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Trembling at God's Word

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 22, 2021 12:00 am

Trembling at God's Word

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 22, 2021 12:00 am

God wants us to yield ourselves to His awesome Word.

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Welcome to the podcast with Charles Stanley October 22 time to read the Bible every day, not you.

Nothing more than you might think. Here's today's podcast from Isaiah 66. Why do you think the world is in its present deplorable condition. Emma relative everywhere. It's unsafe the nations of the world are financial problems. Warring tribes borrowing against each other right made why you think the world in this condition by you children spiritually dead in so many places. Why do you think we got this way and we could go on to describe many other aspects of where we are. The question is how do we get here and so when you look around to see what's happening throughout the world where people believe in the living God. Something happens in the life where they have turned them off, where they have decided we don't want in it relationship to this God. The only thing that does is bring us down further and further we become more and more corrupt, more and more dissatisfied more and more fearful, more and more dangerous.

It isn't something that somebody else does. These are decisions that we make, but we are where we are because we don't want God telling us how to live our lives. How foolish happily stood live and to believe that somehow we can do it better than God did it. He's given us the laws make it best for us make life better for others and is given as a principle to live by, and he's given us a command that we are to share the truth of his love and his goodness and his mercy and his kindness and his judgment to the whole world and that's what mission is all about.

When I think about what we do to get the truth of the gospel. There, and so I would simply ask you this. Are you making a contribution to our society. Are you a stumbling block when you read the 10 Commandments, all of which are positive for our sake. Are you violating them and excusing them. Are you attempting to live by the commandments that God gave that's good for us and good for everyone else.

When I want you to turn if you will to Isaiah chapter 66 Isaiah probably the greatest prophet of the Old Testament and only want us to read two verses here at the invisible background of what I want to share with you in the first verse of Isaiah chapter 66. The Scripture says, thus says the Lord. Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool. Where, then, is the house you could bill for me. And where is the place that I may rest from my hand made all these things and Isaiah simply saying this to the people.

He's not criticizing Solomon for billing. There's also indescribable temple to him. He simply say you know I appreciate the temple that's not the most important thing God says I've made everything I control everything. I'm not drawn to you by temples and edifices. I'm Joan. Do you buy something else. Then he says that this one.

I will look to him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who trembles at my word. That's what God is looking for. We can impress God with what we do in building edifices, though there are some beautiful ones. He says that's not what primarily interested in. I'm primarily interested in those who have an attitude, a relationship is. He says here who have a humble spirit, contrite spirit, and who trembles at his word when he says, tremble at the word that means when you and I face the word of God. We are awed by, we are struck by it. We are affected by. We are impressed by something happen so as we read the word of God. God says that's what I'm interested in people who, as he says in this passage clearly tremble at my words not asking this question. One of the benefits that you and I have a reading the word of God. The words he says those who humble themselves before the word those those who bow before the word those who acknowledge that this is the written word of the living God. He says it so clearly to this one that person.

He says I will look to him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who trembles the word of God. God says he has my attention. You want to get God's attention open is where you got God's attention. So let's think about some of those benefits.

The first was this God's word will lead us to salvation. Listen what he says in first Peter first chapter 23rd verse for you have been born again, not of seed which is perishable, but imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. All of us got saved as a result of believing the truth of Scripture, you may have known almost no Scripture, but when somebody said for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him to be the Christ the Savior, the Lord, that person should be safe if we confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead, they should be saved.

So one of the benefits and the benefits go on and on and on, for example, in the hundred 19, some just to show you a few of these benefits God's word will guide your steps. Look, if you will hundred 19 Psalm the hundred and fifth verse. This verse most of his memorized long time ago. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path which is simply that you should teach your children that so early in life, they can remember when your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my path that is the word of God is going to show me where to go and where not to go is so show me what to say and what not to say it's going to shows how to make decisions a lamp to athlete in the light to our path.

His word, that being true, think about the society in which you and I live in the society in which you live wherever you are. We live in a dangerous society and unsafe society, unneeded society and in modeling decadent society we live in a society that we need light and truth, and we need direction we need to walk in his path and is what he says his word is a lamp to my feet. Show me where to go lie to my pad. Mom and dad's grandparents you all to drill this into your children's hearts so early in life, they cannot remember when. Because what you saying to them is this God will show you the right way. You show you when you had the wrong way.

You don't want to go on this way which is destructive.

You want to go on the way to make it possible for you to grow up to be the kind of person that Almighty God want you to be in the plan view to be 1/3 benefit in the stay in the hundred 19 Psalm. He says God's word will direct you to wisdom hundred 19. Some of the hundred and 30th verse, the unfolding of your word gives light that's wisdom. It gives understanding to the simple. When you are not read the word of God we become wise because what does God he shows us things that a good pause he wants is about things that are not good for us. He is a protector in the word of God is our greatest protector.

It's like a shield before us.

God's word gives those warnings against things that the world does not want us against but really does its best that draws into it and ultimately destroys us.

Then of course listen to what he says in the hundred 19 Psalm the 28th verse God's word will lift Albert. He says my soul weeps because of grief strengthen me according to your word and I don't know of any time in life, probably when people feel more drawn to the word of God when they feel hurt empty lonely estranged when they're sick facing death, you name address of the time. We need the word of God we needed every day. For example, my soul weeps because of grief strengthen me according to your word and the many things that people suffer for, and have need of. They don't even ask out of it. Well, you know, God is not interested in that. Let me ask, what is it in your life and God is not interested in you can name anything your desires are the things that you hate what you where you serve, or God's intention what I wear. Yes he is.

