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The Confession of Our Sin - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 27, 2022 12:00 am

The Confession of Our Sin - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 27, 2022 12:00 am

Glean insights about what it means to genuinely confess your sins.

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Welcome to the intense podcast the town for Friday, May 27 if you perceive God's gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness is eternal, but in the meantime, first John chapter 1 helps us understand why the confession of our sin is necessary. Our relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ began the will which you will not confess the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, now is a difference in confessing Jesus as my Savior and confessing sin, confessing Jesus Christ as my personal savior is what you and I do when we trust him at salvation so that our relationship with him begins the moment we are born again we trust him his personal Savior.

We ask him to forgive us of our sins we confess our sins, and then we confess Jesus as our Savior based on what he did at the cross and shedding his blood and atoning for our sin.

So what happens at that moment we take on the position no longer is enemy of God. But now we become sons and daughters of God. That's a new position sons and daughters of God have a new relationship that son ship is seal. The Bible says by the Holy Spirit on the day of redemption. That is until he calls home.

So therefore every single child of God is one who has been saved by his grace and goodness of love and mercy about the Jesus of the cross seal of the Holy Spirit for every child of Godů Nothing can tamper with your relationship.

This is why all the Scripture. Paul says, for example, in Romans chapter 8 what can separate is the love of God in the death, life, principalities and powers and the names all these things and he says none of these things can separate us from God's love. He says that my sheep hear my voice on November a problem. They are given the midterm life and they shall never perish, neither shall anyone pluck them out of my hand.

The moment you are not trusted Jesus as our Savior relationship was settle once and for all. Always he says in the Scriptures you and I will forever be our son or daughter of God.

Now, so that's the relationship, but what about fellowship fellowship is what you and I carry on daily in a relationship with him.

We get up in the morning, for example, we talk to him.

We listen to him.

We talked to him during the day we we walk in obedience to him, we fellowship about people we share him. He's at the head of our conversation. He's always in our thoughts and our monthly fellowship with him.

So what John is referring to here when he is talking about confessing sin.

He's talking about keeping our fellowship right, not a relationship now.

I believe that God intends for us who are believers to enjoy him.

I believe God wants us to love him but to enjoy him to take pleasure in fellowship with him in and enjoy being his friend as well as his child, and so therefore I'm going to enjoy the Christian life. One of things I have to learn how to deal with is I have to learn how to build sin because sin is a problem in the Christian life and what you notice here in the very beginning of this passage than what this is all about is a problem we face notice if you will, in verse five he says this is the message we heard from him and announce to you that God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

Then he says if we say that we have fellowship with him yet. We walk in darkness, we not telling the truth when not practicing the truth. So here's what I'm what you notice the problem here that all of us have is this the problem is that God who is light, which means he is perfect and pure and absolutely righteous. He loves us and desires have fellowship with us. When you and I are walking obediently before him. We can have fellowship with him when you and I choose darkness in our life and that is a good symbol in the Scriptures, all his scriptures for sin. Darkness is indication here of sin. When you and I invite darkness into our life.

What we have is an immediate conflict.

How do you mix darkness and light, you cannot.

How can you mix impurity with purity.

You cannot how can you mix imperfection with perfection. You cannot what he's talking about here is how do we live a joyful pleasurable relationship fellowship with the son of God who requires holiness and purity in our life when we live in a dirty world and they're going to sin.

Now, some may say will now what you're about to do as you're about to take away our responsibility for living holy and just tell us all we have to do is confess that's why won't you listen very carefully because that is not what I'm going to say what I want us to say here is this that God Almighty understands that you and I live in a sinful dirty world. He also understands as the apostle Paul describes in Galatians chapter 5 and if you turn there for just a moment that one of the problems we have is not just the fact that we live in a dirty world. The Scripture says in chapter 5 oblations in verse 16 he says but I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh.

For the flesh sets the desire against the spirit and the spirit against the place for these are in opposition to one another so that you may not do the things that you please not what does he mean by flesh once in a while I'll explain something over and over and over again because of some people. For example, who makes it. When the Bible talks about flesh. We are talking about our naturalness. We are talking about that principle that something within me still wants to sin. At times, in spite of the fact that I had been born again by the grace of God and the Bible says that you and I have become new creations in Christ somebody is as well. If you become a new creature in Christ Jesus. How is it that you can sin, because we still live in this human physical body we still have those natural tendencies and and senses that God gave us a desire for rest and food pleasure in sex and so forth. All those things God has given us to be brought under control of the Holy Spirit so we can live a joyful happy life. The Christian life is never been meant to be some burden that God places on us now one of the problems that people have open time is believing that somehow God really and truly has forgiven them.

