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The Fulfillment of a Promise - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 17, 2022 12:00 am

The Fulfillment of a Promise - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 17, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley explains how God taught him to trust in the biblical principles found in Scripture.

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Welcome to the intense podcast for child family for Tuesday, May 17 is their attention on the length of Abraham's response to the Lord lays the foundation for a better understanding promises of God. It's one thing to know a promise of the Scripture 306. So when we talk about the promises of God. The Bible is full of, and we talked about these and also loving God who desires to give his promises by which we live. And if you think about for a moment. Many people wonder why God doesn't answer their prayer on the primary reasons the fact ask for things and not the will of God and secondly they dealt, and when the primary reasons people doubt God answering their petition is because they don't have the foundation part that is that asking is a matter of feeling and hoping and wishing but no foundation.

If you're asking God to give you guidance in some area or if it's something that you need in your life you need to listen for the foundation of that so that you can get anchored and that you need to have a promise from God's word and the many promises in God's word and there's a promise for every single solitary thing that you and I need is here and I can recall or the most significant times in my life when I was researching the Lord to know his will for my life about the Holy Spirit and I was getting ready to begin teaching the Bible Institute, as well as passing the church. My first church, and so I knew that I need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to do that because all these passes had been passed as a long time.

Here I was out of the seminary green as I could be and I was a little bit afraid, so I was just praying I've been reading out of it all, books of the Holy Spirit are you be filled with the spirit, and so forth and so came down the Friday afternoon before school starts on Monday and I'm in my study and just reminding the Lord that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and so I don't remember everything that I was going through. But I was troubled for the simple reason I knew that it hadn't happened and so I was just really struggling in our members around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I still have that prayer rug that I used preowned in that time and somehow I turned the first John chapter 5 watch this first John chapter 5 and always asking God. Lord to show me how to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I desperately need that. So I turned afresh and I have while turned at the passage during the fifth chapter. Listen to these two verses are very clearly our beginning in verse 14. This is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to his will, he will hear us and if we know that he hears us. We know they we have the petition there. It is out of him. There was no if's and's butts as far as he says this is the confidence we have.

We know that he hears and we know that we have the requests I read that passage of Scripture and ask myself the question, why have I not read that before now because all it says some very simple if you ask God for something that's the will of God, and you know he makes it clear in his word, that is his will and you know that it's is where you can ask him. He says we can have confidence he will do it when I accepted that from us on the basis of what I was asking him to do to fill me with the Holy Spirit. From that moment on God change my whole life. My whole attitude about the Holy Spirit and it was one of those moments in life. It was absolutely essential for me and he knew that all of my searching had to finally come to some kind of conclusion and it was a conclusion. It was real simple. Just believe what I have told you this is the confidence you and I can have that if we ask anything according to his will hear heroes so that when you saying Lord I want you to show me you will in this decision. I'm having to make what will he do that, yes, even what he says this is the confidence we have in them that if we ask anything according to his will.

It is his will for me to seek his will, and if I know that's his move and he's going to answer that prayer.

He's going to answer that petition. I think a lot of people's prayers go unanswered because of doubt because they don't have a foundation for the request.

This is what I feel. This is what I want. This is what I'd like to have the foundation for your request is the promises found in the word of God. All of these promises.

So when we think about the fact that our whole Christian life is centered around the promises of God. Why do you know that you say because he promised if you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, leaving the resurrection of Christ, thou shall be saved, and what Paul said to the Philippines later believe on the Lord Jesus Christ now should be safe all the prompts about salvation, but answered prayer about healing and all of these are promises God gave listen, not for entertainment but enlisted not just to read but to read to believe and deliver what he wants us to activate the promise that if if that's the promise from God under the claimant led to believe it. Then my prayer has some strength. Otherwise, it may be just something I'm thinking about the one I want in this message is that I want to use one story I wanted been in the Old Testament as a tractor sure you how does God answer prayer habits. He would deal with his promise we said sometimes he has unconditional promises. They gotta be that way. Nothing's going to change it, so I want to take you longer track. There is not that you simply have never heard the events I want you to see principal after principal. In this scenario with Abraham because now watch this. Our life is not like his life. Our events are not like his vents but God doesn't change the same principles that worked in his life work in our life so that let's start with the very beginning and I will you turn to the 12 chapter of Genesis we read this passage before but also read this very clear promise that God gave to Abraham in these first few verses beginning in chapter 12 and verse one now the Lord said to Abram, go forth from your country from your relatives from your father's house to a land which I will show you and I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great and so you shall be a blessing I will bless those who bless you and the one who curses you I will curse.

