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The Cross: A Debt Paid in Full

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 13, 2022 12:00 am

The Cross: A Debt Paid in Full

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 13, 2022 12:00 am

God’s only answer to our sin-debt was and is the cross.

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Welcome to the intact podcast child family for Wednesday, April 13 standard is perfection and the good news is that he has provided a way for you to be acceptable to him. But that is an obligation and probably most people have been that at some point in the light bill that nobody likes it because it's a pressure seemingly increases over a period of time and usually people will try to pay off their debts. But some people have no intention of paying off their debts and so somebody else has to suffer as a result of their being unable or unwilling to pay their debt was one thing to owe something to someone financially and to be able to pay it back, but there is a debt that you and I cannot pay back. There is a debt that all of us have incurred in our life.

It began way back down the very early in our life. And some people tried to pay it off, but they really can't and so I'm not talking about a material debt. But I'm talking about a spiritual debt because you see the truth is that all of us have sinned against God have a debt of sin and people tried to pay that debt off one where the other. The truth is, you cannot because you see, the only way you could pay off the sin debt is by righteous living. And no one can live a righteous life apart from Jesus Christ and when Jesus Christ comes into a person's life.

You don't have to pay it all. God has already taken care of. And so the issue is how do we deal with this sin debt that we have that's what this message is all about the title of it is the cross a debt paid in full. When you turn if you will, to the book of Colossians like for us to read just a couple of verses in this second chapter of Colossians Paul is talking about what God has done for us and this is a wonderful book because it magnifies the Lord Jesus Christ. From beginning to end. In the second chapter is what he says beginning in verse 13 and when you are dead in your transgressions and the on circumcision of your flesh, he made you alive together with him having forgiven us all our transgressions at some of the low-level having cancel out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us and which was hostile to laws and he has taken it out of the way. Had they nailed it to the cross. Now when he says he nailed it to the cross.

What he was referring to is this that is exactly what God has done in your life in my life for all of us who receive Jesus Christ as their personal savior. What is he done is absolutely wiped out out debt separate this from it freed us from it, destroyed it is no longer there were absolutely free.

And what did he do, he nailed it to the cross in the person of Jesus Christ never let picture in mind I wanted to see what the apostle Paul is saying here because I do not believe there is a subject anywhere to be found in all the Bible, not a single subject anywhere as important as what we going to talk about because if you don't understand this, you never understand what God was up to in the very beginning.

You don't understand this should never understand why and how God has done what is not. You will understand why people still tried to do their best to be saved and to be forgiven of their sin, to no avail, and someone listen carefully, remembering that God offers forgiveness to every single one who is willing and ready to receive it and what I want you notice here is simply this debt is that the cross is God's answer to our sin debt.

All of us have incurred that that the moment we sinned against God. Therefore, a penalty, it was resting upon those because we couldn't pay it back.

And so would Pola simply saying is this the cross is God's way of dealing with the sin that not a single person, not a single one of us could possibly deal with because we are incapable of doing.

Now the question comes, what was God's ultimate motive rescinding the Lord Jesus Christ in the first place. We had two motives in mind, if I should ask you what you think the first motive are not necessarily miss a lot about what's one of those motives that Jesus had. That is what motivated Jesus to come and the father to send him in the world down the cross. What would be the first thing would come to your mind. What was the motive about what was it love. All right, one of his motive certainly was not because the Scripture says in John 316 God so loved the world this and he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. So we understand that mode is very clear. But there's a second motive missing. Equally as important. Equally as important, God is not simply a God of love, though he is a God of unconditional love, but is also a God of justice as well as a God of love, you can have the one true God without having a God of justice and of love because when you think about who God is and what he says in his word, then what we have to ask is who is this God. He is a God of love and he is also a God of justice, God was required by his very nature to find a way to justify declared not guilty. Wipe out your sin debt and my sin debt. Declarant is no longer guilty make us clean and righteous in his eyes and the same time be the righteous God that he is so how would he do it when dispatch of Scripture.

