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When We Are Abused - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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January 18, 2022 12:00 am

When We Are Abused - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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January 18, 2022 12:00 am

The Lord can restore the health of the abused.

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Welcome to the intensified Catholic child Stanley Tuesday, January 18 abuse creates internal damage to self-worth can endure for a lifetime. They witness to hear how Jesus Christ is the source of our strength when we are abused, it is never under any circumstance.

Justifiable to abuse someone else. Abuse doesn't fit who we are as believers is never the will of God for his children to be abused and the word simply means to harm someone to injure them in some fashion for that is physical abuse, sexual abuse, whether it is verbal abuse or emotional abuse doesn't make a difference what it is.

None of that fits into what Jesus said when he said law one another… There is no pat answer as to what to do an abusive situation because all abuse is not the same. All of it is not motivated the same way and so to say to some I would just get out. That is not always the answer and some people will use that word abuse the day as an excuse to Ron ought to escape we're talking about the kind of abuse that brings great injury and great hurt, and so here is a person.

For example, who is physically being abused and the physically being inflicted and injured than the sight of that person to stay within that situation. No or someone.

For example, who is being emotionally abused. You may say or they should just leave you can't say that everybody for the simple reason. That's what we say you ask God what you want and remember this.

Listen carefully, God will never tell you to do anything that violates the living word of God.

So how do you respond all these things. So the first thing I want to suggest is simply this, and that is as you think in terms of dealing with these things and how to deal with them number one to seek God's guidance, Lord, what would you have me to do.

He will show you exactly what to do. Be very sure you have God's word of instruction as to what you should do in that situation. Secondly, pray for the abuser. Pray for the abuser you so I prayed and prayed right.

Nothing is happening. Let me give you something specific to pray for and that is pray for God to show you what motivates that person to act the way they act. What is that person abuse someone else. Oftentimes, when you understand the motivation of the abuse of something it happened and that's why said so important to pray for the person is abusing you because once that person begins to realize why they're being about what's motivating the person is abusing them. Then you can become more of a help to help that abuser.

Though there are situations and circumstances without abuser man to be put away for someone who is absolutely a mentally incapable of dealing with reality. The third thing I would suggest is this, and that is not to blame God. Do not blame God. The one thing Satan located to say what God did. This is what God did. God wanted to correct my life in God more than get rid of sin in my life and so he caused the my parent or Marcella my daughter to abuse me, listen to me carefully. God never under any circumstance ever instigates institutes initiates in any fashion any kind of abuse that is not of God before thing I would say is to forgive the abuser you and I can never justifiably hold against someone else, something that they've done to us because you know what unforgiveness is.

It is poison and it will wreak havoc in your life it will cause you to make decisions that are foolish, it will cause you to make decisions that are devastating. It will cause you to do things that Jan everything looks like it's just going fine right now but ultimately out there it's going to catch up with you somewhere. The on unforgiving spirit is devastating in those negatives what's been done to so we must be willing to forgive the person who is the abuse and then number five I want to say is equally important that is to forgive the one who allowed the abuse now there are young people who grow up in their adults today who say my mother stood by and she knew what was going on and she let it happen away and so the unforgiving spirit oftentimes is just as much toward the person who stood by and allowed it to happen as the person who did the abusing and so it's easy to blame someone else than what we have to ask is this why did that person stand by. Sometimes it's because of parent absolutely refused to believe it wouldn't even tolerate data that their husband could sexually abuse the dollar.

This would leave refused to be honest refused to do it refuse to face the issue and so that parent refusing to face it allows her to go all.

Sometimes it's because the person who allows it in their own inability emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, whatever. Just can't deal with it and not excusing them under saying why people do it. The person who allowed Mel felt inadequate and that's the reason so don't hold it against them, and it may be that you want to go back to one of your parents and say you know I've held it against you all these years for you allowing this to happen to me would you do so to tell me why we just put up with that. And somehow, more than likely you going to find out that there was in their mind a legitimate reason, or in their thinking. They feel so inadequate and so scared that they didn't even know how to handle admitting that a husband or wife was abusing a child. I'm simply saying these are some things that you need to consider when it comes to dealing with abuse. The next thing I would say which would be number six is to choose the truth about yourself. You see when you told you never amount to anything you are ugly, you probably don't end up in prison. You are a mistake that is horrible abuse.

