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When God Shows You Your Purpose

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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January 25, 2020 3:47 pm

When God Shows You Your Purpose

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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January 25, 2020 3:47 pm

Mike and special guest Robby Dilmore talk about times when God showed them exactly what they needed to do.

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Not forgotten stories of turn to host my swing and have fun today on if not for God show so firstly Mike, I'm kind excited to see what the show is about today because if not for God seems to be the topic. Absolutely if if not forgot I was actually just finished up reading the book by Kirk Cameron. Are you familiar with Kirk all very much very much and interviewed did you really was that like is very it was actually good. He's pretty humble in other certain people like that that that have their own deal, but it's not so easy to follow, but in Kurt's case that he was really humble, has a huge family and is very much a family man was on a cruise with them to one time you want to Crips were to go in the grips just the Bahamas. It was a Christian marriage crew something along those lines, and he was one of the speakers and so we had a chance to see what is really like what so said the same and all that it really get to his head as far as you can see while I'm sure that you know there's all sorts of interesting things about famous you. You don't get to see what those people are really faced with this force. Think of the warfare that in a Satan's got a bull's-eye on their back.

That's unbelievable.

And so you know he does well he does well see the out but out when I was reading his book. He said that he was having was having a conversation he had lunch with a famous scriptwriter and he said that he got into a zesty conversation about how you get in, get get to heaven and he said he told the scriptwriter he said.

I told him I was a Christian and scriptwriter said well Kirk for an actor in Hollywood.

You sure picked the one acceptable on unacceptable religion, didn't you, and I saw that in in Proverbs 1211. It actually says that those who work the land will have plenty of food, but those who chase fantasies have new sense and I don't know just it just kinda got me thinking Robbie that the any anything that you do and I know a lot of people who want to make it big and they want to be famous or they want to do all these different things, but I think a lot of times when they think so big. Sometimes they forget to do the little things and I don't know it's it's it's just interesting. It's like yeah we we want to do all these big things but we have to take small steps. I think in order to reach our goals. And I know now Robbie, you've got your you got your talk show and it's and it's it's blown up the Christian car guy and stuff like that but can you tell me a little bit about what it was like in the beginning yeah I can say a lot about it.

You know like I I didn't want to do. I mean, you know, God said in the Robbie munching on the radio talk that would break your heart every day and I was like God, have you heard my voice and this is not a guy I'm not trying to be on the radio and he was like Robbie.

I'm asking you to get on the radio and so woke up the next morning after this prayer conversation. I got my head and I was like I need a fleece United. You know, I heard a sermon one time pastor courts actually which preach they said you know God calls you to do some business, swing the door wide open so if you see somebody out there says are called to preach but they don't have a church. They were called to preach as were his words have a lot of sense to me at the time and so I said well I don't currently have a radio show and I only know one person in radio that would be a Christian radio show like what God thought about it would be Stu Epperson so mine is too awfully well. We been friends for years and I called Steve and I said Stu can I buy you lunch thinking this was my fleece that I'll ask you to do this radio show and he'll tell me that's crazy. And then I be off the hook and survived my radio show. I don't have to do it yet. That's we met at the Mexican restaurant in Moscow and I sit down I lay out the idea that God would give me.

I'm he gave me the logo he gave me the name he said this is the name of the show.

This is what the logo this what I want to talk about. He gave Melanson if he knew you know this was not something that was my hearts desire by anybody stretch the imagination.

I don't even like to do conversions. I am sort of an introverted person.

I'm not a know this isn't me and so I lay that gives out to studio Herat is the best idea ever heard about that. Well I guess my fleece was like dripping water on my gosh and so you know I'm expecting actually that Stu is going to help me and like teach me. You know, he tells me I gotta have a clock, whatever that is. And I got a figure that one out and so I shut the studio that Saturday and all, there is one old disc jockey that was the producer in the booth and he looks at me and he says man Rob you must really like to talk on the radio massive won't know not really any civil you got our show man that Erika and I was like oh no 00 like it's supposed to be alive show.