He says and you all the families of their will be blessed. That's eight promises and notice what is not here.

He didn't say if he said I will show you. I will make you I will bless you all the families of the earth will be blessed. Here is a eightfold unconditional promise by God to Abraham that what I want you to see is I want you to watch what happens in this man's life because long period of time take place before God fulfills all these promises.

And one of the reasons we miss some of God's best blessings and I life is because his time schedule doesn't meet ours. And of course we see here is a perfect example of this passage of Scripture that shows us between chapter 12 and 22 what happens when people are not willing to wait for God's promises from the take things in their own hands and what happens as a result.

So let's look at this and the first thing I want you to jot down notes is simply this, and that is the promises of God are stated clearly that his God would never send you but here's what I'm thinking about all he wouldn't say I want you to consider all he wouldn't say well here's what I'd like you to do what you figured out God's promises are crystal clear. There's not a single hazy shady kind of uncertain promise in the word of God, so therefore he's going to make it very very clear but the second thing I want you notices this and will go right through these chapters, you and that is with God's promises comes clear guidance. For example, if you seeking his mind and heart about something and God says is what I want you to do.

God is never going to leave you and so to figure it out for yourself. And so he makes a very close I want you to jot down some 32 verse eight we have referred to it many times before, because it so very, very important. Listen what he says that watch this meant no matter who you are you and God are talking about some issue in your life. Verse eight I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go. I will counsel you with my point here because that will instruct you. That is if you are challenged by something that God is requiring of you is is you can count on this. I will instruct you, I'll teach you in the way which you should go. I will counsel you with my eye upon you which is his way of saying I'm right there with you. I know where you are now under way, you will be on the way, you could be on the way.

I don't want you to be. I will counsel you with my bunion.

So the important thing is that we recognize that God is going to guide us in whatever he tells us to do you think about all the decisions you have to make in my thing with decisions that pop up that you and I don't even plan on things that we don't even have any details about but he says I will guide you.

That's a promise that belongs to every single child of God. God wants to be personally involved in every single area of your life, because he knows you and I live in a world that's wicked, vile, corrupt, you name it and Satan is our enemy and therefore God wants to be involved in every aspect of your life, then there's 1/3 thing is important and that's this and that is, there should be many times in life when there is a time of personal worship and meditation in our life seeking his guidance and direction, and the more critical of the decision.

The more time you and I should be spending and doing what just what we talking about here, meditating upon his word.

What did he say how does he operate in every change of ally. What is he one of the he does it in a way that only he can get credit for number one.

And secondly he wants us to learn the trusting and in order to do that.

You got to stay in right relationship with and so what we find in these passages here beginning. For example, in the seventh verse nine Abraham's art in the mood.

The Lord appeared in a room and said your descendents I will give this land so he built an altar there to the Lord, who appeared to then the Scripture says in verse eight. Then he proceeded from there to the mountain on the East of Bethel and pitched his tent with Beth along the western area around the East and there he built an altar to the Lord and call upon the name of the Lord. So we find them doing. He moves in the direction God wants him to go and then he takes the time and when they built an altar at Cabell County altar was used it for example the stone altar and that polished stones represented.

It is thing that all the technology we have that technology real simple polished stones. Here stones there.

He went back to the same pile of stones, because he want to be reminded of what God said to me this is why I encourage you to keep a diary so I encourage you to write down what God says to you, because you listen.

Satan will steal it.

