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The Key to Victory

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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March 19, 2022 12:00 am

The Key to Victory

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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March 19, 2022 12:00 am

Get a fuller picture on how to overcome when temptation comes knocking.

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Welcome to this we can touch podcast with Charles Stanley. Even when temptation is at its peak.

Christians are never forced to give in this series on the life that wins continues the key to victory from Romans chapter 6. All laws are writing your own spiritual biography.

Some of us have two volumes and some of us have one has nothing to do with age, but rather has the GUI relationship to Jesus Christ. If you've never been saved, you have one biography one volume has your name on the front of it and it says under your name BC, that is before conversion that you may die in your sins.

That's the only volume you'll ever have. But if you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. You have to volume 1, volume has your name on it under your name. It has received before conversion. The other volume has your name on under that name. There are two letters that say AC after conversion BC before conversion AC after conversion. And those two volumes are to be absolutely and totally different because BC was from the old man was in charge AC is when Christ is in charge of your life is AC that I will talk about, primarily because we're talking about believers who have received Jesus Christ as their Savior there already in volume number two but instead of having victory in volume number two there acting like sometimes they are in volume 1. So here they are saving sick. How is it that is AC after conversion.

Christ in my life. And here I am acting BC acting like Jesus Christ isn't even in my life.

Why is it that I continue to fail even though I know that I'm Savior the grace of God not ask a question what is the temptation that most of each you. What is the one thing in your life you bring a lot if I could just get this thing in my life straightened out. I believe I can handle the rest know you could but it just may seem to be that way usually does wonders for some people's lives through three things that bother them continuously and continually defeat them, just when you think you got it licked bang down you go again where there is the key is not a mystery but it is a key and we've been talking about the light that wins the library Jesus Christ is living his life and ours and through ours not living our life with Christ in us living his life through us and expressing himself through so that our life will be the fulfillment of the purpose that God had in mind in the very beginning and the fruit of the Spirit is love and joy and peace and goodness gentleness and faithfulness and meekness and long-suffering and self-control. All of these fruits will be the natural normal life irrelevance.

But the problem is that it's not true in far too many people's lives.

And so the question is what is the key to that victory. That's what I want to share with you today and it's to be found in verse 11 when he says likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed and the sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord, through Jesus Christ our Lord, or in Jesus Christ our Lord, that you recall when we talked about the crucified life. At the very end of the message we mentioned three words we said the something we ought to know something we ought to reckon that something we ought to yield so we talked about those three words being the key three embers whole life that wins we sort of know what it means to know something as he describes in verse six and what it means to yield but I want to underline the whole concept of reckoning already CK ONING reckoning what we mean by reckoning, something first of all let me remind you refresh your memory of what the word means it is an accounting term that is you put in the ledger what has already happened. That is you put in the ledger facts the history something is our happiness or you right in the ledger when he says we are to reckon something we are to put in the ledger, something that is already taken place. So it means to consider something done, it means look at it as a finished work. It means look at it is something completed someone he says we are to reckon something we are to see the thing are declared as hourly finished and let me show you a difference here that I want you to understand very careful when we say that that we are to reckon something it is an expression of faith on the watchlist. Say the word in the Greek discuss which is the Greek word for faith. I can have faith in something in the past might have something in the present faith in something in the future because faith can be past present future.

I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross patent something that happened the past. I believe that Jesus Christ will speak to your heart right now and right now I believe that tomorrow so-and-so is going to happen. Faith in the future. But now the word reckon. In essence, is faith that is always relegated to the past. Never in the present.

Never in the future, not reckoning, not going to recommend something that has already been done. It has Artie been applied to the books already accounted for is already history.

He says it is history that if you save your old man was crucified, is history that you will bear. It is history that you resurrected it is history that you are thinking that heaven is and that is also in the present tense and also will be in the future. So when he says reckoning something something is not listen or watch the something is not going to happen because I reckon it.

I reckon something because it already has happened.

Reckoning is always past tense faith in the past, present, future. Though reckoning itself is an active my faith, but always relegated to something that is happened the past so he says likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed to sin declare that something happened in the past, something is happened the past is Bill self died when Jesus Christ died.