It's a real struggle and it's a struggle for believers sometimes because of what they've been taught sometimes because they feel so on whether sometimes because of certain particular sins in their life they will say how in the world could God ever forgive me for that. How could God ever forgive me look at the cross.

This is the reason God can forgive you of every single solitary thing you have ever done. No matter what. It has nothing to do with your promises of being good.

It has nothing to do with how good you are and how worthy you are and has to do with what Jesus did at the cross. You see, this is what grace is all about. If there's one message I want the world to hear.

Is this the grace of God in his love for you and me will keep us and cleanse us from our sin and keep us in right fellowship with him, so that you knock enjoy him missing as you and I learned to walk in.

As he says in the life enjoying the Lord Jesus Christ and receiving his pleasures and his blessing.

That is one of the greatest testimonies we can have because the unbelieving world is looking to see if on some happy, joyous, contented Christian someone who's going through difficult and hardship in the same time as this overwhelming sense of joy and confidence of their life. That is the most convincing and persuasive testimony we can give them is our life lived out in joy in the presence of the Lord. And so if I'm not sure if I'm really struggling at work or has he forgiven me, or has he not listen week we stand and sing Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine all what a foretaste of glory divine Arab salvation purchased of God and of his spirit washed in his blood. Blessed assurance of one not only my relationship with Blessed assurance that I'm a forgiven child of God walking in the likeness of Moses Benoit.

A minute now. Are you walking the line and let's say that sin comes the life you walking the light yes I'm walking the life that I have allowed darkness in the my life at that moment and I have to deal with. That doesn't mean that I get out of the light ghetto in the darkness in our mob relationships all broken and I'm walking in darkness know I am walking in the light being friends with the blood of Jesus Christ and daily with the dirt in life dealing with the dirt in life, but dealing with this naturalness within me, which will be there until the moment you and I die. That is what I want you notice listen to what he said this passage in verse nine he says if you and I come to him honestly and confessing our sins to him.

He says he will do what he says he is faithful and righteous to forgive what is forgive means it means to put away it means to put away the penalty. Take away the guilt and the means to release from any debt of sin that will he says if you not confess it. He says he is faithful and just to forgive us about all that he says he's not just interested in forgiving as he is interested in cleansing us.

That is, God wants us to walk clean before him.

He wants us to walk purely before him, but he knows the because of this naturalness within us because there's vertebral. We live in will not going to stay that way very long. That's why he says the blood of Jesus Christ is continually cleansing us from all sin and he says this is my promise to you. Confess it.

Your forgiven. That's the promise of God, not on that, he says, but I will cleanse your life so that you and I can walk in obedience before him and so when should a person can best instantly because, listen, if deal with it right then and there. I am forgiven instantly and I don't require God to get on my case and the last thing you want to send this message I'm coming to Avon I don't deal with it. Something is going to happen.

So he says he is the promise. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just now he backs that promise up with say he's faithful and just want to see me when he says he's faithful.

That means he's reliable. You can always count on every single solitary thing.

God promises God will perform a list of what he says if we confess our sins he's faithful you can trust them, you can bet on it. He's reliable. He's faithful, he'll do it every single promise will be. He's faithful and just what is a me by just that he is right in forgiving us.

Listen carefully explain this many times how can God who is holy, forgive one who is guilty and on hold because when Jesus Christ from the cross to cure sin placed on him.

He dad he paid the penalty. Therefore, God can put you in the in the stream and the abolition in the daily River of his cleansing and forgiveness in every single moment of our life we are living in the cleansing forgiveness of Almighty God, confession keeps my fellowship right. The blood of Jesus Christ is what it is in my life that cleanses me so he says he's faithful and just to forgive us our sins, then he comes along to give us added assurance. Listen to what he says in chapter 2 now he says my little children, he says I have written these things to you. I'm writing these things to you that you may not sin is. They say you never Simmons you may not sin, he says, and are about if anyone sins, we had been an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous know is a me with her is what he said this is John design that you not learn to live in continuing this uninterrupted fellowship of the Lord is what he says. He says we have an advocate with the father. Not only is he promised to forgive us, but we have an advocate with the father and that's the same where the John uses in his gospel. He says our comfort to our Paraclete tossed the one that that comes alongside of us. He says we have one, the Lord Jesus Christ who stands in our stead. Now today we know that the Lord Jesus ascended the father's right hand. Was he doing according to Hebrews he's making intercession for us.

He's bringing our needs and our attention to the father so is when you and I come to him. It makes no difference what we come to him, for he is there is and he says there's one mediator between God and man is the person Jesus Christ we have someone listen see to the father's right hand.

Who's on our side of the volume is to ghost he's there to make in the session was he's there to plead are costly in our case he's there to to our firm. Our relationship that we one of the children of God we are part of his son ship part of his family.

