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Requirements for the Ministry of Intercession - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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November 2, 2021 12:00 am

Requirements for the Ministry of Intercession - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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November 2, 2021 12:00 am

The last time someone asked you to lift their needs to the Lord, did you remember to do so? Have you trusted another with your requests as well?

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Got them to the intact podcast with Charles Stanley for Tuesday, November 2. Today's program speaks about that powerful that often times neglected process of prayer.

Remind yourself of the opportunity God gives you to intercede on behalf of Adams, John Wesley once said, give me 100 million hundred million who fear nothing but sin. Nobody but God. He says I care about a straw for the Libby labeling or preachers there prayers will shake the gates of hell as you and I look in the history and see how God has used many great sermons. All of these sermons had behind them. Someone who was an intercessor. Many people know Charles defendant, who was a great preacher went up and down the skull of his preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hundreds of thousands of people were saved. Many people know him Monday was a great event. He was a converted lawyer. What people do not understand is that all the time.

Charles defendant was standing up in public preaching. There was a man with a name of father Nash who was tucked away in his room praying and pleading for the power of God to come up on Joe's defendant and open the hearts of those who were listening that multitudes of people might be saved.

Charles Spurgeon was one of the greatest preachers the world will ever know, and when he preached multitudes of people were saying that oftentimes people are asking and oftentimes give him the credit for his eloquence and his biblical knowledge and he will oftentimes take them downstairs under the sanctuary to show them where multitudes of people had assembled together. Who would pray all during the time he was preaching Mary Queen of Scots said I fear John Knox's prayers more than I feared 10,000 soldiers. She understood the power of one St. own his knees before Almighty God pleading the power of God, interceding in behalf of those for whom he was concerned God does not give everybody a life ministry of intercession. He does call some to the ministry of intercession, but all of our laws are to be intercessor and we need to understand some basic principles if we going to intercede. It's one thing super the hop down and pray all Lord, would you please wrestle and so you know that the trouble there anymore.

I don't know what to do from would you bless him in Jesus name that's not in the session. I want to share with you what's involved in the session, but to remind you God may be calling you to the ministry of intercession. This I know he is calling you to intercede as a believer. For those whom you know and not say, and specifically and particular people. God will place upon your heart, so I want to give the requirements number one the first one is awareness. If you going to intercede for others that you must be willing for the Holy Spirit to make you sensitive to the needs of that person.

Sensitive to their needs are aware of what's happening in their life, so it is an awareness of need. We begin to be sensitive and the more we begin to intercede, the sharper our sensitivity becomes. It may look like it's sharp to begin with.

But my friend the longer you pray God sharpens up your sensitivity you become keenly aware of what is happening in the life of another person. So first of all, there is an awareness and awareness of the other person's needs of their hearts on awareness of their potential unawareness of what God may want to do in the life of that person. The next word is abandonment. Is that what you mean by abandonment I mean super this you must abandon as a prayer warrior. As a praying saint, you must abandon all self interest in the person.

If you going to bring the before God as an intercessor, you must abandon all self interest. Now, that's why. Oftentimes it is better for someone outside the family to intercede for someone in your family because is very difficult.

In fact, it's impossible for us to pray for someone we love that there that coaster was without some kind of self-interest. I don't mean that selfish interest necessarily has to be a selfless kind of thing and every parent ought to be an intercessor. And when I say self-interest here.

I mean, in praying for other people. We want to get God to do something in their life for our benefit, although that's not intercession an intercessor is willing to abandon himself and herself of all self-interest. God in Jesus name. You place the burden of this person upon me bring them to you for your glory.

I bring them to you for your praise and honor, not from our benefit.

