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It is Good to Give Thanks to God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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November 25, 2021 12:00 am

It is Good to Give Thanks to God - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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November 25, 2021 12:00 am

Thankfulness is important in everyday life and a grateful heart brings glory to God.

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Welcome to the intense podcast time family friend Thursday, November 25 tied to get thanks when your world seems to be spinning out of control today, you'll be motivated to praise the Lord even in the most difficult situations. The Bible says it is good to give thanks to the Lord Nelson's God is absolutely omniscient, knows all things absolute perfect in every area. If he says that it's good that it must be good and some of it's good to give thanks to the Lord.

From his perspective that all to be a vital part of your life and mine. So as you think about how much time you give the Lord and Thanksgiving. Sometimes it's rather convicting when you think about he's done so much for August.

He does so much force continuously and yet we take it for granted. So let's ask the question. First of all why why does he say it's good to give thanks and that is, he says that honors him the thank God honors him. It glorifies him and magnifies him to give him thanks is an act of obedience.

For example, and so when you think about why and what God has done for us, moment by moment, day by day over and over and over again. Sometimes we think about how little gratitude we show in return.

And when you think about the fact that you are not saved and name is written in the Lamb's book of life with the children of a holy God and that we are absolutely secure in that salvation forever that no one can ever take it from us.

They may persecute as they make killers, but they can't take away our salvation. They can't take away our eternal security.

They can't take away our relationship to holy God.

How grateful we are to be in expressing that if we express a genuine it's going to bring him on and it also going to keep our focus where it all be.

That is it on its own him 1/3 reason is this, and that is that it refreshes our relationship with him spending time with him and thanking him is refreshing. It refreshes my spirit. It refreshes my relationship with, and so when you pray, and when you begin to thank God, what are you doing this was happening. This intimate relationship grows and grows and grows you are thanking God you're honoring him you're praising him you're recognizing him you're acknowledging him for who he is and what happens your spirit becomes refreshed and no matter what's going on in your life. Thanksgiving is one of the best ways to dig yourself out of the doldrums and out of discouragement, despondency and despair and all the depression all the things appearance along you know what you start. Thank God it's hard to stay in a ditch. Somehow, usually something happens to you physically or emotionally, mentally, spiritually in every way. And so that's the way he refreshes us and so when he said it's good to give thanks to the Lord and sing praises to his name. There lots of good reasons but one of them is it's the keep his focus, refreshing our spirit reminding us of who he is and what he can do and is so willing to do for us. And so when you think about worshiping him you're refreshing that relationship because let's face it, there are times when you are required to do certain things in your life. Maybe it's in your business, whatever it might be a maybe in helping somebody else just absolutely drains you and so what do you do you start thanking him, praising him adoring him and worshiping him however you see fit to do that and yes your whole spirit is change refreshes our spirit, we began to praise him. Then of course it reinforces our faith because it is what happens when you cannot begin to thank him. What do we usually think about we think about things that he's done in our life and sometimes on the best ways to strengthen your faith when you're facing a difficult situation is not to cry out all God strengthen my faith and help me is to start thanking but I just want to thank you that his how you helped me there. Here's how you deliver me here. You provided this now I have this need you provide in the past. I'm trusting abroad in the future.

What happens your faith begins to soul and so you run out of the valley and all you've done sincerely and genuinely is to give him thanks for what is done in the past and that's why God said to the Nation of Islam to the leaders you tell them to keep remembering what happened in the Red Sea and really what God is done for them here. He'll do their and the only thing that fouled up God's plan for them is because they refuse to believe in. Remember he took him down the sound gave the law. All these things able to live by to come up to the borders of the promised land. They said no we don't. We don't think so. We're afraid to think about this God opened up the sea drowned all of the charioteers of Pharaoh and they get up to the promise land, a land flowing with milk and hunting that had a terrible committee to have the to the to her right timber wrong you can always go by committees and so what happened they listen to the wrong voices instead of saying yes Joshua yes Caleb if he brought us to the Red Sea. He can take years and this promised land. When they do they get the focus of God and got him owned giants what's the giant compared to God. And when you stand on the banks of the sea and see it open and then watch it close up. That was an accident and when I hear some theologian is written well, there was a times it was the wind blowing in this it did make a difference.

What happened how I did it.

