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The Key to Liberty - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 15, 2022 12:00 am

The Key to Liberty - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 15, 2022 12:00 am

Any time man creates laws that must be obeyed to find God's favor, he diminishes God.

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The intensified Catholic child Stanley Wednesday, June 15 so many believers struggle with the same sin over and over 18 further explanation from Galatians chapter 2 Galatians chapter 2 and migratory verses 1819 2021.

The second chapter duration 45 build again the things which are destroyed I make myself a transgressor brought through the law am dead to the law that I might live on the God and then probably the most prominent personal Galatians. I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not but Christ liveth in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. I do not frustrate the grace of God for righteousness comes by the law. That is our righteousness, then Christ is dead in vain. I want to if you will to turn to John chapter 8 for a moment I was to look at something here in another 31st verse of the eighth chapter of John because he tells something that is very essential if you and I are to be free and we talk about liberty and freedom of indescribably talking. Are we talking about liberty and freedom. As believers from attempting to live up to the law live up to rules and regulations made by man living up to self-imposed expectations that we think God has upon us, which he does not. So he says in John chapter 8 verse 31 then said Jesus to those Jews who believed on him. If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples indeed and if you continue my word, and ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The only way to be free missing. The only way to be free is to know the truth and one of the primary reason so many people are in bondage to all kinds of hangups all kinds of self-imposed expectations, trying to live up to something God never intended to live up to the reason we are in bondage is because of our ignorance we do not know the truth. He says you shall know the truth. If you do what continued Bauer to listen, if ye continue in my word, then he says you going to know the truth and it is the truth that frees man from their bondage. That's very important to see that the rest of what I'm going to say it isn't what we do. That frees us is what the truth the when you are able to accept the truth of God we become free. Re: citizen, the truth shall make you free.

If you turn over to verse 36 if the son therefore shall make you free. He shall be free indeed. All right now `relationship into talking about being freed and liberated us God's children freed to become everything God wants us to be free to accomplish allow him to accomplish in and through what he desires. Hudson Taylor, who is the missionary who started the inland China mission said that God said to him one day Hudson.

I intend to evangelize inland China and if you allow me I will do it through you and I wonder what God would say to you and me if we would give him a listening ear and before God. Listen before God could use Hudson Taylor the way he used them and a little biographical sketch about him by Dr. Edmund be rammed and who was then president of Wheaton College wrote a little book entitled, they found the secret 20 short biographical sketches of great men of God and the first one in the book was Hudson Taylor the time of the chapter was the exchange life that exchange life is wrapped up in verse 20 of the second chapter of Galatians and Hudson Taylor was upon his life of utter desperation doing everything he knew to do struggling trying, fretting, fearful, failing wondering why I couldn't do any better living on this terrible canopy of expectation wrote assistant told her that his sin was worse than ever was on the great temptation all phenomenon. He described his sense of utter failure to live the Christian life. And here he was in the middle of China trying to evangelize inland China until a friend of his wrote them a letter and the right of letter described to him that his failure was absolutely essential. Before God could use them, pointing him to Galatians chapter 2 verse 20 and it was an experience of exchange in his life. The life of the Lord is already say that God began to use him and make him a blessing that has flowed and flowed and flowed all this hundred years later, and more, and was a blessing and has been a blessing. So to so many of us today so we talk about being furry I want to say this. You'll never be able to accomplish noble God ever be able to accomplish through you what desires until you now able to grasp the truth and the truth is the message of the cross. Our acceptance in the eyes of God, our freedom before him.

Because you see when Satan lasted was we believe his lies, then we are hung up in bondage we don't have that sense of freedom and liberty in the power of the spirit of God surging innocent tools and through was in order for God to accomplish what he desires. I wonder what God would send you not to be realistic when he said you, John, James, Mary Sue, I intend to do thus and so and I'll do it through you if you will give me your life.

