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Praising the Lamb of God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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December 14, 2021 12:00 am

Praising the Lamb of God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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December 14, 2021 12:00 am

Understand how you can receive complete fulfillment from praising the Lord.

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Welcome to the intense podcast with Charles for Tuesday, December 14 Jesus the baby. We celebrated Christmas is also Christ, the reigning King of King.

That should give comfort and peace when life seems out of balance gears, parts 11 praising the Lamb of God. The book of Revelation is the revelation of God of those things that are going to happen in the end time without the book of Revelation we would be missing God's detailed explanation of what is going to happen in the end time in this first chapter of your notice.

In the 12 verse the John says that he turned to see the boys that was speaking with him and having him turn. He says also.

Seven golden lampstands in the middle of the lampstands one like a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching the feet and girded across his breast of a golden girl then he describes this vision of Jesus, which he saw. Following this vision of Jesus. The Bible says that God gave to John through the angel also a message to the seven churches of Asia minor and the second and third chapters of the book of Revelation are about his messages. These are his messages so we come to the fifth chapter and something awesome is about to happen is what is about to happen before we come to the six chapter, which is when the judgment and the wrath of God begins. John Hughes the most awesome demonstration and display of praise ever noted by any human being that has ever lived and so at the throne. God is working. He sees what is happening here as I God begins to speak, and then he comes in the fifth chapter look at this for chapter beginning in verse one, he says, and I saw in the right hand of him who sat on the throne. Speaking of God the father able or scroll written inside and on the back, sealed up with seven seals and I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, who is worthy to open the book and the break it seals and no one in heaven or on their own of the earth was able to open the book, or to look into it and I began to weep.

John says great because no one was found worthy to open the book or the look into and one of the elders said to me, stop weeping, behold the Lamb that is from the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has overcome so as to open the book and its seven seals. And I saw between the throne with the four living creatures and the elders a Lamb standing, as if slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which of the seven spirits of God's, and all in all the and he came in he took it out of the right hand of him who settled throne. Now what is this little booklet so important that there's anybody on in heaven or earth. They can take this book out of the father's hand that it was the book like you and think in terms of book with hardcovers, but it was a scroll and the scroll was rolled up and there were seven seals on the scroll that was assailed outside see break that seal and open little bit is not the seal and you break it, if you can open up a bit longer until you break the seventh seal now what was so important about this book will think about this back in Genesis when you not read of the creation of the world God created this world to bring glory and honor to him. Satan, who was a fallen angel was cast down, the earth, and he deceived Eve and Adam and they sinned against God, and they fell from their holy estate when they fail. The Scripture says not only did they suffer, but the whole earth suffered, and this is why in Romans chapter 8, Paul talks about the earth groaning for cleansing and re-creation that redemption is not limited just to mankind but also to the earth.

God is going to do something and when he does it.

There's going to be complete total redemption of the earth as well as humanity.

Now what's happening here is this up until this point.

If you think about was that the Bible says that Satan is the god of this age, he's the devil who is attempting to be God in the lives of people and all down through the ages. What we have. We are people who love and serve God.

People who love and serve the devil that is on the standard orders that had to do this book. This is exactly what it has to do with this book I believe is the title deed to everything that God is going to do because he is what happens when he takes that book.

The reason is all this worship and praise going on is until this book until this scroll is open.

These seals are broken and God finishes this program. This earth is still in the hands of Satan, the frustrations and anxieties the fears the turmoil that goes on in people's hearts. This earth is in chaos with all the things that happen in the natural atmosphere what's about to happen, the Lamb of God, the son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ walked up to his father and takes that scroll and when he does mean they let out. They begin to praise him and worship him worthy art thou the only one worthy to take the scroll and does what and when he starts in chapter 6 you read the six chapter beginning the six chapter revelation and things begin to happen. The judgment of God begins to be unleashed upon this earth.

This is why people like this would listen if I'm not a Christian I will read that book because you start in chapter 6 you think you mean all these things can happen to me right. The Bible says it is one of the all men die and after that the judgment nothing is going to miss the hand of the wrath of God. And so here is John in this situation, and he's watching all this praise and adoration going on and he is witnessing a praise and adoration. What because, listen, think about this.

