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Behaviors that Bind Us - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 3, 2022 12:00 am

Behaviors that Bind Us - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 3, 2022 12:00 am

Embrace Jesus Christ so you can be freed from your bondages.

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The intense podcast writing. Think about you think and behave the way you do today you have practical steps to bring something of these behaviors that bind us while so many people so unhappy and anxious, disturbed, unsettled and full of discontentment. No matter what they have, who they have what their position what the status is in life there still discontent a lot of people able to cover that up rather well and so they move along in life and smile on the outside but deep down inside the still full of discontent. On the other hand of those people who don't even try to cover it up anymore. They just act out live out shows on their countenance their very discontent in life. What is it, even though they have been saved by the grace of God there still discontent somehow deep down inside, something seems to bind them. Something seems to have a hold on them. That seems to dictate their actions and their attitudes is not what they like is not what they want, not what they asked for. They just can't seem to identify. What is it on the inside and the drives them that seeming at times forces them to act in a way that I want to act.

They found themselves responding and turning around and looking and asking themselves the question, why do I act this way. Why do I respond the way I respond. That's what I want to talk about in this message entitled the behaviors that bind us in a life those actions and attitudes that you not can understand.

Somewhere along the way we have to trace them back to some cause in some particular source when talking about behavior patterns that bind us in our life and keep us what discontent unsettled, oftentimes anxious for the most part very unhappy. So when you turn if you will, to the first Corinthians 13 chapter is first epistle to the Corinthians. And you know this is the chapter about love.

And Paul is been describing what love is all about and then he comes down to this latter part and he says beginning in verse 11, he says when I was a child I used to speak as a child think is a child reason as a child when I became a man, put away childish things. Now was the look at that very simple phrase, childish things.

You and I we think of childish things. We have something in our mind about the way people act was to look at this word for just a moment because there are two Greek words here at that top all users, not particular about them in this chapter, but when you go back to Matthew chapter 18 for a moment. He says beginning in verse one. At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven, and he called a Child to himself and set him before them and said, truly, I say to you, unless you converted and become like children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever then humbles himself as this child.

He is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. So we simply saying here is that is that as we grow in our Christian life. We should always be childlike in our faith childlike in our humility childlike in our openness childlike in our honesty and so we are to be like children on the other hand, will not to just settle down as children and in our own particular emotional life never grow beyond being childlike and so the two words in the first word he uses for that particular word is party on in the Greek word simply means childhood and its natural normal healthy fashion.

That is when the child was growing up.

They act like children.

They grow up like children.

That's a normal natural way.

That's the way God intends for person to grow. The other worthy of the Greek word that is used here is a word in EPS in the PIS if you want to write it down and guess what it means. It means going beyond childhood age, and even into adulthood acting childish, childlike, like you used to act and so it isn't the same to them. He says listen when I was a child I used to speak as a child think as a child, reason as a child but when I became a man I did away with childish things. Now all of us probably sometime in their life have our act childish and so what does that have to do with those things that bind us and I want you to think about for just a moment because let's trace all of this back when you and I will born God gave us the course of mind or brain, heart, spirit, all the rest when you came into this world, we began to be program. Some people might say that you and I began to be programmed even before we were born. Let's say that at birth you not begin to be program that is our mind was program.

What was it programmed with it was programmed with either the affection of a lack of affection from our parents. That is in this grid system of hours.

It's like the strong impressions that came from that parents of those who were around us they became a part about feelings and became a part of our personality so that all of us were programmed preprogrammed listen, not necessarily against our will, but involuntarily now. If, for example, those are things that were programmed in your thinking let's say that you had godly parents who were very wise and so what did they do, they said you very early in life, you're very precious your sweet and I love you and father loves you, your mother loves you.

We think you're the greatest. We love you dearly begin to take care of you.

Not all in their words and their affection, but in their actions. They said about child, your employment you a very important unit number one with us. We love you dearly and so what happened programmed that Charles Mann was a sense of belonging. My parents love me a sense of worth must be very valuable because my father loves me. My mother loves me. I must be able to do a lot of things because they're always bragging about me and telling me how well I'm doing. So what is that child grew up with in that child's grid system everything it sifted through this every challenge in life get sifted through this. You belong you somebody worth knowing somebody worth loving somebody worth relating to and you can do it. That child grows up with a very strong sense of what of confidence, a sense of belonging, a sense of work that child grows up with a very very strong sense of self-esteem. Where did it come from. It came from those strong impressions built in their life. Let's take the opposite. Let's say that for example here's a child grows up with parents who are not very particular, concerned about the children.