Stu said I would just ask people to call in and then call and asked me a bunch of questions about cars and and he says to Manning over the this your first show. Nobody's gonna call in you better be prepared to talk for an hour and I was nowhere close to prepared to talk for now while at and so all I had done it got ugly. But this is if not regarded because I was not with you and you know how long 27 minutes is you want to try an hour. You have to just wait and this is like prerecorded so like, we can redo this. This is life and I had written down a bunch of questions that if I was out there that I would want to know, like and when's the best time to to sell a car when's the best time to buy a car should I take the rater.

Should I take the rebate or what is this in a 60 month financing versus leasing in all these common questions and I had written them out and so I just started listing these questions and unbeknownst to this disc jockey.

The phone lines totally lit up. Okay, I mean I had every single line field and I said the rest of the show just sitting there literally because once one person calls another person calls movers what essentially from my perspective it was totally God.

Who knew I hadn't nowhere close to the preparation needed to do in our show.

But being a salesman like yourself you can understand that if you had 10 calls to answer and you just got this person may say will Robbie I'm think about someone's car and this is what Wally you done that for living for 40 years.

You pretty much can't really answer that question.

So I said the first ship yeah was just like boom I can answer these questions, but I did never come back in and by the way, they don't always light up like that I've done in the show that I know and you better be prepared to have some quality content for an hour and God walked me through all that and then you know. Interestingly, I just between Stu and Charles Stanley heard the show and it wasn't long after that series 161 called up and said we want to put the show on satellite and so within them about six weeks. I had a national radio show on series 161 in Christian car guy and I mean it was totally God it wasn't believing this was not like oh Robbie, this is what you and you know I'm getting calls from New York City and I'll never forget when the first deep calls.

I had this guy says I know this is off subject is okay if we talk about something that doesn't have to do with cars and for me that's like yeah please, I want to talk to if he says he says well I parked cars at my church.

You know I I help with traffic out in the parking lot, but my pastor doesn't know that I'm done heroin. What should I do should I quit parking.

Should I quit coming to church because really I'm you know I shouldn't be like this dude calls me right in God has me right there like writer his lifeline and I was just like I am God. What do I tell this man you know this is serious if he's really got a life question here on the river. Forget it. As long as I live because it really was never anticipated that God would have me in this position and Jesus was very clear with me like Robbie.

The last thing that the church is for is for the hair with yeah and not for the people that look good and I'll let you know it's for the heroin addicts were the people are struggling with, you know whatever abuse you know that that's what the church is for. I was like dude, man. You have the courage to call me yet. Would you have the courage to talk your past, understand and pray with you right now as I recall her Unisom along those lines that you have the courage Dr. pastor because now he would be dying to help you would love to know what your struggle is. He would love you to reach out and ask for help and you want it. It was just cool like II could see that God was actually in the show and that this was something that that he wanted to do and so it just continued to chase him and it's been a blast of the will's speaking about neat things the and I was we we have a Bible study on Tuesday nights over in Burlington and I was telling them several months ago I was actually driving at the end of the day I sell insurance so I was up in Reidsville and all the sudden I was driving in the sun completely blocked my eyes and II couldn't see anything. All of a sudden at the last second. The sun comes up and there's an 86-year-old woman in front of my car and I had her a while and the there still haven't got the windshield fixed so you could see it but the what happened was we she flew off of my car and it seemed like about 20 feet and I got out of there and I said got out of the car and I said this lady's dad. There's no way and so her, her daughter-in-law actually comes outside and she says I'm calling the ambulance whatever it is and she said so the daughter-in-law comes outside and on their and all the sudden I just start praying for this lady and I said Jesus just help her live. Jesus just help her live.

I said I don't care if they want to throw me under the bus, or what I suggest helper I, I'd Lord and in it was. It was interesting because right when that happened. The lady almost seem like she came to and she started babbling a little bit and they that the ambulance came. Everybody was outside. They took her away and the police officer asked me what it happened and stuff like that, or that the deputy in and II told Herman and he said all right. He says will go ahead and go and you know she's still alive so will have a good night and that weekend I don't know. I didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was really one of the worst weekends of my life, but it was interesting because what happened that weekend was something told me when I woke up in the morning it said don't eat anything until 5 o'clock today and was on a Saturday and I so I didn't eat anything and my wife and I went for a walk. Okay well you know we going to break this part of radio and so were to leave our hero here hungry and walking.

