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How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 10

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 25, 2022 12:00 am

How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 10

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 25, 2022 12:00 am

Discover the blessings you have in knowing God is working in you to accomplish His will.

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London this weekend and that's not For the town and you hear a lot of people talking about freedom anything but a person can believe to be politically and socially free and still be oppressed by the power of thin, here's the wrap up of the searing truth can bring. Please turn the John chapter 8 and Jesus talking to the heroes of this particular occasion, if you'll notice, beginning in verse 28. He says in John chapter 8 Jesus therefore said when you lift up the Son of Man that you will know that I'm here and I'll do nothing of my own initiative, but I speak these things as the father taught me, and he who sent me is with me and he has not left me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to him as he spoke these things.

Many came to believe in him and Jesus therefore was saying to those Jews who had believed in him.

If you abide or continue in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Watch this if you continue abide in my word, then you truly disciples of mine. If you're abiding in my word, he says you're going to know the truth and the truth in which you have been continuing is going to set you free. When you and I will born these old brains of ours began to receive negative thoughts negative patterns were set up in our thought processes either rejection or acceptance and all the rest.

And so we grew up with an image of ourselves that was built into us by those about to make us except ourselves, to appreciate ourselves to have a sense of belonging, a sense of worth, a sense of adequacy, a sense of competence.

All the very opposite of all those things was built into our life so that which ever it may be, Satan will take advantages early in our life is possible to begin the whittle away at our self-image as sense of respect for ourselves, our sense of worth, so that even after a person is saved Satan will take those negative attitudes which have been built into our life and continue to harass us by telling us what you can do that you not adequate to do that you don't count you not work that who do you think you are making us feel intimidated by people around us, forcing us by his own lives to compare ourselves with other people until long, the longer we live in the Christian life. It seems some town for some people the last we feel about ourselves instead of going in the opposite direction, seeing what God is saying we see the option.

So the churches today are filled with millions of people have a terrible image of themselves based not upon the truth of God's word but rather the lies that Satan stolen but we've seen is Jesus said here when you know the truth.

The truth will set you free from what it will set us free from anything and everything that hinders us from becoming the person God wants us to be and achieving the things God wants us to achieve what he says if you know the truth. The truth will set you free. So what is that true and is we've examined the word we said that truth is first of all to know what our position is in him that we are in him and he is for the nausea. Many other facets of that to know who we are is the Saints of God and basses of his assault. The light and all the rest that we said about that and then what we possess in him, that is, he said we had everything will ever need to live the Christian life successfully that he has deposited to our account in the habilis everything will ever need. He says we already have access to that through his son the Lord Jesus Christ, so that the truth about you and me is that we are the redeemed the children of God we have a brand-new nature where new persons or Saints. We are in Christ Jesus. That is our security we are somebody he says we have Christ living within us and that is he's living his life through us. We have no reason to feel inferior to anybody to feel intimidated by antibiotic. He says we have everything.

When we have him so therefore we have all the riches of heaven and we have access to that if we only know that and know how to get in touch with what is already out. So on the basis of that. What is it that I have to be worried about what I have to be afraid of what I have to feel so insecure.

So what is a GW not without a job and a list of branded here without a job this morning who ever you may be I will tell you something that you will not, without one.

Without God's knowledge.

He knows exactly that you don't have is allowed in without one variable weeks 5 to 6 week six, seven, eight, nine, 10 months, I still have a job. Has God forgotten.

You know he's not forgotten you. He says the truth will set you free of worry about that, even when you saying God, what are you doing on this. Sometimes God takes away what we think is absolutely essential to our security to teach is a simple lesson he uses that sometimes the drivers unto himself. The teacher sat absolutely and totally adequate here. If I have all that I need material you and I never have to trust the Lord had on the what God is willing to do is what I want you to notice when he says the truth will set you free.

I want you to notice two things here primarily that point set us free from what from all these entanglements and attitudes and ideas and lies on true of Satan. The harassment of Satan that keep the cheaters out of the joy of walking in the spirit victoriously and being of service to God.

