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The Benefits of Wisdom - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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March 16, 2022 12:00 am

The Benefits of Wisdom - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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March 16, 2022 12:00 am

Do you know the blessings of walking in wisdom?

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The intact podcast the Charles Stanley Wednesday, March 16 desire to be your guiding standard in making choices learn to avoid this formula for disaster. In part one and the benefits of wisdom.

When people go to apply for a job well the first thing you say arrows is one of the benefits that is one of my going to get for the labor that give and what about my future and what about my future. You security and so forth and so they're interested that there's nothing wrong with an open times people are extremely extremely interested in their financial security in their temple security material security but then when those people begin to think about other aspects of their life.

For example, Ascom will what about your eternal security.

Are you interested in that you see the two questions are personal actually comes to this whole issue of the gospel and being confronted with Christ in somebody inviting you to receive Jesus as your personal savior. The first one is this you have the right to ask this question. One of the benefits that come to be. If I received Jesus Christ as my Savior as questionable. One.

And that's a good question. It's a little legitimate question. If somebody says what you want to receive Christ as your Savior. Well, then, that if I do that one of the benefits, but this a second question is just as important, and that is one of the consequences if I don't receive Jesus Christ as my Savior ever thought about that one. One of the benefits is will tell you that your sins will be forgiven.

You name written in the Lamb's book of life that you go to heaven when you die that you can have an earthly resurrection. God will answer your prayers and just so many wonderful benefits but you need to ask the second question that is. But if I don't what are the consequences and the consequences my friend if you're wise that all will motivate you to consider very seriously the idea of attempting to live your life without Jesus Christ without lots of benefits of being a believer once you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal savings you learn to walk in wisdom, learn to walk wisely. There are many wonderful benefits to being a child of God when you turn if you will to this third chapter of the Proverbs, and I think almost all of the Scriptures, except one will be in the book of Proverbs.

If you notice, beginning in verse 13 of the third chapter he says how blessed is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding Forex profit is better than the profit of silver and its gain than fine gold. She's more precious than jewels. Nothing you desire compares with her and personifying wisdom is a was a lady here long life is in her right hand in her left hand, the riches and honor her ways and pleasant ways and all her paths of peace.

She's the tree of life to those who take hold of her and happy are all who hold her fax godly wisdom is the capacity to see things as God sees them and respond according to his principal sum of the person's as well.

What is it mean to walk wisely. A person is walking wisely when they are living out their life. Daily in their thinking in their perspective of things there seeing God and looking at things the way God sees them because they are interpreting their life on the basis of the principles of Scripture and therefore if I interpret those things around on the basis of Scripture. And I'm going to be seeing things as God sees them and I'm going to be walking wisely. So now one of the benefits, and so the number of benefits and let's begin with number one, and that simply this first benefit of walking wisely is that we gain in our knowledge of God we gain in our knowledge of God and think about this.

Our understanding of what life is all about is best viewed as a result of a knowledge of God, the more you not know about God. That is, we know genuine truth about God, the better we going to be able to interpret life because one of our greatest treasures is not the greatest treasure we have is the treasurer of knowing God.

That is not only knowing about him, but having a personal relationship with him which came as a result of receiving Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Because the moment you did that. He opened your eyes, he enabled you with the power of the Holy Spirit which came to into acute the begin to see and understand God from a whole different perspective. You see, God wants us to see him in everything. If I'm walking wisely. I'm going to be interpreting all of life from the perspective of God living on the inside of us and giving us direction through the principles of Scripture. So on the first benefits of walking wisely is that we gain the knowledge and understanding of God and his will happen.

The more you understand who God is, what is like the more you can understand how much he loves you. The more you can understand how much he desires the best for you and is provided the best and plan the best for you. The more you understand him, the more you can love him and what you don't want to be obedient to him, the more you want to worship him in praising because you begin to think the way God thinks and you see walking wisely says that you and I beginning to think the way God thinks because the walk wisely is to view life from the perspective which God sees it, which means that you and will make decisions the world will not understand because they're not looking up from God's perspective there looking at what ratifies them satisfies them what pleases them. What brings in the most pleasure at this moment, the most security and God wants us to see things from his perspective benefit number one. A deeper understanding and knowledge of God benefit number two is simply this, and that is when you and I walk wisely. We get clear guidance from God's direction we get clear direction about our life now.

