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Grace And Continuing Sin - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 25, 2022 12:00 am

Grace And Continuing Sin - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 25, 2022 12:00 am

If we have received salvation, sin cannot terminate our relationship with God.

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Welcome to the Internet. My Paternal family for Monday, April 25 expect anything against God after your saved. Today's message helps you understand more about grace and continuing thin everybody who lives is living under the reign of one of two powerful forces out of the way of sin or under the reign of grace and we talk about sin writing the talking about the force of sin, the power of sin, dominating, and enslaving the light. Well, what about the length of that rated began back there in the garden of Eden.

Sin begins right in the heart of vitamin E and the Scripture says in the first family in the first couple came sin and that first family came the first murder. Think about that in the garden. The beam everything was so perfect and then they lost that in the first family came the first murder.

In fact, things got so bad after while the Bible says that God wiped out the whole human race except the one family know in his family.

You think they would've learned a lesson but they did because after that when God told him to scatter over all the earth and replenish their they decided no would not go do that we gonna stick together so they built the Tower of Babel and so from the very beginning of mankind. Sin is reign in the human heart dominating the human heart and enslaving mankind. Therefore, the only way God can forgive sin is for God to provide a payment for sin which is life for death. Sin brings forth death and God brings forth life to die in order to pay sins that listen to me grace is God's provision for man's sin. It is the only provision for man's sin is the grace of God that nail Jesus Christ to the cross we save the Romans didn't know the Romans were the instruments but God himself is the one who nailed his only begotten son to the cross. He is the one who came not to break the law but to fulfill the law of the law said sin requires death. The shedding of blood.

The father who made the law also provided for the fulfillment of that law by providing his only begotten son.

Christ, whose death in Calgary paid your sin debt amount in full. Grace is God's provision for your sin that in mind. Therefore, just confessing sin doesn't get is forgiven, just repenting of sin doesn't get is forgiven, just crying out to God telling him how awful we are, doesn't get is forgiven.

The only way to be forgiven of sin is through the blood of Jesus Christ say this again repentance never precedes the grace of God the grace of God precedes everything else is the grace of God that convicts is of essence it's for the grace of God that he's provided salvation is for the grace of God that you and I have any faith at all. It's for the grace of God that we have anything in any hope it is grace, grace, grace, grace, grace, and nothing but grace and anything you not try to add to it is nothing but human pride, God hates these alright. I got some questions all right. You mean to tell me that I can go out here and sin against God and do the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, and God will forgive me listen carefully, because I know that I have some friends at that. It would involve grazers like Bob and whitened him to admit this, the answer is yes and how I know that because here's what he says. He says where sin abounded, or increased grace, supra abounded all the more. You cannot else in the grace of God is so that gives me license for sin, nor does you mean to tell me though that if I commit the same old sin and go back and ask him to forgive me over and over and over and over and over again that God is going forgive me, let me say first of all, when Jesus died on the cross.

He paid all your sin debt in full. 2000 years ago.

You've been forgiven long time ago and that forgiveness became a reality in your life the moment you receive Christ as your Savior.

Think about this when you got saved.

The Bible said you not, became children of God. That which releases his newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word which means the simple things the word of God, so God knows her children so you know I got say what happens we stumble and fall arrest. As we sin against God.

We keep learning and and and we keep discovering things about. We never knew before, and we keep learning how to live the Christian life and you know what, even after you've learned as much as you not think we know what we do we still disobey him in time. This God is a holy God hates sin. The only way in this world that you and I are acceptable to God today is grace unmerited undeserved love poured out upon us, not because we deserve it because he's a loving father. How can he do that even he can only do that because his son paid my sin debt in your simple, that isn't cheap grace.

Some artisans that's cheap grace. If you going instant on you wanted and and get by. What I didn't say you get by with them come in the I said you can send and send and sin and disobey God and the forgiveness is still there because you cannot else in the grace of God, you cannot. That's the nature of God and is and that he's weak will become less holy missing when somebody says what's cheap grace. You ask him this how cheap is the life of a son of God.

