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How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 7

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 4, 2022 12:00 am

How The Truth Can Set You Free, Part 7

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 4, 2022 12:00 am

Focus on your position, person, and possessions in Christ.

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Nothing today thinking hatchback at the time of Jesus that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Right here had a faithful application of God's word result in a life of liberty that transcends circumstances returned to second either chapter 1 and rear of the series how the truth can set you free and broader passages in John chapter 8 verse 31 when Jesus said if you abide in my word, or continue in my word that you truly my disciples and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you are set you free.

And you recall, we mentioned the fact that there are three categories of attitudes we have to deal with in our life. One of them being insecurity, inferiority, inadequacy, and from those three things, all kinds of problems of frustration, worry about fear and all the rest.

And even though you are saved, know that you save no question in your mind about it. Why is it we do not enjoy living the Christian life with the confidence and assurance of success and trial. But God wants us to have. So just refresh your memory for a moment to remind you that there are three truths in the Scripture. They encompass all of these problems that you and I have a better attitude that is first of all that we have a position in Jesus Christ a position that does something for us. For example, a man becomes the president of the United States. He has a position with that position comes tremendous power. When you and I were baptized by the Holy Spirit into Christ Jesus which happened in our salvation experience with that new position came a whole new perspective. So our position is the first truth and that is our relationship to Christ. Secondly who we are in Jesus Christ. That is, we were brought into this new position. He says this new position. This new relationship also would bring the realization of who we are. He says where his saints, where his ambassadors and went through a whole series of what God says about who we are in Christ Jesus. And then the third perspective is what we have in him because of this relationship to him.

So we talk about our position at person in our possession that when you think about what your position is and who you are what God says and what you and I possess. Now not talk about what we going to happen. We get to heaven.

We are talking about what we have here and now, according to the word. When you not put those three things together.

Apposition at our possession out personage. That is who we are, on the basis of this relationship, my friend. There is no real legitimate basis for feeling insecure, inferior and inadequate.

So here we are on this particular message talking about our possessions in Christ you recall last time we said that we had several possessions. First goal he said in Ephesians chapter 1 he says that God the father through the Lord Jesus Christ has deposited in heaven to our account.

Everything will ever need in the face of this earth, so long as we live.

He says likewise that you and I have become the joint heirs of the inheritance that God is providing boards and thirdly he says not all that but we have access to this inheritance here and now, not when we get to heaven, but here and now in second Peter chapter 1 of these two verses in these two verses are just loaded about what we are talking about as far as what we have in him, so let's begin with verse one and read them through verse four Simon Peter, a bondservant of slave, an apostle of Jesus Christ of those who have received a faith of the same kind as ours by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. In this seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and excellence formed by these by his own glory and excellence, he has granted to us his precious and magnificent promises and all of the divide them.

You may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. Now that may sound like a lot of jargon on for just a moment, but I was to look at those two verses in the light of our security of our worthiness and of our adequacy to meet any and every circumstance of life. So the first thing he says in this passage that you and I possess. Listen, it is on the basis of the cross.

The baptismal Holy Spirit of our lives into Christ Jesus making is one in him and he living within us, we become the children of God. Now he says one of our possessions. As a result of that relationship is this that you and I have every single thing we will ever need on this earth to live a godly, successful, triumphant, victorious Christian life. Now listen to what he says and the impact of this promise, seeing that his divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and excellence. What is it take for you and me to live the Christian life in a way that God desires that we live in.

Secondly, in a way that is fulfilling for his purpose for a Libra. First of all, the meat live that life. I need the truth, he says he's granted to us every single thing will need forgiveness.

Yes, on a daily basis. He says the power of the Holy Spirit in the life we need that we need faith we need understanding we need truth.

Every single thing we need.

He says listen, seeing that he is by his divine power, he has granted to us everything that pertains to life in college that is a living a godly life in Christ Jesus. I want to notice two things here. First of all, how did we get it. He says he granted to us by his divine power at the word granted here in the tents. It is in the perfect tense passive tense which means that in times past God executed something and having executed in the past. He is continuing in our lives what he executed in the past so that no watch this word. Notice what he says. He says he has granted to us. That word means more than just the fact that he gave the word means that a that a large hand of generosity. It was a large hand of generosity that gave to us everything we need. Which means that God Almighty himself has given to us, not just a little bit but he says he granted to us that they were saved.

He plays through the nose and out at our disposal. Everything we want Eberle.

He says he granted to us. That is a wide bountiful general his hand from God gave to us everything we would ever need in order to live success of the Christian life.

That's one thing that had been something else to be told that I have it something else to know how to put into action it something else the claimant for myself. It's something else. The executed mother life but God says he has given to us every single thing we will ever need to live a godly life in Christ Jesus. If God allows or put some places or whatever you want to say you remember this he has done that. Only after he has placed at our disposal that which we need to live victorious in the Christian life.

I'm sure what that means what he's saying is this that God has given to us every single thing we need to live a godly life in him that came through our knowledge of saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and he says that God appealed to us in this manner they would USA God made his appeal to you through his own glory and excellence in his will that mean that God makes his appeal to lost men today not on the basis of hellfire and damnation. But he says I am appealing to you to give me your life. I'm appealing that you will respond to my gift of goodness and grace. You he says I'm appealing to you on the basis of my love and goodness and mercy and generosity. I'm appealing the on the basis that I'm God and you need to be saved,. The basis that you can become the person you that I have equipped you to be and so he says I may not appeal to you on the fact that I'm willing to accept you as a sinner as you are willing to accept you, redeem you reconciled you, I'm willing to make you a brand-new creation. That's God's appeal this and how can you turn down my friend when Almighty God is saying to you I wouldn't accept you just like you are willing to change your step-by-step I'm on the move in your life and forgive your sins.