Child grows of an atmosphere that's hard child, Rosa Burnett and an atmosphere where they don't know exactly where they are the no lines, no boundaries. Really there is something just right today but it's not right tomorrow and it depends upon how my father feels the days with this right about depends upon how my mother's house. She stated that what I can over.

I cannot and so child grows up with frustrations and anxieties and fears because nobody ever to the boundary lines and so when they grow up in the they begin to get all kinds of trouble what happens. They are simply doing what they're just acting out what they were taught they know where they were. As a child growing up, and so therefore they question whether boundary lines are now that does not mean for example that you and I can go run and blame at parents and blame other people on things that we do things that we don't do because all of us are responsible for our actions and our deeds if we don't understand where they came from is our responsibility to find out, but one I want you to see is that in every single man little boy still there.

Every single woman. The little girl is there than I was thinking about this today.

Oftentimes in the conversation. The little boy the little girl pops up because something triggers that a person grows up in a home that is not what it ought to be or even that they grow up in a home and outside the home. They have experiences in life that are very difficult and maybe traumatic.

What happens is as the years go by those incidences that made such a strong impression upon them when anything comes along in life that even looks like smells like acts like anything close to what caused them a trauma back there. What happens oftentimes it is a natural response. The little boy of the little girl rises up to respond to this present situation, when in essence what they're doing is responding and reacting to something that happened in their childhood. Therefore, the apostle Paul said, putting away childish things. He was primarily speaking of spiritual things, but also emotional things and I think that many people who are Christians you really love God really want to be what God wants them to be and yet they have those things are going to let the can identify the hidden enemy and understand why they act the way they asked how many of us have sent got. I don't know why I said what I said I don't know what acting in that fashion. God, I don't know why act that way respond that way I don't know why this goes on in my life.

Well, it's one thing for something to happen, but if something goes on and on and on and on.

We should take at least a moment to stop and ask ourselves the question Lord am I being controlled by something that I'm not aware of. Is there an emotion of feeling is there something that happened back on the my life somewhere that I am responding to that in this present situation where the lots of those will childish things.

The development a person's life, and you probably have been able to maybe identify something in your life be put in this way if something keeps cropping up that gives your problem. You keep responding in a certain way, ask yourself this question. Lord, is there something back there that I need to deal with so that I can be free and not respond in an improper way when things don't go my way so you several let's say for example that you recognize that these things are true in your life and so how do we deal with them. So what am I conducive to give you a few steps and this isn't something that you can say 123-4567 yes, I've got it, but rather things that you need to consider things that you need to think about. Must put them in a fashion that I think something really simple that you can just begin to ponder and meditate on and I think the first thing that you have to do simple it is to identify that is, is there something that controls me at times that I don't wanted to control me.

There was can identify a response that I have is there some response that I notice will keep cropping up in me when I don't really want to act that way but I do so first of all you got to identify. Secondly, you got to own it.

UK say well yes I have identified that is my mother's fault. No, that's my father's fault know that's not the issue. The issue is missing may have been program that way.

But if I identified the way I am responding.

That's not proper than I was told that as an adult I can no longer blame my childish actions and attitudes in spirit on someone who may be out of ignorance or maybe in their own ungodly fashion programmed me in a way that I'm suffering for it. So therefore I have to own it.

Third thing I have to do is trace it back to the source. Where did that come from what was the incident in my life. What did somebody say to me who programmed this into my life.

What makes me think and act and respond the way I do in certain circumstances and situations. Trace it back to its source.

My friend the spirit of God will help you do that if you begin to ponder and ask him he will help you trace because he wants you to be a whole person. The fourth thing is this. Once you trace it back. Listen, probably some personal some incident back there. Forgive the person that you think that you feel is responsible for the way you think and feel.

In those circumstances that you know that bind you. That is, you must be willing to forgive that person. If you're not willing to forgive them. You don't get past that must be willing to forgive you say well yes I can remember when I grew up our father.

