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How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 8

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 11, 2022 12:00 am

How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 8

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 11, 2022 12:00 am

Grasp how personal freedom is grounded in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to this weekend intensified Catholic child. I believe your security with God through Jesus Christ should be powerful motivation to live a fully obedient life series how the tree could set you free continues. All of those who been saved.

Realize that there been times in our life where we began to wonder what is it that's keeping us from being able to enjoy the Christian life to the maximum.

What is the sort of cheat cells out of the cutting-edge of real peace and joy in our Christian life as we began to examine what God says in this my eighth chapter of John.

For example, when he said usual know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

That is make you free of the bondage of the shackles of those things that keep us from reaching the maximum potential of what God wants us to be and became to mention three areas that oftentimes are overlooked and unseen dominant people who read the Bible and that is the feelings of insecurity, inferiority and inadequacies that Satan just keeps sending them just beneath the surface of our Christian life and so we discussed the fact of how we been program since children to think certain ways that are not scriptural, but that's where we were taught and as we begin to understand God's truth and comprehend three specific truths then Satan is defeated in these areas and we began to reach out and to enjoy and to reach the maximum of our potential and so we said those three truths are first of all, what is one of our position in Christ. Secondly who we are.

That is our personage. And thirdly, our possessions, you begin to understand what your position is that you are baptized by the Spirit in the Christ Jesus and became an everlasting part of him and who you are, you become a saint. You been position is that you're an ambassador, a child of God and forever that and when you begin to understand what you have in him, then these feelings of inadequacy in the yard to an insecurity.

All of these things begin to fade away and something happens and is what happens.

There is a greater sense of confidence a greater sense of security a greater sense of worthiness of more secure feeling of belonging, a sense of being able to face and mean and match any situation and live victoriously triumphantly and not in the sense of defeat. So today we are in the possessions.

That is what we have in Christ Jesus. We discussed the fact that we have. He said everything in him access to that everything we have. He says we have an inheritance in him, and many many areas in which we have, but the I will talk about three of them and two of these, you may not think in terms of there being something we possess. But they are very very vital to the fact of who we are, what our position is what we possess. In the light of overcoming these feelings of inadequacy in the art and insecurity. Now before we begin the first, let's think about this for moment, everybody desires to feel like ought to sense acceptance and approval and appreciation, but I wants this when we don't get that when we somehow not able to feel that incensed that from other people. Then we do exactly what the world's fallen of their pattern of trying to be able to feel this. This acceptance of disapproval and this appreciation so one of the things oftentimes it slips virus what you not possess that were not aware of is that one the most priceless possessions we have, having been placed in the Jesus Christ and having become and in the process of becoming the person that we are one of the things we fail to recognize is that one of the most priceless precious possessions we have is our acceptance by God. Just the way we are to think about this for a moment when he says that we are accepted when you think about the power of the awareness and the realization that Almighty God, you create your Almighty God, your Savior has accepted you.

That is when you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior you personal accepted Christ death on the cross as payment for your sins and you accepted God's method of forgiving you when you accepted God's method in his way and accepted him through Jesus Christ on the cross, God the father accepted you at that moment. Just the way you are.

He didn't say when you clean up your life when you straighten up this when you get rid of your habits when you add these 10 laws when you follow the 10 Commandments.

When you stop committing the following. Since then, I will accept you, God the father in his righteousness in his love and his mercy said in that moment when you were a jewel in the rough and I mean some of us were really in the Rob goddesses. I'll take you just the way you are. He accepted you just the way you are. When a person genuinely understands that that the meaning of acceptance by God that he takes me just the way I that is, he knows all about you CK disappointing. He knows past present future.

Knowing ahead of time thousands of years at a time that you were going to blow it over and over and over again. He says I'll still take accepted to just the way you are that it will not be motivation to God and sin against God.

That's motivation for holy obedient living that God knowing all of you weaknesses all of your failures. How many times you will abort pieces accepted just the way you are. So we not talking about license the sin we are talking about a liberty to live freely in Christ Jesus. And this if God the father has accepted you just the way you are and you don't have to keep living up to measure up to something you and I can rest in him with absolute security about our future adequacy that he lives within us is able to provide everything we need for every single moment we serve and not to be inferior to anybody because we have Christ living within us.

We been accepted. We have been accepted by the holy of holies God Almighty himself, and my friend that is a free, liberating thought that is given second thingamajig notice as far as our positions here in this particular time is in John chapter 5 but that you will promote and in this fifth chapter, the 24th verse he says normal to you and I have the possession of his acceptance. Every single second about life for eternity.

Now, but he says you and have eternal life, and I want to say just a couple briefings about chapter 5 verse 24 you see for the believer in eternal life is not something that begins at death, it begins it began the moment you receive Christ.

Listen barely burned us that you, he who hears my word and believes on him who sent me has risen present tense now has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has errors tends once upon the past has passed out of death into life. Now every single believer is the present day.

Now, processor of eternal life now. Usually we we have we have a shortsightedness.

Oftentimes, we think of eternal life. We think of something that God gives us from heaven that gets us to have a blessed night. It. The Bible says he that hath the son hath what light he that hath not the son of God have not what light but the wrath of God abides upon them.

So what is our life, what is our eternal life.

Al eternal life is Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit living within our spirit he has given to us himself. That is my life. He that hath not the son have not let you know what that means.

My friend, it means is good as you are as smart as you are as intellectual as you are as wealthy as you are as prominent as you are. If you do not have Jesus Christ living within your life, my friend. You are a walking dead man, and say that God said God has a standard that he provided at the cross and when Jesus Christ died he opened the door for you to be safe and if you are unwilling to come to Jesus Christ and you die without him you won't have anybody to blame nobody to blame but you and your stubborn, rebellious pride and self-will that may be a little difficult Sue view table.

