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How Do We Find Favor with God? - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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April 12, 2022 12:00 am

How Do We Find Favor with God? - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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April 12, 2022 12:00 am

God wants to reveal His ways if we're willing to lean on His promises and look to Him for all things.

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Welcome to the end hatchback taciturn outstanding 15th date April 12 and promises to bless those who are surrendered to him. It's not up to us to evaluate how he measures at this blessing. Here's more on finding favor with God.

Vera felt like you had found favor in God's eyes that somehow you had his unusual support is encouragement is strength. Maybe something that God had given to you something that your heart desires that you really and truly felt like will.

God has really truly favored me or what we will talk about of this message is how to fund God's favor is very evident to be that one of the ways that you and I can have God's favor is to walk with him. What is that mean toward data trusting him, obeying him, seeking him, loving him worshiping him serving have you walk with God is what's going to happen. You walk with God. You certainly don't obey you walk with God you will love you walk with God you trust. You walk with God you worship you walk with God you will serve one of the ways that you and I can find favor with God and I watched one of the ways that you and I can find favor with God is a right relationship with him walking with God. A second way that you and I can find favor with God. We feed upon the word of God we get God's truth into our heart because what that does that enables us to think the way God thinks and we know how to respond to circumstances and situations because we see how God operates.

The only way to learn the ways of God is the feast upon the word of God put those principles and practice and then watch what God does in your life. But there's one other that I think often times we forget.

So in turn, if you will, the Colossians chapter 3, a very important verse here. Colossians chapter 3, I do believe this is absolutely critical. If I want God to favor me now as we said judgment of favors. In some situations and circumstances we don't even realize he's very or he favors us when it is is pure grace. The truth is we don't deserve any of it. I want you to watch these verses him out because, listen one of the reasons God will favor. This is based on the quality of the work we do look at this chapter 3 verse 23 whatever you do, do your work heartily. That means with enthusiasm. That means with confidence, that means to the best of your ability.

As for the Lord rather than for men. Knowing that from the Lord, you receive the reward of the inheritance is the Lord Christ whom you serve that if I want God to favor me and my labor is in my work in your vocation. If I want God to favor me.

What does God expect of me. He expects me to do my best to give it all that I've got heartily. He expects me to do my labor with the work on the truck or in the building.

This means what you do. He expects me to work for him. It doesn't make a difference to my authority as it is negatives who my boss is I'm working for God. This is what he says. He says it is the Lord Christ whom you serve this memo. This will may be your boss at your work, but it is Christ whom you and I serving this and what he says.

Whatever you do, do it heartily, as for the Lord. How can I ask expect God to favor me a favor me financially on favorably in my work favorably to get ahead for me to get promoted it because I have the job of sweeping floors.

I don't have to do a very good job of that may be your job.

You say what you know after God sending sweeping floors mass request is interested in holiness. Yes, what's holiness clean heart is he interested in orderliness. Yes, he is God is interested in things being done audibly.

He's interested in things being done on time.

He's interested in cleanliness. He's interested in is doing a good job because remember lit this, you and I are servants of the living God. We represent him. Listen we are on loan to that business, whether sweeping floors are sit behind the desk on running the whole business. We're on loan from God as one of his servants to serve in that position, and the father is the one to whom you not have to give an account look at this. Whatever you do, do your work heartily as for the Lord rather than for men. Knowing that from the Lord your receiving herds.

It's the Lord Christ whom you serve.

You want God to favor union business. You best. You want God to favor you and your family when you said your children well out in God you not just to shut it on the rug off. I got by the best they could not like I'm a ghost written for these people know you said you children don't do your best. You get by on the things wrong with the economy in this country is as so many people today who are so lazy and who willingly get by doing as little as they can and do sloppy work and not complete what they began they start and they don't finish they don't seem to care.

They think doesn't make any difference because long as they get paid. That's all meds what they have forgotten is this. They forgot who the boss is they forgotten who ultimately pays that eternal salary because he says look at this, knowing that from the Lord, you receive the reward of your inheritance. You work eight hours a day five days a week and that we would call this an inheritance, but you get you get paid a salary. Listen to this. You and I work a lifetime. Whatever God calls us to do and there's a payoff you do. Sorry for sloppy and lazy job and then you expect God to favor you and to bless you and to be good to you.

And in spite of the fact what you do is good to you what I want you to say is this, if you want God's favor, the best that God has to offer that you do your best and return. Now I want you notice something here because I want to say something at this point that I want you to think about before you respond to those every good and perfect gift comes from God. Never.

