through grace and Mona hope of living the Christian life is claiming crucifixion with Jesus Christ on the cross, which he says is my experience and then he says my only hope of joy and freedom. Now that I've been justified is simply to be found in chapter 5, verse one when he says, stand fast there now for in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage which is Paul's primary reason for writing this letter and that is the remind those Galatian Christians you don't have to go back to where you were living under the burden living under the law, but only to realize that you need Christ in Christ Jesus on.

He says don't get entangled that you been freed from that. Now that you've been saved by the grace of God. Do you know what it is within mankind that wants to do something, maybe not a whole lot. Some people do a great deal. Some people just want to do a little itsy-bitsy just got to do something in order to get God's pleasure. You know what is within is that wants to do something. What is it it spell PR IDE you know I'm willing forgot decided what object I should have got to do something and sometimes loss processes that would you mean to tell me that God will forgive me for all of my sins and all I have to do is just believing right. But what does believe me, it does not mean that I have to go back and clean up anything change anything make a bunch of promises make a bunch of commitments. You see, our problem is that our old pride. It just almost impossible for us to babble for a holy, righteous, God righteous: merciful, loving, kind, God who says salvation the gift of eternal life is totally yours free. You can't do anything. But you know that that's more humiliating and more difficult to accept the goddesses argument to be say number 112-345-6789 1015 for about 35 at about 7500 and 500 1013 when you complete the hundred and 13th goal, you will be say you know what we do we say let's get at it right now. That's what we would. But you see it's all that humiliating to have the bow before a holy, righteous, God, and him say to you, you can't do anything that is humiliating to pride.

But he says that's man's only hope at all. This book, he says now that God has given you a life of grace and freedom and liberty don't slip back over here trying to do anything to get God's pleasure merit his rewards are try to work out some kind of lifestyle so that you won't disappoint God. You can't disappoint somebody who knows all about. So he wrote this book to answer the problem among those Galatian Christians were now having been saved going back to take of all the Junior state law upon themselves so they could be good Jewish Christian.

That's why this book is so very important.

It separated once and for all that Christianity is a gift of grace is the gift of the person of Jesus Christ and the law of Judaism is a law of rules and regulations and once you accept Jesus Christ. You no longer have to bear what broke down the people that Dave who could not live up to now.

That being said let's get into the primary verse that Paul comes in so all the way through this book. He's government have free. We are at liberty. I grace and all that God has given to us and what he says God is that he's given us all this in all that you not may live freely. But listen to what he says in verse 17 Albert in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ freedom listen liberty in Christ not only gives me a position to enjoy, but it also gives me a position where, and sometimes I must suffer. It is in all peaches and cream isn't all just roses. It is no discharge is taking well the problems there times when you and I don't have to suffer me right in the middle of your obedience. You gonna have to suffer forgot but look at what he says I want you to notice the word here. He says are bare in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ to the word bear here is the word in the Greek the start. So which means the bear, what burdens us.

That is the bear something that that is waiting upon. He says they are in my body the marks. The Greek word that is stigmata from which we get our word, a statement that is an indication of a lack of something or a mark or a blemish.

Here's a man whose life is described as a life of obedience before God, but his body listened his body bears the marks of it and not only that God allowed him to suffer in a form and fashion. He said he prayed three times that does mean he primarily be densely three times God take this thing out of my body, but he must've fasted long periods of fasting and praying for God to take this thing away. And God wouldn't take it away.

You see in all of our preaching and teaching about God's goodness and grace and love and mercy and revision.

We must not get all balance Bible brother here obeying God you never suffer.

There's not one verse in the Bible it says that he was a man who was free. He was a man who was liberated unshackled and yet he had to suffer and what I'm saying to you is this because you obey God does not mean that you will never suffer, and there is a very lighthearted frothy plastic theology around the date listed. If you just do certain things all the sufferings going over sickness is gone. All the yields account and you just tromping around on God's highway to heaven. Everything just going to be just like you want. That is exactly what they imply and nothing could be further than the truth does not positivity pieces. I tell you that they who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution supposes in my body.

Albert the marks are not in the manager something you in those days when Paul said Albert in my body. The stigmata the stigma of being God's suffering servant. The Galatian Christians do exactly what he meant, because in the temple there were the heathens worship those who were servants in the temple had the marks, the stigmata, the symbol of the sign of the God imprinted are branded on their body summary could of been on the four head of the body somewhere so they had branded on their bodies, their masters name or signature of some sort or symbol so that if they in some way escape they would know who they belong to. Likewise, the soldiers, the Roman soldiers whatever commanding general, this particular Legion had somewhere branded on their body was the name of their commanding officer that implied ownership is implied possession.