Well, let's look if you will, beginning in verse 18 of this chapter. What he saying and what he's been saying all the way through these verses and through all this book and that is the futility the absolute helplessness of man. The lead up to the 10 Commandments, the absolute futility of man trying to live up to the ceremonial law in order to be made acceptable for God because as we said before, the purpose of the law was not to save men but to render men absolutely and totally helpless before God because they could not keep the law.

So he says in verse 18 for if I build again the things which are destroyed I make myself a transgressor. What is referring to is that he says if I go back now having discovered the truth that I discovered in Christ Jesus.

If I go back and rebuild the theology which says salvation comes by keeping the law. He says that I become a transgressor of God because God is nowhere said that man is saved by keeping the law. Verse 19 I watch this fly through the law and digital what he means by that is this, that, by the law. The purpose of which was the reason the man helpless in attempting to keep it.

The law condemning man because it left the standard that no man could keep. He says I've through the law and did tell her that is becoming absolutely helpless and condemned by having to turn to Jesus Christ by faith. He says I have become dead to the law then all of that I may live to God Netscape verse 920 for a moment let's go to verse 21 he says now I no longer activity to frustrate the grace of God by attempting to add to it. But he said, for if righteousness comes by the law which he tried and failed in the condemned in Christ is that in vain. That is the atoning death of Jesus Christ is absolutely no born empty and useless. If a man by keeping the 10 Commandments could become acceptable before God.

He says then the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a waste. I was to go back to verse 21. Because here's the key in the time of this message. The key liberty. Here is the key to your freedom and my friend.

Usually, people take this verse out of context and they elaborate on most of what they say.

I'm sure is true, but I want to succeed in the context in which Paul said, because he's talking about the futility and the helplessness and the vanity of any man believing that anyhow under any condition he could never do anything to make himself acceptable before a righteous holy God was looking verse 20 and see what he says here in the middle. Listener wants this year in the middle of all these first two chapters. He's talking about. That is try to keep the law. The law condemned him the purpose it was of the schoolmaster. That said, you have failed.

That is the law had one message to mankind not live up to me and be saved. But you have failed fail fail fail fail you get FFFFM you haven't kept the law so you go back and repeat the same grade again in the middle of all that Paul says, remembering that he's talking to a group Gentile as well as Jewish believers Gentiles who been saved by faith.

Jewish people have been saved by faith. But now they have a Judaizing coming from Jerusalem and there say no to be saved is by faith in Jesus Christ. Plus keeping the law. Now when Paul makes this announcement here in verse 20.

I'm sure this absolute had them blow them totally out of the Jewish settlers in what is am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me now and the life which are now live in the flesh I live with the fate of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me and I want you to follow me very Because Paul mentions some of these things in other letters, he says. First of all, and first ravens. He says in my past life before I became Paul I was so uptight in my past. He says, spiritually speaking. I was in heaven my room and core and Genesis my very beginning was in a when Adam fell in the garden of Eden, he says, spiritually speaking. I failed for in all of us were he says before I was 11 in Adam's disobedience and rebellion toward God. When he failed he said so in essence, likewise, fail so that I have inherited that been away from God. He said I was 11 but he says something happened to me on the Damascus Road on the Damascus Road echoing in his ears, was the sermon of Stephen God's servant echoing in his ears and before his eyes continually dangle vaccine.

Stephen bowing down, being stoned to death. Looking up in the heavens and talking about seeing Jesus Christ the spirit of God consummated his conviction of Saul of Tarsus struck him down on the Damascus Road and in those moments when he said, Lord, what about having to do he received by faith in Jesus Christ, whom he persecuted those people.

He's pretty persecuted discharge. He hated and despised in that moment all of his past all of his attempts to keep the law. Suddenly, it all came crashing down upon them. The look on his face and the Messiah, whom he hated and became his Savior and his Lord.