You look around. Sometimes role of the summit is not listening. God is interested in every single aspect of our life. And so when he says strengthen me according to your word.

My soul weeps because of grief.

Then, for example hundred 19 Psalm the hundred 11 verse God's word will bring you joy.

I have inherited your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart missing? What do you read that brings you more joy than the word of God. What can you read that brings you more joy than the word of God. For example, if we just want to start from something this basic read. The 23rd Psalm the Lord is my shepherd, hallelujah I shall not want. Glory to God.

We can just go right through the 23rd Psalm and you going to feel joy and hope and assurance and confidence.

You know what's in the Bible because God knew you and I would needed in the whole world needs. God says here the people they got my attention.

Those who tremble at my word. When do you want God's attention when you're hurting the most when you feel lost in the strange thing and you find yourself in difficulty. That's when most people in God the most. You know what he wants. He desires that you and I want him just as much when everything is going our way. When everything seems to be just right. He wants us to be loving toward him. Desirous of him obedient to him walking in his way in and when the Bible says that he responds to our response to his word, he says, I'm not impressed by great buildings. I'm impressed by those young and old alike. No matter where you come from what nation you're from.

He says impressed by those who love my word so nice you this you love the word of God. By the way you treated the you have a Bible that you wouldn't give up for anything oral. And I remember one of the Bible is our priest from for years I left in the backseat of my car. I went into M vitamin shop to get some vitamins I came out and it was go and I had a briefcase in their advantages had the Bible lay in their know what it would take that up. They thought of the briefcase, then probably the money or something else. The only thing I had in their was a Bible, a Greek New Testament and my favorite fountain pen that's always in their so they thought they had something to check with his they had my favorite treasure my Bible but I don't think they read it. If they had been brought back will never got it back, but the truth is the truth and that Bible was in my heart. And because you can always have another Bible but when I think about. He says I have inherited your testimonies for they are the joy of my heart. And then I just save this lesson God's word will give you peace. Psalm 119, 165.

Those who love your law. Have a great piece and nothing causes them to stop everybody on the wants peace and I remember being interested in California, a friend of mine and I were erected at a book signing in the restaurant that morning and this young lady walked up and and I could tell something wasn't right and I said we got the time, I said ma'am, if you could have anything in the world you want this morning. What would you have cheating has that she's at peace. Then she began to weep and tell me why what was going in her life. You know what peace means. It means to be bound to the words when you have peace, you're bound to God. You will never, never, never, never, never, never have peace without Almighty God and Jesus said to his disciples because they were so troubled my peace I give in to you not as the world gives because that one work, my peace I given to you not as the world gives give you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. That's the promise of God and so when I look at this passage in an IC what he says.

He says to this one.

He says I will look to him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who trembles at my word. You want God's approval getting the book you want God's approval read it.

You want God's approval. Ask God to speak your heart summarizes what read some things I don't understand what just read the part you do understand that this some parts that are difficult to understand but there's so much that's easy to understand and God is saying to us. God honors and is committed to blessing those who honor his precious where so now look at that and I think we hold in their hands the most precious and most valuable thing we own the word of God and then one of my favorite verses about the Scriptures is therefore the verse eight he says the grass withers, flowers fade, but the word of our God shall stand forever. It doesn't make any difference what anybody says about it how many they burn, they walk on, they tremble long and they don't believe this book is not going anywhere. It is the living word of God. In fact, it's so precious. God said you only get my attention.

You want on the who I really and truly am impressed by not people who build great buildings, have great reputations. Great speakers break this grade that God says I look to the one I favor the one who trembles before my word you believe it you obey it you treasury because it's God's message to us and listen to this. The message of this book will transform anybody's life and give you absolute assurance that when you die, you go to heaven, but it also gives a warning. You die without Christ it will be termed the separate from where it is the word of God fit into your life.

Can you say you love it. Can you say you treasure it because, listen the say you love the Bible is the say you love God, the say you treasure the bonuses that you treasure God. This is his word. This is God, and print. You say you say the bobbles got no but it's the mind of God. The heart of God. The Spirit of God. It's all about who God is, from Genesis 1 that begins in the beginning it summarizes in the beginning of what in the beginning of everything God created the heavens and the earth and we come to the last verse of Revelation, and God is still on his throne, doing what he promised to do so would simply say this.

If you do have one, and you have to dusted all get it dusted off today. Opened it up and before you go to bed tonight read a lot of people have problems sleeping.

How many times about the Lord on things on my mind. I want the last thing on my mind to be holy God and watch this more than likely the first thing on your mind.

The next day will be holy. Amen.

Father had grateful we are that you loved us enough to give us your word and that you have kept it down through the generations.

Pure that we can read it in any given situation. No matter what and know in our heart we doing the right thing.

We getting true instruction and we will be helped and guided properly every single time. We love you for this precious gift. In Jesus name, amen. What if you never trusted him as your Savior. Let me to say this to you is only one way to heaven.

And that's the way of the cross. The resurrected Christ died on the cross for your sins. He pages send that info on the Bible is clear about that that I was clear about how to be saved. The Bible is clear about going to heaven in the Bible is clear about the warnings of those who reject so I trust if you never trusted him as your Savior.

You are willing to say to him today. Lord, I'm asking you to forgive me of my sin. I don't understand the lien but I do believe, according to the Scripture that you will forgive me of my sin. I surrender my life you today and want to be the person you want me to be, will the answer your petition yes thank you for listening trembling at God's word. If you like to know more about child family or in touch ministries and started liking it. After the presentation of intense ministry

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