The abandonment of one's own self-interest but likewise the abandonment of one's own life in those times of intercession. God does not call anyone to the continuous on in the ministry of intercession so that you are continuously burned. He doesn't do it. I believe that physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

You can stand the pressure because oftentimes it is tremendous pressure and so God will have you interceding for person foresees the time and it's like he removes the burden and let you catch your breath and catch up a little bit. Then he will come back and do it again if God is called you to minister of intercession for particular person, but if he has called you to pray for this particular person for season of time and you interceding for this one and got answers. The pray takes the burden off and what God does is you and I begin to pray for people and he answers prayer. The burden is over. There is a release from that bird and then he will lay someone else upon your heart some other group of people or some persons not things but person you see so many people think that prayer is a waste of time because they don't see a lot going on, let me ask you something is illiberal waste of time. When you fellowship with God. Is there ever a waste of time, though, because in every single moment you spin before Almighty God. God is enriching your life with his life. He's teaching you, giving you understanding, strengthening your relationship with him, deepening and abiding intimacy and intimacy that comes in no other way except on your face before God abandon to him, Lord, not my will but thy will be done. The next word is agonizing. There will be times when God will so burn your heart for someone you just egg on the inside.

Eileen you hurt so the you know what you feeling sometimes you feeling there hurts you sent intercessor must be willing to bear the hurts and cry. The tears in the place of someone else.

Agonizing before God, he will so burn your heart you think you going to break into on the inside you weep, not bitter tears but tears of grief when you see them fouling of their lives because the more I hurt when you hurt and the more I can get under your hurt. And the more I can feel what you are hurting and feel all the confusion and frustration your heart the more intense will be my intercession before God and I can print of Almighty God so intelligently. My God, I know how they are hurting. I know what's going on. I pleading the name of Jesus Christ, you have heard and work your work of grace in their life agonizing broken, weeping, crying out Jesus did it, he wept.

His heart was broken as an intercessor over Jerusalem.

He wept when he saw the condition he pleaded before his father in their behalf. I believe there be many more children walking in the will of God if they had godly mothers and dads who called their name in intercession when necessary to agonize. Having abandon themselves for their children with an awareness of the sensitivity of the children's need, crying out and calling our children's name before Almighty God, I'll tell you.

I believe the prayers of of God's people can stop anything Satan wants to, but it came the little bullfrog praying top down hop up going your way.

That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about praying that is not limited by five minutes checking the clock to be sure to have a parade, not 10 minutes.

How long of a parade. No, I'm talking about getting so involved with Almighty God in his omnipotent work. I'm talking about being so in love of God in the person with whom you pray that Tom makes no difference as long as the telephone. You cannot hear it even though it's ringing, the television has no interest to you. You don't want to talk to your friends you don't want to eat you want to sleep. The only thing you want to do is to sit on kneel before law, before Almighty God and cry out to him, for God's supernatural power to intervene and stop what is sure to be a disaster with talking about agonizing before God by God's not going to call you do that for every person you intercede for because the circumstance of the situation will be the same but sometimes it requires agonize in the next word is authority. You see it's one thing to kneel and say the Lord, you know I don't deserve the come to you today and I know that you said you answer prayer and write you these folks are in real trouble. Lord, you know I love him I love her. Lord, please would you would you would you do is help was at Lord's number and talk. I'm talking about coming to God as an intercessor.

Understanding the promises of this book, and understanding that when you and I walking holy before God, walking in the spirit living obediently before God that you and I have authority with Almighty God. That is, God is going to listen to your intercession.

God is going to respond to your intercession. That's power with God authority with God, my friend. The reason most folks have no authority regarding the pray and the praying sounds like a beggar is because they're living in sin. There is no willful disobedience in their life with you and against Almighty God and if you rebel against God. There is no authority there is no power in your praying. You might as will not pray. Except the prayer of repentance, one who knows how to intercede.

Knows the basis of authority is that we don't see ourselves the way God ceases.

Satan has so tricked us to believing that we're just sinners saved by grace when he says with a mighty Saints of God in whom the Holy Spirit is dwelling living through the life of Christ. The servants of God the salt and the light here in this life, and we have divine authority with Almighty God. And when the people of God, pray God himself responds in supernatural exhibit.

