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When We Feel Burned Out - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 27, 2022 12:00 am

When We Feel Burned Out - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 27, 2022 12:00 am

Put the burden of your responsibilities into God's capable hands.


Welcome to the index podcast with Charles Stanley for Thursday, January 27.

Do you feel tired and burned out. If you need refreshment. Stay with us to learn how Jesus is the inexhaustible source of our strength. All of his experience of Tom's life into awareness of the been little bit worn out but when that particular awareness develops into a spirit of being discouraged because you can never seem to get over having the feelings of being exhausted and spent and somehow drained emotionally as well as physically or spiritually, and somehow you just want to walk away or just forget it all and it doesn't go away and somehow just keeps on continuing no matter what. Maybe what you're experiencing is not just simply put, take but maybe it you are experiencing burnout, that sense of being absolutely drained spent in life. That's what I will talk about in this message entitled the source of our strength when feeling burned out and when you turn if you will to Isaiah chapter 40 beginning in verse 27 Isaiah chapter 40 beginning in verse 27 he says. Why do you sail Jacob and the sword over Israel.

My way is hidden from the Lord and the justice to me escapes the notice of my God, do you not know and have you not heard the everlasting God, the Lord, the creed of the ends of the earth. He does not grow weary or become tired. His understanding is inscrutable. He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks my increases power. The young man shall grow weary and tired and vigorous young men stumble badly.

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired and they will walk and not become weary if I should ask you what is spiritual maturity. More than likely, if we were realistic about it, which I was spiritual maturity is coming to the place where you read the Bible every day and you pray every day and you tithe and give all the town every Sunday and the things that used to bother you no longer bother you the things that used to tempt you don't temperature things that used to get you frustrated because you lose your temper that doesn't happen more and what it sounds like is this. It sounds like that spiritual maturity is is not come to the place where you have the flesh on the control you got your flesh on the control you since been crucified.

All these things will popping up. You're able to juggle all the balls easily. Now all these things that trouble you. You got them all and in order. Everything is in order and now you decide living your life in and that you you been able to control those things. Nothing could be further from the truth and use the reason why if you and I had the power to control, suppress, keep everything in order. I get get the old flesh crucified in the flesh is that part missing is now the flesh is that part of you and me. That absolutely insist on acting independently of the will of God in all of us have one because all of us have the capacity to sin. All of his attempted at times in their life about about different things and so we all have to deal with these things now. So if a person to get to the place in the life spiritually mature work on those things bother them know you know what that means. That means I wouldn't need God. If I can get them all in the control that not only the Christian life isn't altering my behavior. The Christian life is changing my condo.

The Christian life is saying here the rules you the regulations. This ram to conduct myself this. I'm going to omit. That's not the Christian.

That's not what maturity is all about maturity. Is this maturity says that outcome of the place in life that I realized I can't change myself.

But my responsibility is to rely upon him and depend upon him every day for everything. Realizing it is not within myself to become what to do or to be better or to become better to make myself that out to change my conduct to change my behavior to limit the regulations limit the rules be a better person.

My responsibility if this trust him to do through me what he knows I cannot. Spiritual maturity is walking in the middle of the flesh of this world. Walking the middle of the troubles in the trials and the heartaches and the burden seeing all the junk seeing all the trash having the world bombard us with all of these things saying all the hurt troubles and trials and saw the world doing what being able to live in and yet above every single bit of that with absolute confidence that the God who is our God living on the inside of us will enable us and we don't have to get exhausted Warden bone the temptation and yield everything coming ago but it is not our strength.

It's not her energy.

He said even young men even say old man. He said even young man shall become weary.

They'll grow weary and tired in the fight in the battle vigorous young man will stumble badly.

He says those that you think all be able to do.

He's like a stumble badly.

I think how most of us grew up thinking that we had to control this. We had a surprise that we had to work on this with the hammers we had to do this and you know what happened. It didn't work.