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He man it maybe 70 86 86.86-year-old was she was taken to hospital in you felt God told you that Saturday morning after the incident that you were to fast until 5 o'clock so you are about to take a walk, so we we we took a walk. We went over to Southpoint Bolander and then I came back to came back to my house in heaven, and also not have a one-year-old and a two-year-old and so my one-year-old the time really was just saying dad had all of a sudden it was probably three or 4 o'clock in the afternoon and my one-year-old comes over to me with a little pocket Bible, the ones that the Gideons get out. Have you seen the function and he comes every since read the Bible data sets read the Bible better read the Bible that I read the Bible. He brought it over did like to-year-old brought it over to be. It said read the Bible. So I started reading the Bible I started reading the Bible and I was just praying and that so that they went by and then Sunday came by and I was Sunday evening and all of a sudden we could not commit to her and my wife and I, looked at each other and I said okay will lead to the door was that it was it was a lady selling something with the wind. The wind my wife and I the lady what a way. My wife and I looked at each other. She said Mike did you think that will did you think that with the police to come to take me a leg or something in it and it wasn't the good news is is that I I ended up calling the deputy on Monday and I called and I asked him I said how how was the lady doing what's going on, you know, did you have you heard anything and he said Mike he said well he said don't how to tell you this, he says, but took you to the hospital and it was on a Saturday and she had some bleeding on her brain and her leg was hurt and he said, but on Saturday I didn't think she was in a make it or they didn't think she was naked and so we thought this thing was going to go a lot different, but on Saturday it started to change and turn she's gonna be fine. I guess the point of the story is that you know. If not for God, you, Eileen. You know, it would've been a lot worse and I've seen God to do so many miracles like that in my own life. Rob, you know, and I don't know if you want to share it or not. I know you told me a story where you were at a car dealership one day and you were sick. That right. You gotta fill me more details I would take a lot of cargo okay. It was that pastor little 00 where I had cancer right now.

Now that's that's a wonderful story. So yeah, I had been diagnosed with what was called killer cell lymphoma which essentially my sister were to University of Michigan hospital at the time said you know there's only been two people had this kind of lymphoma United States stated live six weeks so when I was diagnosed with it.

It was pretty dramatic as you can imagine and I didn't take long, and I broke out into these you know they were essentially tumors are all of my body and so she could picture what Job look like you know maybe that's, what I look like because they were these big red round sores, but there actually tumors that were in my skin and they were just all of my body especially on my backside my life and them, the more I got covered with them, the more it was embarrassing. So I no longer stood out in the showroom floor because of the time. As a general manager, Bob. No pressure from the chief people and so I was back in my office because it people see me and pastor little with Ronald Karen, which is where Alan Wright is now. By the way, he becomes in and he says God told me to heal somebody here and Joe Vols at the time was my financement and he went to pastor little church and he said all pastor good to see you. You must be talk about Robbie don't work because he's got lymphoma and he's back in his office and were really worried that and so next thing I know, and at this point, I been in Christ maybe for five years and I had no idea about being anointed with oil are being laid hands on. None of that stuff was anything that was in my understanding, but that was what pastor little head that day and it was also Friday. Interestingly Friday afternoon and I was supposed to start my chemotherapy on Monday met Friday afternoon.

He and I mean oily laid hands on me and I do know there were lots and lots and lots of people praying for me all over the country for different reasons. My parents and get all sorts of things but that prayer had something that I just sense like that. So I think I felt something well. Monday morning when I woke up this was a Friday when he prayed over me Monday morning when I woke up, I didn't mean the true, the tumors were miraculously not all of them totally don't and so I went on to my appointment the doctor they did another biopsy to see what will happen because these tumors are all there, they had pictures of it like Friday they knew what where it was in here it is Monday and it all gone and where the biopsy was done.

They said wow that the cancer returned on itself and eight it's and the cancer turned on itself and eight itself and there you go.

So I was tumor free, but they did the chemotherapy anyway that begins another whole long story of the Jeep incident. Most of the people familiar with my story know that I was not done with my health tribulation for some time after that. But nonetheless I did not die of cancer. Obviously, here I am. This is 20 3/23 years later 24 years later. So how old were you when that happened at sea, 1996 I was 41 young man yeah two very small kids at home.