Why do we sit while the world passes us by the Church of Jesus Christ should be on the advance aggressively aggressively attacking the strongholds of Satan interceding in behalf of lost people and those are backslidden before God, because all of us have the potential of having authority with him. The man of the woman who sits in the pew has just as much authority with Almighty God. If they're willing to exercise it in the living godly before Christ, as the most eloquent educated preacher that has ever lived on the face of their has nothing to do with eloquence or education. It has to do with being right with God. The next word is, if you turn to Ephesians chapter 6 for a moment, look at this passage. Usually we read this passage we talk about putting on the whole armor of God so we go to work the next morning not be tempted or face the situation better. But I want to listen to this. Who this is written for what his arm was all about.

He says in verse 13 of division six. Therefore take up the full armor of God, that you may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.

Resist by standing firm. Stand firm, therefore, having girded your lawns. The truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. In addition to all taking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one and take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. I look at verse 18, with all prayer and petition, pray at all times in the spirit and with this in view.

The only alert with all perseverance and petition for all site.

Do you know why you get dressed up in the full armor of God to get dressed up in the full armor of God for the purpose of praying friend. If you want to experience a satanic attack, you give yourself to prayer in behalf of someone I'm here to tell you, Satan will organize everything he can organize in hell and he will at Accu in your intercession at the same time, he will often attack the person for whom you pray.

That's why what he says put on the full armor of God, he missed all this armor and then he says the what's the reason he says with all prayer and petition, praying at all times in the spirit. In this view, the only alert with all perseverance and petition for all site we get dressed up. The pray this in Satan is in cabinet sermons. We bring some of the songs we sing.

He doesn't care what else we do.

As long as Satan can keep you off your knees, he doesn't care what you do because it is the prayer that releases the supernatural power of God in whatever we are doing what is sharing your faith preaching a sermon sing in the choir singing a soak it makes no difference. It is prayer that releases God's power and you see in that way. Only God can be glorified. There's going to be warfare.

We must be dressed up to pray the last word is the word accountability you so what world does that have to do what we are talking about is what it has to do with my friend if God lays someone up on your hard for you to intercede.

You are accountable to God to intercede never had God will hold you accountable. God will hold you accountable for praying for that person interceding in their behalf. He will hold you accountable for your failure to pray or your faithfulness and praying we are accountable to God as intercessors. The most powerful, effective far reaching act you can ever perform in the life of anyone is to become an intercessor for that person. Now it may be for this person for a few weeks and that person later. All through your life and mine. We should be interceding for the people. It does not mean that all of these nine things will always be true. Every time exactly the same.

There may be times when you will in the scene. There's no agony at all. It may be that sometimes that person just need some support, but at times you may feel like you going through hell and thereby had they'll be times when you will be seeking God for someone else and you told that person. They said or everything just one of the thing will got hacking to be so one of a number to dial view printable. It may be that God is with the pain and the suffering own you. You are suffering in their behalf because God knows at that moment they can take it. Remember that there will be times when God will have you to intercede for someone else when they can't take the suffering got funds about the place it on your available over-the-counter praying. I want to jot down if you will, the law of intercession. If you take a moment to write this down now since slowly so you can get it. We can only ask God to do for another. We can only ask God to do for another what will willing for God to do through us. We can only ask God to do for another what will willing for God to do through us. That means if I come to him to intercede and ask God to do something I am willing for God to do that through me. If necessary, my friend, you know some folks today who've already chosen the move in the direction of running their life.

You can be God's holy area to keep them from wrecking their life as an intercessor, you may not be allowed just to pray. You may have to pray and then you may have to speak. You may have to pray, and you may have to speak to that person with the most important, the most effective. The most far-reaching thing you will ever do is to call that person's name before God in prayer. You have the potential of being used by Almighty God to effect change not only the life of an individual with churches, the nation and the world and I want to ask you, will you let that opportunity slide by your life will you make whatever adjustments necessary to become an influence in someone else's life, the Lord Almighty. Thank you for listening to part 211 requirements for the ministry of intercession.

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