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Liberated by Faith

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 17, 2022 12:00 am

Liberated by Faith

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 17, 2022 12:00 am

Are you striving for sanctification by works or by faith?

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Welcome to the InTouch podcast with Charles for Friday, June 17 you've never been afraid you'll do something that will cause God to reject you. Well, there's freedom and liberty for you. Let's hear some assuring truths from Galatians chapter 3 relationship with 3M Realty just a part of this chapter here this evening I want to notice something in this chapter the last word in chapter 2 is and that if you look in the last word in verse fiveand also in verse six is the word believe, which is the same thing.

Verse seven the word faith verse eight. The word faith verse nine. The word faith.

Verse 11.

The word faith verse 12. The word faith. Verse 14 the word faith. Verse 22 the word faith.

23 the word faith twice in 2324 25 and 26 now whenever you find the word mentioned that many times in that short a period God's trying to get our attention. And so when Paul was writing to these Galatian Christians here who are saying, in essence, if you want to be a Christian. What you got to do is you got to trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior and keep the law we've seen all the way through yet. He says that keeping the law does not make it possible for men to be saved has nothing to do with being safe. That was the purpose of the law so slick these first fibrous essay begins in verse one of chapter 3 saying all foolish Galatians it he said you are lacking in understanding and judgment, and he says who has bewitched you to talk about witchcraft, but is talking about somebody has so mesmerized you that they had just lured you into a whole new thought pattern here and he says as a result, you are no longer obeying the truth, he said, before whose eyes Jesus Christ has been evidently set forth crucified among you, he said.

How could you allow those Judaizers today, which you do for you to confuse you when Jesus Christ crucifixion is so fresh in your mind before your eyes. How could you allow that to happen. In verse three says. He says I want to know something.

That's why he says this I will know something. Did you receive the spirit.

As a result of keeping the law or by the hearing of faith that is by trusting God, did you receive the Spirit by keeping the law are trusting the Lord's 30s after something verse three he says give you so foolish, having begun in the spirit you now completing and perfecting. Are you growing in the Lord, are you maturing in your life.

Having begun by faith is your life maturing as a result of keeping the law. Living up to some standard in all these questions have a note of. He says in verse four.

Have you suffered so many things in vain. That is, they had been persecuted, some he says have you suffered in vain for having received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior by faith and faith alone is all that in vain verse five. He says he therefore that minister to you the spirit and works miracles among you is he doing this by the works of the law is all by faith and so these first fibrous is all policies is look at your own life. Look at your own experience. Are you where you are as a result of trusting God all living up to the law and you not need to ask ourselves the same question when you look at your own life and all that God has done for you and all that he does do and the pattern which he keeps in doing it. Is he blessing you as a result of your living up to the standard trying to keep the 10 commands that you cannot do triangular to the several amount. You cannot live trying to live up to self expectation trying to keep on pushing your own stand up Logan half and trying to reach that day by day and self effort. Are you maturing in your faith.

By doing that. Can you explain what God is doing in your life. As a result of your trying to live up to God's law and every single one of us would have to say the same thing that these these Christians at Antioch would have to say the real truth is no that everything God does in your life in my life is a result of faith is all trusting him and that's why he laid this 20 verse of chapter 2 on them so thoroughly before he came to chapter 3 he said I am crucified with Christ.

Nevertheless I live yet not, but Christ lives in me.

The life which are now live in the flesh I live the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself a moment the whole life is a life of faith not living up to anything. So the first fibrous. He says the testimony of experiences you are not maturing in your faith.

As a result of trying to live up to anything. It is by trusting in what Jesus Christ is in you and is doing very to the second partner he says beginning in verse six is the testimony of Scripture, he says, in fact none of his personal experience prove that you can't make it by trying to keep the law. He says the Scripture doesn't even teach that.

But if you are in verse six he says, even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.

That is, it was recommended to him for righteousness. Not because he kept the law because that Abraham have a lot to keep dating so he wasn't keeping in the Mosaic law and if you notice in verse seven he says no.

He therefore that they which are of faith are the same as the term of Abraham. He said no. He said you telling me that you are the sons of Abraham. He said if you are believing and trusting God.

