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The Reason for Our Boldness

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 2, 2022 12:00 am

The Reason for Our Boldness

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 2, 2022 12:00 am

Once we become Christians, we have a responsibility to share the truth of salvation with others.

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MTD intense fantastic town family for Monday May thinking here keeps a lot of believers from sharing the gospel. Today's podcast explains the reason for our boldness and helps you gather the courage to share the truth when you hear the word gospel what you think Jesus cross John 316 the Bible what you think about the cross and you hear about the gospel primarily will people think different things and one of the reasons I think the people do not understand the Christian life is all about, and I do not witness the do not share their faith is because here's one of those words they been hearing all their life. They say they trusted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. But they couldn't even tell you what the gospel is if someone should ask you know what's the gospel. Would you say if they said to you will explain the gospel to me. What would you say to and what happens is because we are not confident when not bowl because we're not sure when not bold. And because we have questions and doubts about the things we believe we not bowl and we let people sometimes intimidate us.

The simple reason we think that they know better than we do.

We think that they know more than we do and often times we think that what they have to say is more important know we have a say.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If you understand the gospel that you don't understand it, you could get intimidated by somebody, but I also think about what this gospel is all about, and the fact that boldness confidence is what every single believer needs in this day and time is an everyday because we are confronted with so much rubbish so many philosophers so many ideas that are so totally unscriptural. So what I want us understand before you leave it a day and all you are watching and listening. What is the gospel and I was to begin by looking at the place of the gospel in the life of the apostle Paul. So what you turn to Romans chapter 1 and let's look at this passage and the book of Romans is the theology book of the whole Bible because of so much of it here and so Paul writing to the Romans first chapter, verse one. Watch what he says. Paul, a bondservant of Christ Jesus, called as an apostle, set apart for the gospel of God that is God set him apart as an apostle, a preacher, a missionary of the gospel of Christ. He says in first Corinthians. He said he was called. He was called to be an apostle and in Galatians chapter 2 verse seven he says it was entrusted to watch this. Remember that God called Paul, primarily to preach. First of all to the Gentiles. And so when he says here in this passage he was entrusted with the gospel in Galatians, he makes her the explanation that that term to be entrusted with something means it's been given to you for specific reason and entrusted to you. Your accountable. Paul says I am accountable for the truth of the gospel which is been given to me and so he saw himself as a steward of the gospel got it entrusted him with things that it entrusted no one else with until that point, the truth is the apostle Paul had the most accurate clearest vision understanding of who Jesus was, of anybody of his time and so he says I've been entrusted the gospel he felt the weight of that that it was his responsibility to get the truth out there, because as the others before him had shared with him what Jesus said. For example, going all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. And so the apostle Paul took that personally and he said God: and the Godhead to entrusted with the gospel and that he had also appointed him for the defense of the gospel in Philippians chapter 1 what's happening is that he's in jail and is running the Philippian Christians and that he's talking about people criticizing him, and so forth.

But he said God had entrusted him with his gospel and he also had worked in his life in such a way that he intended for him to be in defense of the gospel.

He was to defend the gospel now in this 1415 16 verses in Romans when you notice of what he says. He says in verse 14. Watch this. This is what motivated him. He said I am obligated both to Greeks and barbarians. That was way of his say to the Greeks, who were supposed to be the most knowledgeable and they were and they were in many ways their civilization probably never been really totally surpassed but that he says I am obligated both to Greeks the most educated and refine and the barbarians.

The lowest part of their both to the wise and the foolish. So, for my part, I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome from not ashamed of the gospel affords the power of God to salvation. Everyone who believes Jew first and also Greeks are asking a question.

He says I am obligated to preach the truth and the answer? Do you feel obligated to share the gospel with anybody obligation speaks of a responsibility you feel obligated, and if you if a person feels obligated share the gospel.

Where should they start in their family. There was every father who is a believer is obligated to teach his children the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Very early in life. Every mother is responsible to teach those children the truth of the gospel very early in life, and then live it out before we all have an obligation you have friends who are not Christians you have the truth of the gospel is the only message they can get that person from earth to heaven you've got it, your obligated.

Jesus said, go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature set on the preacher you have to be a preacher. You just have to have the message. You have to have an experience with Christ have the message, your obligated to share with people who do not have the message he's on Donald obligated he said but something else on the day he says I'm not only obligated but I'm eager to do it. He set out that there is something within it as a burning within me. There's a desire within me to get the truth of the gospel he said I'm eager to sizing another question. Is there anybody that you can say I am eager to tell them about Christ. I'm eager to pour out my heart. I'm eager to do whatever is necessary they would hear the gospel, God stirs your heart you going to have an eagerness to talentless and how could you not tell it. It's the most powerful message in the world. You can challenge anybody in the world. Give me your message verse the message of the gospel. They don't have anything and posted listen.

Not only do I feel obligated. I'm eager to tell.

And besides that I'm not ashamed of it. I wonder how many of you are ashamed of the gospel and don't know it.

Why don't you tell it you work around people who lost these am not allowed to talk about Jesus on my job well go to lunch when you are rebuilding your own your own. Listen, you and I live around people and when you work in the workplace like you do you work around your living around people listen who are desperately hungry for something they don't know what it is and you do and you're on the obligation you been entrusted with the truth you have responsibility and Paul said I'm eager to tell it because, listen, he said I'm obligated to.