This Jesus. This Jesus whom you and I professes our Savior we think about them as the Lamb of God, born in a manger. Listen Mr. Lamborn. This manger is the ruler of the universe. He is the God and servant of all things. The Bible says about him, not anything that was made was made is coming a time when he will reclaim this entire earth, and he will reclaim his own every single solitary person whose place their faith in God through his son Jesus Christ, and those in the Old Testament who place their faith in God to the promise of the coming Messiah everybody who is a child of God will be serving him and praising him and adoring motivated listen.

They were motivated by who he is motivated by what he had done and motivated by what was about to have now and ask again. When you think about praising the Lord worshiping him how much time you spend really praising him. You praise God because of who he is. You may feel good about it.

But if I'm praising the Lord and singing the songs and I'm praising him because it's gonna make me feel good. I'm not praising God Yolanda I'm getting a spiritual high and a lot of people on a spiritual have been able to praise government interest in the attributes of God not interested in serving him and adoring him not interested in focusing on human learning elicit the people who really and truly praise God they going to be in the word, they will know who is this God I'm praising. I will ask you how in the world could anybody ever get satisfied with what you know about Jesus. How can you be satisfied what you know about God. When you worship God, you given your whole mind, your whole heart. Your hose so your whole being. You come to praise because he is one worthy of my praise he deserves and desires are praise and adoration. Well, all of heaven broke loose in praise and adoration because of what Jesus Christ had done because of who he was because of who he is and because of what is going to do and ask, don't you and I have three good reasons to be praising the day liquid is done in your life. Look what he's in the process of doing. Look who he is and look what he's going to do for you and me, do not have a million reasons for praising and adoring him and worshiping him well. How do we express that praise. I think there are four ways primarily first of all, we express it through our lives through speaking and let's look at maybe our Psalm until you look, if you will, in the 34th song in the 34th Psalm.

Listen to what he says in verse one, and this is set often I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth, my soul shall make its boast in the Lord, the humble, to hear and adjust or magnify the Lord with me.

Let us exalt his name together. Then go back if you will, to the seventh chapter of the song seven chapter the psalmist says I will give thanks to the Lord, according to his righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high will sing praise to the labor Lord most high, and so what happens there are two ways that you and I can praise him.

We can praise him with a lip speaking what I love you. I praise you worship your door. You we can sing the songs of praise to him and the many verses about praising the Lord with a pollutant harp in the Lawrence oval so we praise him with musical instruments. That's praise and adoration. Glory to God. You see, listen, you can't praise and worship God unless he feels your mind with himself. That's what worship and praise is filling our modern hearts with himself adoring him thinking about who he is and what he's like and praising him gratitude in our hearts so we praise them by speaking it. We praise them by singing, but thirdly, we praise him by serving him now when you think about some problem or contradiction. This is, yes, I love God, I praise you I worship you are doing about microsurgery. Think about this.

Can you imagine telling God you don't have time to serve this God before whom every angel in heaven. Every created being of the praise. This earth is going to bow down and sing praise and glory and honor to him and you not telling him we don't have time to serve God. Mr. Dimmick, you cannot worship the living God in the same time refused to serve as a total contradiction. The fourth thing I don't can I speak with my lips and sing it out of my heart and serve him with my total being but sharing, speaking, singing, serving, sharing, praise involves all of it.

Everything in my heart is short-circuited. When I think of being selfish and at the same time loving and praising and worshiping this God with whom I'm going to spend eternity, who gave his only begotten son to purchase me from our sinfulness and has made me a priest in the kingdom of God, then the say that I'm not going to share. I'm not going to give of myself and money to him.

What a contradiction. What is satanic thought. It is totally un-biblical totally unscriptural and totally out of reason of being a follower of Jesus, we are talking about Jesus the son of God, we talk about the Lamb of government-owned, the lion of the tribe of Judah were talking but the judge is coming back. The judge this earth and and release his wrath upon everything that is wicked and by and for me to say I have time to serving. I don't have enough of his money to give back to is a contradiction and I challenge anybody in the face of this earth explained to me how can you worship and serve the living God and at the same time keep back financially. What belongs to him. You cannot do it.

You cannot worship and serve God, I'll tell you why because I want to give you three requirements for worshiping three requirements for worshiping God number one to know God, you don't know God, you don't love it. You don't love them, you don't want to seventh. You don't know it not going praise the more you love him.