I will ask you this, would you ask God if I've told you the truth, would you look in your life or just a moment safe.

I've told you the truth that within you. There is that self-will that you going to do it your way and God says there is only one way and that's his way and that's the cross. The quality of eternal life is divine life. You are not have God Almighty living within us as this will eternal life is is a quality of life that brings fulfillment and contentment and security, and a sense of worth an SEC eternal life is all that I leave everything that I need in this life is wrapped up in the gift of eternal life which is in the person of Jesus Christ. So when we quote John 316 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

What we usually think about is who the hell a heaven. That's not it at all. Heaven is the prophetic place where we going to be is a little place, no doubt about that but eternal life begins now when you have Christ in your life. Now you have eternal life. Now you have a whole different quality and character of life. That's more than a link but it's quality in depth and contentment and fulfillment. You have God Almighty you have divine, supernatural life within you.

That's why can never be lost because you become a child of God and within you within your spirit is the living life pieces I given to them eternal life, and they shall never perish in heathens.

Jesus didn't say they shall never perish unless they fail in their performance and I want to say again without Jesus Christ something you got to go about his performance. It isn't by grace its performance.

You will never know how well you perform everywhere performance. All of us would be lost, but because it's grace all of us can be said is 1/3 gift that we have the one that we probably do.

Don't think too much about as a gift and that is in the first John chapter 1. Look, if you will. And here John is talking about his relationship and their relationship to Christ and to each other and so he says in verse through the life which is manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness and proclaim to you that is the eternal life which was with the father and was manifested was the you know what he says that verse.

He is identifying eternal life with Jesus pieces.

When you have Jesus you have life.

Notice what he says and the life which was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness and proclaim to you that is the eternal life which was with the father speaking of Christ and was manifested to us in human flesh. What we have seen and heard we proclaim to you also that you also may have fellowship with us and indeed our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ at think about this from one of the most priceless possessions you and I have is that the personal possession of being able to fellowship on a one-to-one basis, intimately with the God who created this world. I think about this from every other religion in the world regardless of the religion.

Maybe every other religion in the world they can worship their gods.

They can revere their gods they can honor their gods they can praise their gods. They can make sacrifices and offerings to their gods. But there's one thing they can't do with their God. They can't fellowship with because you sleep for two people to fellowship you got to have two living objects, and all these other gods are dead, my friend the Christian is the only person in the world who has the powerful potential of fellow shipping with his God. God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit. Look at that word if you will. The word fellowship comes from the Greek word: Austin which speaks in terms here our relationship as something having something in common. So when he says we have fellowship with the father with his son Jesus Christ. It is a sharing relationship. The word fellowship is a giving and receiving. It's a sharing and you see when you and I think about the fact that we can have fellowship with God. You see, let me tell you why you are not to collect the most powerful precious possession we have on the surface believe the privilege of talking to the God who created this war the privilege of talking to the God whose he says he has it all in his hand. He can speak with us for think input Is in the space creating multitudes of world flaying them from his omnipotent thing and he says that you and I have the privilege of talking to this telling of how we feel.

Why do you suppose that having access to be able to carry on a conversation with Almighty God.

I reemphasize that we have all these love letters. That's it just bit one big love book that he wrote having access to all of this.

Why do you suppose we don't talk to God more than we do. I'll tell you one. It's real simple. You say it's sin. That's the reason is not the reason the primary reason we don't talk to this great wonderful heavenly father who just pulled out everything in heaven upon is the reason we don't talk to him and what we do is because we don't know them very well. That's the reason the reason we feel insecure in adequate and inferior is because we don't know. You see them or understand who is the more will talk to the mall or listen to longer seek his wisdom and guidance and direction, and the more confident I am the when I come to London to get exactly what I'm looking my friend listen to me. I don't know many tragedies in life anymore than living a Christian life and never discovering what God is really like that you know so many of God's people stumbling and fumbling and floundering through life and here's the heaven of policy. Here I am coming to me all you that labor and heavy line. I'll give you rest and we just sort of moving our way through life trying to figure it out trying to get through trying to make it somehow and here is a precious, loving father whose available, willing, if we would just take time to talk to. He says rest in the Lord listen, you can't rest in the Lord while you fight in life spots stress strains insecurity inadequacy in fear and worry writing with light. He says will the most priceless possessions you and I have is the second by second, moment by moment access in the fellowship conversation with the God who created us.

I will tell you my friend you will make little priorities in your life to discover who God is what he's like what he can do in your life and 40s were good.

Listen we have fellowship with the father and with his son Jesus Christ.

One last thing this sometimes we won't go out of our way and initiate on the relationship because we are afraid of being rejected. I will taste something if that's the reason you cannot move toward God.

I can tell you this for sure. You don't ever have to feel aware that being rejected. Not only will he accept you, but he'll move into the most intimate intimacy of your life. The listen the share to give to receive my friend, you can build a relationship and a fellowship with him, that will sustain you through every trial and heartache of life.

That's yours because of your relationship to him. And when you take those three possessions acceptance is eternal life, and the capacity for fellowship and inadequacy in the art and insecurity drained by the wayside and we just get stronger and deeper and richer in our relationship to him and that's my desire for you if you will discover what God is like. You will rush to that fellowship. Let's pray together father how beautiful you've made the Christian life. How accessible you've made yourself to how accepting you are of all types of folks you never reject her of anyone who comes to you. I pray father that many might kneel right where they are either sitting, driving, whatever it might be to say Lord I will ask you to forgive me of my sin.

I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior in here and now no longer performance but I want to live by grace through faith in Christ. Thank you father for all that you going to do and for all the richness of this book and all the richness within our lives because the present price we think you for listening to how the trees can set you free. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley for InTouch ministries not my intent started writing this back after the presentation.

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