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How to Build Truth Into Your Life

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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October 1, 2021 12:00 am

How to Build Truth Into Your Life

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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October 1, 2021 12:00 am

Strengthen your commitment to God’s Word and blessings will follow.

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Welcome to the intense contact with Charles Stanley for Friday, October 1 applying what you read in the Bible that the series on helps to holiness with a lesson on how to build truth into your life. How many sermons have you heard in your lifetime habit is spiritual principles have been declared to you how many times have you walked out of the church services it bordered on the left. Thank you preacher thank you Pastor I really needed to hear that times have you taken a pencil and you scribbled out some notes of something you heard of the sermon you said yourself. I surely don't want to forget that all you sat there listening to the message and you said why she related that because yesterday the verse same thing happen to me all you walked out and said your husband or your wife. I'm really going to leave that next week because already know what's coming. Let me ask you this.

How many of those crews that you heard you jotted some notes down about and you intended to remember them and you intended to apply that in your life that you never got around to applying your own spiritual life. I want you to think about this.

Daddy you think about having to sermons you heard and how much true has gone through your mind.

I will ask you how much of that truth that you taken time to share with your children and to work in their life so that it becomes a part of their thinking. You see, one of the greatest crimes that happens in America happens between 11 and 12 o'clock on Sunday morning when thousands and millions of Americans go to church listen to the truth, expounded and go away and give it a little on no Junior one application to their life. If you are not allowing Almighty God through his Holy Spirit to build into your lifestyle the building to your thinking the pattern of your life to build your vocabulary and your language. The truth why listen to the gospel. This is what you can go to church 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years in the real truth is that some people most people not see any Lord Jesus Christ in your life been basalt two weeks after USA. God does not give us truth to here enjoy pet some preacher on the back and move on.

God declares truth in order that it may be adsorbed built into my life so that more of Jesus Christ is reflected through the because more. His truth is absorbed in me now.

How does a believer build spiritual principles and foods into their life there. 10 words alone begin with the first of all is the word desire. If you do not desire to build into your life. If you do not hunger and thirst to know and to apply and put God to work in and through you. The truth of Scripture print they won't be there. They do not come automatically. You not a Christian automatic that you do not grow automatically and you so do not build in your life is every spiritual truth in every spiritual principle is like a building block. You do not need a big foundation for Arlene to follow the hunt for a tent but if you going to build a gigantic hundred and 20 story skyscraper you need a firm foundation. God is building saints. He's building giants of men and women who are filled with Jesus Christ, and who are overflowing with them and all the dues that he must build into our life principles to guide us in Scripture crews that will give us morning, dear assurance. The confidence and those principles by which you and I are to serve him. But if you do solicit the sermon and I just calm and they just go and you get all excited and people.

But the Bible says they go here all these famous preachers they save. Praise the Lord is the great is not super for what reason God doesn't raise up Superman. He raises up, all inherit man to declare super natural truth is man who changes man is God's word that changes men and God wants the truth adsorbed into the life of the believer, but I wanted to do something. If you do not have a desire if you do not have a desire to work these principles in your life.

They're not going to be there the second world that one is the word decision. I watch this very carefully is when Satan stripped up more people wanting it, wishing it and desiring it is that's only step one. If I really wanted in my life and make a decision. I will I will pursue that I will deepen my understanding. I will work that in my life.

I will pursue that until it becomes a pattern of my living nasty something.

How many times have you heard truth that all of a sudden the light just dawned on you and I would ask you the question, what did you do the light.

What did you do with the dog. What you do with your notes. What about the application did you make a decision. Dear God bye-bye help of the Holy Spirit. I will ask all that in them are being I want. That is a part of my life is the people here sermons by the hundreds of thousands are lifetime and never make a deliberate decision to apply the truth in their life as you talk about some of the seminars coming out of our ears books to read seminars people telling folks how to get that marriage back together had her like that you all these and what happens three weeks after the seminars are with their back in the same O'Neill fuss and fight Garen. You know why because they never made a decision to apply the principle in their lying third word and that is digestion you say what you mean by digestion message for me this then when you hear a true you go to the word of God and you find out what does the Bible to say about your concordance are index your file and start searching the Scriptures about everything you can relate to that, then you meditate on the Scriptures get on your knees before God on our own. Sitting in your living room. Whatever might be reading and thinking about what does that say God what you sing with talk to the Lord about it. Read the Scriptures.