If your hope is built on faith, then you're a true son of Abraham, not by trying to keep the long verse eight and the Scriptures for saying ahead of time prophesying ahead that God would justify the heathen through faith. The Gentiles preached before the gospel and Abraham say and they shall all nations be blessed. That is a promise because you see the Rob says that Abraham believed God, and it was chopped up to him for righteousness.

Verse nine so then they would to be of faith are blessed with a playground for as many as are of the works of the law under the curse, but is written curse. It is everyone that continued not in all the things which are written the book of the law to do them. So he says not look Abraham believed God, and God accounted to him righteousness because of his faith is the only thing yet. He's taking the things that they're most familiar with the prove to them the only way they'll ever be able to achieve any thing in life is through faith in Jesus Christ not by the works of their righteousness, which is not in the righteousness, nor by keeping the law. Like in verse 13 he says Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us, for it is written curse. It is everyone that hanging on the tree. Jesus Christ took our place in the curse in order that listed in order that the blessings of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we may receive the promised of the Spirit through faith.

He said now God intends to save the Gentile as well as the Jew that includes all abortion that God intends to save all of us have, through faith Abraham was accepted before God. How by faith you not sit in the eyes of God. Again, by faith, not by living up to someone else's standard, not by self-imposed standards, not by keeping the 10 Commandments upon the liposomal amount but by trusting in what Jesus Christ did at the cross in Abraham's day it was trusting in the coming Messiah bras.

It is trusting in the past Messiah who has come down there and resurrected. So he says in verse 14 that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we may receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

Brotherly says I speak after the manner of men, that is, from a human standpoint. Let me show you some though it be, but a man's covenant, yet if it be confirmed that no man this analysis or editor to is what he say he says if two men make a covenant with each other. One of them says I want to keep this company says you can do that those two men must agree not to keep the When two men make a covenant a sign a contract with each other. They are both liable to the commitment that they may now he says in verse 16 now to Abraham and to his seed were the promises made, that is, God made a covenant promise to Abraham what he saying that verse 15 is if two men are bound by covenant, promise or contract.

Neither one of them can break that without mutual consent. He says no Abraham and his seed, God Medi-Cal, the promise which read a few moments ago.

He said not antecedent to submit it, but as of one, and lastly which is Christ speaking of the Christ. He was the calm and this I say that the covenant that was confirmed before of God in Christ. The law which was 430 years afterwards cannot disallow that it should make the promise of none effect and here's what he said he's in a look these Christians here who think you gotta be saved by faith and keep the law is that you will bring up Abraham and say that while he is no Abraham that he says Abraham was accepted by faith he snorts business.

Put them in real, had no answer. This he said how do you answer the fact that 430 years before the law was ever given that Abraham was accepted in the eyes of God. 430 years before the law was given. God made a covenant, a promise with Abraham. Now he says the law cannot discern all that and make it another thing because listener what because Almighty God made a covenant promise, and it was unconditional. When God makes an unconditional problem.

No kind of law can render that promise null and void. For example, you and I have received the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior.

We have become children of God based on a promise that God is given to mankind contracted through the cross and the promises this if you will received by faith of unrepentant severe sin.

Jesus Christ my son is your personal savior, accepting his death on the cross as total, absolute, adequate and complete payment for your sin. The moment you do that you are saved and eternally secure not based on anything you do thereafter but based on what he did and your acceptance of him and his work on the cross, God has given to mankind a promise, and it was conditioned upon faith and repentance and the man who repents of his sin and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior is forever and eternally secure in him, that God's contract with mankind. Now these people were trying to live up to a law and order to keep what God had provided. Then they were arguing the fact here that now that the law was given that superseded faith. Paul said no. The covenant promise that God made with Abraham before 430 years before the law was ever given. He says that law did not render null and void when Almighty God personally said Abraham. This is what I'm going to do if a man could possibly keep any part of God's law and be made acceptable in his sight on the basis of his ability to keep the law, and that would've been the reason for Jesus Christ, but he says the purpose of the law was to reveal our inadequacy not to bring us to God what he saying here is that since God offered salvation by faith. Therefore God is not to change anything when Jesus Christ came to the cross.