This my mother that I can tell you in my own life that I grew up with a lot of rejection and I had to deal with that in somebody's life and I had to go to that person and say to them, you know, this is the way I acted and I will ask you to forgive me for my response is so you can't send and that is what you did to me know you and I have to forgive the person for whatever they did. No matter what because oftentimes a person's dead and gone. You may have to sit condense set them down in a chair and and just voice that person. I want to forgive you for the way you abused me.

I want to forgive you for actually destroying my sense of self-esteem and I can think of testimonies of people things I've heard that people heard their parents say about them. That was absolutely devastating to when a parent compares one child or the other absolutely devastating when they're always bragging on one and downgrading other absolutely devastating and so a child grows up if that's deep down inside, it has to be dealt with. So you forgive the person that you think is responsible. Next thing you do is forgive yourself, because you see when we grow up with these things.

We feel guilty. We feel guilty for responding the way, respond we feel guilty for acting the way we act and so we have to forgive ourselves. Got I want you to forgive me for having these expectations of myself that absolutely beyond any possibility of me living up to trying to measure up in my perfectionism got forgive me for my anxiety, my frustration, my fears when I try to live up to something that you certainly do not expect me to live up to then what you do as you ask God to set you free. Lord you help me to see why I respond why why these childish things that crop up in me.

Thank you for showing me that Lord I'm asking you, I own it.

I assume responsibility for. I've forgiven the person who's done it.

I forgive myself father. I'm asking you to set me free and enable me to identify this response as childish when it pops up in my life, and at that moment identify thank you for showing me that God set me free of you know will happen, God will set you free. Tracing it back to its source.

Discovering who was responsible back there forgiving that person forgiving yourself I'm here to tell you, God.

Listen, he will deliver you from those behavioral patterns that a childishness that crop up in our lives is an adult listen, he will set you free. Of those, if you ask him to do it and believe that he has and then the most important thing is this written new your mind about yourself that is renew your thinking about yourself.

You see it as far as God is concerned you are okay and God loves you just the way you are is the process of changing all of us. What we did we renew our minds. How do we do that when this thing crops up in our life we say thank you for showing me that I thank you, dear God, that does not belong in my life and along and so I want to be sensitive and so what happens is not begin to renew my mind. The way I think I think you know that may be a response because of my sense of inadequacy and I got rejected and didn't belong. Thank you father that I do belong.

Thank you that you accepted me. Thank you that you make and thank you got out all right in your eyes does mean that you send this approach, all right God's what happens when you identified it crops up shortly is not going crop up, you gonna start acting out of your adulthood. I mean after all this and we're living in the present. We assume responsibility for the past we forgive ourselves we forgive the person and then what happens we say God I want you to make me a whole person. I want to be an adult believer.

I don't want the childish things finding me and enslaving many longer and I'm claiming by faith your release and your liberty and your freedom and then listen you are aggressively go after those things in the crop up in your life and God will free you up. Now I can put everything I've said this one sentence.

Listen carefully. Every parent here has the most awesome indescribable power to make your children the success out to destroy them before they ever leave your home. The second thing I want to say is this, every single one of us, who is an adult has within us the power of the Holy Spirit to set us free of childish ways in order that you may become the whole person God wants us to be and to begin to enjoy life and lay aside our discontent and our unhappiness at discontentment circumstances and people in relationships and begin to enjoy what Almighty God is provided for us as his children. What is it all began. It all begins my frame of trusting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Acknowledging these things are true in your life and then once you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior.

The Holy Spirit then will enable you to go through the process and set you free. Listen, the Bible says the truth will set us free. The truth about who God is his relationship to you the truth about who we are in our relationship to him the truth about who we are as person and the truth about the work of the Holy Spirit in our life will set us free of these things that cause bondage and heartache and trials and difficulty that God never intends for us to live with and is my prayer.

You will be wise enough.

Consider this message, you be wise enough to take those simple suggestions and ponder them just reading them through and saying God bless me know pondering them taking back, searching back thanking God that he's going to set you free. God will make you a free person. Thank you for listening to behaviors that bind if you'd like to know more about how feeling or intense ministries and have started writing this hike after the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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