He would take it right out of your mind and so therefore he went back to do what to listen to God again and again because God was saying to him you leaving your family you leaving everything you going into an unknown land of Canaan and I'm gonna show you how to get there. I will take you there, but he was not so self-confident they can vote this here at one time and I do believe that God oftentimes speaks to us the same requirement over and over and over again because he knows think about how busy you are on any given day. He knows that our minds can be contaminated with all, stuff he wants is walking the sin of his will. Why because he wants the best for your life and is anything I could say to someone. God wants the best for your life but you got to cooperate with. He's going to do his part.

He's going to show you the way he's going to make a ways can provide the way he's gonna do everything that a sovereign loving God can do to help you on your way in life. But if you violate that and you decide you going to do it yourself. You gonna get in trouble is very very simple, very clear in the word of God which leads me to this next point that's this that changing course from God's pathway, changing course from God's guidance or that do personal indicates that we are doubting God's promise. Lord I know that I know this is what you said but I must not. This can't be true because this is totally unreasonable.

Well, if you look at this passive Scripture. The Scripture says that Abram in verse nine Abram journeyed on continue until the negative in verse 10 there was a famine in the land so Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land is what you find out first on Egypt mentioned the Scriptures. Every time he headed to Egypt he got in trouble. For example, Sarah's hand made.

She chose an Egyptian made which really got him in trouble. And when his son came along the 26 chapter and they were having a famine also.

And God said to him, said Isaac right middle of a famine do not go to Egypt. So when God gives us a sense of direction, we have to remember that. Watch this carefully. Whatever the circumstances are. We don't decide we gonna redraw the map and the change the course of the compass. So we go where we want to go. So here's what happens.

Scripture says there was a famine in the land so Abram went down to Egypt to sojourn there, for the famine was severe in the land it came about when he came near Egypt.

He said to Sarah, his wife is a look.

Sarah you're a beautiful woman. And when these men and the kings men to see you. They don't want you and all they have to do is to kill me and they've got you so here's loving Abraham that his what you do you live about 52 and you tell him that you are my sister in that way.

Think about you be able just to be long to him and now I won't lose my life. So what happens.

First of all, he did have the business going to Egypt.

Watch this carefully you mark this down when you choose to walk away from what you know is the will and purpose of God in your life you are going to have trouble so what happens they get down there, that's exactly what happened. They saw her and so they take Aryan and the then God just sends a play. Remember God's promise to Abraham is unconditional.

Nothing's gonna change surveys that allow all this so he sends a play and reveals himself to the king, and so here he comes say Abraham wanted you lather me, why did you do this scared the poor man to death. And if you notice the Bible says that Abraham walked out of Egypt, he walked out of Egypt very very wealthy samosas.

Oh well, that one such a bad idea after all.

Yes, it was if you think you going to disobey God and God bless you watch this carefully. It may look like you getting blessed but you're not. And many people have been blessed with wealth and absolute destroyed their life are destroyed, their family, whatever it might be, so he walked away and what I want you to notice in this passage is simply this God says is my promise is what I'm gonna do with you, and he listened Abraham didn't have nearly understanding of what God was going to do with him as you and I do because remember this, Abraham's son Isaac his son Jacob sent Judah, through whom the genealogical line of Jesus can be traced all the way to Bethlehem so he didn't have any idea. Ultimately this awesome huge eternal plan of God through him, think, think about what God told him all the specific things he told them there's a famine he's not ahead out somewhere else got him in trouble. That's not the only trouble he had but that's part of it because he stepped out of God's plan out of God's will and this is why Simmons is one of those and I know the will of God are much that's why meditation, praying, reading your Bible, focusing your life on God makes the difference is just that simple. That none of us are smart enough to do it on our own and neglect the word of God, which get this and we get direction in life and I think about times when I faced big time decisions and read some passive Scripture and he makes it crystal clear, then what happens is when the doubts come. Your anchor is right there is what you said. I can remember one of the toughest times in my life when I was going through a difficult time at church and people to get rid of me and the said Nevin saw us together when you show me, respond to what you told me Lord led me this passage is no weapon formed against you will prosper. Not one that's been when those anchors in my life many years else.

No, no weapon formed against you will prosper as the heritage of the servants of God, thank you for listening to the fulfillment of a promise he'd like to know more about Charles Stanley, more intense ministry that my intense data lighting podcast is a presentation of intense ministry advantage origin

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