You don't have to physically abuse someone to destroy the you can destroy them with your tongue.

You can destroy them with depriving love God made every single one of us below, and when you want to love somebody and pour your heart out to them and they can accept and they reject your love and reject your love and reject your law, that is a horribly painful emotion and so I simply want to say to you, at the very, very careful about choosing the right thoughts about yourself how you should respond, and believing the truth about yourself.

You see, if somebody says to you, you aren't worth anything, you know what that means.

All it means is that they exercise the vocal cords because it is a mean that all let me tell you how much you worth is how much you were there.

This means what about us as much is what you work you worth in God is with me if that's how much your can you tell me anything in all this earth to equal Christ death for you when somebody says you know good you don't count you not worth anything. You just let that go and wanted out of the because that didn't come from heaven he came in the pit.

But you see it's damaging because everybody needs to feel a sense that they belong sense of value that there were something and to feel confident those three attitudes are essential to every person's emotional health of feeling of belonging, of feeling of worth and the feeling of confidence, and when you eliminate a sense of belonging.

That means I don't belong in some rejected a sense of worth, I have no value on worthless and I'm not confident in my friend, you have a person who is emotionally damaged, deeply deeply damaged and so when you not begin to believe the truth about ourselves what happens.

We begin to step out of the horrible results and effects of this kind of abuse.

Then I would say number seven and that is to open yourself up to godly a healing. Now once you listen very carefully what I'm going to say I speak out of experience and I speak for the benefit of multitudes of people.

I hope when I say open yourself up to healing what has to be healed well. If you are physically abused back on the somewhere or the like of summative broken arm or are cut. You are something you that's that's been healing you've gotten over that you think will you knock I'm over that abuse know you not investors. The outward sign, because if someone emotionally abused you. You never did see that but you felt it you see the healing process has to take place in our memories. What do I remember what did I feel what was I feeling when this was going on. You may have felt dirty. If you are sexually abused or you may just put your mind neutral and tried to just be in some kind of ethereal something somewhere. While it was happening.

Are you may have felt I must deserve this you may have felt hatred and bitterness and hostility toward the person who was doing those memories have to be healed of those memories are like poison and so God is willing to heal that Jesus Christ who is the source of our strength for everything that we have. He is willing to heal that when the listen and maybe that you may need to talk to someone else about it and get it out. Maybe it's something that you never share with anyone make you having thought about the fact that that's part of something going on inside of you. Let me say this, and I want you listen very carefully.

Sometimes you may need to go to some godly counsel. Listen carefully you be sure the person who is your counselor is a godly counselor and not someone who simply says I'm a Christian who hangs out a shingle that they're a Christian counselor because limitations something if a person is not a true godly counselor. His with elder Bell semi Christian, you will hear much about the word of God, not counseling you hear much of anything about Jesus, about the word of God. But what you have is you have ungodly worldly psychology and counseling that has nothing to do with the principles of Scripture. And when you allow those things to perpetrate your mind and your emotions and your will, you will end up in worse shape than you were before you ever went to that counselor because it will cause confusion and it will be trying to put together the principles of Scripture with ungodly counsel and all it does lengthens the time multiplies and deepens the hurt of those around on godly counsel is absolutely devastating the healing of those members has to take place. Mrs. Jesus will heal the blind eyes of a useless poor wayfaring beggar, will he not healed your damaged emotions child of God loved of God, will he not heal your damaged emotions will he not heal those bad horrible memories of things that happen to you backend or things that are happening even now. Yes, he will.

That's the loving Lord that you and I have. He is our Savior Jesus Christ.