He certainly gives us a hint to how he's going to do it. God shows. The only thing he could do and what is that he chose himself this in the Lord Jesus Christ, his only begotten son into this world, sinless, perfect and righteous and holy. For the primary purpose of taking the debt of your sin in my sin upon himself paying that sin debt in full. Therefore, in that way and only that way could God who is holy and righteous declared guilty sinners no longer guilty and the same time remain righteous.

I want your maternity will to Romans chapter 3 Romans chapter 3 is an extremely important passive Scripture but here Paul explains this very truth. Listen to what he says. Chapter 3 and verse 23 Paul says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We have all have a debt problem with sin. But in verse 24 being justified, which means declared no longer guilty and therefore forgiven, being justified as a one as a gift by his grace and goodness and love and mercy. In spite of what we deserve through the redemption through the purchase. The Jesus Christ did at Calvary, which is in Christ Jesus like that. He says we have been justified, declared no longer guilty as a gift, therefore, is not something we can do is not enough works not enough giving, not enough praying. He says we been justified as a gift. This is something God gives us. He says by his grace that is motivated by his love through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross that is redemption missing. Hope what's this whom God displayed publicly on the cross, stretch them out as a propitiation, or as a sacrifice in his blood through faith.

This was for what purpose to demonstrate the righteousness of God because in the long-suffering, the forbearance of God he passed over the sins previously committed what is a meme of that for the demonstration us have his righteousness at this present time that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus is what he say how can a person is guilty be declared not guilty. He says this is the way it is through the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ his crucifixion. He says in that way, God demonstrates his righteousness that does not mean that God overlooks all of our sins. Listen before we were saved and from that moment on, it's a different story. God cannot ignore sin when he says he he passed over the what does that mean is what it means. For example in the Old Testament when a person sin, they were required to bring a lamb and the throat was cut in the blood was shed well. Did that mean that the shedding of that blood of that animal brought them forgiveness of sin. Noah did not. That was a foreshadowing that was the picture that God listen he etched in the mind of those Hebrew because that blood didn't do anything for the person where they forgiven of their sin, yes, but on the basis of what is what happened. I watch this so you will not misunderstand what I'm saying.

God forgave everyone of those Old Testament saints who came to him. He forgave them their of their sins on credit or how can God forgive on credit because in those thousands of years before God was forgiving them on the basis of not what they did but on the basis of what the son of God would do in the future so because God sees all time just like this that for God. God is it limited back. Here are over here but God sees beginning to end. Therefore, when he sold Old Testament saints sitting against him.

What was he doing.

He knew that.

Here's the cross and the cross was there always in the mind of God.

So what God did in forgiving their sin as they obeyed him and the sacrifice of an animal that forgiveness was not based on that act that forgiveness was based on what Jesus Christ would do in the future. That's very important because when we come, the crucifixion of Jesus. In a few moments. You understand why that's a very important.

Therefore, he said God passed over what in the mud that he didn't ignore their sins. He didn't just wipe them out. Just say well you know that's passed but rather all the punishment and all the sinfulness he held in abeyance until Jesus Christ came, so that's what he say that he says to demonstrate his righteousness in the forbearance of God he passed over the sins of previously committed for the demonstration us have his righteousness at this present time and all that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Christ.

VistaCare the only way the only possible way nobody can answer this question in the way how good God is absolute perfect and holy and righteous justify declared not guilty.

Wipe away sin of one who is simple, wicked and vile in the long God says the soul would say that your death how can do that and still remain a righteous God. The apostle Paul says there is only one way and that is that the crucifixion, the atoning death.