The something else that it happened me because I think you would just told me a little while ago that Charles Stanley was the first was your first guest or were not first guess, but one of the first people who heard your show they can't hearing where you heard it and got excited about it and put it on servers from 61 Charleston South November 1 of 2011 I was driving and I finished up a day with insurance and I was out in German to North Carolina, right near pilot Mountain and all the sudden I had talked to a pastor and I sold him a Ultima policy and he said that I believe that God still heals people today. It was just racist.

Something about talking to this guy was just a little bit different and I just it really stuck to me and I was a Christian at the time that III remember driving and I almost never used to wear my seatbelt. So, by the way, if your listing wear your seatbelt. Put on your seatbelt and after our Atlanta publishing program you I would Christian card. I will tell you where you wear your seatbelts. I was at the bottom of the hill. It was pitchdark. There were no lights outside and also listening to Charles Stanley on the radio all the settlement the bottom of the hill, and I don't know if it was a voice that was in my ear or something just told me you need to put your seatbelt on. At the time I almost never wore my seatbelt and so the first thing that went into my mind was a Kevin put my seatbelt on and then there was another voice that came in my ear and it said what you don't trust God to know I need to put my seatbelt on the something about that second voice didn't sound right so I put my seatbelt on my drive driving up to the top of the hill. All the sudden Charles Stanley goes off the radio. It starts playing this weird music and within about five or 10 seconds.

Dead straight into a tree and that the tree I hit the tree so hard that the tree was right LMI why did you run into the tree. I just it was a curve and I just did.

I couldn't see anything and in the people who actually come out outside after I hit the tree said people of had accidents on this road before and I just I didn't know I don't I don't write to the I don't know exactly why. Maybe I was going too fast the night you know but the deputy of the state trooper who came to the accident.

I explained to him what happened about how I had my seatbelt on and he said if you don't have your seatbelt on.

We would be talking right now. He said they have a helicopter right now taking you do hospital.

I mean it was it was that bad and you know there are people and I've talked to today they said will the God who heals people of the God who does miracles and stuff like that. That was just for the first century and that's that stuff that doesn't happen today. I say baloney that because I absolutely know that I know not not for God moment), which by the way, I have heard that at least two other times it makes me think I maybe I need to do a show this weekend like call in if you had this happen, where God asked you to put your seatbelt on. Right before he had an accident, but I know I've had as I've done a lot of shows over the years-that's not the first time I've heard that testimony were simply felt God impress on them to put their seatbelt on right before something dramatic happened, but you know it reminds me of well since we got a short period of time in the story would take more than two minutes. I'm in a well told anyone. I did the show like where were you and Jesus took the wheel and the first person I called. I was expecting to be a calling for you just described in the gases. Let me tell you where I was when Jesus will I was going to a chiropractor appointment and my wife or girlfriend ran a stop sign and we were T-boned and now I'm a paraplegic time got no use of my arms and legs but it was exactly what God wanted for me because I was going down this horrible road of Buddhism or some other spiritual thing and he got my attention so that I could beasts say them in the sky was testifying this accident that almost that caused him to lose his arms and let him abuse of his his body changed his life to make him a Christian and that was like he was he was glorifying God with what happened just do not like oh my goodness. I'll never forget it and then that call led the other calls that day were Jesus took the and and sometimes you have the accident because God's allowing things in our lives to to get our attention. Yeah, yeah he he deftly got my attention. Do you do you have and I know you been doing this for so long. Do you do you still feel that you have a purpose that hasn't quite yet been reached yet. Is there something that you're still going for right now that you have it is the beauty of it is every week is unmasking got the same boat. I was in no 16 years ago. Whatever like God what what you want. This week where we going and it's actually been absolutely the joy of the whole experience is is God and come alongside me and show me where were going every week because I honestly never wake up with Nolan. Okay, here's what we going to do this week because that that journey with God is always what makes it worthwhile. And so the week that he says robbing were not doing this anymore.

I'm with him, but so far, even this week. You know I'm I'm excited to see were statements. That's also thank you for listening and you can go to your website is not for, not for and check it out subscribed to the podcast. If you do that and like us on Facebook Facebook page now and just pray that God was. Thank you for listening to God my shows drive all night, and if not for God. More information on my contact you. If not for

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