Meditation memorize the verses that mean the most is what you doing your mind is absorbing God's viewpoint about that principle as your mind absorbs that you begin to think the way God thinks about that principle. Before long he is thought patterns have done what build up your old rights. Now you cutting new thought patterns because now you have begun to think the way God thinks not listen I do anything on and in the world and nothing get this into your heart.

That won't happen. Just listening to sermons you got to meditate.

You got to just what you've heard and you see adsorbing it to absorb it. You got to think about it. You gotta talk about it pray about it, memorize a verse or two, but meditation upon that in order to digest the juicy as it becomes a part of me will I be able to live that out all right. The next word and that is two words a definite application only tell you what I mean by different application. If you think about some particular weakness in your life that Satan keeps hitting you on winding definite application.

Let's say that you have a stronghold in your life all right. In certain circumstances in which Satan triggers that all right, but that the application I mean to plan in your thinking the way you going to respond. The next time that situation arises.

Don't wait for you in the middle. I would have to think about it, but plan ahead of time because all of us those situations we been in many times where Satan will trip us up and if we can pre-plan how we going to respond. It is amazing what happens because of the power of the mind and the power of the spirit of God within us all right. The next is daily evaluation. It's one thing for me to apply, but if I never back off and say will not, how will that I do it. Let's say for example you go to work tomorrow morning or you go to school and got you get tripped up and somehow I Satan defeats you and so what you say well, and it wouldn't work. At no point may try no your lawn by yourself and you get the word and bring back a couple Scriptures and the Lord may live in your heart about that principle yes yourself the question now. How did I respond I was out tight that I jump quickly or did I think first of all, now that person is not my enemy is the devil, he's my enemy, but Satan is using that person would likewise God is using them for mounted that I think through the situation or did I just respond involuntarily without thinking out of habit because that's where I've been, respond and what you will discover as you analyze your responses. You'll discover that many things you do are just automatic reflexes of past patterns and habits that you want to change so a daily evaluation of how you working the truth in your life will make all the difference in the world. Then the word discussion because I believe one of the most profitable ways to build a principal in your life is to discuss this. I can share everything and I do try to share everything God is teaching me from the word with you but dad and mom you are the ones who can put it on a platter in the in the bite-size that your children can take at this given moment, I can do that. All I can do is just give it out, but you haven't replied to your children and you see if you will begin to just talk to them and discuss with them missing you discuss with them what God is doing in your you may have to confess something to repent of some things a lot on this and sometimes you kids really come up with a super super insight that you never thought up.

Don't say, will you not thought about that but I just had got run the mention you kids can spot that the second you will build truth end of their life vest by discussing with them what you feel and asking their opinion and asking them to explain how they feel about that what you're doing is you getting them to think about what that says the son or daughter is born.

This is got to be important.

My dad talked about the whole male if you were motivated properly that your son or your daughter would get a certain truth, friend, you'd be surprised how long you and your family could talk about a given scriptural truth. I'll tell you this, you will give your children know more precious and valuable thing, as long as they live as taking the truth that God is working in your life. It may be a teaspoonful sometimes a thimbleful a tablespoonful of barrel folders depends on what they can take, but as you talk about what God is doing in you and what that does that builds up into their life. The building blocks that will make them capable of facing any and everything like but talk about not just the family but to a friend or to someone that you you have confidence in, or someone that maybe not even be interested but just laid on him and see how they respond, the more you talk about it the more you understand and I can always explain all that.