I'm eager to tell it because there's no message to match listen listen look at the nature of the gospel from moment to examine even the father of been talking about Obama leading up to and the source of it and I've said to you several times Paul said, for example in Galatians chapter 1 is that the gospel is not of him is not a man it's of God. That's where it comes from skull, the gospel of God three times in first Thessalonians chapter 2, and Paul called the word of truth. Now the word gospel is a Greek word you want. Galliano is a word speak one word but it's the word for gospel and so what does you and Gilly on me. It means good news. The very word gospel means good news but I want to get this definition down because when somebody says what's the gospel. Here's what it it's the good news of Jesus Christ and his offer of salvation through his death, real, and resurrection to be received by faith that is the gospel, Jesus Christ the son of God came in this world, sent by the father for the purpose of dying on the cross, the paper and send it very reason and in the process of doing so gives us the gift of salvation by faith that is the gospel that is the message that every person on the face of this earth needs to hear and understand you and I have the message when you walk out of here there when you turn off the television on the radio you on the obligation to deal with this message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and his death. The Young obligation when you hear it, your obligated to believe it when you believe in your life is transformed obligated to share it. That's what the great commission is all that's what Jesus was saying go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature you several I can go in all the world you have a world but you are not on the obligation we are to be eager we are to be unashamed and absolutely committed and willing to defend the gospel whatever is necessary is not only what to say limited best thing you say let me tell you what happened to me that they are place my life in the hands of God and trusting him as my say and I can tell you this. Of all the people I've ever witnessed to when I have said limiting what happened to me.

Nobody is ever shut me out. People want to know what happened to you and so you and I have a message and that message is crystal clear and so when I think about how the apostle Paul said it. I think America leaves city development. Now think about this. If I think that in order to be saved to be forgiven of my sins that I got to work for it and do certain things for is bad news. I'll tell you why, because you can ever figure out how long you have to work in what you have to do and there was that salvation by works is absolute, totally unscriptural. It's the idea that most people have, you can ask most people, I will hold what you think God's will accept you and they can say will not so bad. I do this and I do that now develop. There's no security in that, and there's no real finality. I've got to work in the one of these days if I've been good enough I'll be saved if what was this what makes it good news is this for by grace are you saved through faith that not of yourselves, not of works lest any person should boast its crystal clear. You cannot get to heaven by works, but you ask anybody you work around or what you think. They don't say how good they are.

I could pick a few people as I can be around not be a holy St. compared to them. So I look pretty good compared that's what people do they say will I don't do this and I don't do that or I'm not so bad.

And I've never been to prison not done. I'll never knowledge they pick is bizarre things. The truth is, it's the grace of God and the grace of God is his undeserved favor will never deserve it just was not works.

The gospel is the grace of God given to mankind and as a result of his death, burial and resurrection in our faith in the power of his death, burial and resurrection with safe. It's all a matter of grace. In fact, what is it about salvation that we can boast of not anything God is the one who reveals it, he sent the Savior.

He paid the price. He reveals the truth and what we do, by faith, we accept your saved by faith that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, he says, lest any person should boast. This is why Paul was so adamant about and he says that something burning within me. He knew in the Greco-Roman world in which he lived. It was all about other gods, and all about emptiness and loneliness and they had no answers. Look around the date. People who are not Christians. They don't have any answers. They have a front there's a will I'm this is my religion. I believe in it and it satisfies me will resident take their was when it comes to death. Then what it is all going to be on amount of works will how much works well what did you do that gospel, the good news of the grace of God provided as a result of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is matchless message in fact is not only good news is the best news it's breathtaking news to think that God would love us that much and then when I think about that message. I think about it's the only message that's adequate enough to know the will of God have the power within us to live out the will of God to have God's promise of peace and protection watch care and provision.

There's no message like it no so listen, the next time you start witness to the somebody sharing your faith with them and they start giving you a lot of stuff.

Disable what assurance do you have was going to happen when you die while the want talk about that one of these days you want talk about now.

I will give you a list of words because when you listen to what's his gift mimics good news.

It's the good news of the saving power of God through Christ that comes into your life when you trust them as your personal savior.

Now you say will what what happens when he saves me. I want to give you list the words is the first when you trust them as your Savior. The Bible says crystal clear. The Bible says that you are redeemed first Peter you are redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

That means that Christ paid the price for your sin and purchase you, so to speak, and now you belong to God. Secondly, you are forgiven. In the process of redeeming you he forgives you of all your sin, which means he does not hold it against you in a long, the third word is justification because Jesus paid the price for your sins. And even though he said the Soviets individual died and we've send since he paid a price. He now declares us no longer guilty and one of his children. That's what justification means he declares is no longer guilty and have been guilty yes how can you declare me no longer guilty because Jesus paid my send then the next word is reconciliation that is in my sinfulness. I was away from God, separated by sin I am reconciled now to him that is I'm brought back into fellowship with him.

I have a personal relationship with him. Now that's what reconciliation is all about and then I am sanctified.

That means that when you trust in Jesus Christ your personal safety comes and changes your life, and does what sets you apart as one of his children listen he set your personal vision for himself for his glory and honor and for your good and the last word is glorification. Is that what world does that mean this.

Thank God it's the last step and glorification means when he calls and name and he calls us home. We take our last step on this earth and we step into our award and in the glory and all that God has for us in heaven known as a question, who has a message that matches that nobody who's got the message that to match that that Almighty God redeems us and forgives us and justifies us. When I think about justifying me reconciling me bringing me into a relationship with himself sanctify me, setting me on the right direction and then that sanctification is the Holy Spirit working in our lives for the rest of your life. And then one day, what happens you take the last step in the glory there is not anybody anywhere.

No religion, no philosophy, no idea to match that back is the gospel of Jesus Christ known as request. That being true, give me one reason why you should ever be ashamed Sherry anyone.

Why because there is no reason to be ashamed of the best this is the good news is the best news and nobody's ever come up with a better layman. Thank you for listening to the reason for our boldness. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries that night and had started wagging back after the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta doing

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