Now it's one thing to be made free from something. But if God frees us from something he in turn likewise frees us to some medicine. He says the truth will set you free from all this junk all the things that hinder you from being what God wants you to be in order that you may be what that you may be liberated and free to what free to serve God by pouring your life into the lives of other people who are hurting, friendless, you can't pour your life into someone else's life. If your mind is just passing upon you know that you think about me, myself and others know what until you learn to allow God to love you and except yourself just the way you are.

You can accept everybody else the way they are. You can't pour your life in the somebody else's life. And so what we do. We believers even though we are saying what we do is we get in the middle of the road we sell.

I know him say, but you can't be perfect, and so when somebody sees as they don't see is either black or white.

They see is in the gray area here. We are saying that we are acting like the world because we have allowed the world to shape us into its mold to keep own thinking the same old erroneous thoughts that God intended to free us. That's what he said the truth will set you free. We are free to do what free to be freed to become free to do free to achieve free to fulfill God's great purpose and allying. But as long as I'm concerned about me myself and I it'll never happen and I think a very important facet of this is that God doesn't liberate us just so we can sit back in idleness and pleasure in own comfortable God don't take everything will he is going to take care of it. As I walk in obedience. MUC freeing me from all this that hinders and shackles me, freeing me from that still makes me accountable, I'm accountable as a child of God and responsible as a free man, freeing the spirit of God accountable to my brothers and sisters who are hurting her in the so it's free from an old to be free to free from know to be free to and if I'm free from just for myself, I've missed the whole point. Secondly, if I am not really free. I'm still in bondage to old cell now. He says if you notice if you continue in my word, then you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Now let's look at the principle of just a moment. How does that work and if you turn the Romans chapter 12 and look at a familiar passage that most of us could quote I'm sure especially these first two verses listen to what he says he's his words you are pleased with you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God that is based on everything else I told you in the first 11 chapters to present your bodies a living sacrifice, that is to give your total self to the Lord acceptable to God which is your spiritual service of worship. And I watch these next three words he says and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what the will of God is that which is good and acceptable and perfect. That is the will of God is on this the will of God is always good, always perfect, is it always acceptable not to. The Bible says that God's will is always good, always perfect and acceptable, but sometimes we doubt that is sometimes is not acceptable to airplanes.

Now how does the believer of you who knows he or she is safe. How is it that we break out of that and then again to live consistently in this life of liberty is the principal notice what he says three words on what you watch the first two. He puts this in an imperative negative stop being conformed to this world are. He says stop allowing the world to shape you into its mold. Now that word here and the word in the in the Greek it means there's no watch this, the word in the Greek it means stop assuming an outward appearance and lifestyle that is inconsistent with your inner the he said you are allowing the world to shape you back into its mold so that you are looking like you used to be.

He says that is incompatible and inconsistent with who you are. You are that in the long at your new creation in Christ to the next work. He's his art stop being conformed to this world that he says be transformed. It's the Greek word from which we get our word out of offices.

That is a transforming experience is taking place. The caterpillar crawls up the tree onto a leave weaves that cocoon does not come out a caterpillar but a beautiful butterfly, a metamorphosis, a transforming experience is taking place in a look at this word, though the word conformed means stop allowing the world to shape your outward appearance your outward thought your outward life pattern inconsistent will what was within you look at the next word, but be transformed.

That is, allow your outward appearance and lifestyle to be consistent with what is within you that is just live out what is within you and listen.

How do you do that he says by the renewing of your mind.

Now here's what I want you notice how does a truth set me free. The truth sets me free by a metamorphosis by transforming process that takes place in our life and that is, he says, by the renewing of the mind what happens by the renewing of the mind, the aloe B begins to live consistent with what the inner man is like Christ Jesus.

Within minutes he says he predestined us to be what conformed shape into his like what he simply saying in this passage is this. But apart from the word of God in your mind in your life in your spirit. You know what's going to happen without the truth you going to be say, but you go to heaven in bondage in bondage the fears and anxieties and worries in VR.