The Bible says amen James every good and perfect gift comes from God. Well every single talent and gift. You and I have no matter who we are a comes from God.

That is, everything comes from God, not think about this.

There are people out there that you and I know not Christians who are extremely brilliant where their brilliance come from where they came from the parents know came from God and so there people who invent their people who discover that people who create things that help the whole human race and all of us have been blessed by people who have created and those people whom God has gifted and favored with a creative mind who can invent a who who have discovered we've all profited from that. I'm very grateful the people who've invented lot of things that have become a part of my life. Now whether the company came from God. That is what I want to remember. He sold his goodness, is for the purpose of leading us to repentance is what I want you to see somebody says will I wait a minute you giving these people. I'm not giving anybody credit. I'm saying that God has chosen to favor people. Ultimately, his reason is that the Bible says very specific in Romans chapter 2 to lead them to repentance.

It may not only be creative abilities but it may be extremely listen vast wealth. Somebody says rollout you saying that God didn't.

What is about to say, peace is the gold and silver is mine says the Lord God is the one who makes one wealthy so it all has to come from God.

You can risk God has a right to choose to favor anybody he wants to he doesn't have to ask you that you know what we have to understand that God is not even under any obligation whatsoever that I understand why he chooses to do what he does in people's lives and so you and I can think about some people are nouns that in other places we know it will maybe be very wealthy are hoping. Very creative and lots of ways and God has favored them with the gifts that they have listen if you don't give God credit for that and who gets the credit.

You can give it to the devil because the Bible says every good and perfect gift comes from God. So what what you see is that God has the right to favor anyone he chooses to play any reason he wants to accomplish his purpose. No matter who they are now when you think about that. Let's think about this a person, that person has nothing to do with God's favor because he just decided he made a decision. A sovereign will decision to favor that person for an overall or for a general good of Minute Maid immediately, but if they die without Christ, the lost and no matter all the good that came from, what they did.

You know what they have absolutely no benefit whatsoever because apart from Jesus Christ. There is no salvation, no matter how many good works. You don't how much money you have and what you've given what you may have been able to create. It is all from God and there is a day of accountability by which we shall all give an account to him so therefore those who have been extremely favored by God in certain ways.

In the Bible says to whom much is given, what much is required and so people who have been so favored by God to ignore him, who maybe fight against him who totally shut him out of their life. Those people lose it all and that this is for eternity they lose, and I want to save you if you happen to be one of those persons that God has favored you look around you and all that you have in all that you possess and all that God is taught, you know that you know that you have taken on yourself thinking that it was your hard work in your creative ability. This what you did it.

This is me myself and I I want to remind you that every single good thing that you possess every good thing that's come your way with each the brain that you work with was the material possessions you have every single one of the Bible says that God is the source of it all he could take it all in a split second.

If he chooses, and the most important thing is that you recognize there is a day of accountability you will give an account before God. You may not believe in him, you may hate the idea you may ignore him, but all the ignoring and all the unbelief in the world does not eliminate the day of judgment.

So therefore if you are a wise person. You will acknowledge that God is the giver of all that you have and you will lay before him as a gift and you will offer your self to him and for the forgiveness of your sins and you will trust him as your personal savior, lest you die without Christ.

And lest you die, listen, with all that God is given you and for all eternity be eternally separated from God. What a horrible, horrible mistake that would be and what a horrible loss that would be for you. That's the only alternative.

You have you give it to God and let him favor you in this life in ways that are spiritual and have eternal consequences are. You take his favor in this life ignore God and spend eternity regretting it is just that simple medicine for specific reasons that people don't feel God's favor someone to give you a list of them and I want you to write them down because you say what you know I sometimes I feel God's favor and sometime I gelatin I don't know why I don't feel God's favor someone to give you a list of things you just check yourself up all right number one why don't we feel God's favor. First, what is this, things don't go the way we want them to go they don't go the way we expect Lisa will not God. If you really love me if you cared if you really good you do think the lesson so so one of the reasons we doubt his favor. I don't feel his favorite things don't go the way we expect them to go. Second, what is this guy doesn't answer our prayer and we think will God. If you really cared and so we don't feel the favor of God. That is his approval. We don't feel his support. We don't sense any gift from him. We don't feel encouraged me does answer prayer. 1/3 reason is because he delays his answers to our prayer sometime. He's going to. We know it's the will of God.