I been that just like you thinking Lord there's got to be more than this nonmember come to a place in my life and one of my churches are said God is going to be more the Christian life and I know because it is and I can't keep doing this I can keep telling people is victory out there unless I have some vacant samaras that I don't know about what he gave me a great leap forward that point my life and showed me some truth which I'm grateful for and that moved me along in the life of the one thing with the Christian life is. He keeps moving as he keeps giving us those opportunities delete delete delete delete in our understanding and he keeps testing is in trying essence is the reason he keeps testing is in trying is because if he didn't test the heat in fries and we just believe that we would really be sure work is sees when you not get thrown in the far that we believe when he says the fire will not burn is when you and I get thrown in the waters that we believe what he says and what is not overflowing you and I will never be able to have an absolute foundational a revocable conviction about it until he gets tested and so I can tell you that I've lived long enough as a Christian to tell you that I can't live the Christian life this? Little bit better used to be and I can't do anymore. In my own strength today than I could.

Today I will say that the age of 12, and the wonderful thing about that is I couldn't be happier to discover because he never intended for us to change ourselves and improve ourselves.

He came, he says to give us God life in order that God in us would elevate us and make it possible for us to live in and through and above these things we face in life not in our own strength and energy because he knew it was going to run out how I know that he went up with that pastor Bob Libby were not true. He's is this not telling even the finest the young men they don't get weary and tired and worn out. He says the bondage trained athletes are going to stumble and fall. You know what God never made these human bodies these mines the spirits about the function and to face life is God knows it's going to be in our own strength because he knew our strength was going to run out and we would stumble and fall badly and get burned and I'm here to tell you, God can do something dramatic in your life. It is negative is what you face and you say well passes all work one day a week just had you follow me in a week you want to.

That'll be fine. You take your job to the one in the day because there is person I want to say this to all of you folks out there who are listening and you give your pastor two weeks vacation. When you think about some this is straight to you. Listen to me carefully what you think about a man studying and praying and seeking the mind of God does it all for depression that of a lot of stress and let them know that he's doing what God wants him to do studying and praying oftentimes having to visit hospitals, and especially if you got a pastor and church as 100 members of two on the small church sometimes doesn't have much of a staff you give them two weeks vacation expected to come up with a good sermon. Three times a week Sunday morning sunlight wins the night expecting you're the hospital's visit always people hold hands meet everybody's problems counselor about it. Do a thousand things, be a good husband and a good father. I'm here to tell you he can't do it. God never intended for them to do it in the trolley than you only given two weeks vacation no man alive from last long in the medicines ominous that you deacons you people who out there. Have a wonderful pastor don't burn them out. Don't wear him out because oftentimes just out of seminary just in the ministry.

He doesn't understand what I'm about to share with you what a loving, supporting, be that a helping given time giving breaks. Let them know that you love them and you want the best out of him, but you want to give him the best and give him the opportunity to renew his own physical and mental and spiritual strength. Now how do we avoid this whole idea of being burned out, but if you notice he says here he says, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. Man up with wings like eagles run and not get tired and they will walk and not become weary. Listen, this promise. He says he will do these things, no gain new strength. They'll be of the same work with will get tired run at the same speed even faster and somehow they won't run out and what is the solution according to what he saying here. One thing I love about this passage is this, this passage is bringing the Bible says to me God knows I'm weak. He knows where we he knows we are frail and he knows that you and I will never learn enough whenever get old enough whenever get strong enough will never get smart enough that our energy and all that we need for life won't run out.

He didn't make us to be sufficient within ourselves. He made us to be sufficient within himself and so he says in this passage, he says even the finest and strongest of young men.

He says it's going to run out but he says here's what I will do. He said you will gain new strength. Now what you look at two words here.

If you notice first of all, he says will gain new strength that word again, look at that gain the word here is exchange and you can write and that's probably for your Bible exchange our weakness for his strength. That's what that means. He says they will exchange their weakness and gain strength. They will mount up with wings like an eagle run and not get tired they will walk. He says not be where it now. The thing on what you notice here when he says they that wait upon the Lord, that word wait means to pause for further instruction. But here's what that word literally means in Hebrew. Here's what it means. It means to bring something to bring together like a woman can break through four strands of her hair. You can break through four strands of court because you see braiding means two things become 134 things become one when you and I braided with God when he when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We became one with him.