It isn't an inadequacies in all of this that God doesn't want because you see, he says, you and I were created in Christ Jesus unto good works, he saved you and me and has equipped us that what that he may accomplish his grade universal goal. He is a big picture might be accomplished through you and me and that is that the whole world may hear the truth of the gospel that Jesus Christ is Lord Buddha from living in bondage, my name may be written in the Lamb's book of life. But if I'm living in bondage. I'm no I'm of no use to God. So he says by the renewing of the mind what happens. That is, begin to sit here to receive, to believe and understand the true Amazon understand and know the truth as the truth becomes a part of my thinking. I become a free man. Then I don't have no longer have to respond the way I used to respond. You see the old thought patterns had is in bondage and so when some kind of stimuli comes along to Tempest what happened.

It's the natural, normal response, but now being a new creature. Now being a new creation. Now knowing the truth what is the truth on even though one of the parts that truth on the know about my position in him is that when Jesus died, he says we done that is the power you seek. Before salvation gives the strong arm of sin, but when Jesus Christ comes into our life. What is he do he breaks the strong arm of sin. Sin loses its power to overwhelm us and overcome us and destroys them.

Now we have the living Christ living within us. Now we are positioned with the awesome responsibility of choosing.

Therefore I had no choice living in sin. I had no choice under the strong arm of sin. All I could do is submit that Jesus Christ is coming to my life.

Now the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ is being made known to me now begin to see who I am, what I have and where I am in him now. I have the freedom to choose the choose what ever time a temptation comes along with it is the worry to become anxious for a moment to doubt whatever it might be you and I are read as his children to make a deliberate willful choice at that moment what God wants is that you and I learned to walk in his spirit so that it is just a natural tendency about life to submit submit submit naturally what obedience is.

That's what walking in the spirit is walking in the spirit is that I submit here I submit there now walking in the spirit and and letting the old flesh get the best of me and not knowing the truth decision comes on. Nothing all. What am I going to do, Satan says you can't do that who you think you are looking send your live. Look at your past God says, but I've accepted, and so the struggle is old but you seek one side as soon my position once. As soon who I am one side as soon what I have and it becomes a living financial reality.

In my mind my soul my spirit is going to affect my outermost being. As Paul says in Romans chapter 12 and the outer man is going to begin to be consistent with the inner man, who is Jesus Christ listen to me mom and dad. I want all your children to listen carefully listen to him when somebody says to you read the Bible done everything you can about God's book search the word to know it's true. I want to tell you my friend there giving you the greatest piece of advice, the wisest wisdom that men have ever known.

Because it is in this truth of the word of God that men are set free, so our children go to school and listen you think about the kid today who goes to school with no Christian parents goes to school, 12, 14, 16 years and then they get saved I will tell you my friend. The battle zone unless the truth of God becomes a viable living part of their life.

There's no way to survive and you see an even worse truth is this that some of you who been saved 3040 50 years are still living in the same old shackles and bondage because somewhere back then nobody ever told you, man. You can be freed of all of it. Jesus as the truth will liberate you the truth will free you to become the person that God wants you to be to achieve what God has set up. You achieve in your life, say something to you and our loved one way to say this in the Solano said my friend.

When you go home or if you seated home today and you look around and there's any other book. Any other magazine, newspaper, you name it makes no difference that grabs your attention, with more interest in this book, I want to tell you my friend, your priorities, not only are out of order, but you need to check up on your understanding of what freedom is. This book in every home. All of the, the book that is most worn and most open when and where you do your reading this book are to be found there, and friend listen if you are listening to radio and you think this going to sit you've written.

We can only help you and pray that God will motivate you to get in the work, but you've got to get in the word yourself and read for yourself and me asking about Lord show me today what I need three me to live today in the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit fruitfully and productively for you today.

You see, every single one of our lives can be a dynamic motivation in somebody else's life every single day. If we begin the day the way God intends for us to begin. It and that is to begin it, soaking up in our minds and hearts unknowable truth about him missing.

Jesus said it, the only way to be free is the truth will set us free. My friend, if you and I are going to be liberators of mankind.

We've got to knowing before we can share. Thank you for listening to how the truth can set you free.

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