He's out advocate we we have him to send their stead. Not all he says is here advocate but he's our sacrifice. What is he say a reminder that listed you and I do not have to pay for our sin.

The blood of Jesus Christ his sacrificial death. 2000 years ago keeps me clean to thousand years later my confession is my way of opening the door in order that what the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses me.

I take advantage of that and I keep my fellowship with him absolutely right. And so what this passage is all about is a child of God, keeping that fellowship right with the Lord Jesus Christ walking in fellowship with him, so that you are not a position to receive the blessings and the goodness and the pleasures that God was the place in our life. But suppose I choose not to confess my friend listen carefully. If you are not confess our sin and moment the cleansing process means that that moment God not only forgives us, but takes that out of our life and he wipes away the consequences of their music quickly. There are some sins for which there are consequences that even forgiveness does not eliminate the result of what happens in that particular sin. And so, but what we are told that God is not punishing a person if he forgives as he takes away it as a whole is given. He's not holding overhead. He's not penalizes with the bright nature of some sin is that there are some consequences now, but suppose I say well but you know what, I'm not dealing with this Dante what happens, my friend, you have one of two choices.

You either convince your sin and deal with it or what you do is you forcing God to deal with you and that word for his children is called chastisement chastisement is that loving but oftentimes stinging discipline of a loving father who loves you so much.

He is not about to allow you to get by with sin. Therefore, he will send in your life whatever is necessary to bring you the conviction and bring you to remorse of your sin and bring you to brokenness until you are willing to confess and repent of that and get right with God. Not all about you, but I much rather be deal with me and having him have to deal with me. All of us more than like that sometime not have experienced God's chastening and I don't know about you but I'd like to tell him I've had enough of it in my life looking to eliminate it from our own. But you know what, that's his decision not ours because sometimes in his breaking process. He sees things, and those that are not necessarily sins.

As such, but areas of our life that he wants to change change of attitude that best fits who we are as his children, and so the brokenness process goes on, but we have one or two choices. We either confess it, we deal with it. We ask him to forgive us.

We corrected normally say that some say this to last because it's important in confession isn't just a matter of saying, Lord, I will ask you to forgive me this nonnormal good again tomorrow. But I ask you to forgive me the website you set it up if I ask you to forgive me. I'm forgiven and you and Sarah can do it again. That's not genuine forgiveness. And that's not Jimmy confession genuine confession says I realize I have violated you.

I have violated your law and I have transgressed against you that doesn't fit who I am and I am sorry and I am ashamed.

And Lord, I don't want that in my life this stuff and just nonchalantly haphazardly claiming first John 19 knowing that all you going to just surrender to get. I'm not saying that you want. It may be some have in your life.

It may be some weakness in your life that you are really struggling with LME clarify something. If there's something going on in your life that you struggling and you you hate that sin, but somehow that it's there and it's got a whole is got a grip on you.

You say well should I confess it absolutely. If I don't do it again. Absolutely listed you confess and you repent of that and you asked the spirit of God to enable you who lives on the inside of you, to enable you strengthen you and my friend listen it in all the trial that you know how and somehow you just feel like this thing has a grip on you. You find someone listen carefully, very, very, very godly counselor or pastor with whom you can deal who will help you understand what it means to have Christ as your life knowing and understanding what it means to have him living on the inside of you, and living through you. His life so I will say to those who are trapped in who feel caught and then contesting confess and confess my sin was not doing any good. Shall I see snow every single time the Spirit of God convicts you. You confess that to him and asked God to enable you to genuinely repent of that and I say again, if you find yourself not knowing the Scriptures very well. Don't know the principles don't know how to rely upon them don't know how trusted he made you sure don't understand how God operates in your life. Find someone who will help you walk through that until you come out victorious in your life.

Confession is a normal natural part of the believer's life to keep our fellowship.

Remember that relationship is fixed forever. It is God who has an eternal gripped on you in the is God who has an eternal grip on us at salvation, but that moment will have fellowship is something that comes and goes as long as I'm walking in his spirit walking in obedience to him. I'm gonna have fellowship. The woman I choose disobedience. Something happens I can let that something happen and drift and drift and drink that I get myself in a big mess.

Or I can instantaneously say father forgive me of my sin.

In Jesus name I know this is doesn't fit who I am, instantly, that fellowship is right. So first John chapter 1. These verses are dealing with the believers fellowship with him and what am I saying simply this.

You and I have the privilege of enjoying the Christian life walking in fellowship walking in love, enjoying the Savior and the father who loves us dearly. Thank you for listening to the confession and our stand. If you'd like to know more about Charles Stanley or entice ministries in TextEdit OIG. This podcast is a presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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