We have the life of God within us. He says those who wait. Those who braided together. Those who pause for further instruction. Those who one with him. He says they are the ones who will mount up with wings as eagles. They're the ones who have the strength and the energy that is Taras Henderson what he said. He said concerning God appear in verse 28 do you not know and have you not heard the everlasting God, the Lord that created the ends of the earth doesn't become weary of time I watch this if I have the life of God within me and I am not to get burned out doing the work of God living the Christian life or caring or whatever it may be, then if the source of my strength is God, then if he ever if he ever gives out that I'm going to give out and what he saying is this when you are not tapping the his inexhaustible resource of his divine life within us. We not you never give up because he's not going to give out this is an inexhaustible source of energy and strength and wisdom and knowledge and understand its inexhaustible because it is God. As we said the very beginning. It is a quality of life that is the very life of God himself, and therefore if it is God's life we walking in his will and tapping into the energy in that strength that resource we will never give out. It is flowing in us and flowing through us and so when we think about the causes why we get weary and tired and worn it can be seen and can be at work can be relationships. Whatever it might be, but something causes it and whatever it might be that causes it. What we have to ask is God, what are you saying to me. Let me just say this sometimes to be burned out can be the doorway into life's greatest lessons and I can tell you my own… You know how learn the most nonreading bookseller on the most for failing because when failure hits me in some very, the first thing I do is go to work on's okay what what do you say about this. How did I miss it. What did I miss one not to do at this point the best way in the world to learn the truth is the final now not promoting failure because you have the privilege of coming on Sunday and listen to my failures and so if you're smart and you're wise you will take advantage of someone else's failures and learn and apply the truth you sell and I'm saying even though I was committed to God do anything this world got asked me to do absolute burned out because there's some things I did know one of things I didn't know.

I remember hearing Bertha Smith who has been a missionary for 40 years over in China and and the Formosa I member first time I was sorry she is. She was about 81 years old. The first time I saw she got off the plane I met at the gate I'm thinking what it you know I'm about as long on my leg as she is tall and she is replacing heavenly so we got home I said Bertha acid what he walk so fast I say don't you get tired. She says I have a guitar cheese is not as one strength of the Lord. I watched this woman. She demonstrated to me this awesome sense of inexhaustible energy went through all kind of attacks and bonded machine guns, you name it. She said I was on the strength of the Lord when she died. Her schedule was about five years that now the things he was going to tell you I think I am learning what it means to tap into that inexhaustible resource of God.

No matter what it is negative for the responsibility of the troubles of trials, the heartaches, the burdens were sick. Yet sometimes the more excited I become. I think Lord you just demonstrating your power and how I would know how much you can do. How will you ever know how much energy God can give you.

How will you ever know how much strength and power. How much you ever know your capacity to endure unless he pushes you and pushes you and pushes you and pushes you and you walk on the edge and edges closer and closer and closer. The dissent you only learn about being there and I will tell you, I've learned so many wonderful, exciting things that so blessing my heart. He says young men shall stumble bad but those who wait upon the Lord. Those who by faith to say Lord I can handle this decision. Yours, he is indeed it to provide everything I needed that moment to take care of it. I can tell you my friend.

I wish God would show me how to set better everything I'm telling you, I know it works. I know that God has done something in my life that is so wonderful and so exciting I don't. You and I don't even know how to say except to say he is everything he says is and what he says you don't need to run and be where it walk in faith, get discouraged, worn out fragile you not to try to keep this down suppressed that lock this and shut that I don't do this and do that just do three things. Surrender all depend totally upon me and trust me and friend. Life changes something happens, the struggle the fretting the exhaustion, the weariness, the tiredness, the drain all those things somehow is just not there.

And the reason it's not theirs.

Because Jesus is your life, and he doesn't get worn where entirely exhausted. He's there to supply every single thing you and I need and that is my desire for you because I know had me how it feels to be on the other end when you're wiped out hopelessly helplessly knocking and then I know what it means. This is have worse battles, greater battles, more pressures, more responsibility, more stress his intentions from the world's report with a greater sense of tranquility and peace that I could ever describe when Paul said, who went through things like you and I would never have to go through sitting in a prison with perfect assurance and confidence. The apostle Paul never burned out. You know why is what he said. He said there is a piece that passes all human understanding and is to be found in a relationship not a formula.

In that relationship is a loving relationship between you and God through his son Jesus Christ. Acknowledging and recognizing that God loves us, absolutely, completely and perfectly, and with his low comes the power to become the power to be and the power to do. Thank you for listening to part 211, when we feel burned out.

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