That means the payment death of Jesus Christ. He paid for your sin and my sin at the cross at Calvary and one eventful act. Your sin debt my sin that was wiped away for all of those who willing to accept that his payment and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Now when eternity will the first Peter for a moment and look at this passage in first Peter. Notice what he says in light of that first picture that Paul gave us of the certificate of death in first Peter chapter 2 and if you look in verse 24 for a moment. Listen what he said, speaking of Jesus, he said, and he himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, that we might die to sin. That is no longer limited under its power and live to righteousness, but by his wounds we are healed.

God the father placed them all on him. Now go back if you will. The second Corinthians chapter 5 for a moment and I want you to notice of what he says here chapter 5 in order for God to accomplish his purpose. Jesus had to bear our sins and so here's what he says in the verse chapter 5 verse 21. That is God the father. Now made him that is Jesus who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf that we might become the righteousness of God in him when he says he made him to be sin.

That doesn't mean he made in the center. It doesn't mean that Jesus became a center. It doesn't mean that Jesus committed a sin. It means that when God viewed him. He viewed him as bearing all of our sin not becoming a center he made him who knew no sin to be sin. Therefore, you and I have become righteous in the eyes of God because Jesus Christ who was righteous and who is righteous, died on the cross for your sins and mine, when we trusted him as their personal savior. Not all that he justifies in the car is no longer guilty. He made us righteous. He closed does he caucusing his righteousness.

Therefore, it is right, natural and normal for a child of God, to live a holy life and obedient life, a righteous life because he has provided that follows in the person of Jesus Christ, who lives on the inside of the believer in the presence of the Holy Spirit. That's what the cross is all about. That's why Jesus Christ had become. He came to be sin for us, in order that you and listen who could not pay our sin debt because Resendez could not pay a debt would be eternally lost.

He who had no sin debt took upon himself our sin that paid the penalty in his own life. Therefore, setting free every single person is willing to believe in him and making it possible for is to spend eternity with God and not to be eternally separated from now when you say will know one of these days Have guess what I'm going to say no you're not you, not going to say anything because my friend listen to me carefully with all of my heart you will stand as the apostle Paul said when he said wherefore old man, thou art in excusable. Having heard the gospel of Jesus Christ that will be no excuse. Having known that the son of God died for your sins and suffered in your behalf that will be no excuse. Remember who you will stand before, in the judgment. The same Christ, who laid down his life at the cross who suffered physically, emotionally, in every fashion, bearing the sin of mankind abandoned by even God the father for those hours and suffering the wrath of God, you will stand before him and offering excuse. No you will not and if you die without him there will be no hope. On the other side of the grave. That's why we kept the week. I plead with you, plead with you to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins, you civil how to plow this to my life is what you do, you acknowledge your sinful and you acknowledge the fact you don't have any other way. The cross of Christ is the only way and therefore you say to the father.

Father, I know that I've sinned against you in the worst thing I've done as I listen to this message is relies. I've ignored the son of God have rejected the son of God. I do believe what the Bible says that you send to the cross and he paid my sin debt in full. I'm asking you those inserted my heart to forgive me of my sin. I do here and now accept believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. I do believe he's your eternal son and I'm asking you to forgive me of my sin based on not on anything within me that's found good but based on the fact that he died for me and you said, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. You will be saved.

Forgive, and redeem reconciled back to God made one with him. And so, Lord Jesus. Heavenly father, Jesus, you died for me. Heavenly father. I'm thanking you, praising you for the forgiveness of my sin that you don't have to sell those words you not DeSanto acid there certain things are important. You acknowledge your sinfulness and then when he went to the cross. He paid your sin debt in full.

Listen carefully pages send that info. Ask him to forgive you accept his forgiveness. Surrender your life to him as your Savior and listen carefully. Is there any other way for God to be a just God and pay our sin debt in full accept of the cross, the answer is no. That's why the cross stands at the center of the word of God at the center of the universe. The center of all time, past, present, future herein lies man's only hope in the person of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for listening to the cross and paid in full. If you like to know more about child family more intense ministries that my intense data writing.

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