Now, as Paul began to understand what happened doing, he in this passage is giving us a birds eye view which he describes all over the book of Ephesians which he also pictures in chapter 6, seven, eight of Romans, and when you begin to understand the tremendous here is the man who never heard of in this remember and God opened his spiritual eyes. The grant to Paul the apostle also will Tarsus converted he granted him the greatest deposit a divine wisdom any human present has ever been able to receive in all of humanity.

I want you to see what Paul saw this time he says you talking about keeping the law. He said I was spotless as a Pharisee. He said I was the tribe. The tribe of Benjamin when it came to touching the law.

He says I was absolutely blamed. That is when it came to background heritage accomplishments and achievements. Policy lasted head and shoulders above all the rest, but when it came to keeping the law when God worked in his life. He began to see what an absolutely futile attempt. It was delivered to this law now in the 21st, Paul is describing what God did it is right and what glistened what is not what God's going to do in your life. One Almighty God has in the past tense already got in your mind now want to look at the urgency and I was to go back and see what he says what's this. There are two primary tenses that are so very very important agreed to understand the Scripture wonders the error stance which says something happened one time in the past. Nancy, when you were saying error stance. One time in the past that happened, but there is a perfect tense which says something happened back here in the past and the ongoing effects of that are still going on and it is in process today as if it were happening even right now I want.

Verse 20 object relations to him crucified with Christ. Perfect tense which means in the past. I was crucified with Christ and the overflowing effects of that crucifixion are still living and abiding in overflowing and having their effect upon my life didn't say I'm going to be crucified. He didn't say I crucified my cell didn't say I got crucified.

He didn't say someone else crucified me.

Paul says listen laws crucified with Christ and the ongoing effects of that are still in process and what keys is nevertheless not only was I crucified with him.

He says, but I'm allowed to them crucifixion in their place it had this man's got to be a realtor. We want everybody was but he's proving it right here and ponder about now he's saying that he was crucified, executed on the cross and yet he says yes I live in the life which he is now living. He's living by faith in the son of God, who loved him and gave him 71 in the world could Paul possibly not what you listen very carefully because some of you, trip right there. Someone to tell you right now you listen I know what to say what was crucified when Paul said, I am crucified with Christ. What was crucified on his body. Because it had been heat up in the I go back to Romans chapter 6 let's see what got crucified because you see not only was Paul crucified when you were crucified to listen whatever got crucified and Paul got crucified and you know what's this chapter 6 verse six knowing this, not supposing it now.

Hoping it knowing this, that our old man is past and what is crucified with Christ that the body of sin might be destroyed, rendered inoperable losing its power, that henceforth we should no longer serve the power of sin within the principle of sin with ice or what have when Paul is running along the Damascus road before he was saved he was out to persecute the church and destroy Christians the moment he was say the Scripture said he was lifting up his eyes thing Mark will not have me to do what got crucified was the all Saul of Tarsus was crucified now famous crucified. That means it was executed. That is, I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives within me right now what's this the all Saul of Tarsus got crucified. Nobody crucified him in crucified himself not hurting so I just got this about myself so I live for Jesus that there is no way in the world is a person. Can you kill a man is are today. You can execute what sort of an executed he says you knowing this our old man laws crucified with Christ, so that when Jesus Christ was crucified.

Paul says poses many mysteries about.

I was crucified.

Romans six is when he was buried. I was there when he arose, silos, how could he have done that and is even placed in the Christ so that I didn't duplication is God seeing me. It is a timeline now I have the life of Christ believing in me, the Holy Spirit indwelling the seemingly Jesus Christ living within my life so that his life is become now my life and if I should ask any really to understand it is the light of Christ in you, yes. What part of his life is in you all of his life is in you. So when he died in the mind of God the eyes of God by been placed in the him. I have been not been applied with Christ, have been identified as crucifixion.

So God the father said through Paul the apostle. I have been crucified with Christ because I have been a dinner time with his light all past has been crucified once and for all on the grounds. Thank you for listening to the key to liberty. We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating 45 years that God's faithfulness that they in years to learn more back after the presentation of InTouch ministries, advantage, or 10

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