That's not cheap because the truth is that Jesus was God and and is God incarnate here on earth when he was walking among us that was Almighty God himself. Loving us so much to choose to come into this world in human flesh born like every other little boy, except that he was virgin born without a father in his mother's womb and grew up like a little boy's illness and less and became a teenager. Like other teenagers on the sinless and Monsanto ministry given him by his heavenly father at the age of 30 and died in about 33 years of age on the cross between two thieves and he God as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world that is not cheap grace. That is the most expensive grace listen when God himself died on the cross don't call it cheap grace is the most expensive grace that could ever have been.

The samosas will know what you mean to tell me that if I go ahead and sin in sin instead just come back and tell them uncontested on forgiven. Let me ask this one and the me when he said when sin increased, grace, and programmed him exactly what he said the grace of God takes care of all my sin. Now listen carefully. That is not give us license to sin, it does not promote sin. God hates sin and listened with the grace of God.

Part of the expressions of the wonderful love of God is divine discipline is divine chastisement in God seizes heading in the wrong direction. What is he do a God of loving grace once the stop was before we step out a God of loving grace is a God of discipline and his discipline is pure love. You can else in the grace of God, how I explained I don't have to explain, except to say here's what God said you know why so hard to understand is what so hard to understand how could God love me like that because he's God, that's all. The reason you when grace comes into our life we receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Not only does he deliver us from the penalty of sin.

It is his desire to deliver us from the power of sin in our life. Look in chapter 6 for a moment. Notice what he says now that we are living on the grace and not the law, since not writing, he says, verse 12 of Romans six. Therefore, do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should a business you have to do that in all the wood you have to do that in the role and do not go on presenting the members of your body to sin as instruments of unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those are allowed from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. Verse 18 having having been freed from sins enslaving power. Now you have become slaves of righteousness that is children of God who want to be obedient to God. He breaks not all the penalty of sin like what he cancels out its power. We don't have to live the way we use. Therefore it's the grace of God is the love of God for the greatest expressions of the grace of God is that listen that Almighty holy, righteous, perfect God would condescend in all of his holiness to come and live on the inside of folks like you and me to be indwelt by God, the person of Christ to the Holy Spirit to be indwelt by God that God is homeless with he would live on the inside of these temples about yes you know why because he loves us and the appeal to lost men today is not far right judgment hell and damnation. Jesus appeal was I love you and I want what's best for you and if you follow me. Life will never be the same as that mean there's no place for judgment on the doesn't mean that all and what does this motivate you mean to tell me that no matter how much I sin that God's forgiveness is taken care of.

Yes, there's that free me to sin no license me to sin no motivate me to want to sin not really. And what does it do is what it does when you and I begin to understand the grace of God.

What happens when here's the problem most of us think we are better than we are the most difficult kind of person to get say is a fellow gal who's been rather marlin their life and done some good things and so benevolent.

Got lots of friends where they think we ought to bear, give me this God business no matter what you know I don't need God.

Listen the reason I know that most people feel that way about themselves is because that's whether not in church. They haven't prayed this moment read the Bible this morning.

Nothing about spiritual things this morning in a while I'll tell you I feel simple. They don't think they needed because Satan has so deceived them that they're good enough to walk why I don't need to go to church. I don't need the Bible giving this preacher business on your this gospel hellfire and damnation. I don't need all that stuff in my life. Why, because human pride says I believe that I can be good enough to be acceptable to God. There problem is the concept of God is he's a distorted old grandfather who knows nothing about reality. It took the blood of Jesus to forgive, 1,000,001, or everyone that is nothing but pure pride.

Anybody who thinks they don't need God's living and prodding God hates it and probably ultimately destroy the this might motivate us to do that. What does the grace of God. This is think about this. What does the law of God, loving others in our sinfulness. Loving is on to holiness as he said unto righteousness, and eternal life. What is that motivate his what motivates and motivates Thanksgiving and praise and worship and the desire to be obedient to him and follow him. That's what grace motivates and the person who says will not just an allowable target is, you still got about tried and my friend if that's your attitude more than likely you've never been say if you want to send you giving yourself over to it. More than likely you've never been say, but when you begin to contemplate the loving father has provided for your forgiveness. No matter what he knows you struggle.