Much like an aversive to hear. Let's look in chapter 4 of the Proverbs he says in verse 10 here my son and except my sayings of the years of your life will be many.

I have directed you in the way of wisdom.

I have led you in an upright pants when you walk, your steps will not be impeded.

And if you run, you will not stumble.

That is, God gives clear direction when you and I are walking in wisdom. Look, if you're in the 10th chapter and let's look if you will, in the 13 verse he says on the lips of the discerning wisdom is found, but a rod is from the back of him who lacks understanding wise men store up knowledge present a few months ago. We will have a discerning spirit when you and I are living out our life sensitive to the purpose and will of God for a life walking wisely. Looking at his viewpoint. Always uppermost in her mind what's the father's will have any habits view this universe can happen.

We can all learn to be very discerning wiggler begin to get sharpened in our perspective of things we can begin to see things that not see here things that are not heard.

Listen to someone talk to us and get both message the one that comes verbally and the one that comes unspoken because oftentimes people send this to messages when they speak. Likewise we going to be able to look beyond what the human can see and see what the world is not seeing what man's neck it, I cannot see that's God's perception God's intuition God's viewpoint. God's sight. God looks on the inward man. He looks on the inside he sees our heart, he sees every situation and circumstance that you and I face in life. He sees all the corners, he sees the top of the bottom and all the sides he sees all the decisions that could be made. He sees all the mistakes that could be made. He sees the wrong view he sees the right you and he has the power and is promised you need to give us clear guidance. He says lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him, he will direct your path. That is, God will give clear guidance. If you and I will walk simply in wisdom that is looking at things from his perspective as easy, especially if we want to go on a particular direction to look at something and say that's directionality going and not even asking God what is your direction. How do you see that you see you and I can only see part of the way. But God sees the ultimate consequence out that we have to ask the question if I choose that direction was the ultimate consequence. God is always there to show us the way.

One of the benefits of walking wisely sensitive to his will and his plans sensitive to his people and how does he look at things. How I found that out.

But in the word of God in every single circumstance that you and I come to. We are going to be able to find a principal somewhere in the Bible that would give us direction. He will never lead us to do the wrong thing, all leaders in the wrong direction under any circumstance of life. So when you ask yourself the question, is a decision you have to make or what should I do ask yourself this question, what is the wise thing to do.

What is the wise thing to do. That's always the right question. What is the wise thing to do. You still have my don't know what the wisely new is what does God's word site. Want to know what it says and get in the word of God and find some principal fun of Scripture that relates to what you're facing. To God will give you. Clear direction.

He says in all your ways acknowledge him, he will direct your path one the benefits is that you and I can have clear direction for our life. Well, there is another benefit and when I think about all the ways that God would guide us in leaders and shows and the things he would bring us through.

Think about this for a moment, one of the benefits of walking wisely is God's divine protection over us. God wants to protect he wants to protect us from a number of things and so if you also look in the 28 chapter and the look, if you will end this 26 verse he says he who trust in his own heart is a fool, but he who walks wisely will be delivered and he simply say what that is.

You do not cannot trust our own emotions and making decisions. We must trust the Lord because the Bible says the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.

Therefore, if I'm gonna walk wisely. I keep one from availing if I'm gonna walk wisely came walk by hearsay must absolutely ignore the world's standards. If we're going to walk wisely because the world is walking unwisely then asking God what do you want God. What is the best.

What is your way. What is your weight. What is your purpose, what is your plan. The world is not interested in that, but men and women who walk wisely are continually asking what's the wise thing to do. What fits your will and your purpose in your plan for my life. What is the best one of the consequences of this decision for the benefits of this decision God who is committed to giving us direction desires to protect us that there are many things here in the book of Proverbs that you and I could to turn to where God is talking about protecting us from this that another self. Let's just look at two or three of them here and ask ourselves the question what is it that God wants to protect us from well let's look at three of them in chapter 14 beginning in verse 15. He says the na´ve, the person who's careless in different the na´ve believes everything but the prudent man considers his steps. A wise man or woman is cautious, turns away from evil, but a fool is arrogant and careless.

That is, a person is walking wisely God's grandma protect them from evil because they're asking the question, how does God see this. How does God see this opportunity. How does God see this offer. How does God see this appeal. How does God see this invitation. We are going to be protected from those things that evil that's exactly what he saying in this particular passage and so as you think about that your life and think about temptations you face trials difficulties how you can respond.