Mother take you right where you are in your self-condemnation in your rejection you and adequacy here in the Arctic.

Your sense of insecurity, a sense of worthlessness that you don't belong everything that is, as you absolutely clouded and smothered and choking the very life out of you got says look, don't try to correct anything. I'll take you just the way you are if you willing to except asked me to forgive you, willing to accept me as your Savior and Lord willing to yield your life to meet I'll turn your life around and make your new Greek and ask a question what do you have to lose my friend when God Almighty has offered all of that and he says he's all put it on the basis of grace that is there is anything you can do to pay for the merit work for nothing you can do, but by faith. Bend your stubborn and rebellious will and say Lord Jesus, not my will but then you see so many papers that I would become a Christian, but I know I can't live it. What he says in this passage is that all mighty God.

When you say you are equipped with everything it will ever take the limit victorious, but you need to be informed about what you have you to be told about how to get this into your life executed in your life on a daily practical basis. Verse four something else. He says we have because of this relationship to him for bodies. That is his glory and excellence.

His appeal and what that appeal is brought salvation he has granted to us his precious and magnificent promises in northern by then you might become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that's in this world by lusterless, he says he's granted to you, that is out of these mighty hands of God. Out of these mighty omnipotent hands of his.

He says that he's reached out to you and he said bear. There's everything you will ever need to live the Christian life, godly successfully triumphantly everything you'll ever need in these godly, omnipotent, all sufficient ever adequate hands of Almighty God and ask the question if that's true, what will you word about the risk. He says he's going to Gretna.

Watch this for bodies he has granted to us his precious promises no watch this. He didn't say you going to get his promise.

He didn't say you going to have a promise he says that in times past Almighty God executed something God Almighty granted to you and me in the past. Every single promise that Almighty God in his omniscience could come up with. He has granted that to us having executed that all of the been available to us from the mall we been saying he didn't say you going to get a promise. He said that already yours they have already been deposited to your account. Listen for bodies.

He has granted to ours and watch these two words. He didn't say God's promises.

He said magnificent precious promises now precious means watch precious means that you see. And rightly as he penned what God wrote and put in his mind, the right God said on the basis of his judgment. This is man's judgment as God's judgment on the basis of divine judgment on the basis of omniscience. Knowing everything God says those promises are tremendous and that he says not only that, in the word he uses here for magnificent instruments. The Greek word is meg us so he didn't say that God just given you Mason promises he said he has risen what he say that these great mighty hand have given to us that once the full meeting have given to us already in the past. They are in our present possession here and now and that were granted means in our present possession.

No strings attached. It's a work of grace in God's Almighty, omnipotent hands. He has reached out to you and me and he has given to us. We have at O'Mara account every single promise in this book and he says they are magnificent promises that is listed. It's like God's capsules and their megadoses of God's great that's what he said every single promise is a megadose of God's grace toward unity and if you deserve any of another one idioms and a promise of God that came up short know it had a single situational problem Monica Burton that God was not more than sufficient.

And many of us have been through D, DVD, trials and heartaches in our lives has God's remedy ever come up short. He says they are megadoses that magnificent magnificent megadoses mega capsules of God's grace.

Listen and they are what they are designed and fitted and programmed just to meet your particular need at that time and what I'm saying you is that all of us have every single promise. God's ever given.

We have it. He says he's arty given to us in the past tense. He says perfect present. He gave it to us.

He executed we have it now and it is God's purpose. The soul work in your life in my life that our life is an ongoing experience of doing what continuously claiming the promises of God, claiming his health, claiming his healing claiming his wisdom, claiming his direction. How cannot you so how can you claim all that because they say here's the problem is what God wants us to do. He wants us to look at his words.

It was either.

He wants us to take everything we have and stack it against the war, when he is what he said for bodies he has granted to us his precious magnificent megadoses of grace and all the by then you might become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that's in the world below so he says there's 1/3 thing that you and I have and the third thing we have in this passage is that you not have victory over sin in his likeness. He says that by these magnificent promises on those promises is my forgiveness and salvation.

My forgiveness on daily basis and all the rest that goes with that. He says that we might become partakers, that means a Shara it's the same word in the Greek of quantity of which is a fellowship that in fellow shipping with him. Listen, here's the key in fellow shipping with him. What in fellow shipping it with him. We escape the overwhelming defeat by corruption, which is the result of last so he says it is in our fellowship. Listen when you and fellow shipping with him when talking with him, listening to and claiming his promises in the word, seeking to know him, but it is in our fellowship with him that we find the way out when temptation comes, it is in our fellowship that we understand more of what he's like as God quietly reveals himself and so oftentimes so simply.

He can tell, is the most precious, beautiful, true, and we just being quiet listening to him focusing on the problem. God knew that you and all of our life would need, not his assistance but his very life and you see what he saying in this passage is this. He says I've already given you everything you never need to live a godly life.

Secondly he says every promise in the books among and I've given it to you with my great large hands of grace and love and mercy.

He says I have.

I have already given to you every single problem valuable precious magnificent promises given by God and he says they're yours. And as you exercise these promises. He says you will be able to escape the salon slick tar like glue it molasses like carnality and flesh.

When this is all over this world. He says you will be able to live your life in the grace of God in the power of God in the peace of God in the currency of God in the prosperity of God, just resting on what he's arty provided you see that's why the believer's life is a walk.

It's a walk in grace. It's a walk in spirit. It's a walk in faith. It's a walk in love and friend.

I don't know who you are aware your but I can tell you this until you discover by faith what I'm talking about you going to spend your life and wonder what's missing and I can tell you what's missing Jesus Christ and all that, with having him as your Savior, your Lord, your mast in your life. Thank you for listening to part famine and how the truth can set you free. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley for InTouch ministries nine is like after the presentation of InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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