Therefore, we have been freed and liberated from the power and the enslavement of sin in our life that is the meaning of reckoning. Now what is this that we are to reckon look, if you will, in verse 11. Likewise, he says, having talked about what Jesus did reckon ye also yourselves you can reckon somebody else. We are talking about a fact that is applicable to your life likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed the sins rain and enslavement and rule in your life and incite sin's presence because it is there. I didn't say since power because sin does have a parallel light if we yield to, but sin has no power to enslave us unless we yield unless we give to Satan we give him an act of our will.

We give ourselves to him because all that's been canceled.

Sins power to enslave the believer has been canceled. It cannot happen unless I choose deliberately and willfully to disobey God and you see there are many people who save who are in volume 2 AC after conversion acting like volume 11 BC before conversion and they can't figure out how to save the veneer that acting like that we call them carnal Christians are living in the flesh will what is he saying that with the reckon he says we are. Listen we are to declare we are to accept as a fact what that our old man died when he doubted because we are in the heaven is now and it sends power to enslave us cannot happen. That is, it is a finished product. And God is taken care of that so that's what will direct now. If that's true, and it is true that means that you are not never again have to be enslaved by sin vessel with a reckon what we're really doing is we are declaring our victory. We are shouting the victory that Satan is been the feet of the cross. Jesus Christ defeated him at my sins in saving me and he is defeating them constantly as Jesus Christ is saving me from old self in my daily life. Now that being true, we have to ask this question. What is the key to making Romans six and what is the key to making this life the way God wants it to be what you want something here. If you notice in verse six he says, knowing this. In verse 11, he says reckon ye.

And in verse 13 yield you know what, I cannot reckon myself to do something that I'm holding onto their life. If I'm a reckon myself dead to sin. If I'm going to believe what God said and I'm going to act on that I cannot be holding some habit of some desirous, some sin holding onto something and sing a reckon myself indeed to be dead if I went into it sure would be holding onto it so one of the reasons many people defeated is because they think I reckon myself indeed to be dead to sin but I got deadly grip on that thing and not about to let it go. There is no way for that to happen. You see, I must be willing to yield if I'm going to reckon of myself on the victory so you cannot separate yielding and knowing from reckoning, he says. Knowing this, I'm talking about the past. I reckon what something is happened the past, I must yield what is in the present. In order may experience the victory you cannot separate those three. If a person just goes around reckoning and reckoning in reckoning and reckoning what you're doing is using matter above mind over matter I say it enough it will happen even save you blue in the face and fallen absolute another defeat because that's not God's way that will assure your five simple steps.

Notice we don't have to make a choice and so what is the choice of right these five words I want to get down because this is the process if we go through death, we may take a 10 minutes to go through it but you gotta go through your mind rather quickly. If you going to be victorious. Art step one first of all is to recall the recall. Something, and he was put down. Recall the facts when temptation comes your way.

Whatever it might be personal. You will recall the facts are one of the facts. The facts are that when Jesus Christů Jesus Christ has freed us and liberated us from the enslaving power of sin. The facts are.

I do not have to yield the letters negatives.

What is I do not have to heal because God says what he did in the past freed me and liberated me from the enslaving power of Satan, so that I do not have to yield that's back one back to is timeless recall is that to commit sin and live in disobedience to God is fallen to the very nature that indwells me the nature that indwells me is the nature of God.

He says you have the mind of Christ I you and you and me, so that it is fond of the nature that we have which is Christ Jesus living within us is foreign to the nature, it doesn't make any difference how emotional it may be, you still have the power, which is in your will to choose to obey God or disobey because sends enslaving power has been canceled in the past once and for all and I'm to recall that the second word second world Melissa notices this and that is review. First of all on the recall, something will not recall him to recall the facts. The second thing on the due I am to review my present position. What is my present position. My present position is in Christ Jesus and stated where in the heaven was right and what's this anytime Satan it's your brother he's going to check on the bar, because spiritual needs as you and I are seated in Christ Jesus in the heaven is that's our protection since power has been canceled can't be enslaved in the heaven is what I need to do is to recall what the facts recall the facts that he cannot enslaving along without my giving them permission to do so and second, the very fact of sin in my life as part of our nature and review my position.