He says he certainly will protect us from those things that evil second thingamajig notices this and that, if he will protect us and our relationship. That is all of us have relationships church in your business, your world, your family, whatever it might be, in turn, the second chapter for a moment. Notice if you will, in the second chapter, let's begin.

Verse 10 list of the ways that God says he will protect us now he says for wisdom will enter your heart knowledge will be pleasant to your soul discretion, will guard you.

Understanding will watch over you to deliver you from the way of evil because there many offers of evil. He says God what he says God will watch over is the wisdom will take care of from the mantle.

The woman who speaks perverse things, deceitful things, things that will lead us astray. He says protect us from those who leave the paths of uprightness to walk in the ways of darkness.

Those who delight in doing evil rejoice in the perversity of people whose paths are crooked, and who are devious in their ways.

He said that those who would lead us astray says God will protect us and our relationship and he says there is evil there those. For example, who would lead us astray in some way or the other, although those who are living in our lives who would have some impact on us and so God's wisdom is always there. What is the wise thing to do.

What would God have me to do this particular situation. What is the thing that pleases them. How does he look at this.

So God protects us and he gives us wisdom and understanding as we walk wisely to discern what's the mind of the Lord was the mind of God. How does he see these things, what would he have us to do likewise protect says I think when when year of really walking wisely, he protects us from making serious mistakes.

Let's look in chapter 2 verse eight for a moment in these first few chapters are so full he says in verse eight of the second chapter he says he guards the paths of justice, wisdom does and he preserves the way of his godly ones, then you will discern righteousness and justice and equity in every good cause, but wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant you so that is, he will protect us from making serious mistakes.

Why, because if you and I walking wisely think about this when asking the question, how does God see this was the wisest thing to do decently going to show was what is the wise thing to do. Therefore, we will come to some some particular decision in life. We won't know what to do.

Sometimes, but God listed as we learn to walk wisely. We will know more and more what to do when we face given situations and he will give us discernment. He will give his intuition. What he really has given us from the scriptural point of view is the spirit of God who does one who prompts us to do the right thing.

Who prompts those that something is evil who promises about the wrong direction who prompts is about wrong relationships, who prompts us in the right decision who prompts us to make wise investments, who prompts us to do those things and pleasing and honorably and what he's committed to guiding us committed to giving us wisdom. That's one of the benefits of walking wisely and that is he is a protector of every single facet of our life as 1/4 benefit that simpler this when you and I think in terms of the what it means to walk wisely and what the benefits are certain this is one of walking wisely provides a strength and power from God strength and power from garlic if you will, in the 24th chapter 24th chapter. Listen what he says in this fifth verse he says very clearly. A wise man is strong and a man of knowledge increases in power, he says, for by wise guidance you will wage war an abundance of counselors there is victory wise men and women of strong now you say will have an idea what you mean strong simpler. This remember when you and I walking moment by moment wise to ask you, what's the will of the father. How does he see this court does God do. He enables us to see this challenge. For example, from his perspective.

When you and I begin to walk wisely. There is a flow of divine energy, there is a flow of divine wisdom. We begin to see things as God sees what is extremely weighty and overbearing over here from God's perspective is like a feather is not related to him what will he do, he will enable us to face to accomplish to achieve and succeed at whatever he's coal is that when we walk wisely. We not walking in our own strength he walking the strength of God with thinking, God's ways we are drawing your energy from him drawing out strength from him.

We are dependent upon him. We are relying upon him. We are looking to him. We are feasting on him. It is Christ living on the inside of you, enabling you, strengthening you governing you guiding you guarding you, enabling you to do whatever he wants. You do have police to live without God. When you and I can live our lives and acknowledging moment by moment that my heavenly father loves me unconditionally will enable me will strengthen me will godly energize me whatever I need.

It's going to be there because that's the kind of God. He what happens.

Life takes on a whole different perspective. And so somebody's as well as walking wise. I don't know about that would limit you mean to tell me that if you can gain an in-depth knowledge of God. You mean to tell me that if you can have clear direction of your life and God's divine protection.

You mean to tell me that if all of this is that part of walking wisely submitted to yielded to surrender to seeing things from God's perspective and responding appropriately and responding accordingly his biblical principles and having his energy and strength, but you tell me something give me any of the lifestyle they can promise you that cannot thank you for listening to the benefits and wisdom to know more about Charles Stanley or in touch ministries and taxed at a lighting podcast is a presentation of InTouch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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