But I know in my own heart. What happens is I begin to share what God is teaching me the next word is discipline. We cannot be passive about absolving truth into our life. Discipline means that I am willing to recognize that I have a personal responsibility of getting that truth into my lifestyle. I can be passive is that well Jesus of the kebabs is not Christ in me. So your people spit at the truth, he just teleported in. No, he's not. This happens to be my mind. And by the act of my will govern how that thing operates and you see, if I choose to meditate, to search the Scriptures that talk about it. I will if I choose not to live on and I cannot be passive easy. Satan is always sitting right there on the threshold of snacks that so I can be passive to say what you heard that an outgrowth send me these everything he knows it like when you have Christ everything except why should I worry about it because he's going to bring it up with the right not Satan has loved you of the truth on the very threshold of your taking it and moving it in your life. So it's going to take discipline they won't be just something that happens haphazardly.

The next word is dependence and that is dependence upon the Holy Spirit who is not only your inner teacher but also your power to think about this. He says he thinks Jesus as it is expedient for you that I go away if I go, I will send the company who is the Holy Spirit who will teach you and guide you into all truth. I think about this. All of us are inhabited by the divine teacher who is the Holy Spirit think about this from. That means that when you're not getting the word of God, the master teacher will give us perception and discernment to understand what this book me.

If somehow we cannot perceive and he will guide us to the place of the person will help us understand when our desire is to get the principles in our life and we recognize our own inadequacy, failures and weaknesses and we are willing to say to Almighty God. I'm trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit did teach me these truths and to empower listen. It is the Holy Spirit's power that energizes and directs us as we move out in my to make daily application and evaluation so we have an inner power than motivating us to do that. The next word is the word determination because red you going to be hit from every side and Satan's attempts to defeat you as we begin the very beginning with the problems we face. So it is and say well I'm just going to float brother. I'm just trusting Jesus. I got them in my life and that's it.

Everything is going to be fun. No you going to have to will in your mind you gonna have to determine in your heart determine your spirit. I will not be defeated by Satan's lies because every time he sins on these things my way. I know where to come from all doubt and all you can old it won't work at all. That's not the bottom. It's the wrong interpretation comes straight from the so you see I do have a responsibility to persist in my pursuit of learning how to build that truth in the my line and then the last word is the word dismiss is that what you mean by dismiss, I mean separateness and that is that you are not dismiss dismiss as invalid, erroneous, every single doubt that Satan sends our way every time he sends it through somebody else to say. I tried that and it would work or when Satan causes us to doubt we get discouraged every doubt that comes our way with you dismiss it. I'm not going to accept but just forget that I don't have to receive it because you see as a believer fill the Holy Spirit we don't have to receive any of Satan's lies. Let me ask a question. Where does this come from. That won't work. Looking you think you were there that there's no way for you to accomplish that. Look how many times you fail if you think that it won't work. There's no way that work in your life where does that come from straight from hell. By the way of Satan and his demonic powers. He's the one who fires these firing missiles of data into our life if we are going to build truth into our life, we must dismiss every one of those as satanic and therefore not applicable in the life of a saint.

That's what we are not applicable in the life of a saint who is dressed for the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness lawns girt about with truth feature of the preparation of the gospel. Please shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit. That's not applicable. And I do not have to allow those doubts to penetrate my mind and my life in a long Christ who is within us is more than sufficient.

And as I apply the simple principles that I'm sharing here, I guarantee you on the authority of the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Something will happen in your life and let me give you briefly what happened. Number one you going to begin to experience an inner peace like you not experienced before. Secondly, the word of God within us principles built into our life and and acting upon those principal will provide APs and a power like we have never known before as 1/3 and that is a prosperity in our life. I'm talking about a spiritual prosperity as long as we are absorbing and building and applying and believing and expecting the principles of Scripture in our life.

God will work them out and there will be a sense of peace and power and prosperity in our lives like we have never known before I submit want to ask you with all my heart today.

If what I've told you is the truth. Don't you think that a wise man and a wise woman will determine his or her heart to begin to apply to build into that person's life. The principles that you already know you so you know enough to start with. Start building in what you arty know and that is God shows you something new. Grab hold of it.

Take hold of it steadfastly hold to it until it too is also become a part listen of your thinking, your attitude, your actions then your lifestyle will be more like that of Jesus Christ. How do you build truth into your life, you start with the desire to have it and what I want to ask use this.

What do you want more in your life than the mind of God in you, for you to you and thank you for listening to how to build truth into your life know more about Charles Stanley for intense ministries. My intent started writing this fact.

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