He is the source of our strength is the source of all about healing. I'm here to tell you is a lot of healing needs to go on and people all over this world cannot be see because their damage is internal emotional damage so traumatic that even they wonder if they'll ever be able to escape the listen carefully. This is what needs to happen or if you have abused your children in some fashion and you realize that you have go to them and acknowledge that you have confessed repent of it before them and before God and make things right because if you don't they going to have anger and hostility and bitterness, resentment toward you and they gotta take it out on their marriage partner market they going to do it unless somebody gets to them quickly and deals with it in some fashion. You cannot cover it's there the tapes going on. The poison is seeping out all the time. The next thing I would simply say is this, and that is to refuse to retaliate.

You say you say well I'll tell you I'm just going to get even that's what I'm going to do, listen to me listen carefully. Did you know that that's what the world's philosophy is, that's what ungodly counseling says do what if she does this. You do that if he does this. You do that.

That's the ungodly counsel Laura, let me ask is why did Jesus ever say that what he ever say will list you just get the best of units retaliate. No. If you want to deal with abuse.

You don't retaliate is what God says he's his vengeance is mine, I will replace that the Lord I'll take care of the discipline out there you just trust me and follow me. You let me handle it. Listen to me carefully when some counselor tells you to retaliate. You mark this down.

You just heard the devil speak is never God.

Retaliation is never right because, listen not only does retaliation not working the other person's life. It works the reverse in the person who retaliates did not retaliate to the person who is the abuser.

The number nine and that is choose the just move forward in your life. If your person is been abused you so here's what happened me.

Therefore I can't don't say that you can do anything God wants you to do and this is why Jesus Christ in your life is so absolutely essential.

He within you will enable you listen to be healed of your abuse.

He will enable you to pick up those broken pieces those shattered parts of your life and he will put them back together the most beautiful way past the grace of God he can heal you of bad memories, he can put the broken pieces back together you can move on in life and do what God can accomplish in your life.

Everything that he chooses to accomplish and no matter what has happened to you is what you can do you can know that Romans 828 is right and true no matter what's happened in the past that you can pick up the pieces and move on and that God will do this it'll take all the hurts all the injury all the pain all the suffering and all the hardy you know we'll do heal work that in your life in some fashion to make you a blessing to someone else because we are all servants and what he's looking for is not successful people know what God is looking for people who've been broken and shattered and willing to be a servant, and willing to give themselves away to somebody else, is what is looking for and so no matter how badly you been hurt God take your hurt. Your pain and he will make you a blessing to someone else. So don't just look back and say will.

This is where I was treated therefore therefore nothing list. This route was treated that may be what happened to me in the past, but this is who I am now and God is my Savior, my Lord, my master, and he says in Christ Jesus, that he will enable me to do and to accomplish and achieve everything that he calls me to do I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Listen, no matter what happened in the past. The past cannot hold you back from doing what God wants you do unless you allow it to happen.

You must consent to the devil you must consent to defeat you must choose to be defeated.

You must choose not to move ahead in life.

God is going to move you ahead in life.

No matter what and so I want to encourage you the no matter what's happened in your past, you make the choice. I choose to move on in life matter what's going on in the last thing I would say is simply this, look for something good to come out of that abuse. Look for something good to come out of it because you see God is listen. He will take those pieces and he will put them together in such a fashion that would be absolutely amazing to you and you know as I look around and see people that God uses. Most of them have been through some great, difficult and hardship in trial in their life. Not all of them but most of them have because you say he's looking.

The people who willing to be broken and humble in their spirit, not people who just want to be successful.

Be somebody listen you are somebody because you are a child of God… God loves you no matter who you are and how you been treated in life. He loves you. Not because of what you've done. He loves you. Not because of what's been done to you.

He loves you because you are who you are and no matter what you've been through his what he said you not have a great high priest, the Lord Jesus Christ. The source of our strength who was tempted and tried in all points just like we, therefore, when you not hurting, we come to the throne of grace, he says, where we find grace to help in time of need. Thank you for listening to part 211 when we are being used. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley were in touch ministries intact start enlarging this podcast is the presentation of intense ministry advantage or intent

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