He knows you may get entrapped.

He knows you may have all kind of difficult things going in your life you know what he's doing. He's loving you through the forgiving you and that because God's purpose is to conform you into his likeness, no matter what. If you choose to rebel against them to sin against him willfully and you choose that divine discipline comes and it comes strongly and he says there is a sin unto death, that is, there are times and nobody knows who nor where know how nor why there are times, and there can be times when God decides he is going to like somebody else when he knows that he can no longer allow something to go on in their life that mean the grace of God start no means the grace of God is so great, that is looking at the people around with the dude themselves.

You see, you cannot stop the grace of God.

You cannot name a sin that does not fall under the canopy of the grace of God.

Continuing forgiveness. So what is it, motivate all know that you will not think about my own life and I think about how many times God's forgiven me.

It motivates me to want to get on my face before him and say thank you thank you thank you God, I praise you I worship you are doing you I can never thank you enough. I will walk obediently before you and holy in your presence and follow you and not disturb the focus my heart upon you fastened my so you strapped me to you.

Do whatever is necessary to keep me holy. Before you sin against God. Now is what I what you think about we sing these songs and maybe get we just sing about Barack memorabilia and think about the words or here's what I want you to start thinking about listen to this. Don't get ahead of me. Just following marvelous grace of our loving Lord. Look at this grace that exceeds our what our sin and our guilt.

It exceeds how much is exceeded, it's always ahead of yonder on Calvary's mountain outpoured. There were the blood of the lamb was spilled grace grace God's grace grace that will pardon and cleanse within grace that is greater than all our sin.

Verse four. Marvelous, infinite, if it's infinite, it has no ending. Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, nothing like freely bestowed on all who believe. You, the longing to see his face, will you this moment his grace received marvelous grace infinite grace matchless grace superabundance of grace, the forgiveness of God and who gets magnified in all that is one person, Jesus. What is that satyrs and says hallelujah thank God I do not have to live on the guilt I do not have to live under the shadow of the guilt and listen, the whispers of Satan that I am unworthy are to know that God's grace is run out because it hasn't got is no forgive me. He already has unsolicited what is it say we owe him everything. We sing all Jesus I surrender all to him I freely give. I will ever love and trust in his presence daily live.

We sing amazing grace, how sweet the sound was so sweet about that.

It say of what a wretch like me what you think old John the slave trader wrote amazing grace, how sweet the sound that say a pretty nice guy like me.

He didn't say that to say of what wretch in the day and all of our books own self-esteem and all of his success in everything is what we did.

We just popping up man pumping a man making man look better and feel better when you got your good about yourself. You feel good by seven the absolute wrong you will feel good about yourself. Look at the cross look at the cross, then you can feel good about yourself just what you can say washed in the blood center part of the spirit of God the grace of Almighty God upon him. St. and child of God by his grace that you feel good about his anything else is pure pride has to go marvelous father. We love you and we praise you and bless you and honor you and exalt you and lift you up and we know that there are not enough words in the English language are all the languages the world altogether express the joy, the gratitude and thanksgiving in the praise, but grace that is beyond anything we could possibly imagine and thinking we stand in your presence and glory and we get our first real through… With full understanding of your grace. No wonder you said angels will be sing and shout all over global. No wonder you said we going to be trophies of grace that I gonna make them shout. Praise you forever.

We thank you for your forgiveness.

Thank you for making his sons and daughters. Thanking you for allowing us to walk in grace. Stand upon the rock of grace live in of the canopy of grace surrounded by we just want tell you we don't understand it all, but we understand enough father to humble ourselves before you say we know that it's all in Jesus, and none of us, a man, thank you for listening to particular grace and continuing sin if you like to know more about child family for intense ministries and test out OIG's podcast is a presentation of intense ministries mandatory 10

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