We know the what we've asked was the will of God, no question and he delays me several God, if you really can't want you to and all he's doing is delaying it for a more perfect time for you and me and so oftentimes we think he's not favoring us another thing becomes them on. Is this and that is we don't understand the suffering and the pain and the disappointment the heartache we experience. We all have that at times we get disappointed as Hardy is paying the suffering we don't understand we understand what God is up to in our life.

And so when these things hitters will understand me. Thank God. If you really work out-of-favor. Good God didn't want you allow this.

What he allow me to hurt like this what you allow such pain in my life, what you love. Such suffering.

Why you love these things to go only to what he led us to hit me. God if you really were favoring me. Why would you have these things happen sometimes that happens we don't feel like we have God's favor. One of the reasons that we feel like he doesn't pay roses because we make this big mistake and watch this.

We look at our life and compare ourselves with other people and say will got if you were favoring me you give me some of that you give me that you help me do that ideal that would achieve this idea that have this position. I have the Serra little beyond I draw this out where that and so what happens is we get to comparing ourselves all the people we overlook. Oftentimes many different ways that God is favoring us all the time comparing ourselves with people is a big mistake.

Another issue here is this. We failed to achieve God's goals and purposes in our life and we goals it. We've set prayer life. Things we believe that's what God wants us to do and we missed that goal. We don't achieve that everything will got if you favored me use one of allow me to do that and so these are some of the reasons that we don't feel like God favors is that there is one more reason we have this feeling the want to know what is same and you know why we don't feel like God's favor is because he's not.

That's the reason is a reason we don't feel he's not favoring and when he's not favoring as you don't think, for example, the watch this when you choose to walk in sin continually, and not a sin here that continually when you choose to walk in sin and disobedience to God.

Listen God. Oftentimes, most of the time. I think most all the time he's going to withdraw his favor. Now we always going to have some bit of his favor. But he's going to withdraw some of his most precious expressions of favor to us. One thing for certain, God is not going to favors with his best to be living in sin. There is a second day. And that's in gratitude.

He says this is the will of God was the will of God that we give thanks in all things. So if I want God to favor me. We've talked about those ways. If he is not favoring us, and there must be some reason I wants this. If you don't feel that God is favoring you in some fashion don't look up to him. Look on the inside because the reason is here. He says he has stored up favors stored up goodness for those who trust him. For those who obey him.

For those who love him. If you are not experiencing God's favor in your life that is you don't feel his approval in your life you don't since his support you. So if you like your eye here on your own alone so fight the battles in life and in God where are you if some of that's going on in your life look on the inside and ask yourself the question, God, what's the reason is this something in my life. It ought not to be there am I just an ungrateful person that I've complained about this and I believe it was the last time I began to count the ways you favor me is what you discover you discover that God favors you in so many ways that you use keep overlooking, but more than likely if you sense that God is not favoring you. You cannot find that on the inside. If you ask yourself these questions are given you about about eight or nine of them there. Those statements if you look at yourself and look at those more than likely you can find out why you don't. Since God's favor, now that wants to scare sometimes a person has a false sense of guilt. They feel guilty about something that God is already forgiven him for and so they just since will. How can God favor me when this is happened in my life. Listen carefully. Sometimes God favors us, and because of our attitude because of essence of false guilt because the reticence of poor self-esteem and that's what guilt creates an outline. We don't even recognize his attempts in the expressions of his favor. Listen to me carefully. He's a good God.

He's a loving heavenly father. He has provided the best for you. He has planned his very best for you is his delight to favor you every possible way that he can if we want to experience it. Get the right relationship with him walk in his ways. Feast upon his word. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Let your heart be bent toward him and do your best at whatever God called you to do, you will experience God's very finest favor father, your loving, wonderful God so patient with us and we pray that the Holy Spirit right now will take the simple truth drive it home to our hearts that each of us examine these aspects of our life looking at your favor upon his and then asking how much more of your favor. Could I experience father.

If these issues in these areas of my life were right. I pray the Holy Spirit father will sink this truth in the hearts let it take root and let it bear the fruit of godly living of a righteous line of a good line of a profitable line of a fruitful life of a joint alignment of a peaceful mind of a contented line of the Hackett line, but we ask it in Jesus name, amen. Thank you for listening to part 211.

How do we find favor with God. We would also like to invite you to join us in celebrating 45 years of God's faithfulness that my intense daddy like the last 45 years to learn more about the presentation of Ms. Jean Atlanta, Georgia

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