God did it. Isn't it interesting that happened the most perfect time to open up and closed up the most perfect time to destroy all the Egyptian. It was the hand of a loving God who had promised to deliver the same hand of God that delivered them and promised that he they would be delivered is the same God.

You and I talked to if he delivered them, listen, if he delivered them. The Red Sea delivered Daniel from the lion's den that you know when you think about God's deliverance does he deliver everybody all the time. No, because all the disciples lease. Most of them were killed because of their belief but they live their life in such a fashion that it impacted the world in which they live. So doesn't mean that life is going to be easy. But what happens is when you and I begin to praise him, we begin to thank him for all the things is not and we look in the word and we see how God's answer prayer here in God's answered prayer that and you in your Bible more than likely if it's like mine, and I'm not saying your buddies. I'll be like mine. But since that if I got all candidates in the air where God did this, and God did that God did this over here and sometime if find myself sort of thing one Lord, I was getting him to start flipping the pages yes thank you Jesus, thank you to God for the Lord. If you can do that then in a situation that I was in.

This is nothing that I'm expecting you to.

I just know God, you, you going to work this out and you look at this particular situation and you what we say for example you go back and read how did God work in Moses life Joseph life Daniels life. Josh was life why we say go back and see what God's none, because it reinforces our faith and then when you can look in your own life. Now if you're 18 years of age, you have or probably go back but when you get little a few years on, you can look back and you know what I think it would be so foolish of me to doubt God absolute foolish have absolutely no foundation whatsoever for doubting God when I've lived long enough to see him do this and daddy go through this and that and that's why when people so I'm just so anxious and so worried about something. I can be sympathetic but I have to work at it and I do understand why because I've been through enough things that God was faithful every single time I just want to say to you, trusting, listen, this is sovereignty that you trusting. This is the one true God. This is the omnipotent God, the omniscient God down the present God that is your in his presence, your under his authority and power and he has all that you need. Why going to worry about why your friend about it was that mean you that all problems will disappear. No, he didn't promise the problem to disappear, here's what he said I'm going to be with you and for me that's enough that's enough that he is with us and so what happens when you now begin to thank him and praise him that it it reinforces our faith and we begin this. I will Lord what I what I don't know why I should be all upset about this because you don't change in one of the attributes of God. That to me is the most refreshing of all is the fact that he never changes.

I look in the Old Testament see what he did look in the New Testament, see what it did and so if he did it for them and they didn't know Jesus as your not knowing how much more faith. Should we have to know that our Savior who died and rose again from the grave and since the father's right hand, he's going to keep his word every single time. So we praise him and what happens is, therefore, our faith is is reinforced and also it rejoices our spirit and what happens is as we've been saying all along, something happens that as we begin to thank him and praise him for what he's doing and I love the deer was saying to yourself are saying out loud at home by seven about his lesson. Do you have a saying, except in church. Think about it now. All the young people they can. They got all these kind of songs I got them, regulars rattle them off. And yet we are adults.

We've been living a prettier while giving, we can say we don't remember the words. I bet you somewhere, Judy, for example, if I said let's sing amazing Grace, well most of us would know that with a lot of people who don't.

And it's a shame they don't and then the church much or whatever but you and I have the privilege of singing to him and what we're doing is we're just praising him and asked spirit gets lifted. You asked me the last thing to him absolutely. Sometimes I forget the words right Miller buds move often make up my own words, if necessary, and because that's something in my spirit and I've learned listen if you wake up and you just feel down, get your feet on the floor before you get up and start thanking God discard thank you limited. If you're married and their Waco And not just start singing some that you know and his were my favorite was great is thy faithfulness of God. If I can justify and get that when going great is thy faithfulness then he's been faithful what's up what mothering I'm being reminded of how faithful he's been in the past. Insert rejoices our spirit, if you will try to have a hard time getting up if you will start thanking God while you still in the bed I'm telling you God knows how to waken every facet of your body. Every everything about you begins to be awake what you praising God, and you see he desires the praise he deserves it.

It doesn't have to fit somebody else's mold summers as well.

You know I can get back and be lying in the bed and singing will. Why not numbers.

He could just leave you there all day have sick but he respond to your rejoicing and I've met people and situations and circumstances that can rejoice in the Lord.

Nothing Lord I wonder if I could be that rejoicing is that person is he meets is where needs are and so the reasons he's told us and said it is good to give thanks to God and so you just have to ask yourself, you know how often do you giving thanks now how we to do that.