What is my position in Christ Jesus Christ Jesus is in the and I'm still in the heaven.

There is 1/3 word and that is the word release because here's where we get into a problem as we said before, you cannot separate reckoning from release.

If I'm saying the Lord, you know this thing in my life that has a grip on me and I want to get rid of it. Usually, oftentimes the reasons got a grip on losses because at one time we had a grip on it and you see if we can understand that you can play with sin usually we are little better.

That's not going to hurt but is like a rattlesnake and before you know it, then you call Izzy. God holds us and we fall involving he still has sin reaches out intentions, we, yielding before we know it we are in the grip of sin, but it's because first of all we reached out because of the believer is we don't have to reach out to sin has no power to enslave us is totally absent. Our nature, Christ is living within us. We must choose to disobey God. So what do I mean the release arm insipidus. If I am going to have Victor in my Christian life. When the temptation comes first of all, recall the facts old sin nature is there no longer enslave review my position in Christ Jesus Bill, I must be willing to release my desire, but that thing whatever might be. I must be willing to release my desire to give it up to yield to God, whatever the cost may be. I cannot have victory, holding onto something that God does not want me to I get to be willing to yield to him. That's why I was recall the facts review my position and release my grip on any desire anything in my life that is causing me to falter off all in our relationship with the Lord, then the fourth word is the record to reckon says that based on the fact of the word of God. I am very based on the fact of word of the word of God. I do not have to yield when you reckon yourself dead in the other cities. He says you are declaring victory and in the last word is received because what really happened. Temptation comes along and you think so what you do you recall the past facts or the past facts that you got the same that there were man's been destroyed and that sin is foreign to you. You review position during price.

She's looking down all the spiritual you release the things that you have written your life and you desires all then you reckon yourself to be dead indeed, the sin which is an act of faith and then what you do you receive the just accept the victory, but listen carefully what we want feelings, then we won't facts, but I must be first of all, there must be the fact then monthly. Then comes the feeling involving feeling before faith in the whole factor never happened that way. So those five words reversible, but you try to then use all marketers are fairly given notice, you can just hear this one time rather than filing your Bible and say well I got the answer.

You got to meditate on.

You got that she wanted you got to try.

You got to apply. You gotta think about it and think about and apply to your heart and you don't fail here and there once in a while, but if you just apply those steps in your life. On the basis listen, you can't just listen to a sermon, you gotta get the word read Romans six again and again and again. Read Romans six and 78 if you just saturate your mind and heart with those three chapters than what I've been saying all of these weeks will become a part of your thinking because you see UK practices because I said you got the practice because you choose to, and because it is the true not because I said because God said you see, the more convinced you are by reading the Scripture that that is what God says that it will work more Victor you go.

The key is we will only choose disobedience because we want to not because we have to. The key to living the life that wins is a reckoning process going through those five steps and what you're doing is you are you are declaring as a reality in your life. What God says is in actuality reality that you, God, Barrett risen walk in newness of life. Seated at the father's right hand in the heavenly as it is ours for the claimant. So ask you what is that thing you thought about a few moments ago came to your mind that if there's one thing you could take care of that would be it that I want to challenge you to get on your face before God somewhere and go through those five steps and claim God's victory over whatever that is in your life, not because you got a struggle to do better, but because you going to trust him to keep his word. Let's pray together, a father, we thank you that you not left us to ourselves. We thank and praise you the knowledge of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins, but he's risen in order to save us from destroying ourselves. Even after we are saved, living within us, through the power of the Holy Spirit dreaded the power that is in this world we praise you today, Lord Jesus, for being everything we need you to be absolutely and totally adequate to meet every single need of our life always super abundantly more than adequate. So I want to pray for somebody who's lost the baby willing to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and father I pray that every single believer who has heard this message would take it seriously because it is a life and death matter is a success or failure matter and I pray that the spirit of God would give them the courage and the persistence to keep on trusting and believing until it becomes a vital Mark Twain of their life to recall the review to release the reckon and to receive what is rightfully theirs already been provided for in Jesus Christ and this I pray father and his wonderful name. Amen. Thank you for listening to the key to victory.

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