It implied service. Often times it implied suffer. So when Paul said of these Galatian Christians in my body, I bear the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ. What he was saying is this in my body. You can tell who I belong to in my body, there is the evidence of the suffering for the Lord Jesus Christ my commanding officer, my master, my Lord, my Savior, I have the marks of Christ in my body.

Therefore, he wasn't boasting. He was simply saying this is the way it is now Paul said there were two reasons that he suffer if you look in Philippians chapter 3 from moment you find one, and I want to ask you, would you be willing to say the same thing Paul says beginning in verse seven. What things were gain to me, those are counted loss for Christ and listen to what he says J pieces yes. Doubtless, I count everything in my life as unimportant all but lost for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things and do count them as nothing that I may win Christ and be found in him, not having my own righteousness for his numbers. Can you honestly say that you really and truly want to know God in a deeper way.

How many of you be willing to say that I really want to know gotten a deeper way then to what degree are you willing to go to know him in a deeper way.

Now watch this. If God said you are right you will know me better the next 30 days and the lay flat on your back, not going be able to move, but when you come at you really got to know me.

Would you be willing to do that you say what he told me that I would suppose he didn't have this.

The truth is that all of us a bunch of kindergarten folks when it comes to knowing who God is a man, but we say we want to knowing Paul discovered that one of the ways of knowing him as to suffer so he says I'm willing to suffer. First of all, that I may know Christů Watch this, the whole book is been about African history is to do what to live in him, but he's also freed us to suffer for him. Listen you willing to live falling, freed, liberated, are you willing to suffer for him. That's what he requires as proposed talking but he says I bear in my body. Bases listen, I'm free dental delivering but I'm free to suffer foreign because in suffering. I have learned something about God.

I would never have known second. In chapter 12 that all this he said able to give you in second Timothy chapter 2 verse nine. Listen to what he says.

He says where in our suffer trouble as an evil that is easy there kid is real evil that's why they persecute, even unto bonds putting me in jail, but the word of God is not bound, listen, think about this.

Paul had such freedom of Jesus Christ. They put them in stock you think that pieces they may have my body bound, but are not bound, he says, verse 10.

Therefore I endure all things for the elect's sake, that they also may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus, eternal glory with hunger.

It is a faithful saying. For if we be dead with him. We shall also live with him. If we suffer, we shall also reign with him.

If we deny he will deny this essay he mixes the suffering in with all the rest that Paul says here two reasons. He's on the suffer. First of all to know Christ and the second reason, he says I'm on the subject is that other people might be saved.

And I wonder how many of us would be willing to say I'm willing to suffer if it means that's I have to know. And when you read second, the chapter proposes he learned something specific.

He could everything any other way. He says he prayed in pleading with God to remove the thought.

Then he says what he really understood God, he started thanking God for his weakness and thanking God for his trouble and thanking God for something he says because I discovered some bid when I am at my weakness and going down to the last count he says I discovered this when the greatest power got surges through my life.

He would never have discovered that if he had been rolled around in a Roman chariot all over the Roman Empire preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to these and pledge that is not God's plan. Paul says I bear in my body the marks that is the results of my suffering because of my faith in Jesus Christ. Now I think you can wear those smart sometimes that may not show physically but that may show emotion and may show mentally marks of the sufferings of Christ. Let me ask you this. I wonder how many of bars at the real truth were known, have more scars that came from disobedience than scars that came from obedience both internally If you cut yourself but 4 inches down yarn learned about a half-inch deep link. So what do all kinds of things to but it always be up to something far worse than is what you do on the inside that scars up your soul God forgives you listen God forgives you never hold it against you in the mall. But even God doesn't remove scars.

That's why you keep remembering, I believe he leaves them there to remind us listen, not how bad we've been, but have what had good years to forgiveness and you see, there may be one big one of many of the inside. Nobody will ever see those. But God you see what is our proper approach those not to discourage others, but to look within and see those scars and thank God for his grace.

Thank God for his goodness. Thank God for his forgiveness. Thank God for his love.

Thank God for his mercy. Thank God for his kindness. In fact, did you know in the early days New Testament churches being persecuted when they brought them before the Roman legionnaires and they said if you want to live.

You say Caesar in Korea that is Caesar is Lord. If they said, Jesus is Lord of their so many Christians began to volunteer, decapitation they wanted to give their life because of their faith in Jesus Christ and history tells us many times the Romans laid down their swords and confess Jesus Christ as Lord of the have their own hit immediate death in the confession of Christ is that a lot of people the world tonight who know that they know that they know Jesus Christ as Lord because they had been tested with their life. We think we just see when I'm free. I'm free to live in but I'm also for him. And if I'm not afraid to die for. I am not afraid thank you for listening to liberties brands.

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