We said, here's why we are to do it and the reasons we ought to do it. It comes back to us. But the reason of the primers who he is and he certainly deserves it. But now, how are we to how we do praise him well. Naturally the first ways to praise and verbally thank you father thank you thank you thank you Jesus and some of you probably not to frequently do that but think about this. Let me ask you when you are going on the highway are becoming intersection and some by all slams in the but they don't what you say thank you Jesus right thank you, God, whatever you say but you express gratitude. Now that the time you do that, what about when you wake up you so I want to get office waken up business because I know what it will do.

If you are listening. God will show you seems to help people demonstrate his awesome love for you. He loves to hear you praise him so you ask yourself the question, how do we express this gratitude will certainly one of the ways is to express our gratitude to him is by simply saying, Lord, thank you very much you say will does that honor God. Yes, because what you're saying is you seeing him as the source.

He's our heavenly father. He's committed to us and he's committed to doing the best for us at every turn in life even though he lets us go through things and causes us to suffer and hurt and have pain you civil how can I thank God for pain.

Well, it's a good way to help get over it number one and did not Paul saying that his long fingers on his. He said in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I can I give thanks for something that's causing me pain because here's what he says God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him. Those are called according to his purpose.

That is if you're a child of God. You receive Jesus Christ as your Savior, he's your Savior and your Lord and you going through a difficult time that will how can I give thanks because he says we are to give thanks. You see God knows the healing power. He knows the strength and the energy that comes through giving him thanks even when we going through a very difficult and painful time and so with to express it in an email so I don't know what else to say but thank you God what's enough sometime that's enough thank you thank you and and sometimes I find us and thank you thank you thank you Jesus if I've seen him in of experience. Something's got me through across or whatever. I meant to say thank you thank you thank you Jesus and sometime at night when I don't. When I got to mail things mama our friend, talk to them and then if I still have the time. You know what I do.

His Ross acid Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus and I really thanking him at the same time.

That's what I'm saying you will on the morning there is power in that name. The Bible says there is no other name given among men under these heavens whereby men must be saved or can be saved and will be saved we talking about the most powerful name. His name represents everything that he is Jesus, son of the living God sitting at the father's right hand, making intercession for you and me right now ready, willing, available instantaneously to help us strengthen us in whatever we are facing in life so we can sometimes just say it. A second way we express it. Is this and that is by singing you so well now you know what I can see. Yes, you can do you know when singing started. Think about this before man on earth ever spoke a word was music what God is the one who gave his cords music. Nothing about this format never said a word that was music birds created for men you think birds were deaf and dumb before man came along. No, they were singing and you if you've ever been around where a lot of different kind of birds are and I have a friend of mine who's got 50 some birdhouses you should hear it when they're all charming in because you don't understand what we do understand what they say but I think they're happy they just tear it up. I got a bird at mod outside my bedroom window.

I've never seen her whatever she is, but I can tell it's close to 5 o'clock that's when the bread and you know what we change the time that they said bird one bit same time from his or her perspective and so when you think about bubbling brooks. They were running before man was ever created. You think about waves lapping on the shore quietly crashing against the rocks. You know what before man was ever created.

God loves music.

He's the creator of and he wants us to express that. That's part of expressing our Thanksgiving. There's all kind of music it is not for me to judge what someone else's may love about the kind of music they listen to everybody has their own particular brand, but when I think about it. Sometimes I like different kinds just like you do is think about the fact that God could give you a lad a boy before he even reaches 12 years of age, the ability to write such awesome music as is been written in the past but God gave us music and part of the reason is to glorify him. In fact, that is the first primary reason for which he gave music to bring him glory and honor. He said it's good to give thanks the Lord will how do we give thanks to Lorna watch this carefully because most people would never put this in the category of Thanksgiving, the most powerful way to give thanks is to live a godly life. Does the Bible say Jesus said he made it so clear crystal clear his way said if you love me you will what obey me. So if I'm going to give thanks to God and its genuine it's gonna come from an obedient heart is nothing that matches that words can be nothing but the actions of obedience and the thoughts of obedience and the desire to be obedient to God that honors him and he is honored by our obedience and when we live in obedient life.

What happens we honor him and we say thank you father, but whatever it might be and that's my prayer that you would live that kind of life so that you would be the most blessed possible by his loving giving. Thank you for listening to part 211. It is good to give thanks to God.

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