The more you know him the more you got a loving, and the more you got 11 the more you want to talk about. You just got to tell about it. Something inside of you. It just has to flow… If you're sitting here wondering why you getting so excited.

I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why, because it is more important to me than life itself. Jesus Christ is everything there is anything worth anything if it is separated from him.

One of these days the whole world is going on the stem that nothing in life counts, apart from Christ. Nothing someone asking how can you and I get so excited about so many things other than Jesus. Tell me, how can we we know every play of every team and all of his records and can even name the 12 apostles. It's tragic. Then we wonder why people don't love Jesus.

Why they don't give to the work of God to get the message around the world while people are floating on now surpassing image about this.

I want to go to work, work, our server might just give me something to do. This is school and I want to learn how we beg and plead some of the serve the Lord. I'm here to tell you it is sin against God. You cannot worship God.

You cannot serve the living God with the right heart holding back what does not belong to the zealous ounce of energy you have not got given he stuck your heart beat that fast.

When somebody says I don't have time for God. Suppose God said all right, all you don't have time for me last heartbeat 123 that's it, because I'm telling you, God created you and me to serve him and to praise him with everything in us first.

Almost no and secondly, I must be submissive to the know God is absolute requirement for realtor worship submission to say again how to master something. Is this a contradiction is not as well, praise and worship and serve God and at the same time living in absolute rebellion toward God Marvin Ottawa County church. You belong to, or where you go and you can jump up and down and shout and holler all you want to, and praise God and have little preaching a whole lot of all that stuff going on and I'm all for jumping on them howling as long as it's right but I will tell you if you go home and you don't crack the Bible to next week and you not serving the living God, and you living in rebellion toward God and the disobedience to him. Your worship is a fraud because you cannot praise God in deliberate willful rebellion against him that we all sin against them at times were all weak and frail, and he says that's the kind of people he's looking for he's looking for week real people who understand their weakness and willing to submit to his will not acknowledge they are nothing within themselves and have nothing within themselves apart from Christ. That's a catapult he's looking for you. It isn't how graveyards have yielded, I he takes our brokenness.

He takes our frailties and weaknesses. What is he do he uses it for his glory and it brings, and praise. This arrogance and pride never praises God is men and women who understand their weakness in their frailties and their sinfulness is, those of us who understand that who praise him, adore him and worship him, because we know apart from him. We are nothing can do nothing in life has no meaning, so I asked the question how can you say to Jesus, Lord, I just will love you and praise you.

But no, I'm not willing to do this are not willing to do that and we rationalize, we say what you know that's what the passes address with the church that I will tell you something this you not serving pastors and church we talking about God we talking about is living a Lord about whom God the father said he is the Lamb of God to take some of this in the work he is my son and every knee shall bow before my song of things in heaven and earth every single solitary tongue shall confess that my son is Lord and me. Tell him that I'm not going to do something requirements to know him to submit to him and thirdly a pure heart. No pure heart. No worship in my look at this passage of Scripture and think about where John was in his life at that time God had separated him from everything that he love put him on an island working in mind, an old man and God took him. At those moments, the latter years of his life and gave him this awesome view of what was going to happen in time. I want to ask a question. How can you not send the presence of Almighty God with a heart that is not pure and worship, holy God.

Listen to me. Here's the problem you not live in the most unholy society any Americans ever lived people on sacred places on sacred, nothing sacred, nothing solid, nothing's righteous. Nothing really matters, but that doesn't keep me from having to come before a holy God with a pure heart.

I didn't say that you would be sinless to set up your heart. Sin confessed and repented of acknowledging our weakness our frailties with the purchased possession St. Savo the grace of God with a pure heart. It is ever going to be a reliable breaks in this country is we got to get a whole new perspective on the holiness of God on the purity of God on the person of Jesus Christ. We see ourselves is absolutely nothing and him everything that I'm here to tell you there's no telling what's going break but has to begin in the house of God and the people of God's will challenge you to think about your own worship in your own praise and my friend what is it began. The first step missing this. The first step is to acknowledge my sinfulness and acknowledge that Jesus Christ, the son of God is my only hope that his death at Calvary may not send that info and receive him as my personal savior. Give my life to him.

Step number one, then praise the Lamb.

Thank you for listening to part 211 praising the Lamb of God.

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