He had to say. Well now that you been saved by law, you can be saved by faith pieces all the way back to your father Abraham.

He looked to God in faith and God accepted him on the basis of right then he says that these antioxidant Christians and the Judaizers then how come you tell me the note to be saved the day. You've got to receive Jesus Christ by faith and repentance and add all the Mosaic law over the same. And when you read that passage and reason I went through quickly is because if we gotten out of any product you missed the whole point of right what he's saying here is simply this, the only way to be saved is not that salmon have always been say the Lord didn't change the way of salvation. It just showed men who were being saved by faith.

How absolutely essential it was that that was the only BC that what Paul is saying all the way through this book. Is this as you and I trust Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only to be what we need to for him to be and to equip ours for what he has called us to do as long as we are trusting him the channel of flow is coming your way. Once we decide in the moment we decide we think we can handle this in error screen in our energy and our knowledge and our wisdom or because our pride is such that we think we've got to do a few things and so to help God out all our we feel that somehow we want to prove our worthiness before God when we begin to do that. That short-circuits what God considers to the reason for our listener wants this to be so simple you going to miss it.

Why you and I feel in our Christian experience day by day that we give a thousand reasons and we can excuse ourselves and rationalize all of the plan provisions one real rate. Think about this posted on premise and what I am crucified with Christ. The data nevertheless I live yet not Christ living within me the life which I now live, unable to write some got 11 games of Christ in me the list when Jesus Christ assume he's announcing the Holy Spirit will be in you with you upon you. Why did the Holy Spirit come to dwell in us.

Listen, because the coming of the Holy Spirit was as essential to add daily victory as the cross was dressed salvation, the law couldn't save you. It took Christ on the cross we can keep ourselves, we can't live the Christian life proof of that is all of ours have blown in a man.

We have all blown it mean since we've been say we have blown it and blown it and blown what if Jesus Christ is living his life in you being everything that you need.

Then apply to. We fail it's real simple.

In that moment in that experience.

We are not trusting all my God, so we decide to meet our own needs. Our own way. We decide to do everything everywhere.

Trust says I am willing to wait upon him to believe him to have received from him to know him as the source of all of my needs incidents to sample it may be, but it is the gospel truth. We sin because we don't trust. He says with just a live trust is all about, and friend under you and are willing to admit we cannot live the Christian life. We are absolute failures that live in the Christian life until we admit that will never expense victory and the only way you and I will have victory is by throwing ourselves helplessly at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and telling him got arcane arbitrage. It doesn't work on telling a God he will work it can work. It hasn't worked. I'm getting out. This is when I give up and allow the Holy Spirit to live his life in me and I began to experience the it's the same thing is just thousands of years later, different circumstances, but the same problem. Total dependence upon him, and not upon ourselves. Now you little challenge if tomorrow you also keep a running account. When something comes up and you disobey God, stop and ask yourself this question was this act of disobedience, an act of unbelief on my part did in any way express unbelief is what you going to find that every single time you send, you will have express unbelief in the adequacy of Jesus Christ or the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit to meet your need and take care of you in that given situation. If you can grasp that one simple truth you know will happen. Jesus Christ will begin to free you in some areas of your life that are blind spots. Things got you all hung up on your single. Here's the reason I keep falling for this is the problem.

The problem is you, not when the trust the Lord to meet that specific need at that moment. At that time are challenging to keep a running account and see how many times you doubt God in this coming week. This even while you sat there, you've Artie thought about some things in your life that are not right you had to say I never thought about that being unbelief but it is best if you just get a hold and just hold onto it as difficult as it may be for one week, asking God to show you every time how that express unbelief. It's going to begin to be a step in freeing you from whatever that is. That has you and God.

In the sin in your life your heart with joy, beginning to feel a little bit of liberation and freedom in your Christian expect. Thank you for listening to liberated by faith as InTEXT ministries continues to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to encourage you to visit our 24 seven web radio station. Join us anytime at InTEXT data YG for great biblical teaching and encouragement. Despite the presentation and ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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